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FOIA to Lawrence Airport

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          cc Eddie V Garcia <>

        date Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 10:48 AM
     subject Lawrence Airport and Siphoned Funds--FOIA Request
             Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

Mr. Michael P. Miller, Airport Manager, Lawrence Municipal Airport

It has come to my attention from various news outlets that the federal government has issued an
inquiry about the siphoning of funds dedicated to the Lawrence Airport by Lawrence Mayor
Lantigua. In those reports, it is stated that this unauthorized siphoning or transfer of funds violates
federal law.

I am drafting a letter to the FAA on a FOIA inquiry but am also inquiring with you as the airport's
manager about this issue and for any documents pertinent to this matter. If you claim the
documents are privileged, please cite the reason and the applicable law. Since the Lawrence airport
is a combined federal and city administered airport, the funds appropriated to the airport's
operation are dual.

If you are not the correct person to whom this inquiry shall be made, please advise me. If you are,
then please adhere to Massachusetts public records' law and provide said information pursuant to
M.G.L. and that is (10) ten days from receipt of this request.

Thank you for your cooperation and ensuring taxpayer dollars are properly spent for the benefit and
on behalf of taxpayers.

Eddie Garcia /s/ EDDIE GARCIA

                   Lawrence Airport Commission                                                 Airport Staff
Ms. Sharon M. Birchall, Chair                                        Mr. Michael P. Miller, Airport Manager
                                                                     Ms. Christine H. Torres-Vega
Mr. Andres Castillo, Vice Chair
                                                                     Principal Accounts Clerk
Mr. Jose D. Javier, Recording Secretary                              Mr. Frederick Carberry, Airport Working Foreman
Mr. William P. Collins                                               Mr. Rafael Grullon, Laborer
Mr. John N. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Charles Kolofoles
Mr. James A. La Torre
Mr. Paul V. Meli
Mr. William B. Pedrick

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