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					Logical Framework NICHE project

Project description       Baseline                Indicators                    Inputs expected from   Inputs from the   Means of verification   Assumptions
                                                                                the applicant          requesting
                                                                                organisation(s)        organisation(s)
Overall objective         Conditions which
(impact): Long-term       form the
benefit of the project    justification of the
for the target group      project
or the wider benefit it
will have for the
community or society
in general
Specific objective        Indication of the       Conditions at the end of
(outcome): What the       concrete capacity       the project indicating that
development               gap which the           the specific objective has
intervention is           project is to resolve   been achieved
intending to achieve
at the end, or soon
after the project has
taken place
Gender objective:

Labour market

3.7 NICHE – Logical Framework- Version 1.2
Outputs: The                Provide                Measures of the quantity
products, capital           measureable and        and quality of outputs and
goods and services          quantitative           the timing of their delivery
which result from a         baseline data of the
development                 shortcomings
Activities: Should                                                                Inputs:                Inputs:   Costs:
be related to the                                                                 (use A,B,C, D, … see
outputs by adequate                                                               below)
numbering (Activity                                                               ..
1.1, 1.2, ..., 2.1, ....)

A             Time input Dutch/European staff                          F          Investments
B             Time input regional/local experts                        G          Other costs …..
C             Travel, DSA and hotel costs
D             PhD, Ma and other training in NL/Europe
E             PhD, Ma and other training local/regional

3.7 NICHE – Logical Framework- Version 1.2
                                                 INTERVENTION LOGIC

                                                         Long-term benefit (impact) of the
                                         OVERALL         project for the target group or
                                        OBJECTIVE        the wider benefit it will have for
                                         (IMPACT)        the community or society in
                                                         What the development
                                                         intervention is intending to
                                                         achieve at the end, or soon after
                                                         the project has taken place
                                                         The products, capital goods and
                                             OUTPUT      services which result from a
                                                         development intervention
                                                         Actions taken or work performed
                                                         through which inputs, such as
                                                         funds, technical assistance and
                                                         other types of resources are
                                                         mobilised to produce specific
                                                         The financial, human, and
                                             INPUTS      material resources used for a
                                                         development intervention

     When establishing the intervention logic, continuous critical questioning and reflection is required to ensure
     coherence means-effect links. At the level of outputs and activities the following questions must be raised:

             Are all the activities necessary to reach the outputs?
             Are these activities sufficient to reach the outputs?
             Are all the outputs necessary to reach the specific objective?
             Are these outputs sufficient to reach the specific objective?

     Additional activities can be introduced in case the answer to the second question is negative (which will nearly
     always be the case). Certain activities can be dropped if the answer to the first question is negative.

       Ideally there should be only one specific objective. This ensures that the project has a proper focus. But
       if more than one specific objective is formulated, the objectives should be listed in their order of
       importance, which means the degree to which they contribute to the overall objective.

3.7 NICHE – Logical Framework- Version 1.2
Glossary of other terms:

     Baseline: The situation prior to an intervention, against which progress can be assessed or comparisons made.
     Indicator: Quantitative or qualitative factor or variable that provides a simple and reliable means to measure
     achievement, to reflect the changes connected to an intervention, or to help assess the performance of a
     development actor. Indicators should be measurable in a consistent way and at an acceptable cost. A good
     indicator should be SMART:
             S-pecific: measure what it is supposed to measure
             M-easurable
             A-vailable at an acceptable cost
             R-elevant with regard to the objective concerned
             T-ime-bound.
     Assumptions: Hypotheses about factors or risks which could affect the progress or success of a development
     intervention, but over which project implementers have no direct control, e.g. price changes, unexpected rainfall,
     land reform policies, non-enforcement of supporting legislation.
     Means of verification: Statements which specify sources of information for the measurements or verification of
     specified data in the indicators column in the Logical Framework.
     Preconditions: Conditions that must be satisfied before project activities can start.

3.7 NICHE – Logical Framework- Version 1.2

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