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three, with 4.7 seconds left, Coach Nate Drye called for a timeout— his last. The Chargers went man-to-man denial on the ensuing inbounds play. Before the ball was inbounded, a foul was called. In the double bonus, South Elgin’s Tommy Childs shot two free throws.

February, 2009
to the line for a 1-and-1 free throw attempt. If he missed his first free throw, the game would be over and South Elgin would prove victorious. Kelley would have none of it. He calmly sank the first free throw— after South Elgin called a timeout to ice Kelley before he attempted his free throw. “Mr. Freeze,” as the Daily Herald aptly named him, sank the second and gave Central a 44-43 victory. The victory not only gave the seniors a thrilling win on Senior Night, but it meant the Chargers would go undefeated at home for the entire season. The Chargers ensured a perfect home record on Senior Night, but they locked up the SCC Championship long ago. The championship gives the Chargers their second in school history, and their second in a row. It also is the last championship to be won as part of the Suburban Catholic Conference, as the conference will add new schools next year and take on a new name. ACC has one regular season game remaining, at St. Francis on February 25 at 7 PM. The following week, the Chargers begin their run at a second consecutive regional crown—- not to mention a sectional championship and beyond. As junior sharpshooter Joey Guth says, “All we have to do is do our thing, and we’re going to get downstate. We’ve just got to play good basketball, and we should beat all the teams that we have in our way until state.”

Kelley Keeps Chargers Perfect at Home
By Mark Brauweiler Sports Editor
Senior Night 2009 proved to be an emotional and special night— for the seniors and everyone else. Not only did the Chargers’ seniors win their final home game as Aurora Central Catholic Chargers, they did it in an unbelievable fashion. Going into the game against Class 4A opponent South Elgin, the Chargers expected to go up and down with the Storm— the way they like to play. That wasn’t the case. “On offense they really surprised me with how patient they were. We’d play defense for two minutes,” said Coach Nate Drye. And patient they were. Heading into the thrilling fourth quarter, South Elgin was up 29-22, and had been up almost the entire game. The fourth quarter, though, was when things started to get interesting. The Chargers cranked up the pressure, and began to force the tempo. Things started opening up on offense, but the Storm was still able to hold off the run-n-gun up-tempo Chargers for the most part. With under 10 seconds left in the game, Anthony Kelley dribbled the length of the court, pulled up, and nailed a three to bring the Chargers within one, 43-42. Following Kelley’s

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February, 2009

By Tori Romba Staff Writer
“Toga! Toga! Toga!” Yep, don’t lie. All of you high school seniors out there have one thing on your mind when it comes to finding the right college. So, here are a few friendly suggestions on how to make the perfect selection in higher education. After all, this decision will not only become the first milestone of your career path, but it will also shape your very delicate social reputation and agenda. Good luck, and take notes! In beginning the college search, it is ever so important to note

After missing the first, he missed the second one, as the ball went off to the right. ACC senior forward Mike Adams grabbed the rebound. “Mike got a great board and he put it out on a dime for me for my outlet. I was just trying to get to the hole and got hit,” said Anthony Kelley. With 0:00.3 left showing on the clock, the senior standout guard stepped Well said, Joe, well said.

that this process should never involve proactive efforts from the student. Let the colleges find you and initiate any interactions. At some point in time, pieces of a costly college recruitment campaign will find their way into your mailbox, or you’ll receive a list of schools from your guidance counselor. In fact, you just may overhear your friends discussing schools. Regardless, all scenarios are realistic and just dandy for you to discover the names of educational institutions that will possibly match your needs. After receiving brochures or fliers, go ahead and read the bold titles while skimming the smaller text. Just be sure to look out for important phrases and terms such as “coone is even Father Etheredge’s assistant. We see him every day at lunch, and he brings genuine Central pride to the pep rallies. He’s a police officer and a proud graduate of our school. Officer Mike Carrasco says that his experience at ACC made him truly appreciate that his mother thought enough of him as a son and wanted better for him that she sent him to Catholic schools. He says that being a student at Central, working hard to succeed, really molded him into who he is today. He was involved in football and wrestling, and he loved the rivalry with Marmion Academy that is still a tradition for Chargers today. For current Central students, he advises, “If you want anything in life, you have to work for it. The harder you work, the more you appreciate it. There are no handouts in life; it’s up to you… The sky’s the limit.” She’s Father’s assistant extraordinaire, head of the Prom Committee, and an

