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					                                                                             Volume V, Issue 5
       FAMILY HISTORY NEWSLETTER                                             May 2011


   STILL PROMOTED BY THE                               BY THE CHURCH OF JESUS
           CHURCH                                    CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS

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Version 5.2, Windows                                 RootsMagic Essentials
PAF is a free desktop genealogy and family
history program for Windows. It allows you to        Again, if you go to the welcome page
quickly and easily collect, organize and share       of New FamilySearch, click on this
your family history and genealogy information.       statement: Click here for free, trial,
Get started today:                                   and other products for the new
                                                     Genealogy News is a monthly
This information is available on the Welcome
                                                     publication of Family History
page of While the
Church is not continuing to upgrade the              Consultants of the York 2nd Ward, York,
program, it is still a very user friendly            Pennsylvania
program. It is still a good idea to keep a           Jack and Sylvia Sonneborn.
personal record of your family history in            You may contact the editors at
addition to nFS. New FamilySearch is for   
deceased ancestors. So if you want to keep 
a record of the births of children,                  This is not an official publication of The
grandchildren, nephews and nieces, etc., you
                                                     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
should keep this information in another
program, and the FREE PAF will work for

USING CEMETERIES                               3.
                                                (US     GenWeb       Tombstone
  TO DO FAMILY                                  Transcription Program)
HISTORY RESEARCH                               4.      (To find
                                               5.
Because we have just honored our
deceased on Memorial Day, this is a
                                                (To find obituaries)
month to consider ways that we can
                                               6.
use cemetery stones to learn more of
the details of our deceased ancestors
or friends. The Susquehanna Trail
                                               (Lots of good cemetery
Genealogy Club used this topic to
explore some of the many websites
                                               7.
that are available for family history
                                                Rm0Dg (Charge)
                                               8. (Find veterans
Bernadette Livingston featured Find a
                                                and      veterans     cemetery
Grave, which        is available      at She encouraged club             records)
                                               9.
members to check out the site and to
                                               10.
do a search for some of their
ancestors. They can either use a first
and last name or just a last name to            gy (Indiana cemetery records)
                                               11.
find everyone in the website with that
last name. She explained that this is
a nice way to honor our deceased                ths.htm#States
                                               12.
ancestors and to contribute to the
site with information and photos of
our own loved ones. She mentioned               esearch.htm?q=cemetery+pho
that this can be a controversial idea           tos&SUName=genealogy
                                                [Excellent site for cemetery
because some people do not want to
post private details on this website.
                                               13.
                                            HARRY SENFT DISCUSSED HIS
         OBITUARIES                         PROJECT TO PHOTOGRAPH ALL
                                             YORK COUNTY CEMETERIES
Sylvia Sonneborn compiled a list of
websites to check to look for              Since we are from York County,
                                           Pennsylvania, we next asked Harry
tombstones and obituaries:
                                           Senft of Dover to present information
    1.          on the work he has been doing in the
    2.                      local cemeteries. His goal has been
                                           to digitize all cemeteries in York

County, and many in Adams County,              What camera setting do you use? – I
with special emphasis on York.                 always use the landscape mode, and I
                                               adjust the settings for light and dark.
He presented information             about
photographing cemeteries.                      How long does it take you to photograph
                                               a cemetery? – It depends. I can take
What motivated you to begin to                 over 1,000 pictures within 3 hours.
photograph tombstones? One day I was
copying information from a headstone,          Have you ever had any problems getting
and I remembered that I have a digital         into a cemetery to photograph it? – Only
camera. At first I only took photos of         one, but because of e-mail from family
the families that I was interested in.         history friends, the cemetery manager
Then I noted that I was missing other          changed his mind.
family members in the cemetery. After
my first disk, I decided to do all of the      What is the largest cemetery that you
headstones in the cemetery. Since then I       have ever photographed? - Prospect Hill,
have redone every cemetery that was on         30,000 pictures.
the Disk # 1 except Mummert’s
Cemetery in Adams County, because              How many cemeteries have you
Kathy Francis has been working on that         photographed? 265 cemeteries, about
one.                                           216,000 photos.

What are some of the tricks that you           How much longer are you going to
have learned to get the best                   photograph cemeteries? – At least until
photographs?                                   all are done in York County.

Time of Day – It depends on where the          Where can we find your cemeteries
sun is shining; sometimes if the sun is        posted online? -
shining on the back of the stone, the
quality of the photo isn’t as good as it is       PLACES TO ACCESS HARRY
if the sun was shining on it or not at all.          SENFT’S CEMETERY
I like the morning and the late afternoon               PHOTOGRAPHS
the best for the flat stones.                      http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.
                                                    com/~payork/ (Posted by Don
Season – I like early spring because I do
not have to worry about the grass                   and Jeanine Hartman)
growing over the stones.
How do you photograph old, moss-          
covered tombstones? – Sometimes I                   /HarrySenft/ (Harry Senft’s site
clean them off with a wire brush, but
                                                    by Hartmans)
that is not the best thing to use because
it can damage the stone.
What kind of camera do you use and                  pa/york/yccemeteries.htm
how can you protect a camera to extend              (Kathy Francis)
its life? - The first couple of years I used
a digital HP camera, and then two years           
ago, I changed to a Canon. I just                   pa/adams/accemeteries.htm
extended my warranty for three more
                                                    Adams County Cemeteries all
years (because he has worn out a
number of cameras.)                                 indexed by Kathy (Mummert)
    Francis, (some taken by Harry        3. Often the birth date
                                         4. Or the age at which the
           person died, like 56 y 2 m 3 d
                                         In addition, there are other
   Harry Senft Photos Index by            valuable pieces of information
   Carmeron Darby of Barrens              that you can glean from
   Salem Union Cemetery (Now              tombstones.
   United Lutheran Cemetery)
   and Dillsburg Cemetery that          ―Cemeteries are living lessons in
   goes to the Hartmans’ web            history. People who buried their
                                        dead said much about themselves
  http://stauchistory.wordpress.c
                                        and the ones who had died. While
                                        not      considered    a  primary
   area-cemeteries/ A blog by
                                        information source, gravestones
   Blake Stough
                                        are an excellent source of dates,
   SYLVIA SONNEBORN                     birthplaces,     maiden    names,
INTRODUCED THE NATIONAL                 spouses' names and parents'
TOMBSTONE TRANSCRIPTION                 names. They can also provide
        PROJECT                         evidence of military service,
                                        membership       in    a fraternal
  1. Access the US GenWeb
                                        organization       and   religious
   national tombstone
   transcription project at this
   rg/                               Sylvia encouraged the members to
                                     check this site by state, county, and
  2. Click on State Projects        cemetery to see if their cemetery of
                                     interest has been digitized/indexed.
  3. Click on a state, such as
                                     She encouraged the members to
   Virginia; then click on a         submit tombstone photos, even if
   county, like Frederick; and       they represent incomplete listings.
   then a cemetery, like the
   George Hott Cemetery. She         Sylvia advised that if you are going to
   and Jack have submitted           visit a cemetery, there are some
                                     things that you should consider
   photos for 3 cemeteries.
                                     taking and doing:
  What information will you find
                                     Take these items - Paper, pencil,
   on most tombstones?
                                     charcoal, material to make rubbings
  1. Name of the departed
                                     A map of the location; also take
  2. Usually the death date         paper to make a map of the cemetery
                                     if a map is not available
Electronic  equipment       –  digital     In looking at Victorian tombstones, a
camera, tape recorder, hand-held           lamb usually represents a baby, a
computer, sufficient batteries             hand with one finger pointing into the
                                           heavens shows the individual’s faith
Water and small pail, a soft nylon         that he will be going to heaven.
brush, old rags                            Clasped hands represent a farewell
                                           from a loved one. A broken column
Reflectors – aluminum foil, collapsible    represents a life cut short. Roses,
light reflector, black light               depending on their stage of
                                           development, represent the age of
Water to wet stone, shaving cream          the deceased – a bud for a child, a
(banned in some cemeteries because         rose in bloom for an adult. We can
of the acid)                               learn a lot from tombstones, and the
                                           Internet has more information on the
Do not use bleach on a stone, a wire       symbolism if you just google
brush, or a power washer because of        ―tombstone symbolism.‖
damaging a stone
                                           Heber J. Grant overcame many of his
Photo-Flo or    Orvis       are    two     weaknesses and turned them into talents. He
recommended cleaners                       had as a motto these words: “That which
                                           we persist in doing becomes easier for
                                           us to do; not that the nature of the
Sturdy shoes, clippers to cut      back    thing is changed, but that our power to
brush or grass, long pants and    shirts   do is increased” (in Teachings of
if there is poison ivy in         older    Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant
cemeteries that are not           being    [2002], 35).
                                           Submitted by Elder William Paul
Find more information at these sites:
                                   PROBLEM           OF BLOCKED IMAGES
=genealogy     [Excellent site    for      "Thank       you   for    contacting
cemetery information]                      FamilySearch regarding your user
                                           name changing to "null" when you try         to access images. Sometimes images
bstonecare.htm>                            are blocked by temporary internet
                                           files and cookies on your browser
The last part of the program involved      history. Deleting these files often
tombstone symbolism and acronyms.          gives you access to the images. See
Often you can discover a fraternal         instructions at:
organization that your ancestor
belonged to or information about his
religion based on symbols on the           wdocument?documentId=105483&sli
tombstone. Go to this site for a list      ceId=SAL_Public&userQuery=clear+c
of the meaning of symbols and the          ookies
acronyms for fraternal organizations       If this does not work, try clicking on
as well as funereal definitions.           the "back to search results" link, then      clear the files and cookies again and
LOSSARY2.CFM                               then click on the name for the image
you need. You may need to close the                RootsMagic To-Go: Running
browser and open                   RootsMagic on a Flash Drive
again to access the images.
If the above solutions do not work,                Sources, Citations, and
try opening in a                   Documentation with RootsMagic
different browser, like Mozilla Firefox
                                                   Working with Files and Folders in
or Google Chrome. You can find free
downloads for these browsers online.                RootsMagic
                                                   Cleaning Your Family Tree in
We are trying to pinpoint the cause of
your problem for the engineers. We
would appreciate your sending the                  Personal Historian: Bringing Life
name, event, location, and date of                  to Your Life Stories
the person you are searching. We
also need to know the name of the                  Creating Custom Reports with
collection   you     are    searching.              RootsMagic
                                                   Map and Explore Your Family
Family Search
                                                    Tree with Family Atlas
COURSES FOR ROOTSMAGIC USERS                       Adding and Editing Information in

