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                                   Medical Expert Testimony Deserves to be Challenged by an
                                   Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) February 3, 2012 - The presence of a medical expert at a Social Security
                                   disability hearing means the claimant needs to be represented by a qualified attorney who knows how to cross
                                   examine people in the health care field.

                                   A claimant can ask a judge to delay so that they can find an attorney who can represent them. Many claimants
                                   try to take on these hearings without an attorney and come face-to-face with a medical expert who is not being
                                   challenged by a professional.

                                   “Claimants who are serious about their case before the Social Security Administration see the value of
                                   having an experienced attorney arguing their case,” said Brandon Social Security disability attorney David
                                   Magann. “Experience with disability hearings means an attorney knows the right questions to ask and the right
                                   objections to raise.”

                                   Claimants should meet with a qualified attorney prior to the day of the hearing, Magann said. Last-minute, day-of
                                   representatives and non-attorneys can miss important opportunities to represent a client and can even let
                                   medical expert testimony go uncontested.

                                   “It is a huge mistake to allow medical ‘expert’ testimony to go uncontested,” Magann said. “There are too
                                   many opportunities there for the SSA to paint a claimant in a bad light and an experienced disability lawyer can
                                   prevent that from happening.”

                                   For example, the medical expert could be an internist testifying about an orthopedic issue or the other way
                                   around. “It seems like common sense to ask these questions,” Magann said. “But there are so many possible
                                   problems that can arise with medical expert testimony, it is just smarter to have an experienced attorney there to
                                   ask the right questions.”

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                                   and his law practice, go to or call 813-657-9175.

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