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									How to apply Maybelline Mascara – Great lash mascara tips

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If you're a woman then most likely you wear mascara and at some point you have used Maybelline
Mascara. It is considered to be the best mascara on the market for the price. You can't really
compare it to the expensive brands that just isn't fair is it? However, when you compare it to other
'drug store' brands it wins hands down in my opinion. You see, I have used Maybelline Mascara for
20 years at least. This should qualify me as an expert don't you think? I love it! I never use any
other mascara, this isn't to say that I never have, but I have yet to find one that lasts as long or does
the job as well as Maybelline.

Why use Maybelline Mascara
The main reason I use it is that it is excellent mascara. Now, you may ask why do you believe it is
excellent. Well, let me see, a couple of reasons come to mind and they are that it is long lasting,
both on lashes and in the tube. My lashes look good from the time I put it on until I take it off. A
tube of Maybelline will last me 5-6 months maybe longer.
In addition, it has an excellent price. Out of all the make up I buy, except for eye shadow (also
Maybelline), it is the most cost effective. One last reason I use Maybelline Mascara is the
packaging. It takes no time to find it, since it is the only one that is bright pink and green. I must
admit I hate shopping, so the less time I spend looking for mascara the better. Another perk for me
is it's everywhere, no need to drive 20 miles to the mall like you have to do to get the expensive
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Maybelline Mascara Tips
If you're still with me you're about to discover mascara tips that you can try no matter what brand
you use. I don't believe anyone uses these but me. I found them out by accident actually just trying
to get my eyelashes to look longer, thicker, fuller etc. and extend the use of the mascara. When you
lose your job and need to stretch the dollars it's amazing what you come up with.
The first mascara tip is to use a toothpick to separate the lashes. Yes, I said toothpick. I haven't
found anything that can separate eyelashes as good as a good old fashion wood toothpick. However,
it does need to be very pointy to work well and you must be careful not to poke the eye.
Naturally, mascara needs to still be wet. If it's dry it works sometimes, but you can break off lashes,
so I don't recommend it. The toothpick trick also works great to get excess mascara off and lessen
the dreaded clump. An added tip is to keep a kleenex or tissue nearby to wipe the toothpick off as
you go.
Another excellent tip that will help the clumping problem is to make sure that mascara is warm.
When it is cold it clumps. To warm mascara fill a small cup with very hot water and place tube in it
while you're doing hair or applying other make up. I also take out the wand and add a drip or two of
hot water then work it around a bit, up and down in the tube, before I place it in the hot water. This
extends the shelf life of Maybelline Mascara and has saved me money. I am not sure if it works with
other mascara, but it works great with Maybelline Great Lash.
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Maybelline Mascara Advice
As you know they have waterproof Maybelling Mascara, I never use it. The reason for this is that it
is very drying and can cause eyelashes to break off. This is true of other waterproof brands as well.
Mascara needs to be easy to remove since eyelashes get brittle easily and need tender loving care. If
you use waterproof mascara try to use it only when needed not every day.
The best thing I have found to remove Maybelline Mascara is good old Vaseline; it's cheap and lasts
forever. A generic brand of petroleum jelly works well too. Just get a dab on fingertips, massage
gently on lashes then wipe with a tissue. Finally, always remove mascara before bedtime or risk
eyelash breakage. After removing mascara apply eyelash moisturiser or Vaseline to keep eyelashes
soft and supple.
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