   Pictures and Media in RootsMagic                 RootsMagic

   They say a picture's worth a thousand           Lists and Reports in RootsMagic

   words but pictures of your family               Writing Your Personal History

   history are priceless! Join us for a             (and Living to Tell About it)

   look at how to scan and add pictures            Places and Mapping in

   into RootsMagic of people, places,               RootsMagic

   and sources to really bring your family         Ask the RootsMagician

   tree to life!                                   Google Search Tips and Tricks

   Tuesday, June 21, 2011                           with Lisa Louise Cooke

   5pm MST See In Your Time Zone                   Creating and Printing Wallcharts

   90 minutes                                       with RootsMagic

Here are the recorded webinars already
                                                    SPANISH VERSION OF
available for you to view or download:              ANCESTRAL QUEST IS
       Getting Started with RootsMagic
                                             A leader in a Spanish Branch was inquiring
       Publishing a Family History with     about a Spanish version of a repository for
        RootsMagic                           family history. The owner of Ancestral
                                             Quest replied. Go to
       FamilySearch Made Easy with to
                                             download a complete Spanish translation
                                             of Ancestral Quest.

                                             Gaylon Findlay
     HISTORY EQUIPMENT                             IPAD AND ROOTSMAGIC

Would someone be so kind as to help me         QUESTION:
locate where it would state OFFICIALLY         Is it possible to do Family History using
whether the Director is or is not supposed     RootsMagic on an Ipad?
to have Administrative codes for the
computers in a Family Search Centers, or       ANSWER: "Currently" there is no way to
whether or not only the techs can have
                                               run any of the major software packages
them. And secondly, again officially if it
                                               on the ipad with one exception (Legacy
states that FSC's HAVE to use Open Office
                                               has one called "Families.‖ There is an
and cannot have other programs on the
computers such as Word/Word Perfect/
                                               app called "Gedview" that would let you
Excel etc.                                     upload a gedcom of your RootsMagic
A Frustrated Director                          software to your ipad. I only use it as a
                                               lookup; I don't make changes.
I think that all of the official policies on   Ancestry has an app that lets you view
computer use can be found in the               your family tree if you have created one.
document "Policy and Guidelines for            It's called simply "Ancestry.‖
Computers in Family History Centers"           FamilySearch has one called "Mobile Family
found at                                       Tree" that lets you access your tree on     FamilySearch.
aining by clicking "Other Resources.‖ I
encourage you to print this document.          There are a very few other apps that can
Page 3 answers your software questions.        help but not full database organizers. The
                                               National Archives has one, and there is one
Donated or purchased software may be           called "History Maps" that is very helpful.
loaded on computers in the family history
center if it does not interfere with Church    For those who use "Reunion" on the MAC,
software and Church Internet-based tools.      there is an app for it.
FamilySearch Support Offices do not
provide support for software that has not      Be patient. I would imagine that
been developed by the Church. License          RootsMagic as well as a few others will
documentation must be maintained for all       eventually have an ipad app.
software.                                      Sue Maxwell
Family history centers are encouraged to       Vice President - Utah Genealogical
use OpenOffice. It includes word               Association
processing, presentation, and spreadsheet
tools. OpenOffice is available for download    LEGACY USERS AND NFS GROUP
at Support for
OpenOffice is available on the following       There is a mailing list for Legacy users:
Web site:
So the use of OpenOffice is a suggestion
(there are no licensing issues), but other     This is primarily a list for Legacy AND NFS
software can be installed if the above rules   users.
are followed. My FHC has OpenOffice on 6       Often it is users answering. But if users are
computers, and MS Office on one                not able the tech-personnel come in.
computer.                                      Helle

Bill Buchanan

                                                 AND ADAMS COUNTIES
I attended a RM Users meeting
yesterday and was asked by several          Disk #42 has been posted
members when/how nFS is being
released to the public. I could only tell   1. Biglerville Cemetery, Biglerville, Adams, PA
them that it was being released to some     2. Christ Lutheran Cemetery, York, York, PA
public members by some unknown
means currently. Does anyone have           3. Deardorff Cemetery, Washington Twp, York, PA
better information to give than that?
                                            4. Fairview Cemetery, Wrightsville, York, PA.
Nancy Scott                                 (Completely Redone)

