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					Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                      February 2012

   Hot Off the Press
   A Golden Plains Community Hospital Publication

Hugs are Good for the Heart

                                          Adelante Group Visits the Hospital
 The Adelante Group is a women’s service organization, affiliated
 with the General Federation of Women’s Club, nationally and
 Texas Federation of Women’s Club on a state level. The Borger
 club was established in 1954 and named Adelante for it’s Span-
 ish meaning to progress or go forward. Through the years the
 group has been actively involved with Girls Town, Meals on
 Wheels and books and tuition scholarships to FPC. Some of
 their current involvement has been to wrap gifts for Rainbow
 Room, help Dr. Edward Quiros with his mission trip to the Philip-    Fran Brayden and Linda Turner present pillow cases
 pines and continue to fund scholarships to FPC. The Adelante         for children who spend the night in the hospital to
 group has their business meeting on the second Thursday of           Griselda Miramontes and Vicky Cato. The children
 every month and meets for lunch on the fourth Thursday.              get to take the pillow cases home after their stay.

                      Adelante tours the Woman’s Center with
                      Tammy Pharres.
                                                                     Stephen Brown tours the group in Radiology!
Hot Off the Press
         Page 2                                   Heart Healthy Exercise ~ The Rehab Report
An inactive lifestyle is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. Your heart is like any other muscle in the body in that it needs to
be exercised in order to stay healthy. All types of exercises are beneficial however; aerobic exercises are most effective for heart health.
Some of the benefits for your heart include: strengthen the heart, improve circulation, improve oxygen use, increase energy levels, lower
blood pressure, increase balance, strengthen bones, decrease body fat, decrease stress, and improve sleep.

          Aerobic exercises are exercises that increase heart rate and cause increased respirations. Some types of aerobic exercises
include: walking, jogging, bicycling, low impact aerobics, swimming or water aerobics. As with any exercise program, you should check
with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. If you have been sedentary, you should begin gently and progress slowly.
To achieve maximum benefits for heart health, you should work up to 20-30 min of aerobic exercises at least three to four times per

          There are many websites that offer schedules for beginners to increase endurance for just about any type of exercise. This
chart is just one example of how to begin a walking program and build endurance to 60 minutes of walking in 12 weeks.

    Welcome New Employees                                       WEEK       SUN      MON         TUE       WED       THU         FRI       SAT

                                                                      1   15 min   15 min    Rest day    15 min    20 min    Rest day   20 min
Jody Eakin, OR Scrub Tech                                             2   15 min   20 min    Rest day    15 min    20 min    Rest day   25 min

Jessica Anderson, RN Med/Surg/ICU                                     3   15 min   25 min    Rest day    15 min    25 min    Rest day   25 min

                                                                      4   20 min   30 min    Rest day    20 min    25 min    Rest day   30 min
Stephanie Floyd, FaNS
                                                                      5   20 min   30 min    Rest day    20 min    30 min    Rest day   35 min
Michelle Conrad, Director, OB
                                                                      6   25 min   30 min    Rest day    25 min    30 min    Rest day   40 min

Melissa Carruth, MT (ASCP), Lab.                                      7   25 min   30 min    Rest day    30 min    30 min    Rest day   40 min

                                                                      8   25 min   30 min    Rest day    30 min    40 min    Rest day   50 min
Patty Ray, LMSW, Home Health
                                                                      9   30 min   40 min    Rest day    30 min    40 min    Rest day   50 min

  Find Cupids Arrow by                                               10   30 min   40 min    Rest day    30 min    50 min    Rest day   50 min
  February 14, to be placed in
                                                                     11   40 min   40 min    Rest day    40 min    50 min    Rest day   50 min
  a drawing for a $5 gift
  certificate from the Coffee                                        12   40 min   40 min    Rest day    40 min    60 min    Rest day   60 min
  Ranch. Call Dana Cook at
  5730 when you find it, Good
  Luck!! The winner will be
  announced in the following
  month’s newsletter.
  Happy Valentines Day!!!

   Hospital Demolition Making
            Progress                                                                     O.R.
                                                                                                                            Med. Surg.
The 200 South McGee location is down to the
bones of the structure. Asbestos abatement is
still being done on the roof and in the basement.
Doors, scrap metal, iron and copper wiring are
being set aside for recycling. Bricks from the
facility will be for sale in the upcoming months for
$10 a piece and all proceeds will be contributed
to the Wagner Foundation. A date has not be set
for structural demolition, but it won’t be long.                                       Doors
                                                                                                 Volume 3, Issue 2

From the Desk of the CEO                                                                                            Page 3

