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					Nurses' Perceived Job Related Stress and Job Satisfaction in Riyadh Hospitals

                                Ahmad Adeeb RN,
Background: Job dissatisfaction is becoming an increasingly large disorder. There
has been little research on nurse job satisfaction and job related stress in KSA. Interest
in job related stress is renewed with each cycle of nursing shortage.

Aims: to identify variables of Saudi nurses’ job satisfaction and job related stress.

Methods: a descriptive correlational cross sectional design using surveys guided this
study through convenience sample of 90 nurses. Data will analyze by using
descriptive and inferential statistics "SPSS" program.

Study statement: is their a relationship between the perceived job related stress and
the job satisfaction of the staff nurses in Riyadh hospitals?

Study instruments: two instruments will be use to elicit information about job
related stress and the level of job satisfaction among staff nurses in hospitals. Job
related stress, defined as any work situation perceived by the participant as
threatening because of the mismatch between the situations demands and the
individuals coping abilities, was measured with the 34- items nursing stress scale
(Gray-Toft & Anderson, 1981). Because stressors related to patients and
families are not included in the nursing stress scale but are considered among the
stressors that nurse experience (Hatrick & Hill, 1993), the eight items of the subscale
on patients and families of the expanded nursing stress scale were added to nursing
stress scale ( French, Lenton, Walters, &Eyles, 2000).

Ethical consideration: The study will reviewing by the Ethics Committee of the of
Nursing. Intended hospitals, IRB, and subjects will be gaining . Several
Strategies will utilizing to protect the subject's rights who agree to participate in this
study. First, oral written consent of the subjects was obtained prior to the
administration of the questionnaire.

Keywords: job satisfaction, Jordan, nurse, job related stress, validity, reliability

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