The public release of nFS is actually a     5. Hampton Brethren Cemetery, Reading Twp,
planned one of several steps with           Adams, PA

controls put in place to throttle the       6. Zion Lutheran Cemetery, York, York, PA
number of registrants. There has been a
new internal service added to nFS called
an "invite" service that allows an          yccemeteries.htm
invitation to certain groups of those
without access to nFS for a specified        HARRY E SENFT
time and up to a certain amount. Those      3048 SOLAR DR
"campaigns" will be ongoing throughout
                                            DOVER, PA 17315
the year and beyond and are managed
                                            717) 792-9253
by the Family History Dept management
on the timing and amounts allowed to
register.                                   “BILLION GRAVES” TO COMPETE
                                                WITH “FIND A GRAVE”
There have been a couple of campaigns
already. One, to all those serving in       The affiliate is AppTime. They built
Family History Centers that did not have    MobileTree. You can try out Billion
access (community volunteers) and one       Graves at
just recently to friends and family of      and
Family History Department associates        illion-
and missionaries. There are more coming     graves/id437939495?mt=8&ls=1.
through this year and likely into next.     Tim Cross
These are private announcements from
the department to the groups that will
                                            Now that Billion Graves is up,
have the opportunity to "invite" the        someone went in and shot the entire
groups targeted. These groups will be       Provo City Cemetery. I just did one
increasingly broader and broader until      and it's very easy. The site shows an
they reach the point where it will be       image plus some fields to fill, and
open to all who want access. This needs     given it’s an iPhone photo, it's very
to be a controlled rollout due to the       good; the difference may be on some
potential of overwhelming the system.       old stones that are weathered. And
So there is more method to the madness      the images are still good given that
than perhaps has been evident.              most older iPhone cameras are only 3
Best regards,
                                            megapixels. iPhone 4's and some
Randy Bryson
Area Family History Adviser
                                            iPads are 5 megapixels
Utah South Area

All you have to do is do a simple                     INFORMATION ABOUT
registration and wait for the                       TEACHING FAMILY HISTORY
confirmation email; then once you                           CLASSES
get that log in and look for the
transcription link. They will also tell           We hold an Open House semiannually
you how many more are left to do                  and publicize them through the ward
once you have done your first stone.              bulletins, the stake web site,
All they need is the names and dates,             community newspapers and radio
and if more than one person is on a               stations. This year we held an Open
stone, you just add lines by way of a             House in April and will offer a
button on the far left near the fields            seminar in the fall, offering six
for transcription.                                classes, repeated in four hour-long
It may take a little time for the                 sessions. We're inviting D.A.R. to
confirmation email to reach your                  participate with us in putting on this
inbox, which is odd given how fast                seminar.
most places that require that step
arrive. Click the link; then sign in and          Consultants have been making
the rest is ready to go whether you               presentations at service clubs and
have things to upload or you want to              other organizations within the stake
transcribe stones already photo-                  boundaries, making the public aware
graphed.                James Anderson            of our presence and resources. We've
                                                  provided     tours    and     research
 INVITATION FROM ANCESTRY                         assistance to local adult school family
TO SEARCH MILITARY RECORDS                        history classes.

                                                  We're working with the Stake YM and
U.S. Navy Cruise Books Index, 1918-               YW Presidencies to provide research
2009 Similar to yearbooks for naval ships,        training to our youth. We've had
these records include photographs, officer
biographies and more.
                                                  opportunities to teach several ward
                                                  youth groups how to log onto New
U.S. World War II Navy Muster Rolls,              FamilySearch and to find names that
1938-1949 This collection of over 33 million      they can personally take to the
records gives facts about WWII enlisted           Temple. We've been a "lifesaver" on
personnel, like occupational specialty and        several occasions when youth groups
service number.
                                                  don't have an activity planned one
"We renew our appeal for the keeping of           week or when the activity needs to
individual journals and records and compiling     be canceled.
family histories.... Some families possess
some spiritual treasures because ancestors        We're also working with the Stake YM
have recorded the events surrounding their        President     to    identify  Scouting
conversion to the gospel and other
happenings of interest, including many            Genealogy Merit Badge Counselors to
miraculous      blessings     and     spiritual   teach the merit badge at the FHC.
experiences.... I promise you that if you will    We will encourage parents to attend
keep your journals and records they will          these classes with their sons. These
indeed be a source of great inspiration to        classes will also be promoted through
your families, to your children, your
grandchildren, and others, on through             district Scout training venues, inviting
generations." President Spencer W. Kimball,       nonmember Scouts to attend with
General Conference, Oct, 1978                     their parents.

We also have a Consultant assigned           Modern Man Has
to teach classes to all consultants and
volunteers on a monthly basis. Thus
                                           Grown 4 Inches Taller
far we've learned about New                than his Ancestors in
FamilySearch, the portal sites,                 100 Years
Hispanic and Portuguese resources.
In the coming months we will hold         Nobel Prize-winning US economist Robert
                                          Fogel and his colleagues have found that
classes on microfilms and fiche,
                                          the height of the average man has
military records, updates in New          increased by four inches in the last
FamilySearch and research basics.         century due to improvements in diet and
                                          public health. In 1900, a typical male
Ron                                       was 5ft 6in tall, but by 2000 that had
Turlock, CA                               gone up to 5ft 10in. Over the same time
                                          women have grown by one-and-a-half
NOTES FROM DICK EASTMAN                   inches, from just under 5ft 3in to just
                                          over 5ft 4in, according to their data.

                                          Posted by Dick Eastman, May 2, 2011     is   seeking     an      African Origins Project
experienced genealogist to be its
official "Cousin Connector." This         Hopes to Identify
person will work from home                Origins of Africans
approximately five hours a week           Transported in the
introducing distant cousins to each
other, helping them merge their           Transatlantic Slave
ancestors, and facilitating their         Trade
enjoyable, productive collaborations.

For more information, please look at
the       full       description  at Position has
been filled. Posted May 27, 2011

You can sign up for Dick Eastman’s
very informative blog at this site.

There is a free version that
shows only a paragraph of
information and then a plus
edition to read all entries, but
there is a charge.                        African Origins contains information about
                                          the migration histories of Africans forcibly
                                          carried on slave ships into the Atlantic. Using
                                          detailed information on 9,453 Africans
      Thomas MacEntee's list at           liberated by Courts of Mixed Commission, now lists more      this resource presents geographic, ethnic,
     than 1,900 genealogy blogs           and linguistic data on peoples captured in
                                          Africa and pulled into the slave trade.
Through contributions to the website by             U.S., and Wales. The biggest winners were
Africans, members of the African Diaspora,          Brazil and Honduras. More than 1.7 million
and others, the hope is to realize the history      images were added to the Brazil Civil
of the millions of Africans captured and sold       Registration collection, with records from
into    slavery    during    suppression    of      1870 to 2009. And 346,000 church records
transatlantic slave trading in the 19th             were added for Honduras. These birth,
century.                                            marriage, death, and church records are very
                                                    valuable because they usually include
Historical information in the African-Origins       multiple generations in a single document.
database comes from Havana, Cuba, and               See the table below for details of all the
Freetown, Sierra Leone, Courts of Mixed             updates this week. You can search all of the
Commission registers, created between 1819          record collections now for free
and 1845. The data describes individual             at
Africans who were liberated from slaving
vessels in the era of the suppression of the         If you are enjoying the steady stream of
transatlantic slave trade. Such information as      free records added weekly, please consider
name, age, and in some cases place of origin        ―giving back‖ as a FamilySearch volunteer.
was provided by the Africans themselves,            You can start and stop volunteering at any
with the help of a translator, to a Spanish- or     time. Find out more at
English-speaking      Court    registrar   who Posted by Dick
recorded these descriptions as a way of             Eastman on May 3, 2011
helping to prevent these Africans from being
re-enslaved.                                                IRELAND GENEALOGY
The African Origins Project invites members
                                                    If you belong to a Family History Society or
of the public to assist in identifying the
                                                    similar organization, your members can take
historical origins of Africans transported in
                                                    advantage of a 20% discount on all Ireland
the transatlantic slave trade. The project
                                                    Genealogy      research.    However,     the
organizers seek assistance from those with
                                                    organization must apply in advance for the
knowledge of African languages, cultural
                                                    discount.     Details    may    be    found
naming practices, and ethnic groups. Perhaps
you can assist in identifying these Africans'
origins by drawing on your own expertise to
                                                    Again, the searches are free but you do need
identify the likely ethno-linguistic origin of an
                                                    to pay to view the records that are found.
individual's                              name.
                                                    You can find the Ireland Genealogy web site
You can learn more at the African Origins           at
web site at
                                                    Posted by Dick Eastman on May 5, 2011
Posted by Dick Eastman on May 2, 2011
                                                    New Web Site:
FamilySearch Reports                                findmypast Ireland
 New Historic Brazil
and Honduras Records                                A new web site went live today: findmypast
                                                    Ireland. The site is the result of a partnership
       Online                                       between Eneclann, a research and
                                                    publishing house in Ireland, and findmypast,
The following announcement was written by           a family history website, initially launched in
FamilySearch:                                       the UK.You can find findmypast Ireland today
                                                    at        Posted by
Six Additional Country Collections Also             DickEastman on May 7, 2011
More digital images poured out of the               Nearly 19,000 records commencing 1869 for
FamilySearch pipeline this week—over 2              Constitution Hill Cemetery in Peterhead,
                                                    Aberdeenshire are immediately available on
million, in fact. Historic record collections for
8 countries were updated: Brazil, Chile, El
Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Switzerland,            Posted by Dick Eastman May 22, 2011

