9 Marketing Credos for a Thriving Business (PDF)

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9 Marketing Credos for a Thriving Business

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With the emergence and maturation of the Internet well in hand, creatively marketing your business has
never been so critical. Here are 9 marketing credos to live by to ensure success.

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1. Differentiate or Die! You Must Stand Out From the Pack. Don’t become another “me too” option for
your prospects to choose from. When you allow this to happen, you position yourself to compete only on
price – a tough arena to play in.

2. You Are in Two Businesses... The Business of DELIVERING Your Products and Services AND The
Business of MARKETING Them. You're better off being a GREAT marketer and have adequate ability at
what your business delivers than have great ability at what your business delivers and be an average

3. Know Thy Target Audience! Who exactly is your ideal customer? What do they look like? Where do
they hang out? What is their decision making process? Keep drilling down until you are crystal clear and
can visualize them in your head. Then focus your marketing efforts directly at them.

4. The Internet is Simply Another Medium to Reach Your Target Audience – Don’t Be Intimidated by it!
You do not need to be a computer expert to market your business online. Nor do you need to go it alone.
Help is all around us, we just have to ask for it.

5. Consistency Is Key! This is where the old cliché “Out of sight out of mind” really holds true. You must
have consistency in the look, feel and frequency of delivery of your marketing efforts. This builds a level of
comfort between you and your prospects and helps you maintain “top of mind” presence with them.

6. Apply the Rule of Five to Your Marketing Efforts Every Day. Commit to doing at least 5 things per day
to market your business and see your business soar!

7. Have a Plan! Know the 5 W’s – Who, What, When Where, and Why of every marketing initiative you
take. Add to that a financial forecast for your marketing efforts and you are golden!

8. Diversify Your Efforts! Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket. Have multiple marketing
tactics going at all times so that you always have a bread-winning marketing tactic.

9. Tap Into Viral Marketing! Get others promoting and selling for you.

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