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					     LESSON NUMBER                        12     GRADES                  11         DATE           2/27/09

     THEMES                               Student-Led Conferences, Portfolios

     CORE QUESTION                        What Have I Accomplished?

     ESSENTIAL QUESTION                   What pieces of school work can I use in
                                          my SLC? What if I don’t have any work
                                          in my portfolio?

                            □    Lesson Plan                                    □    Fine and overdue book lists

                            □    Skills center survey cover letter              □    Skills center survey for students
                            □    Skills center survey (for teacher)             □    Portfolio Work Reflection
                            □    Bright green sign up sheet

I. (2 min) Attendance
        A. Take attendance of your mentor group. Class lists can be printed from Skyward.
        B. Class will be listed as a PRIDE 101 or PRD101.

II. (1 min) Essential Questions
        A. Go over essential questions listed above.

III. (1 min) Fines/Announcements
        A. Talk with students who have overdue books.

IV. (10 min) Skills Center Survey
        A. Pass out student CTE Skills Center Feasibility Study Student Questionnaire. The intention of this survey is
            to get information from students and staff about what program areas there is an interest, post secondary plans,
            and how students may get the most out of a satellite skills center model.
        B. Give a brief description by reading the student survey cover letter. This is not a new high school, simply
           students could have more options for training by utilizing resources at other schools and students from other
           schools could utilize our resources and training programs in CTE. CTE stands for Career and Technical
           Education (vocational department). This is only in the planning and fact finding stage, nothing is approved to
           happen yet.
        C. Have students take the survey. Teachers should take the survey as well.
        D. Collect surveys and turn them into TODD RIGHTMIRE.

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V. (2 min) Assistance League Scholarship Announcement
        A. Please read the following announcement. This is a great opportunity for our kids

        Would you like to attend a fun summer program this year but can’t afford it? The Assistance League of Bellingham
        offers up to $1,000 per scholarship for students in grades 9 - 11 who are attending Whatcom County public schools.
        Scholarships are for summer enrichment programs in most areas such as music, art, science, computer science,
        medicine and more. Excluded from consideration are sports programs, foreign study/exchange programs, religious
        studies, and private lessons. They award many individual scholarships. Applications are available in the career

        B. Refer all questions to Sandi in the career center!

VI. (3 min) Health Care Services, Video Game Design, Construction Academy
        A. Please read the announcement below about these opportunities. Students that are interested in more information
        should put their name on the bright green sheet in your packet.
        B. These off campus programs are great opportunities for students that are looking to do work in specific health
        care, computer or construction careers. Read the short descriptions below:

        Health Care Services- This class is taught on site at the hospital in Bellingham. Students will focus on the core
        skills needed for most health care professions (lots of science!) Students will also be able to meet real health care
        professionals (doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.). This class is academically challenging and a great way to get
        introduced to the health care profession.

        Video Game Design- This class is taught at Sehome high school. This is a chance to turn your passion for video
        games into a career in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Class is taught in a state of the art computer lab in a
        partnership with Digipen Insitute of Technology (one of the leaders in the gaming industry). This class in not all fun
        and games. Be prepared to do math and challenging academic work.

        Construction Careers Academy-This course is taught at Meridian high school. The goal of this course is to get
        students ready for jobs in the construction industry. Students interested in being a welder, electrician or carpenter
        should think about this course. Student will learn, worksite safety, construction math, learn to use power tools and
        read blue prints. After completing basic course work, students are placed in a PAID internship. That’s right; you get
        paid to go to school. If you are thinking about doing construction work after high school, this could be the course
        for you.

        C. Have interested students put their name on the bright green sheet in your packet. RETURN THESE SHEETS
        TO TOBY.

VII. (5 min) Update Portfolio Checklist
        A. Have students get out their portfolio
        B. Every student should have a portfolio checklist in the front. At this time it would be good to go over/remind
        students what of the portfolio requirements.
        C. Below is a list of all the work that has been done in PRIDE this year.. You can work with your students to
        update their portfolio checklist.
        D. REMEMBER you are responsible for signing off student work in the portfolio. It is recommended you start this
        process today. While students are working on the next part of this lesson would be a great time.

              Date        Assignment Name                   Section of Portfolio
                2-Sep     Portfolio Checklist               In the very front
                2-Sep     PRIDE Letter                      Could be anywhere
                2-Sep     Scavenger Hunt                    Could be anywhere
                          Multiple Intelligence
               17-Dec     Checklist                         Goals/Careers
               16-Jan     SLC Quiz                          Could be anywhere
               19-Feb     SLC Template                      Could be anywhere
               19-Feb     Credit Check                      Attendance/Transcripts

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VIII. (15 min) Portfolio Work
        A. Remind students that having a portfolio is a graduation requirement. Part of the SLC this year is them practicing
        in presenting parts of their portfolio. Showing at least two pieces of work is part of the senior PRIDE Presentation.
        B. Have a discussion about why it is important to be able to talk about accomplishments and growth in school.
                 Some examples:
                            Demonstrate growth/learning over time (9th grade paper compared to 12th grade paper.)
                            Show certain skills learned (Something from shop class.)
                            Illustrate improvement in study skills (bad project versus better or good project.)
                            Reflect on a certain time period of high school that was important/difficult/significant
                                (perhaps a time that a student was sick and had to struggle through a certain class.)

        C. Hand out Portfolio Piece Reflection
               Explain how this reflection can be used to help them figure out why and how the pieces they are choosing
               are relevant to their SLC.
        D. Have students go through their portfolios and pick work/projects/samples that they would like to use in their

                                             PORTFOLIO ITEMS
                    Name of Item                                                        Section:
              Portfolio Piece Reflection                                               Assignments

                                        ITEMS TO BE RETURNED

                  Name of Item                                                          To Whom:
            Teacher Skills Center Survey                                                  Todd
            Student Skills Center Survey                                                  Todd
                Bright Green Sheet                                                        Toby

What’s coming next:
  Continue working on SLC’s
  Scheduling SLC’s

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