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Researching the Market in the Infosphere

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Is it easier to research the market nowadays and how the infosphere influences with this.

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Marketing is the term given to all the different activities intended to make and attract a profitable demand
for a product. This involves: identifying consumer needs and wishes in order to develop the product, setting
the price, deciding on the place to sell the product and deciding on how best to promote the product. These
four factors are often referred to the marketing mix.

The product advertising on other hand is an important part of the marketing mix. Its aim is to increase sales
by making a product or service known to a wider audience, and by emphasising its positive qualities. A
company can advertise in a variety of ways, depending on how much it wishes to spend and the size and
type of audience it wishes to target. The different media for advertising include television, radio,
newspapers, magazines, the Internet and direct mail. The direct mail marketing involves sending publicity
material to people directly by mail.

Nowadays this is one of the most successful methods for selling magazine subscriptions, insurance and
financial services. In the fast-developing world the Internet is very useful and beneficial way of selling
products to the general public. It is important, though, to make a marketing research and find out which
sphere is the most suitable for your stock. The marketing research is the base of selling policy. It gives
information about the market attitudes, competition, wishes of clients. It's good to make the research before
you put your product on the market. In this case you can avoid a rejection of it. But you have to remember
that the outside factors must fit with the type of what you sell. For example you can not produce wine in
place with an oil field, but in a place with grate land and circumstances for vineyard.

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