    Announcing the                               If you need further assistance please don't
                                                 hesitate to email us at
 Genealogical Research
 Institute of Pittsburgh
                                                 We hope you enjoy your new tool as much
May 6, 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA – GRIP – The        as we've enjoyed making it.
Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh    Aloha,
– a new genealogical institute of learning       The Ohana Software Team
announces      a     genealogy     educational
opportunity planned for July 2012. Consisting
of four courses, it will be held Monday, July    Susan Gates Young once asker her
23 through Friday, July 27, 2012, at LaRoche     Father, the Prophet Brigham Young:
College,       Pittsburgh,       Pennsylvania.   ―HOW WILL WE EVER FIND THE
Courses:                                         TIME TO DO TEMPLE WORK AND
                                                 GENEALOGICAL WORK?‖
       ~Intermediate Genealogy: Tools
        for Digging Deeper
       ~Advanced Research Methods               Brigham Young responded: ―THE
       ~Beneath the Home Page:                  LORD WILL PROVIDE MANY TIME
        Problem Solving with Online              SAVING DEVICES.‖ (YW Journal, Vol.
        Repositories                             2, p. 231) [Thanks to Sister Cogdell}
       ~German Genealogical Research
                                                 SYLVIA’S GENEALOGY CORNER
Posted by Dick Eastman on May 9, 2011

                                                 I have to give credit to Bernadette
                                                 Livingston as my inspiration for a new
                                                 task I began this week. Bernadette is
Dear Sylvia Sonneborn,                           a member of our genealogy club, and
                                                 she and Harry Senft and I were
We know you want to get working on your          presenting a class on how to use
family history, so we thought you might          tombstones to find pertinent family
enjoy some help:                                 history information.
FamilyInsight Tutorial Videos:
                                                 Bernadette came into the family
orials                                           history center a few weeks before the
                                                 presentation to discuss her part,
Free Live Webinar Trainings- Sign up,            which was to feature the Find a
watch, & ask questions...all from home.          Grave site. She showed me some of
                                                 her family’s memorials, and I thought
These cover both FamilyInsight and other         it looked like a wonderful tribute to
general family history topics:
                                                 the deceased. I decided in the next            week to begin with my parents Coy
                                                 and Elizabeth Hott to record
Click on the "Guide me" button         information about their lives as well
in FamilyInsight. This gives help based on       as some photos. Then I continued
where you are in the program.                    with my grandparents. I worked for
                                                 about a week and was able to post
See the video at:
                                                 15 memorials. True, my biographies
ideo                                             are longer than suggested, but that’s
                                                 just the way I am – verbose.

The night of the presentation could        A template appears for your text
have been more successful for              information – mainly the ancestor’s
Bernadette.    Unfortunately,     our      name, birth and death dates and
church’s connection to the Internet is     locations. Fill that in and also write a
not very good, and it took forever for     short biography on a word processor
a page to load. Nonetheless, we did        and paste it into the largest white
get to see one of her pages, and she       block on the page. If you paste in the
passed some others around for club         obituary, then you need to tell which
members to see. She also told us           newspaper published it and what
about Find A Grave and explained           date. Preview and proofread it. Then
how to get started. We appreciate          click on ―Add this person to Find a
her enthusiasm and are sorry the           Grave.‖
Internet was not working well that
night.                                     Next I added photos. If Find A Grave
                                           has a photo of the cemetery, it will
So, I thought I would talk to you          automatically insert it, and you can
about the process of creating a            add 5 additional photos of the person
memorial in Find a Grave, and              and/or tombstone.        Anyway, the
perhaps you, too, might get curious        maximum free amount to add is 5
enough to go online and post               [you are allowed 6 photos if Find A
information about your ancestors.          Grave has posted the cemetery’s
                                           photo]. You can upgrade by paying if
Type into your              you want to add more photos.
browser box and hit Go. Then click
on                                         How can you add photos? First you
• Search 62 million grave records          need to have scanned them. You will
                                           need to scan as a TIF but then save a
A ―Find A Grave Search Form‖               second time as a Jpg and make sure
template will open up, and you can         the photo is saved under 800 pixels.
either type in your ancestor’s first       Know where you have stored the
and last name, or you can put in a         scan on your computer, and then go
last name to find all individuals in the   back to the memorial page which has
database by that name. I typed in          the name and biography, and click
my maiden name ―Hott,‖ only to find        ―Add a Photo‖ and browse back to
that there are hundreds of Hotts that      your photo storage site. Select the
have been added to the site.               type of photo – person, gravestone,
                                           etc. Choose the file and let it upload.
The reason for the search is to see if     Then click on ―Add this photo.‖
your ancestor is already there. If so,     Maximum size is 500 KB, or 300-1200
you can add to the site. But if you do     pixels. Find A Grave asks you to crop
not find your ancestor, then the fun       your photo of excess white space
begins. You can use the commands           before you store it for their site. If
along the left hand side to ―Add           you did not add the photo yourself,
Burial Records.‖ I clicked on ―Family      but you find interesting photos of
and Friends (Old version)‖ to begin        your ancestors that you would like to
the memorial to my parents and             have, you can ―Request a Photo.‖ It
others.                                    will also copy and paste into another