ed dorms,” “male-to-female ratio,” “active social scene,” “graduates listed in Forbes 500,” “off-campus studentsponsored activity does not represent the attitudes of ______ University.,” etc. Remember, this is about suiting your personality and needs, so be honest when defining your expectations. The next step of course involves the Internet. You may assume that I am about to direct you to the school’s website. Oh no, my dear ama-

By Kristin Brouch Sports Editor

Dance Team Dominates
tic excellence award at the Wheaton North competition which included the highest artistic score of the entire year in all divisions for their Open Dance routine. In their division, they have the highest scores which will allow them to perform last in each of their categories at the state competition. The girls will leave for state after school on Friday and will compete on Sunday. There is a fan bus sign up sheet in the front office for any students wishing to attend their performance at state in Peoria.

The ACC Dance Team has had a very successful winter. They began their competition season on December 7th at Batavia High School. The team placed first in both their Open Dance and Hip Hop routine. They also received an artistic excellence award - an achievement for having the highest artistic score of the entire day. In addition to their competition at Batavia, they competed at Oak Forest, Wheaton North, and Geneva High School, placing first at all competitions in both routines. They were also awarded a second artis-

Mrs. Goldie Mark Brouch

Central Times Editors, et. al.

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Central Legacies
By Kara McNamara Content Editor
We’ve all seen the countless athletic trophies, the academic “Top Ten” plaques, the cast and crew photographs of musicals past, and the names written in textbooks from years ago. But who are the people behind these pieces of Aurora Central history? Who lived the lives that left these things behind? The forty years of Aurora Central as a school community are rife with legacies: the legacy of an exceptional Catholic education to its students and the legacy of school pride and leadership for the future that these students leave behind for future Chargers. ACC alumni pursue various futures. We have business owners, doctors, and lawyers. Some became teachers. Some became coaches. Some became police officers. And

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ACC alumni. In her time at Central, a period she describes as being full of great memories, Mrs. Peggy Smith was involved in volleyball, basketball, and the very first girls’ track team. She has wonderful memories of the pep rallies; she says they were LOUD and had “enthusiastic, emotional speeches that got people revved up and excited to be part of the ACC community.” Like today, there were no seats at basketball games! She says that it’s great to be back at ACC, that it gives her a different perspective. She encourages current ACC students to get involved—by doing so, she made the memories and great friends that she still has today. He was the lead in the school musical two years in a row (Carnival and Music Man), a captain of the football team, one of the three members of the 1969 Glee


