Review of Office Discipline Referral data by ewghwehws


									Is is accurately reported across staff – frequency,
duration, intensity, ….? Highlight items you need to change/edit.
Make notes on your school’s office referral form.

Do all teaching and non-teaching staff use it? If not why
not? What kinds of things need to be done to ensure that all teaching and
non-teaching staff feel comfortable using the referral form.

Do all staff report it using the same terminology/ set of
understandings? Consider how things are worded on the form. Does
the staff share a common set of definitions of behaviors.

What information does it provide? Does it provide
information to help solve problems around individual
students? Ask yourselves if this is just a documentation form or if it
paints a picture from which you could offer suggestions or ideas on why a
student engaged in rule infraction behavior? Is there information that your
school’s form does not include that you would like it to include?

How and when do you use it to make decisions about
school discipline and individual students? When, if ever, has
office referral data been shared with the staff? What did the staff do with
the information? What kinds of things would like to do with information
about office referrals?

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