Last you can ―Leave flowers and a                   SPOTLIGHT ON GENI
note.‖ There are other symbols to
leave, like religious icons. You can is one of the world’s
have your name attached, someone             largest free family trees. You can get
else’s, or ―anonymous.‖                      a free account and with that account
                                             you can:
There are a few other things that you
can do, such as create memorials for               Upload your family tree (there
spouses, children, or parents and                   is no size limit)
then use the ID number to link                     Store unlimited documents,
relatives. Also, if the tombstone is                photos and videos.
difficult to read, you can transcribe               Collaborate with other
the writing on the tombstone and                    genealogists that share your
post it on Find A Grave.                            family lines.
                                                    Invites your relatives to share
The site is controversial because you               your tree.
are putting a lot of personal                       Merge your tree with other
information on the Internet if you                  family trees. Posted by Ohana
include the obituary. It generally                  Software
names the family members that
survive the deceased.            That
information is generally available on               BYU Conference on Family
online obituaries too.                              History and Genealogy
                                                    "Strengthening Ties that
If you want to look at some of my                   Bind Families Together"
sites, you can go to Find a Grave and               July 26-29, 2011
find a particular cemetery or person.               BYU Conference Center
I added Elga Rufus Hott and Hilda                   Provo, Utah
Ona Haines Hott in the Salem                        John Vilburn will be teaching a
Cemetery, Hampshire County, West                    class
Virginia, also Verlie Hott Conn. I                  Click here for more information
have made memorials for my parents
Coy Elga Hott and Elizabeth Mae                HOW TO ACCESS THE MAJOR
Krise Hott in Grandview Cemetery,                  FAMILY HISTORY
Cambria County, Pennsylvania, as                    REPOSITORIES
well as my mother’s sister Ruth Krise.
You can search for the contributor,          The Latest Version of FamilyInsight
the deceased, or the cemetery.               is 2011.3.22.0 for Windows. This
                                             version will work with Ancestral Quest
Personally, I think this is a nice site to   12, Family Tree Maker 2010 and
contribute a lasting remembrance of          2011, RootsMagic 4 as well as our
your deceased ancestor. If you find          previous file formats of PAF (Personal
an ancestor already posted that you          Ancestral File) and GEDCOMs from
need information about, it is also a         other programs. You can update by
wonderful boon to your family                going to the FamilyInsight download
history. Give it a try.                      page     on     our    Website    and
                                             downloading the latest version. A
                                             new Mac version of FamilyInsight will

be released in the next few days. We      · Wednesday, June 8, 2011
are    beta   testing    FamilyInsight    · 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDT
with Legacy 7 files. If you are
interested in helping and have not        To sign up for this webinar, click here
already received an email with the
beta instructions, please send an               2. Increasing Productivity
email                                     on the FamilySearch Website
                                               Presenter: Andrea                    Schnakenburg

SharingTime continues to offer a          Learn    how     to  increase    your
FREE 30 day trial and has extended        productivity using Sharing Time . a

the special $9.95 yearly rate             new tool that integrates into the
discount. Click here to watch the         FamilySearch TM website. Quickly link
SharingTime video to learn more.          to and auto-search dozens of internet
                                          resources, e-mail collaborators in
Latest version of RootsMagic              seconds, and focus your research on
version can be downloaded         ancestors that are closest to being
here                                      ready for temple work.

Latest version of Ancestral Quest         · Tuesday, June 21, 2011
version 12.1.30 can be downloaded         · 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM MDT
                                          To sign up for this webinar, click here
Latest version of Legacy 7.5 can be
downloaded here                           Visit our Webinar page for any
                                          additions to our schedule.
Latest version of Charting
Companion for FamilySearch is                     Join the Ohana Software
now available for download on our                 Facebook fans page
website. Charting Companion for
FamilySearch version 2.2.2                        Posted by Ohana Software
download here Posted by Ohana
Software                                  FAMILY SEARCH ANNOUNCES THAT
                                          MILLIONS OF CIVIL WAR RECORDS
                                             HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED ON
Upcoming Webinars                               FAMILYSEARCH.ORG
     1. FamilyInsight: Beyond
      the Basics                          May 11, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY—As the
        Presenter: Cina Johnson           United States marks the 150th anniversary of
                                          the Civil War, people who had ancestors
                                          involved in the conflict can access millions of
If you are comfortable using              historical records recently published on the
FamilyInsight but want to better website. And millions more
utilize its features, this class is for   records are coming, as Civil War volunteers
you! Learn how to link people, add        enlist in an epoch online campaign over the
                                          next five years to provide access to the
other data, and fix "places" that
                                          highly desirable historic documents.
contain      descriptive   information
instead of a place name and much          FamilySearch announced the release today of
more. Join this class to take your use    hundreds of millions of online records at the
of FamilyInsight to the next level!       National Genealogical Society conference in
Charleston, South Carolina. The collections
include service records for both the Confed-             FOOTNOTE ANNOUNCES THE
erate and Union armies, pension records, and            AVAILABILITY OF WAR OF 1812
more. Some of these records have been                            RECORDS
available for some time but are now being
added to as part of
this project. Here is just a sampling of what
is available:

           Arizona, Service Records of
        Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War,
        1861-1863                          is pleased to announce the first
           Arkansas Confederate Pensions,          online publishing of the War of 1812 Pension and
        1901-1929                                   Bounty Land Warrant Applications. In cooperation
           Civil War Pension Index                 with the Federation of Genealogical Societies
           Louisiana Confederate Pensions          (FGS) and the National Archives, is
        1898-1950                                   currently digitizing millions of War of 1812 records
           Missouri Confederate Pension            and making them available on its site free of
                                                    charge. The initial 1,400 images are available
        Applications and Soldiers' Home
        Admission Applications
           South Carolina Compiled Service
        Records of Confederate Soldiers                       Introducing
        (NARA M267)
           South Carolina Probate 1671-1977                 GenDetective™
           South Carolina Probate Records,         The following announcement was written by
        Files, and Loose Papers, 1732-1964          RumbleSoft Incorporated:
           United States, 1890 Census of
        Union Veterans and Widows
           United States, Index to General
        Correspondence of the Pension
        Office, 1889-1904
           United States, Union Provost
        Marshall Files of Papers Relating to
                                                    tells you what you DON’T KNOW and what
        Two or More Civilians, 1861-1866
                                                    you need to FIND!
           United States, Union Provost
        Marshall's File of Papers Relating to
                                                    Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania (May 10, 2011)
        Individual Civilians, 1861-1866
                                                    – RumbleSoft Incorporated, supplier of
           U.S. Civil War Soldiers Index
                                                    innovative solutions for genealogists will
                                                    introduce GenDetective™ Wednesday May
           U.S. Navy Widows' Certificates,
                                                    11, 2011 at NGS in Charleston, South
        1861-1910 (NARA M1279)
           U.S., Registers of Enlistments in
        the U.S. Army, 1798-1914
                                                    GenDetective™ is the first genealogy utility
           U.S., Veterans Administration
                                                    that can truly analyze your genealogy data
        Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933
                                                    today    to     help    you   discover   your
           Vermont Enrolled Militia, 1861-
                                                    past.GenDetective™ is a software tool that
        1867                                        analyzes your genealogical data to produce
                                                    research recommendations based on missing
"These records are significant because nearly       or incomplete data. Up until now genealogy
every family in the United States at that time      programs only told you what information you
was impacted either directly or indirectly by       have. GenDetective's powerful reporting
the war," FamilySearch project manager Ken          features will tell you what you DON'T KNOW,
Nelson said. "Each soldier has a story to tell      and what you need to FIND, using criteria
based on what his unique experience was             you select for easy, organized research.
during the war. Each family has their own
story to tell. This is the paper trail that tells   Posted by Dick Eastman May 10, 2011,
the stories about that period in our nation's       written by Rumble Soft
history," Nelson said.
       AncestorSync                             IMPORTANCE OF MIND SET IN
To Bridge The Gap Between                     FAMILY HISTORY INTERPRETATION
Desktop and Online Family
                                              It may be difficult, but remember
          History                             when reading or analyzing any
Real-Time Collaboration, Inc. Unveils
AncestorSync™ To Bridge The Gap Between
                                              document that unless it was created
Desktop and Online Family History             during your lifetime, there might be
AncestorSync™ enables      you    to          some cultural, historical, economic, or
synchronize your family tree, source          legal events impacting that document
documents, citations, and notes               or causing it to be created. Don't
across all of your computers and a            interpret a 19th century document
web pedigree of your choice.                  with a 21st century mind. Source:
Orem,          Utah        (Real-Time         Michael John Neill, Genealogy Tip of
Collaboration) May 10, 2011 –                 the Day, posted 9 May 2011.
Real-Time        Collaboration      has
announced the release of their latest                  Social Networking
offering, AncestorSync™,         which
allows you to seamlessly download,            I have a Family History Facebook
upload, or synchronize your family            page. I also started a Family History
tree from your online pedigree to             Blog thanks to your class I attended.
your personal computer, and back              From these two ways of sharing my
again. AncestorSync™ is the first             Family History, I have been contacted
service on the market that allows you         by quite a few distant cousins. One
to easily move all of your family             cousin has his own Facebook page of
history work from a desktop                   Family History. From his page I have
genealogy program to an online                gathered about 150 more names than
pedigree without anyone or anything           I had. Another cousin has her own
getting lost in the process.                  blog and has been adding what I
AncestorSync™ has          partnerships       have to her blog. What a difference
with FamilySearch, Geni,           Inc.,      the computer makes! I remember
and ourFamilyology, Inc. and is a             my mom and her cousins gathering
joint venture of Ohana Software,              around the kitchen table to share
LLC. and SharingTime, LLC., wholly            Family History. Now I share with
owned subsidiaries of Real-Time               cousins from around the world with
Collaboration. Information from Real-         just a click of a button.
          Time Collaboration.                 Submitted by: Shauna Wheelwright.
The following announcement was written by
Deceased Online regarding English                           Question:
cemeteries: 11 cemeteries across Wiltshire,   What does "EASy" mean in the System
Dorset and Devon now on                       Origin field in many FamilySearch
                                              historical records entries? For example,
Other Sites to look at
                                              Samuel Dill baptized 14 Oct 1748 in                     Eutingen, Baden, Germany has Germany-                              EASy in the System Origin field.                         Answer:
d.htm                                         According to FamilySearch, EASy stands                                    for Extraction Administration System, the
                                              system used prior to FamilySearch