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pus housing, there had better be co-ed floors with suite style rooms (Do you really want to share a toilet with at least thirty people?). Then again, you might know you look good strutting down the hallway in your bath towel. As for food, DO NOT COMPROMISE. Full course meals, salad bars, all-you-can-eat pizza, make-your-own sundae, burgers cooked to order, prime meats, fresh seafood, and pasta coming out of your eyeballs. Chinese food, every brand of cereal, special order breakfasts, personalized fruit smoothies, triple chocolate cake among dozens of other desserts-don’t ever think you deserve less. Freshman fifteen watch out; here comes the class of 2013! If the school fits the bill so far, venture to the official website. Find out the class size. This will let you know what degree of effort will be expected on a daily basis. Rule of thumb: classes should be large enough for no one to notice you’re missing or asleep. Hey, you’ve got busy weekends—- and the desks can be so comfortable when you’re tired. Now, take heed; if there is only one lesson you take from this fine thesis on personal college selection, let it be this: under no circumstance, NO circumstance, should the professor ever know you by name. You are merely a body, a body that fills a seat, a seat that must be filled. Despite what many a guidance counselor may say, small classes demand an extraordinary effort on your part that may require actual participation, engagement, and attention; all of these threaten priorities that pertain to your extracurricular agenda. ers. Spend time to know who you are and be true to the principles you have been taught.” Ray Villa, Coach V to Central cross country and track runners, remembers being on the varsity cross country team (as was his brother, Alex, who still holds ACC’s 3 mile record) in 1994 that qualified to the state meet and did both the school and his coaches, Troy Kerber and Karl Regnier, proud. His senior year, he was a member of the relay team that took 3rd place at the state meet in track. These experiences as a student-athlete at ACC taught him, “You get what you put into whatever it is that you are involved in. If you work hard and put forth the effort, YOU WILL SUCCEED!” Now, he is a full-time coach for Central’s cross country and track teams, a personal trainer, an employee at All In Fundraising (which raises money for Chicago charities), and a student at Waubonsee Community College, as he pursues his goal of being a junior high

February, 2009

Central Times - Sports

February, 2009

College: A Match to be Made
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teur. Hop onto YouTube and see what you find. “Weekend at _________ University,” “Dorm life:___________ University,” “Secrets of _______ University” are all fine search queries to get you started. You may even have luck with just the name of the school. This step is crucial in that it will undoubtedly reveal exactly what students do when not in class, as well as how they define “campus life,” “free time,” and “independent research opportunities,” etc. Once you feel you have gathered enough solid information, take a peek at the school’s page on Wikipedia. This is where you will conduct the logistical part of your search. You need cold hard facts. Where is this institution located? How far is it from the beach? Is it far enough from dear old mom and dad to avoid any surprise visits? Where is the nearest drug store (You can never know when you’ll need to stock up.)? What are the popular night clubs in the area? Is it near a lively city? You get the idea. Now, it is time to get the basics. Check out college ranking websites such as “theu.com.” These tools are treasure troves of pertinent information gathered and distributed by students just like you. You can get accurate assessments of the school’s dorm life, social scene, food, and academic reputation. When it comes to on-cam-

At this point, you probably assume you must take a look at the list of offered majors. However, this would simply be a waste of time-you won’t declare your major at least until your sophomore year—so just relax. No. No, now is the time for the final piece of the puzzle. This last step will determine the likelihood of your applying and actual attendance. So, campus visit? Oh please. Try this; pick a number between five and fifteen. Go to the “gallery” or “archives” link on the school website. Remember the number? You must now find at least that number of people in the school photos that you find extremely attractive. Keep in mind, the most influential part of your college experience is arguably the people you come in contact with. What better way to guarantee great relationships and friendships than by surrounding yourself with people you consider to be hot? So, did you find them? If you did, then congratulations! Chances are this particular institution is one of beautiful people. I think you’ve found a match! Don’t forget, this process is supposed to be exciting and inspirational. You’re coming into your own, becoming a young adult. This decision will affect the rest of your personal and professional life. Finding the right college is about being well-informed not only of your own expectations, but also of what these excellent institutions have to offer. May you have the best of luck… Oh, and for the sake of those around you, please wear something under that toga. math teacher in the near future. He tells Central students now to “work hard every day and to strive to be the best you could be. We live in a tough and demanding world, so take your education seriously and take advantage of the opportunities your parents are providing you with.” ACC alumni positively contribute to their communities and attribute good memories and experiences that prepared them for life to Aurora Central Catholic. Even recent alums have expressed already that ACC prepared them for the college educational experience with the block schedule and the opportunity to socialize with a wide variety of people. What is your legacy to Central? What have you learned from the legacy that is our school, and what will you leave behind for the people that will follow? We have athletes, dancers, singers, actors, academics, leaders, and so many bright personalities that fall into several of these categories and more now. Who will you become?

