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					               Washtenaw Area of Narcotics Anonymous
               Area Service Committee Meeting Dec. 11, 2011

    Group discussion topics:
     * Nominees for a Public Relation Chair, Co-chair and Activities Co-chair
       to be present for voting in January.
     * Nominations for Area Chair, Co-chair, Treasurer and Co-treasurer to
       be brought to January Area for February Elections.
     * Conference Agenda Report Vote- The vote can happen by groups or at
       an area workshop or by our area’s RCM, What does your group
     * Accepting flyer samples about what Area is and location change for
       discussion and distribution in January
     * Who’s missing from our meetings? Les suggests discussion amongst
       groups on how we can reach populations that are missing at our

Area Service Committee Meeting
     Meeting opened at 5:00pm Service Prayer read in unison.
     12 Traditions of N.A. read by Bob M. 12 Concepts of N.A. Service read by Nicolle M.
     The Definition of Purpose read by Rhett R. A Vision of Service read by Anna M.
     New Meeting: Doorway to Recovery, Alano Club, Fridays at 11am starting Dec. 16th
     New GSRs: Jon A. Circle of Gratitude
     Visitors: Dexter, Corn, Danielle, Les

Secretary Report: Minutes approved.

        The Area meeting for January will be at a New location more centrally located between Ann Arbor and
         Ypsilanti: His House Christian Fellowship, 4859 Ellsworth Road, Ypsilanti, just West of Golfside Dr. The
         co-chair of area contacted Bryant Center which cost $26/hr. 7th day was not responsive. Church of
         Good Shepherd did not have space and recommendation to other location. His House has ample room
         and is available with no time constraints. Parking is good and they even offered a locker for storage.
         We will start at that location in January on the second Sunday at 5pm. Co-chair will contact them for the
        Voting for subcommittee co-chairs at area level will happen in January. Please bring
         nominations and be present to be voted in as a subcommittee co-chair. The Guidelines for the
         co-chair is the same as for the chair position: All Sub-Committee Chairpersons and any
         members handling N.A. funds must have at least 1 year of continuous abstinence
        Nominations for Area Chair, Co-chair, Treasurer and Co-treasurer made in January for Feb.
        Treasurer is still gathering info on 2 signature Bank Account and whether we should get one or
         not. Treasurer looked into and cost is the price of new business checks, approx. $110.

       Accepting Flyer samples about what Area is and location change for discussion and
        distribution in January

RCM Report: The next Regional meeting will take place February in Washtenaw Area.
  MRSCNA Meeting Report for December 4, 2011 Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan:
  Area Attendance
  Battle Creek: Present                   Northwoods: Absent
  Capitol: Present                 Saginaw Bay: Present
  Flint: Present                          Southern Mid-Michigan: Present
  Greater Grand Rapids: Present                  Southwest: Present
  Greater Muskegon: Absent                Washtenaw: Present
  Livingston: Present                     West Shore Area: Present
  Northwestern: Present

    Secretary Report
     The secretary received requests from some Areas to put their events on a Region event
       calendar. The Region does not have a calendar right now, and it was suggested to set up a
       password protected Google calendar. No decision was made.
    Treasurer Report
     The treasurer has completed the paperwork and received a few quotes for a region wide
       insurance policy. $13,000/year for full coverage or $750/year with $1,000 deductable for board
       of directors. We will discuss further when he receives additional quotes.
     Treasurer found that there is a $25/month fee for a two-signature checking account.
     There was a service charge of $11.50 was on the account. The Treasurer found that it was a
       clerical error and made the appropriate correction.
    RD Report
     There will be a CAR workshop February 10-12 in Perrysburg, OH.
     Reminder that a worldwide membership survey is online and World it accepting surveys until
       12/31/11. This survey happens every two years, and it helps NAWS with information when
       meeting with H&I facilities.
     2012 CAR is now available.
     RD’s are available for CAR workshops, but their calendar is filling up quickly.
    MRCNA Report
     Vito from Florida will be the main speaker at MRCNA.
     There is a major change to the hotel registration process this year. You must complete a form
       and send it to the hotel in order to get a room. Check the MRCNA website for the registration
       form. The hotel will not accept registrations over the phone. Spread the word. Forms can be
       found on-line at the Region website.
    Web Servant
     Not Present
    Michigan Service Office (MSO)
     Not present but gave a report. All is good.
    PR Report:
     PR Chair is looking at different ways to serve the Region at the PR Chair. Talked about going
       to more of a project based subcommittee.
    Sponsorship Behind the Walls
     Received 10 requests for sponsorship over the past two months, and the chair is meeting with
       several facilities throughout the state to inform them of this program.