         Genealogy's Star                You can use the National Atlas
                                         templates to create maps that cover
Check out this blog, Genealogy's Star,   all of the United States or just your
for information on the latest            area of interest. In the National Atlas
developments       in    genealogical    Map Maker you can assemble, view,
research tools and methods.              and print your own maps.
                                          Source: Eastman's Online Genealogy
                                         Newsletter, April 24, 2011, as reported in
Virginia Family Histories - Links        "Generations", Washington DC Family History
                                         Center Newsletter, Vol V, No 5, May 1022.
           to the Past

This site has a collection of links to                Question:
family histories and genealogy sites     How do I get the handouts for
related to the history of families in    classes taught at the various Family
Lynchburg and Central Virginia           Centers located throughout the USA?
including     the     counties      of                 Answer:
Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford and         Our website is now on the
Campbell.                                FamilySearch Wiki. Click here for the
                                         Schedule/Handouts page OR go to
      Label Your Flash drive
                               , click the Learn tab,
                                         and enter Logan FHC in the search
Please label your flash drives if you
                                         box. From the results list select the
are going to bring them to the
                                         Logan Utah Family History
Center. They are so easy to leave in
                                         Center/Classes and Handouts
the computers. If we knew who they
belonged to, we could call and let you
                                                    Ancient Faces
know. One suggestion is to use a
small mailing label. Another is to
                                         Ancient Faces contains free photos of
rename the actual drive. (Right-click
                                         faces and places in history. You can
the drive and select rename.) One of
                                         search over 50,000 vintage photos.
our staff members can assist you
                                          Search by surname or topic. You
with this.
                                         can also share your ancestral photos
                                         and help build the site for others.
An Easy Way to Add Maps to a
Genealogy Project
                                         "The Lord expects of us all that we do
Would you like to include U.S. maps      what we can for ourselves and for our
in your family history projects, but     dead. He wants us to make the search for
can't find what you want? The            our ancestry because he does not do for
National Atlas is a map-making           us what we can do for ourselves. And
platform sponsored by the Federal        after we have done all we can, then
Government that lets you build your      means will be furnished, or the way will
own maps. You can create maps that       be opened for the finishing of the
capture    and    depict   patterns,     information which we are unable to
conditions, and trends of American       discover."
life.                                    Source: Joseph Fielding Smith,
                                         Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 2, p. 149

  Finding Your Ancestor's Grave                INDEXING PRESENTATION

Finding where an ancestor is buried is     Document ID: 106682 Introduction to
not always easy. Obstacles to finding      FamilySearch indexing--Group presentation
                                           A presentation, in Adobe PDF format,
that information can exist, including
                                           introducing the FamilySearch indexing
not knowing where the person died,         program is available online at
knowing where they died but not  
finding them in local cemeteries and       ource_Guide/Introduction_to_Indexing.pdf
a lack of information available about      To save the file to your computer:
local cemeteries. The following ideas      Right-click the link above.
are meant to help you carefully            Click Save Target As... or Save Link As....
                                           Select a location where you can save the
survey the information available and
                                           file that is easy to remember, such as your
find where your ancestor is buried."       desktop.
Read Gena Ortega’s article, which          Type a name for the file. Click Save.
includes many links to helpful             To present this file as a slideshow, open
websites including links to states with    the saved file, and then change the view to
digitized death certificates.              Full Screen Mode. To do this:
Source: World Vital Records                Click the View menu.
                                           Click Full Screen Mode.
Newsletter, Oct 28, 2010,
                                           To exit Full Screen Mode, press Esc key.
Access this complete article at            Note: You will need Adobe Reader or an            equivalent to open the file. If you do not
m/news/volume4issue34/ [Nice               currently have the required utility installed
newsletter]                                on your computer, Adobe Reader is
                                           available for free at
               Question:                   eadstep2.html.
Is it possible to find a pension record    Bill Buchanan website:
for my ancestor, a confederate in the
Civil War?                                 blog:
 Pension records for Confederates
                                           "We are a covenant-making people.
were issued by the state where the
                                           These eternal blessings are for all who
veteran lived when he applied for it.
                                           wish to worthily receive of them, both the
There are many indexes and even
                                           living and the dead. In the mercy of God
digital images online. Check some of       we are privileged to receive these
the following sites for more               blessings by proxy for our deceased
information:                               ancestors who did not have this privilege
NARA - Confederate Pension Records         in life. They, of course, may choose
Genealogy Branches - Ordering Civil        whether to accept these blessings. Our
War Pension Records                        duty is to search out our forebears and
Military Indexes - Online Civil            give them the opportunity to accept and
Indexes, Records & Rosters                 receive these blessings. As the Prophet
Genealogy Branches - Civil War             Joseph Smith said, 'The greatest
Service Records Research Guide             responsibility in this world that God has
                                           laid upon us is to seek after our dead.'"
   BREAKING DOWN BRICK WALLS               Source: James E. Faust, "Eternity Lies   before Us," April 1997 General
      s/tp/database_search.htm?nl=1        Conference