Athlete of the Month: Anthony Kelley... Has a Burner

The February athlete of the month— a.k.a ”Mr. Freeze”, the conference MVP and team MVP as voted on by his teammates— sits down with the Central Times to talk about college, superheros, and Mike Adams’ burner. Central Times: Where did you go to grade school? Anthony Kelley: Our Lady of Good Council (OLGC). CT: What has been the best part of high school for you? AK: The best part of high school has been the experiences I’ve had with everyone. Winning conference and Regional titles my junior year ranks up there with my best experiences. CT: What do you think is the strongest point of your game? AK: I think my versatility to either shoot outside or drive to the basket is my strongest point. CT: What do you think is the weakest point of your game? AK: I think my consistency is something I need to work on, along with getting stronger. CT: What’s been the hi-lite of your season so far? AK: The whole season has really been a hi-lite, but if I had to choose one I would have to say senior night against South Elgin. CT: What are your expectations for the rest of this year— for yourself and for your team? AK: I expect us to make a good run in the tournament and do some big things. As for myself, I expect to finish off the season strong and gain a little more exposure (with colleges) as we move through the tournament. CT: What are your expectations for yourself after high school? AK: As of right now, I am undecided on my future. I have received tons of mail, emails, and phone calls from a variety of colleges, but will wait until after the season is over to make my decision. CT: What are you going to school for? AK: I plan on going into business along with sports management. CT: What’s something about you that your fellow classmates here at ACC don’t know? AK: Before every game I have a routine: I drink a Vitamin Water, eat some pasta, then at the game I eat a banana and a Carmelo (candy bar). CT: Any nicknames people have for you? AK: AK, Roy CT: If you could pick a nickname for yourself, what would it be? AK: “Big Time” CT: What superhero are you most like and why? AK: Flash— because I have blazing speed and a burner. And my big man calls me that. CT: You have to pick 3 guys from your team to go in on a 3-on-3 tournament with big money on the line. Who do you take and why? AK: Mike (Adams), Nick (Czaja), and Joey (Guth). Nick and Mike because they would give me muscle in the post and rebounding, and Joey because he will be able to streth the defenses with his range. CT: Five seconds left on the clock, and someone other than you has to take the last shot. Who are you dishing to and why? AK: Mike, because he has the big game experience and knows what to do in those situations… And he has a burner.

Athlete of the Month: Brooke Frantzen... Doesn’t Have a Hookshot


Senior team co-MVP Brooke Frantzen takes time to sit down with the Central Times to talk about her sophomore team owning, her friends’ play-making abilities, and getting into a fight with Driscoll. Central Times: Where did you go to grade school? Brooke Frantzen: Annunciation. CT: What has been the best part of high school for you? BF: Playing sports, especially sophomore basketball with Michelle (DeSimone) and Kristin (Brouch). CT: What do you think is the strongest point of your game? BF: Rebounding. CT: What do you think is the weakest point of your game? BF: I have no hookshot, though Mark Brauweiler tried to teach me one. CT: What was the hi-lite of your season? career? BF: For the season, the last game when I stole the ball when we were pressing and I passed it to Michelle for the layup, and she missed…just like sophomore year. For my career, sophomore basketball at Driscoll with Michelle and Kristin when we all were sitting on the bench together because the coaches were sure we were going to win…we lost that game. CT: What are your plans for the future? BF: Aurora University, and I want to be a firefighter and possibly volleyball in college. CT: What’s something that your fellow ACC classmates don’t know about you? BF: I want to be a firefighter. CT: Any nicknames people have for you? BF: Brookie, BK. CT: If you could make your own nickname for yourself, what would it be? BK: I’d go with “Brookiebaby” because it just sounds cool. CT: You have to pick 2 other girls from your team to go in on a 3-on-3 tournament with you with big money on the line. Who do you take and why? BK: Me, Kristin, and Michelle because we pretty much own. CT: Five seconds left on the clock, and someone other than you has to take the last shot. Who do you dish to and why? BK: Kristin because I know she wouldn’t air ball it! CT: Tell us an embarrassing story about you or someone else from your team from this year. BK: Well, pretty much the whole team is embarrassing. But I did almost get into a fight against this one girl from Driscoll… but that’s just funny, not really embarrassing.