      Continue to remind everyone about sponsorship behind the walls. The chair was very
       appreciative of the list that Washtenaw was able to give her.
    Area Reports
     The RCM’s of each area that was present gave a report for their Area.
     Many events were announced, and most of these events are located on each Areas website.
    Regional Phone Line
     Jeff was not at the meeting.
     The phone line stopped working because we ran out of free minutes.
     There was a consensus at the meeting to push for a go-live date as soon as possible.
     Washtenaw is to set up a workshop for the on the Saturday evening before the next region.
       The workshop is intended to provide information and training for each Area phone line
    Motion 100
     Motion 100 did not pass. 5 against, 4 in favor, 2 abstained.
    Sending Regional Members to MZF
     There was discussion about sending two additional regional members to the MZF to provide
       an opportunity for more members to see what happens there. It was decided that because the
       MZF coincides with the CAR workshop, that the region would pay for travel expenses for two
       additional members to attend the weekend workshop. This was done with the understanding
       that the members would also hold CAR workshops in their respective Area or in nearby areas.
     The Co-Treasurer Resigned – Bring back nominations. Elections in February.
    CAR Voting
     The process for voting on motions in the CAR was discussed. In summary, there are many
       different ways to do it, but groups should come to a consensus to decide how to take a tally for
       the Area.
    Donation to World
     Because the Region had a large amount of money in the bank, it was decided to donate
       $2,500 to NAWS.

PR Report: Next meeting is 6pm Thursday Jan. 12th 1800 Packard, Ypsilanti Free Methodist
  No report given

Activities: Next meeting is 6pm Thursday Jan. 12th 1800 Packard, Ypsilanti Free Methodist
   Thanksgiving Marathon Meeting Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the
   Thanksgiving Marathon Meeting. Many people brought food and we had addicts there all day.
   We had 7th tradition of $39. Amount spent to hold meeting came to $166.15, which put us at a
   loss of $127.15. We didn’t anticipate breaking even. The goal was simply to have a place where
   addicts could come together on the holiday. There was a lot of support at the meeting and a fair
   number of addicts came, so we accomplished what we set out to do.

    Holiday Party, 12/10/11 Our total costs for the holiday party came to $325.69. We brought in
    $115.75 in donations, which put us at a loss of $209.94. We had in attendance 62 people, 25 of
    which were newcomers. This activity was a success in the sense that it did carry the message,
    was well attended, and everyone had a nice time. The workshop was informative and
    entertaining. People in attendance really pitched in and helped with service—which is much
    appreciated. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the event, thank you to Brett for

    organizing the workshop and everyone who spoke, and everyone who helped with planning and
    Had all 62 people paid the $5 requested donation, it would only have cost about $15 to hold the
    activity. Funds were spent very prudently, and we had exactly enough food to feed everyone
    there. Yet, we still lost money. If everyone except the newcomers had paid the requested
    donation, the loss would have been $141. We wanted any addict who chose to come to be able
    to enjoy the event, and they did. The flyers asked for a donation, but did not state ―no addict
    turned away,‖ yet we didn’t turn anyone away. The result of this was that we lost money, but had
    a nice event which people—including 25 newcomers—were able to enjoy. This is obviously
    something that needs to be considered for upcoming activities. What is the best way to spend 7 th
    tradition? Do we want to hold these activities if they’re losing money?