Microsoft is Buying                               that are relevant to your ancestors, and it
                                                  also takes time to work out the best way to
Skype for $8.5 Billion                            search them once you do manage to track
                                                  them down.
Until Jack and I served our mission,
we were not familiar with Skype, but              To help solve this, we are launching a new
it is a computer to computer                      feature that searches select websites and
communication system that we used                 brings back any matching results we find,
                                                  along with a link to the site to enable you to
with other missionaries. It is free to            go straight to the original record. Where
call anywhere in the world. We used               relevant, we will include these results into
headsets so that our hands would be               your main search results. We will also list
free. If your computer has a camera,              each collection we have within our card
you can talk on the phone and see                 catalog, which will allow you to search those
                                                  collections directly from within
the person at the same time. We                   Posted by Dick Eastman on May 13, 2011
used it to instant message other
missionaries when we needed help,                 NEWSLETTER FOR BEGINNERS
but we also used it to chat. If you
have not used Skype, find someone                 Tentatively     titled Casefile   Clues     for
who has a child at BYU or somewhere               Beginners, this new newsletter will be bi-
else that he can call and IM without              weekly and feature beginning level material
                                                  written by a variety of genealogists, not just
charge to discover the benefits.                  me. We'll have a question and answer
There is also a paid version, but for             section, interpret the handwriting section,
my purposes, this one was good                    one or two articles every issue, and more.
                                                  This new periodical will be written in a down-
enough.                                           to-earth, practical format. Casefile Clues for
                                                  Beginners will concentrate on those who are                                starting or have just started their search for
                                                  their ancestors.
   Announces New Web
                                                  There is more information about Casefile
         Search                                   Clues for Beginners on our blog:
The following announcement was written by         Posted by Dick Eastman May 15, 2011
                                                  May 16, 2011
Last October we launched Ancestry Labs to
test a few new ideas, and we’d like to thank                Free Online File
all those members who contributed a lot of
great feedback and discussion around these.                    Converter
Today we’re excited to announce the
                                                  Bookmark this site. It converts files from
introduction of one of the ideas, Web Search,
                                                  hundreds of formats to any of hundreds of
into the main search.
                                                  other formats. Want to convert a DOC file to
                                                  a PDF file? Online-Convert will do that. Want
Why are we launching Web Search?
                                                  to convert an audio MP3 file to WAV format?
                                                  Online-Convert will do that. The site has
We’ve heard from many members that
                                                  many, many other formats available as well.
although has the broadest
collections of historical records available, it
                                                  If you can’t find the conversion you need,
certainly isn’t completely comprehensive.
                                                  you can contact the site owners and they will
Every day, digital records are being published
                                                  try to help you. Best of all, the service is
on sites across the web, many of which are
                                                  available free of charge.
free to access.
                                                  You can find        it   at
These sites can be a great resource in  
helping break through brick walls; however,
it can be hard to know where to find sites        Posted by Dick Eastman May 17, 2011

    Fully Searchable Death                          Announcing GeneaSpeak - A
    Records now Online at                           Genealogy Speakers Bureau
The following announcement was written by           The following announcement was Leading UK family history         written by GeneaBloggers:
website has today
launched a quicker way to find the deaths of        May 31, 2011 - Chicago, Illinois:
your ancestors, completing a two-year
                                                    GeneaBloggers,    the    genealogy
project to make the birth, marriage and
death records of England and Wales easier to        community's resource for blogging,
use. Over 1,000 people have worked on this          announces     the    creation   of
project, rescanning 170 years of records and        GeneaSpeak.
transcribing the quarter of a billion names
they contain.                                       GeneaSpeak is a community-driven
This final installment means that over 85           resource that allows genealogy
million death records can now be searched           speakers to post their own profiles
with as little as a surname. This will return a     and speaking engagements in order
list of individual names, so you’ll no longer       to publicize their presentations.
need to search through pages of results to          GeneaSpeak         replaces      the
spot your ancestor. Finding a death record
                                                    GeneaBloggers Speakers Bureau
will take a fraction of the time that it used to.
For more information log on                         which resided at the GeneaBloggers
to                             website since 2009.
Posted by Dick Eastman May 21, 2011                 Posted by Dick Eastman June 1, 2011
                                                    FamilySearch News: Free Online Records
                                                    Cast Historic Light on South Carolina
    Filming is Underway for
     Ireland's "Genealogy                           11 May 2011
     Roadshow" Television
           Program                                  Free Online Records Cast Historic
                                                         Light on South Carolina
Production is currently underway on
"The Genealogy Roadshow," a new 4                   SALT     LAKE     CITY—FamilySearch,       a
x 52 minute format from Big                         nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization in
Mountain Productions which aims to                  charge of the world’s largest genealogy
uncover the extraordinary family                    repository, announced today rich new
histories of ordinary people. The                   online resources that will certainly be of
                                                    interest to South Carolina residents, Civil
series is set to shoot in Kildare,
                                                    War buffs, and family historians with
Meath, Limerick and Galway in May                   Southern roots. FamilySearch’s free
and June and is presented by Derek                  resources consist of new historic records
Mooney. You can read more in an                     and image collections and anin-depth
article    in    IFTN's  web    site                online help center (wiki) for South Carolina
at                             genealogy resources. The information can
Posted by Dick Eastman May 27, 2011                 be    found    at     The
                                                    announcement coincides with the National
BROKEN LINK IN APRIL NEWSLETTER                     Genealogical Society’s 33rd annual family
Kip Sperry's List of Family History                 history conference in Charleston this week.
Internet Sites may be found at
                                                    FamilySearch’s newest South Carolina
                                                    collections are South Carolina Probate
yinternetsites/                                     Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-
Kip's bio can be found at                           1964, and South Carolina Probate Records,                           Bound Volumes, 1671-1977. Probate and
estate records typically include wills,         DEATH OF GOOGLE NEWS ARCHIVE
bonds, property inventory, and court            here is a link to check out.
―These types of records are extremely           Archive.html
valuable to genealogists because they may
be the only known source of an ancestor’s
death date, name of a spouse, children,         "Now let me say something to all who
parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors,          can worthily go to the house of the
associates, relatives, and their place of       Lord. When you attend the temple
residence,‖ said Mary Lynn Sharpe,
                                                and     perform      the   ordinances
FamilySearch project manager.
                                                that pertain to the house of the Lord,
The new collections include hundreds of         certain blessings will come to you:
thousands of digital images of the original     You will receive the spirit of Elijah,
historic documents that can be browsed          which will turn your hearts to
online at using a digital      your spouse, to your children, and to
viewer.                                         your forebears. You will love your
                                                family with a deeper love than you
―For example, let’s say your ancestor was       have loved before. You will be
Jasper Crooks, and you knew he lived in         endowed with power from on high as
Oconee County South Carolina,‖ said             the Lord has promised."
Sharpe. ―A review of the historic probate
                                                Source: Ezra Taft
records online will reveal that his wife,
                                                Benson, Teachings of Ezra Taft
Sallie Crooks, petitioned the court for
permission to divvy up his estate. The          Benson, p. 254
records show Jasper Crooks’ death date
was November 1, 1897, and personal
property deemed most valuable at the
                                                New Tricks and Ol' Tips
time—right down to the mouse grey mule,          Irfanview
old two horse wagon, 4 rocking chairs, 3        Irfanview is one program that can be used
padlocks, wash pot, and a corn sheller.‖        with graphics, saving images to your
                                                computer and then opening them up to crop
Also in FamilySearch’s free online collection   as you want and make copies. It downloads
of South Carolina records are South             for free at and is on the
                                                computers at the Family History Library in
Carolina Deaths (1915–1955) and Civil War
                                                SLC. (The desktop icon is a squashed red cat
Confederate      Service    Records (1861–
                                                with a black mask.)
1865)—the two collections comprise
millions of searchable records.                 Family History Expos Newsletter May
FamilySearch has also introduced a South
Carolina section to its free online research
wiki. Using the information from the wiki,      For copies of Genealogy News, go to
patrons can quickly find out what other
historical records exist by county and
where. There are also links to free online
genealogy courses and a free forum for
                                                Thanks to Don and Jeanine Hartman of
asking personal research questions. The         Utah for posting the newsletter online for
help services are supported by volunteers.      us. You can contribute your family history
                                                of original York County ancestors at
           IRISH RECORDS                          
                                                That’s All, Folks!