Central Legacies
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Club, and a member of the band, which played at school dances.. He is Vince Bellafiore, a 1969 graduate of our school who experienced the transition from the all-boys Roncalli to the coed and unified Aurora Central Catholic. He says that there was a lot of excitement to be part of the beginning of our school, to be in a new environment. One memory that really jumps out at him is when the Prom’s theme was “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the school had an actual pond on the gym floor for it. The pond broke, and I can attest that the floor in the old gym is still damaged! He says that Central provided the foundational Catholic education that keeps people grounded, that it tells you when you have strayed too far. Mr. Bellafiore is the LEAD program director at Marmion Academy, and he says to current Central students, “You have to lead yourself before you lead oth-

By Brendan Bond Sports Correspondent

If You Don’t Have Anything Better to Do, Then Read this Sweet Article on Coaching
the Regional semifinal. CT: Talk about going from down years (12-20 two years ago) to the 20-win seasons of last year ND: Beating a very good Oswego team on their home court will be very difficult. and this year. ND: Losing sucks, but I always thought we were getting better. The one area of my life where I’m very optimistic is sports and I thought we were going to be good. Obviously 22-3 is better than 12-20. CT: Talk about the future of the program. ND: We just have to make sure we keep getting good players into the program. Trying to convince the Adams family to have more kids would help as well. CT: What do you see in your future— coaching a bigger high school? perhaps college? ND: I would love to coach in college. Just doing basketball and not worrying about the classroom would be great. CT: Who has been the toughest opponent for you to prepare for this season? ND: St. Ed’s seems to give us more problems defensively because they have so many shooters. CT: What are your goals for the rest of the season? ND: Our goal is to win the Regional and then see what we can do in the Sectional. sessive about the punctuation


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February, 2009

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February, 2009

The $787 Billion Band-Aid

CT: Are there any perceived stumbling blocks in the postseason?

Central Times: Talk a little bit about your personal life. Nate Drye: I was born in Bloomington, Illinois. I have two brothers and one sister. My wife’s name is Qiana. We have two daughters, Madison and Samantha. We also have another child on the way, hopefully a boy (Dylan). CT: Your teaching career— why history? And where did you go to college? ND: I got my B.A. in History from Illinois Wesleyan. I am currently working on my Masters in Educational Administration from Northern Illinois, and I will complete it this summer. I chose history because I enjoy it (I’m basically a dork). CT: What were your previous coaching positions? ND: I was a girls coach at Bradford High School for two years before being the Sophmore coach here for three years, and this is my fifth year as the Varsity coach. CT: What is your favorite moment both from this year and in your career? ND: From this season it would have to be winning three in a row at the Waubonsie Valley Christmas Tournament including wins over Waubonsie and Naperville North. As for my career it would be winning the Regional last year along with crushing Stillman Valley two years ago in

CT: What are the reasons for using the zone instead of man-to-man? ND: We’re too slow to pressure teams in man and we would get into foul trouble if we did. It’s very difficult for teams to score against our zone anyway. CT: Did you create the “5” offense [the motion offense the Chargers use] or did you borrow that from someone? ND: My brother Dan created most of the 5 offense. I tweaked a couple things but it was mostly him. We were looking for a new and different motion offense and he just started drawing it up. CT: Why did you get into coaching? Who are your role models for coaching? ND: I got into coaching because I love to compete and my professional sports career was cut drastically short due to a vicious lack of talent, skill, and athletic ability. My favorite coach is (Louisville coach) Rick Pitino. But I probably adopted more stuff from former Illinois Wesleyan coach Dennie Bridges than anyone else. He always stressed that your coaching was done during the week and not during the game which is true.

