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UCLH News - Autumn 2011 - survey word document

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					                 The Trust’s Priorities – Your views are important to us
We are interested in your views on the Trust’s priorities for 2012/13. Please take a few
minutes to complete the survey and return in the enclosed freepost envelope by Friday 23
December 2011. This survey is also available to download at if
you would prefer to complete electronically and email to
1. Do we have your correct details? – only complete this section if your details have
   changed or are incorrect (your information will be anonymised when the survey data is
    First name:_________________________Surname:_____________________________
    Postcode: ________________ Email:_________________________________________
    Membership number: ______________ Phone number: __________________________
    (if known)

2. Trust’s priorities for 2012/13: We would like you, as one of our members, to help us
   plan our priorities for the coming year. Please rank the following 1 – 12 in order of
   importance, with 1 being the most important to you:
•   Continue to improve our clinical outcomes as reported on indicators that measure
    the risk of dying when under the care of UCLH                                           [   ]
•   Continue to meet waiting times targets for cancer patients, including time to see a
    consultant for the first time and the time to get treated                               [   ]
•   Further reduce avoidable harm involving things like blood clots, patient falls, pressure
    ulcers and surgical site and line infections                                            [   ]
•   Further reduce infections like MRSA and Clostridium difficile                           [   ]
•   Improve how we communicate with GPs about the care we provide to their patients [           ]
•   Improve our administrative processes so that patients can book appointments more
    easily                                                                           [          ]
•   Improve patients’ experience of how they are looked after and treated when in
    contact with UCLH staff                                                                 [   ]
•   Make it easier for patients, GPs and others to get in contact with our staff            [   ]
•   Make UCLH a better place to work for its staff                                          [   ]
•   Reduce the time that patients spend waiting for decisions and treatment in A&E          [   ]
•   Reduce the time that patients wait for appointments and for treatment                   [   ]
•   Wherever possible move the care currently provided in hospital closer to where
    patients live, for example to GP surgeries or other community health facilities         [   ]

3. UCLH News - the members’ newsletter: Would you like to help the Trust save money
   and reduce its carbon footprint? If yes, we could send you a link to the newsletter by
   email. Please select one of the following options:
    •   Email * with website link to newsletter                                             [   ]
        *please confirm your email address in section 1
    •    Continue to receive hard copy by post                                              [   ]

                     Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey

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