Every day I drive up our new road and        here, and tried to gently remind them
I am just so proud of what we have           this campus is smoke free.
accomplished. But something has
been troubling me as I walk in from          For employees, we have made the
the parking lot. On our sign, in our         offer to pay for smoking cessation
directions to staff and in orientation,      drugs. So the only way you can
we tell everyone it is a smoke free          smoke here is to clock out, and leave
campus. But walking through the              the property. Looking at time logs, I
parking lots, or looking at the grass        don’t see anyone clocking out for
outside the building I see lots of           breaks of that kind.
cigarette butts and debris. It seems
                                             So I need all of us to re-commit to this
as though there is more in the em-                                                      over, but smoking on the property is
                                             effort and managers, please visit with
ployee parking then anywhere                                                            not permitted.
else. Since we are smoke free, not           your staff as a reminder. I realize this
sure how those remains are getting           is a long term commitment we have
                                                                                        Since February is Heart Awareness
                                             made, and failure on the part of an
there, but I just want to remind us all                                                 month, please recommit yourself to
                                             employee to follow this rule will result
of this difficult, but correct decision to                                              your health and well-being. It is to
                                             in disciplinary action. This would be a
be smoke free on our campus. I have                                                     your benefit to cut back or stop com-
                                             silly thing to put your job in jeopardy
certainly addressed numerous visitors                                                   pletely.

 HIPAA ~ Keep it in Mind                                                                    T.H.I.N.K. Before you
Just a reminder to keep in mind the key points presented at our                                 speak. Is what I am
December HIPAA meeting entitled:                                                                  about to say…
                                                                                                   T rue
    What is protected by HIPPA                  Security Rule
                                                                                                   H elpful
    Permitted uses and disclosures              HIPAA penalties & enforcement
    Individual rights                           Breach notification
                                                                                                   I mportant
    Administrative requirements                                                                    N ecessary
If you have any questions or concerns or need to report a potential breach,
please contact Kimberly Hogan, RHIA at 467-5623 or use our confidential                            K ind
hotline at 273-1312.
                                                                                        Thank you for your years
                                                                                        of Service to GPCH ~
                Thank you to those volunteers
                and blood donors who partici-                                           Genella Crook    10 years
                pated in the blood drive.
                                                                                              Home Health, LVN

                                                                                        Alicia Ibarra      5 years
                                                                                               Med/Surg, CNA

                                                                                        Sherri Parham      1 year
                                                                                              Lab, Phlebotomist

                                                                                        Missy Carroll             1 year
                                                                                              ER, RN
“There is only one thing more infectious than enthusiasm and that’s a bad attitude.” Tim Tebow

                                                                              Feb. 1 Desiree Wren
         CHOCOLATE Plunge
         (not heart healthy)                                                  Feb. 3 Kendra Nicks
         (this dipping sauce is creamy and good)
                                                                              Feb. 5 Tracy Grisham
          Sauce Recipe: Make 1 1/2 cups
                                                                              Feb. 10 Lilly Wisenski
         2/3 cup light corn syrup

         1/2 cup whipping cream                                               Feb. 16 Frosty Northrup

         1 Package (8 squares)                                                Feb. 18 Jessica Smith
         Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
                                                                                       Robyn Griffin
         Put corn syrup and cream in a microwaveable
         bowl. Heat on high for 1 1/2 minutes or until                                Jeremy Hundley
         mixtures come to a boil.
                                                                              Feb. 22 Monika Jones-Higgins
         Add chocolate, stir until completely melted.
         Serve warm as a dip for assorted fresh fruit:                        Feb. 23 Sue Allred
         (strawberries, bananas, apples, pineapple) or
         marshmallows and pretzels.                                           Feb. 26 Ernie Gonzales

                                                                              Feb. 27 Stephanie Floyd

                    Wear RED for                                              Feb. 28 Missy Carroll

                       Heart                                                      Happy Birthday
                    Awareness on
                     February 3!                                                      Congratulations Jamie Loven!!
                                                                                      Winner of a $ 5 Gift Card to the
                                                                                             Coffee Ranch!

                                                                                          Helen Leonard – X-ray
             Buy Borger for Valentines Day!!
                                                                                         Helen Sibley – volunteer
  Don’t forget about your discounts at local area                                         Pat Searcy – volunteer
businesses! Present your hospital the follow-
                                                                                      Georgia Hughes – Case Mgmt.
                  ing locations:
                                                                                           Mickey Dunigan – IT

    Jim’s Jewelry            25% Excludes Chamilia & Fossil                          Kimberly Hogan – Med. Records
                 (on all regularly priced merchandise)
                                                                                        Kim Charles – Bus. Office

                     Minton’s Florist 10%                                                 Kathy Wagner – X-ray

                                                                                      Jamie Loven – Business Office
                 Texas Bling Junkie                15%
                                                                                      Marsha Bell – Materials Mgmt.
            1111 Roosevelt ~ 676-6039 ~ Store hours vary
                                                                                    Michelle Sanchez – Materials Mgmt.
         Holmes Pharmacy                    5% gift items only
             Forever Photo                    10% all year
801 Deahl Street (used to be the Photo Shoppe) photography, prints & gifts.
               Discounts are only until Valentines Day!

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