have to be to get the job done. But no, Congress felt the need to load it with earmarks. It carries with it more pork than one would find at a hogfeeding lot. Included in this package is money By Brendan Bond for Hollywood producer tax breaks, money for Local and World News Editor condom distribution, money for a Frisbee park, $300 million for government cars, and $8 bilOn February 17, President Obama put his John lion for high-speed train production. Also inHancock to the American Recovery and Reinvestcluded is a $93,000 dollar pay raise for Congress. ment Act, making it the largest government spendIt figures they would get something out of this. ing package in the history of the world law. While it looks good on the surface, much like a band-aid It’s amazing that they actually managed to shrink does, it’s not the healing medicine America needs to this bill. Both the House and the Senate passed verget out of this economic recession. It’s intended to sions that were over $800 billion. But I guess when help kick-start the economy, but all it’s really going you’re talking about that much money it doesn’t reto do is increase the size of the Federal Government. ally matter what the final total is. It’s incomprehensible regardless. The final total will even be larger. President Obama keeps harping on the point that With interest, it will be in the $1 trillion range. 95% of households will receive a tax cut from this package. We should also see a $400 tax credit As one could guess, there are many people who soon. But Obama also keeps talking about his plan are opposed to this bill, beginning with Republican to cut the federal deficit in half by the end of his lawmakers. There were no GOP votes in the House first term. It’s a lofty goal that has good intentions. while three moderate Republicans in the Senate But how does he propose to cut the deficit? By cutvoted for it. Since there is a Democratic majority ting federal spending and by raising our taxes. Wait in both houses though, it got passed all the same. In a second. Isn’t this stimulus package going to cut fact, it got pushed through so quickly to Obama’s our taxes and increase federal spending? Isn’t it desk that no one was really able to read the full also going to increase the federal deficit by a large contents of the bill before it was signed into law. amount? Doesn’t this seem a bit redundant? We’re going to get our taxes cut only to see them increase Among the others not at all excited about the bill later to cover the deficit created by this package. are those on Wall Street. So far the stock market hasn’t rebounded in response to the package And why is this package so massive? It doesn’t as many had hoped, and this is in direct cor-

relation to the fact that those on Wall Street are still uneasy about this. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed, but the people on Capitol Hill that we have put in charge of fixing our economy are not economists. They’re politicians who are looking out for themselves. The real economists are those on Wall Street. Of course, they haven’t done a whole lot to help rescue an economy that they helped sink either. But that’s a whole different story. Finally, Main Street America is none too pleased with this bill either. A February 17 poll conducted by WGN-TV asked Chicagoland viewers whether they thought it will help. A resounding 78% from Obama’s old stomping ground felt that it will not help. From Main Street to Wall Street, people aren’t too pleased with what’s been happening up there on Capitol Hill. Their opinion of what’s going down on Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t changed since Obama is still pulling in 60+% on his approval ratings. He took action when action was needed. Something had to be done to fix the mess we’re in. But I don’t think this stimulus package was the answer. It could’ve been more effective, but Obama lost it to Nancy Pelosi and her fellow congressional members. At a time when this country needs to move forward, Congress has stuck it in reverse. But, then again, if pro is the opposite of con, what’s the opposite of progress? You can figure that out. the Illinois House Speaker (Madigan), and the other Illinois senator (Dick Durbin) all telling him to step down. He’s even got the threat of a U.S. Ethics Committee investigation. Still, Burris continues to try to save face. At a meeting last week Burris said “I am the real Roland…I ask you to stop the rush to judgment. You know the real Roland. I’ve done nothing wrong, and I have absolutely nothing to hide.” So that’s it. There’s two Roland Burris’. There’s the upstanding honest one that was at that meeting, and there’s his evil twin who has lied to us all and is currently running loose on Capitol Hill with his lawmaking buddies. Well that clears up a lot. Actually, there is nothing to clear up. It’s as simple as night and day. If Roland wants to be a better man and do what’s right for the people of Illinois, he will voluntarily step down and we can finally have a special election to fill the vacant Senate seat, something we should have done originally. That’s what