Several new printable family tree designs have been added to the
website, ranging from colorful
illustrated tree designs to detailed ancestor charts.

Complete 1930 Mexico Census Now Available
The following announcement was written by FamilySearch:                        May 23, 2011
25 Million New Records and Images for 19 U.S. States and 16 Countries
The FamilySearch volunteers did it! With the completion of the state of Veracruz, they indexed the
entire 1930 Mexico Census—almost 13 million records. Add the census to the millions of Mexico
church records FamilySearch also has online for free, and FamilySearch patrons now have a
phenomenal, fundamental asset for their Mexico ancestral research. There were 59 collections
updated in this release, comprising 25 million new images and records for 19 U.S. states and 16
countries. See the table below for more details. You can search all of these updated collections
now for free at
If you are enjoying the steady stream of free records added weekly, please consider “giving back”
as a FamilySearch volunteer. You can start and stop volunteering at any time. Find out more
         Collection          Records Images                          Comment

Austria, Vienna, Population
                            36,823     37,409    Added images and index to existing collection.
Cards, 1850-1895

Brazil, Catholic Church
                             0         211,410 Added images to existing collection.

Canada, Lower Canada
                             0         3,259     New browsable image collection.
Census, 1831

Canada, New Brunswick
Provincial Deaths, 1815–     92,009    96,135    Added images and index to existing collection.

Canada, Quebec Notarial
                             0         54,920    Added browsable images to existing collection.
Records, 1800-1900

Chinese Genealogies          0         750,021 Added browsable images to existing collection.

Czech Republic Church
                             0         20,237    Added images to existing collection.
Books, 1552-1935

Germany Church Records,
                        0              140,265 New browsable image collection.

Germany, Baden, Church
                           43,560      0         Added records to existing index collection.
Book Duplicates, 1810-1869

Germany, Mecklenburg-
                             0         253,140 New browsable image collection.
Schwerin Census, 1867

Germany, Miscellaneous
                             0         7,102     Added browsable images to existing collection.
City Records
Guatemala Civil
                             0       978       Added browsable images to existing collection.
Registration, 1877-1934

                                             Added browsable images to existing collection for
Italy, Civil Registration,
                             0       985,543 several provinces, including new images for
                                             Bologna and Genova.

                                               Added the state of Veracruz. This completes the
Mexico Census, 1930          1,126,587538
                                               1930 Mexico Census!

Mexico, Jalisco, Catholic
                             0       5,772,188New browsable image collection.
Church Records

Mexico, Morelos, Catholic
                          0          914       Added browsable images to existing collection.
Church Records, 1598-1969

Mexico, State of Mexico,
                             0       269,871 New browsable image collection.
Catholic Church Records

Mexico, Tabasco, Catholic
                             0       121,419 New browsable image collection.
Church Records

                                             New browsable image collection. Includes
Netherlands, Passenger                       passenger lists for the Holland-America Line
Lists Holland-America Line, 0        113,050 (Holland Amerika Lijn), which transported
1900-1974                                    numerous refugees from war-torn Europe to the
                                             United States prior to 1941.

New Zealand, Immigration
                           85,349    152       Added images and index to existing collection.
Passenger Lists, 1855-1973

Peru, Civil Registration,
                             0       15,354    Added browsable images to existing collection.

Philippines Civil
                             0       1,809,282New browsable image collection.
Registration, 1945-1996

Poland, Roman Catholic
                             0       843,095 Added browsable images to existing collection.
Church Books, 1600-1950

                                               Added index records and images to existing
Poland, Roman Catholic
                             1,002,15581,805   collection (indexes for Tarnow; browsable images
Church Books, 1600-1950
                                               for Lódz and Kielce).

Portugal, Braga Catholic
                          0          520,913 New browsable image collection.
Church Records, 1530-1890

Puerto Rico Civil
                             8,712   3,599     Added images and index to existing collection.
Registration, 1836-2001

Russia, Samara Church
                             0       52,170    New browsable image collection.
Books, 1869-1917

Spain, Cádiz, Passports,
                             0       19,802    Added browsable images to existing collection.

Spain, Municipal Records     0        98,118   Added browsable images (Leon and Lugo).

U.S., Alabama, County
                             216,021 128,241 New index collection.
Marriages, 1809-1950

U.S., Alabama, County
                             0        56,738   New browsable image collection.
Probate Records

U.S., Arkansas, Draft
Registration Cards,          0        31,882   New browsable image collection.
compiled 1948-1959

U.S., California, San Mateo
                            0         53,404   Added browsable images to existing collection.
County Records, 1856-1967

U.S., District of Columbia
                             103,160 106,382 New index collection.
Deaths, 1874-1959

U.S., Georgia Headright and
Bounty Land Records, 1783- 0          35,881   New browsable image collection.

U.S., Illinois, Probate
                             0        126,521 Added browsable images to existing collection.
Records, 1819-1970

U.S., Louisiana, First
Registration Draft Cards,    0        26,821   New browsable image collection.
compiled 1940-1945

U.S., Maine, State Archive
                             0        73,678   Added browsable images to existing collection.

U.S., Maryland, Probate
Estate and Guardianship      6,488    151,200 Added records to existing index collection.
Files, 1796-1940

U.S., Maryland, Register of
                            0         5,137    Added browsable images to existing collection.
Wills Books, 1792-1983

U.S., Michigan, County
                             0        292,239 New browsable image collection.
Marriages, 1820-1935

U.S., Minnesota, Death
                             383,230 173,016 New index collection.
Records, 1866-1916

U.S., Mississippi, Tippah
                          0           38,645   Added browsable images to existing collection.
County Records, 1836-1923

U.S., New York Passenger
                         0            6,399    Added browsable images to existing collection.
Lists, 1820-1891

U.S., New York State
                             0        21,307   Added browsable images to existing collection.
Census, 1865

U.S., New York, Orange
County Probate Records,      0         59,885    New browsable image collection.

U.S., New York, Queens
County Probate Records,      0         34,382    New browsable image collection.

U.S., Ohio, Stark County
                             0         37,995    Added browsable images to existing collection.
Court Records, 1809-1917

U.S., South Carolina
Probate Records, Bound       0         222,728 New browsable image collection.
Volumes, 1671-1977

U.S., South Carolina
Probate Records, Files and 0           652,423 New browsable image collection.
Loose Papers, 1732-1964

U.S., Tennessee County
                             219,217 198,208 Added images and index to existing collection.
Marriages, 1790-1950

U.S., Texas, Daughters of
the Republic of Texas,
                             0         26,147    New browsable image collection.
Membership Applications,

U.S., Texas, Gonzalez de la
                            0          98,801    New browsable image collection.
Garza Genealogy Collection

U.S., Vermont Enrolled
                           4,350       0         Added records to existing collection.
Militia Records, 1861-1867

U.S., Virginia Births and
                             1,422,8550          New index collection.
Christenings, 1853-1917

U.S., Virginia, Danville City
Cemetery Records, 1833- 0              4,093     New browsable image collection.

United States, Civil War
                             6,282,3600          New index collection.
Soldiers Index

United States, Naval
Enlistment Rendezvous,       262,742 34,965      New index collection.

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