    Halloween Party After last month’s area, final information from Western Wayne area regarding
    Halloween Party was received. They stated that the net profit from the event was $1093, which
    they split with us. They were actually mailing us a check for $746.50 (which is net income of
    546.50 plus the 200 we put in for the event). That $546.50 is activities donation to area.
    Western Wayne area was very generous to share this event with us the way that they did, and
    honestly our area didn’t contribute nearly enough to justify this. We owe them a great deal of

    Christmas Marathon Meeting
    To be held Christmas Day. We’ll be collecting groups’ sign-up sheets today and organizing
    service during our next subcommittee meeting. There is coffee leftover from the Holiday Party
    and rent to be paid (which I’ve already received from area). No other money will be put into this
    event. People came through and brought food to the Thanksgiving Marathon Meeting; hopefully
    the same thing will happen at the Christmas Marathon Meeting.

    Receipts and spreadsheet of expenses for all events held to be submitted at next area meeting.
    Activities Subcommittee Meeting will be held this Thursday, December 15th at 6pm at Ypsi Free
    Methodist Church on Packard. I don’t yet have a budget for the upcoming quarter, as I am waiting
    to hold subcommittee meeting and it’s probable that we won’t hold any further activities for some
    time. We have some ideas for upcoming events, but want to allow plenty of time to plan them.
    Once we get some plans together, a budget will be submitted.

    There was a request that activities find a place to hold the CARS workshop. The New Hope
    meeting has agreed to host the CARS workshop for 4 concurrent weeks (or less if 4 are not
    needed), to be held at the same time as the meeting. This way there won’t be any cost to area to
    put this on.

    Some things to consider:
     How can we put on events that don’t lose money, yet offer activities that people will want to
     Do we really want to hold area sponsored activities if they lose money? Is this the best use of
    7th tradition?
     We already have home groups that hold events. If these were our only activities, there would
    still be things to do in the area.

     Should we even have an activities subcommittee, or should we dissolve it and leave activities
    to home groups?
     Possibly area activities subcommittee should serve mainly as support to home group
    sponsored events, which doesn’t mean we couldn’t hold a few other area activities in addition to
     If activities subcommittee is something that we want to continue to have as an area, what
    direction should we go in?
     Next year’s holiday marathon meetings, if they are to be held, should be sponsored by a home
    group that meets the same day as the holiday. If we want to hold these next year, we can start
    finding out which home groups are willing to host them and make a decision on that.
    Please talk to your home groups about the above points.
    We still have very little support and only a small handful of people working on activities. People
    have come through during the events to help out, but the planning and organizing has had little
    support. During meeting announcements, please announce subcommittee meetings Thursday
    following area and ask for support. We’ll discuss all of the above points in our subcommittee
    meeting as well. Would like to gather everyone’s views and discuss further at next area so that
    we can come to a consensus on the direction that activities should go.
    Please continue to ask for support at the Christmas Marathon Meeting. We’ll need people to be of
    service in order to have the event happen.

Group Reports:
Back to Basics: Wednesdays 7pm Chelsea Hospital, 775 S. Main St. Chelsea
 Total Attendance: 23, new: 4
 Area Donation: $0
 Treasury: Ending Balance: $4.83
 Lit: Made a large order to benefit newcomers since we are a hospital meeting.
 This Meeting needs Support, especially women with clean time.
 Open positions: GSR Alternate
 GSR: Anna M.

Circle of Gratitude: Sundays 7pm Robert J. Delonis Center 312 W. Huron St. Ann Arbor
 No report given

Clean and Serene: Thursdays 7:30pm Peace Neighborhood Center, 1111 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 Total Attendance: 64
 Area Donation: $20
 Treasury ending bal: $38.48
 GSR: Jim R.

Clean in Saline: Sundays 7:30pm Saline Hospital, 400 W. Russell St. Saline
 We averaged 21 people per meeting in November. Our total 7th Tradition was $112.
 Ric D is celebrating 10 years on January 8th.
 Our group has asked for clarification on why someone who is not a GSR or trusted servant would
 attend Area, since they are not a voting member. (I was not at the business meeting to answer that
 question, but I will entertain input to inform my answer back to my group.)
 We made an $80 donation. Our ending balance is $0.
 Thank you for letting me serve, Jason C.