Say it Ain’t So, Ro!
By Brendan Bond Local and World News Editor
They didn’t want to give him the appointment. Yet, they did. And for less than a month, there was no more controversy surrounding Senator Roland Burris. He voted in favor of the stimulus package, as any good Democrat would have done. Then it leaked out. An affidavit from Burris that he may not have been totally truthful in his testimony during former governor Blago’s impeachment hearing. That’s right. It appears that the very respectable Senator Burris might have fudged the truth a little bit in his testimony. Oh, all right. The heck with it. Burris didn’t just lie a little bit. He lied a lot bit. In fact, he’s told so many lies that he probably doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. But, hey, we can’t expect anything less from an Illinois politician, can we? Especially when lying is done in exchange for personal gain, as Burris did.

Apostrophe Catastrophe
By Paige Gruenke Staff Writer

Attention all English-grammar fanatics: Birmingham, England has gotten rid of the apostrophes on its street signs and other public places. The punctuation mark used to make things possessive and found in contractions will not be found around the town. Birmingham, England’s second-largest city, decided to drop the apostrophe, saying it is confusing and old-fashioned, but some “grammarians” are downright pos-


mark. do than to keep debating about a punctuation mark, but city residents, especially teachers, City officials have been taking a hammer to are still protesting. One man named John Richgrammar rules for years. They have been qui- ards said,” ”All over Birmingham, and in other etly dropping them off street signs since the cities, teachers are trying to teach children 1950s. Many residents have been protest- correct grammar and punctuation. Now chiling to have the mark restored to places like dren will go around Birmingham and see utter “St. Pauls Square” and “Accocks Green.” chaos.” Other people like Marie Clair said that apostrophes “enrich the English language.” The decision to drop the apostrophe completely happened last month after an endless debate I don’t know about you, but the United States about whether “Kings Heath”, a Birmingham does not have apostrophes on all the street suburb, should have the apostrophe in its name. signs and maps that should have them, and Many city officials said they have better things to the U.S. is not in utter chaos. Maybe we could be a good example for these people and show

You see, before Blago was arrested, good ol’ Roland was approached by Blago’s brother Rob and was asked to raise monetary donations for Blago in exchange for Obama’s vacant Senate seat. Burris’s son was also given a job by the Blagojeviches. Burris was asked about those exact topics by the Illinois impeachment hearing committee and testified that he had never spoken with Blago’s staff or family. It was an outright lie but one Burris had to commit if he wanted to be seated in the Senate. So under the guidelines Illinois politicians apparently follow, it was a perfectly legit move. But then his conscience must have been gnawing at him, so he filed an affidavit with the Illinois House Committee explaining what had happened. Coincidentally, it sat on someone’s desk until after the Senate voted on the Stimulus package. But then it broke, and now Roland is trying to cover up his lies with more lies. He’s got people telling him to resign, but so far he’s been tuning them out. That must be hard to do when you have the President (Obama), the governor (Pat Quinn),


Central Times - Arts & Entertainment
She grows closer to her boss, Luke (Hugh Dancy), and must decide if her true dream is to write for the renowned fashion magazine Alette. Rebecca Bloomwood must determine which is more important: overcoming her “shopaholic” condition or working in the midst of the fashion world where she will surely lose control.