Doorway to Recovery: Fridays 11am Washtenaw Alano Club, 995 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 New meeting

End of the Road: Saturdays 6pm Washtenaw Alano Club, 995 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 Total Attendance: 42, # of meetings 4, average: 11
 Area Donation: $30
 Treasury: Ending Balance: N/A
 Lit: Restocking
 This Meeting needs Support!
 GSR: Rhett

Get Real: Monday and Fridays 7pm Peace Neighborhood Center, 1111 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 Upcoming Anniversary: Vickey W. 2yrs on 12/20/11, probably celebrating 12/23/11
 Open Talks: Dec. 12th = Jeremy P. (3yrs clean). Jan 13th = Lenora M.
 Nominations: None, but we do have two members interested in being the group’s liaison at
 subcommittee meetings.
 Total # of addicts: 267      7th tradition taken in: $121.00 Expenses: $94.00 Balance: $27.00
 Area Donation: $27.00 Ending Balance: $0.00
 In Loving Service, Brittany G.

Hope and Gratitude: Saturdays 10am St. Joseph Hospital, 5305 E. Huron River Dr. Ypsilanti
 Total Attendance: 58, # newcomers: 1
 Area Donation: $68
 This Meeting needs Support!
 In Loving Service, Bob M.

Hope in the Willow: Sundays 5pm 677Dorset Ave. Ypsilanti
 No report given

Miracles on West Huron: Wed. 7:30pm Robert J. Delonis Center 312 W. Huron St. Ann Arbor
 Total Attendance: 50, New: 5
 Area Donation: $5
 Treasury: Ending Balance: $15.00
 Lit.: Need a Basic Text, workbook and Keytags.
 This Meeting needs Trusted Servants! GSR, Treasurer and Opener.
 GSR: Sarah D.

Misery is Optional: Monday-Friday 9am Second Baptist Church, 301 S. Hamilton St. Ypsilanti
 No report given

More will be Revealed: Saturdays 2pm Bryant Community Center, 3 Eden Ct. Ann Arbor
 No report given

New Beginning: Wednesdays 6pm Washtenaw County Library, 4135 Washtenaw Ave. Ann Arbor
 Total Attendance: 110, New: 2
 Area Donation: $20
 Treasury: Ending Balance: $135.85
 Speaker: Tegan C. Jan. 4
 Celebrating: Greg G. Dec. 20th Clean Date, celebrating on Wed. Dec. 21st
 GSR: Greg G.

New Hope: Thursdays 7:30pm Ypsilanti Free Methodist Church, 1800 Packard Ypsilanti
 Total Attendance: 52
 Area Donation: $0
 Treasury: Ending Balance: $80
 Speakers: Lisa B. for Dec. 29th
 GSR: Nicolle M.

No Matter What: Wednesdays 12:30pm Second Baptist Church, Ann Arbor
 No report given

No Strings Attached: Tuesdays 7pm Dawn Farm Community Barn, 6633 Stony Creek Ypsilanti
 Total Attendance: 50, New: 3 Treasury: $5
 Need Support
 Anniversary on Feb. 1st Les 23 years
 GSR: John D.

Regardless Of: Sundays 7pm Jim Toy Community Center, Braun Ct. Ann Arbor
 Total Attendance: 24, New: 1, 4 meetings that Averages: 6
 Area Donation: $0
 Treasury: Ending Balance: $25
 Open Service: Secretary, Chair and Coffee maker
 Speakers: Leo for Dec. 18th, Stephanie Jan. 29th
 This Meetings 4th Anniversary Desert Potluck Feb. 26th, Food at 6:30, Speaker Pauline B
 at 7pm
 GSR: Jeff L.

School of Recovery: Monday-Saturday 1-3pm 1st Baptist Church, 1110 W. Cross St. Ypsi
 No report given

Spiritual Dreams Awakened Thurs. 6:30pm Ypsi. Missionary Baptist Church, 7180 Huron River Dr.
 No report given

Straight and Forward: Fridays 8pm Ekklesia Fellowship Ministries, 123 N. Adams St. Ypsilanti
 No report given

Surrender on Sunday: Sundays 1pm Washtenaw Alano Club, 995 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 All is good.
 GSR’s Name: Frank D.

Today We Have a Choice: Mondays 6pm Brown Chapel AME Church, 1043 W. Michigan Ave. Ypsi.
 No report given

Work the Steps or Die: Tuesdays 7pm Peace Neighborhood Center, 1111 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor
 Total attendance: 192 Newcomers: 4
 Beginning balance:      $ 12.66
 Income:     Collection: $ 89.30 Literature: 20
 Total Income:           $ 109.30
 Expenses: Rent:         $ 50.00
 Supplies:               $ 31.12

    ASC Donation:             $ 5.00
    Ending Balance:           $ 35.84
    Open Positions: Activities Rep. and PR Rep.
    GSR: Debby A.

   PR position is now vacant; nominations and nominees should be brought to Jan. Area and
   Jason will resolve phone line issue and let us know next steps.
   Sub-Committee Budget Approval in January
   Monday night recovery needs to come off web and meeting list.
   Who’s missing from our meetings? Les suggests discussion amongst groups on how we can
    reach populations that are missing at our meetings.
   Conference Agenda Report Vote- The vote can happen by groups or at an area workshop or by
    our area’s RCM, What do groups choose?
   Frank and Heather to work together on finding a location for the Saturday activity before Region
    and the location for Region. [

Treasury Report: See below

Open Floor/Group Concerns:

Meeting closed at: 6:55 pm

Next Area Meeting: Jan. 8th, 2012 at 5:00 PM at His House Christian Fellowship,
  4859 Ellsworth Road, Ypsilanti, Mi. (West of Golfside Dr.)

                          Washtenaw Area Service Committee 2011 Attendance
               Officers      Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug                       Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
    Chairperson               P    P     P     P    P     P     P     A             P     P     P     P
    Co-Chairperson            P    P     P     A    A     A     P     P             P     P     A     P
    Secretary                 P   P      P     P    V     V     P     E             P     P     P     P
    Co-secretary              P    P     V     V    P     P     P     E             P     A     P     P
    Treasurer                 P    P     P     P    P     P     P     P             P     P     P     P
    Co-Treasurer              A    P     P     P    P     P     V     P             P     P     P     P
    Regional Comm. Member     V   P      P     P    P     P     P     P             P     P     P     P
    RCM Alternate             P    V     A     P    A     A     P     P             A     P     P     P
      Subcommittee Chairs    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug                       Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
    Activities                V    V     P     P    A     A     P     E             P     P     R     P
    Public Relations          P   P      A     A    P     P     R     E             P     P     A    A