February, 2009

Central Times - Arts & Entertainment

February, 2009

All She Wanted Was a Little Credit ... Don't We All?
Confessions of a Shopaholic
By Alyssa Shaff Arts & Entertainment Editor

Bon Appétit


just watch me

This romantic comedy was extremely entertaining. Based on the book Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, the movie is about Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla FishThis movie er), a twenty-five year old, who was wonderfully hilarious. It is definitelives with her best friend, Suze ly more of a chick flick, so guys, don’t (Krysten Ritter), in a flat. Strugexpect to love the film. The cast was brilgling with her obsessive shopping liant; Isla Fisher’s performance was amazand insufficient income, Rebecca ing, and John Goodman and Joan Cusack Bloomwood unintentionally lands a always are fantastic. This movie did have job writing for a financial magazine a lot of great morals in it as well, the main after a drunken letter mailing mixone being: there is always a price to be paid. up. Ironically, she is giving consumer Although slightly unrealistic at times, it advice that she herself should follow. also expresses the need for honesty and She uses fashionable metaphors in her how you must be careful with money. It articles that make her famous. As Ms. was all done very amusingly, especially Bloomwood’s success and fame flourat the “shopaholic rehab.” This is an abish, her financial problems seem to get worse. solutely a great film for girls to see together.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
By Mark Brouch Staff Writer
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is without a doubt the best album of the new year so far. This Scottish indie band that brought you “Take Me Out” and “Do You Want To” is back and better than ever. Fans of their previous hits need not worry: Franz Ferdinand has done it again. “No You Girls,” the third track on the album, is just as fun as “Take Me Out” with an equally interesting underlying bass sequence throughout that keeps your feet and fingers tapping. In fact, the foottapping poppy beat of “No You Girls” is prevalent almost everywhere else on the album and is the best part about it. The beat is so intense at times that you could almost classify it as dance. “Ulysses,” the first song on the album, certainly leaves you with that feeling. What makes the album unique and interesting are the few surprises in store. The album version of “Lucid Dreams,” for instance, is much different from its single version that was released a few weeks ago—and four minutes longer! “Lucid Dreams” trails off in the middle to a purely electronic breakdown. Franz Ferdinand tackled this new sound perfectly, leaving me wanting more. The dominating deep fuzzy bass synth during the second half of “Lucid Dreams” will tickle your ears in the most pleasing way. The album ends with an acoustic song with many lyrical connections to “No You Girls.”

Lorenzo’s Steakhouse
By Phil Karafiat Staff Writer

By Nick Jarnell Staff Writer

The International

This wannabe Jason Bourne movie, casting actors such as Clive Owen and Naomi Watts, is the stereotypical action thriller. Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) and assistant D.A. Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) try to unveil some illegal activities of a bank called the IBBC. A series of plot twists and turns lead the main characters through New York City, Istanbul, Milan, and Berlin. The best part of the movie is the shootout in the Guggenheim museum. But sadly, after the museum shootout, the movie deflates. Even though some of the ways the crime scenes end don’t make sense, and these high profile criminals escape almost without problems, the movie does have some redeeming qualities such as the acting.

I went to Lorenzo’s Steakhouse with my girlfriend. We arrived to see a most elegant, candlelit interior and a nearly empty restaurant. It seemed that the economy had affected the expensive restaurant, or maybe it was just because it was a Sunday. The atmosphere was truly romantic and welcoming. We were escorted to our table and moments later we were brought fresh bread with olive oil to dip it into. The bread was warm and soft on the inside, but the crust was far too crunchy for my taste. For my appetizer, I ordered their chicken and wild rice soup, which had very little flavor and what flavor it did have was not appetizing at all. However, my lovely date had the Caesar Salad, which I tried after many years of never eating salad. The salad had the perfect dressing, so it was very good. For my main course, I had the Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken (for an extra charge). The presentation of the food was good, but altogether bland—there was no real exciting factor about how the food looked. My food was very good (although I thought I only had one piece of chicken until I discovered that there was chicken under the noodles). The price was a little high for quality of the food since I was not blown away by it, but you are also paying for the atmosphere and the service, so it pretty much evened out. I did have one problem with the service, though. I drink a lot of my beverage whenever I go out to eat, but after the first refill I never got more soda. This, I think, is a lack of service that could easily have won me over if I could just have gotten my drink refilled. Overall, Lorenzo’s is a very great place with great service, wonderful food, and a warm atmosphere. Definitely a fantastic restaurant for a date.

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