     Group Representatives         Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
    Back to Basics                  P     P     P     P     P     P     P     P     A     A     P     P
    Circle of Gratitude             P     P     P     A     P     P     A     A     A     A     A     P
    Clean-n-Serene                  A     A     A     A     A     A     A     A     D     D     P    R/D
    Clean in Saline                 A     P     P     P     P     P     P     P     P     P     P     P
    Doorway to Recovery                                                                               N
    End of the Road                P     P     A      P    A     A     A     A     A      A    P      P
    For the Newcomer               A     R     P      P    A     A     I     I     I      I     I      I
    Get Real                       P     P     P      P    P     P     P     P     P      P    P      P
    Hope and Gratitude             P     P     P      P    P     P     P     P     P      P    P      P
    Hope in the Willow                                                                    P    R      A
    Miracles on West Huron         P     P     R     RD     P    P      P    A      P    R/D   P      P
    Misery is Optional             A     P     R      P     A    A      P    A      P     P    P      A
    Monday Night Recovery                             P     A    A      P    P      A     A    A       I
    More Will Be Revealed          A     R     R      A     A    A      A    A      R     P    R      A
    A New Beginning                P     P     P      P     A    A      P    P      P     P    P      P
    New Hope                       P     P     A      P    AD    R      P    R      P     P    P      P
    No Matter What                 A     A     A      A     A    A      A    A      A     A    A      A
    No Strings Attached            P     P     P      P    R     R     RD    R     RD     P    P      R
    Regardless Of                  R     R     P      R     A    A      A    P      A     A    A      P
    School of Recovery                                                  P    P      A     P    P      A
    Spiritual Dreams Awaken        A     P     P      A    P     P      A    A      P     A    P      A
    Straight and Forward           P     P     A      A    A     A      A    A      A     A    A      A
    Surrender on Sunday            P     P     P      P    P     P      P    P      P     P    P      P
    Today We Have a Choice         A     P     P      A    P     P      A    A      A     A    A      A
    Work the Steps or Die          R     R     P      P    P     P      P    R      P     P    A      P
    We Do Recover                  R     P     P     P     P     P      I    I      I     I     I      I
    Total GSR’S present            13    14    14     13   18    11    11    9     10    12    14     12

    P   Present
    A   Absent
    D   Absent w/ donation
    R   Absent w/ written report
    N   New group/position
    V   Vacant
    E   Elected
    I   Inactive

Washtenaw ASC of NA Treasurers Report for 12-11
1-11 to 12-11         Jan    Feb       h      April   May    June       July    Aug        Sept   Oct        Nov.   Dec.

Circle of Gratitude            10        10             10      10

Clean and Serene                                                                             20         20    20     20

Clean in Saline         58               58                    178         78         40     80         50           80
End of the Road                                                                                                      30
Fellowship at the

For the Newcomer        10         5     20      10     15                            20

Get Real                25     10        10      11     14      50                    35     50         10    30     27

Back to Basics                 10                                   6      20         10
Hope and
Gratitude               31    148        19      77     41      26         49         30     55         71    23     68
Hope in the willow                                                                                      11
Miracles on west
Huron                   25     30        15      15     15      20         20                40         10    10      5

Misery is Optional            100       100             50                 50                50         60    62
More will be
revealed                       20        20                                40                10               20

New Beginning           70     50        25      15     50                 40         35                20    20     20

New Hope                10                       10     50      20         10               100         20
No Matter what
No Strings
Attached                46                       43     21      19         15         41     41         20    48
Regardless of
Straight and
Spirtual Dreams
Awaken                         30        43                     15                                            15
Surrender on
Sunday                         25                                                                             20
Today we have

Work the steps die      15                       20             15                    10                             15
We do Recover

Total Donations        310    438       302    201     256     359        322     221       446     291      268    265

Beginning Balance     819     800    1,104   903     704      954     958     775     984    1,661   1610      1000

Group Donations       310     438     302                             322     221     446     291     268       265

Activities Return                                                                     284                      746.5

PR Return                                                                              60

7TH                                                                                    16      24    13.77       20

Miscellaneous                                                                         474

Total Income                                                          333     237       0     315     282     1031.5

Balance Before                                                                       2,26
Expenses                                                             1,291   1,012      4    1,977   1891     2031.5

Phone Line            (31)    (31)           (44)    (28)     (28)    (28)    (28)    (28)    (39)     -28    -28.03

Rent                                   60                             (60)                    (60)

Meeting Lists        (280)    (35)                  (275)

P.R. Expenses                                        260              (60)           (370)   (240)

Activities Expense                           200                     (300)           (200)            -505

P Obox                                                           )
Bank Charges
Treasurer                                                                                     (29)

Secretary                      (7)     (5)            (5)

Miscellaneous                                                                                          -26       -10

Regional Donation     (35)            446                             (68)           (204)            -332

Total expenses                                                       (516)    (28)   (802)   (368)    -891    -38.03

Ending Balance        800    1,104    940             47              774     984       2    1,610   1000    1993.47


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