The Reaping by AsMediaUser


									The Reaping
The opening title sequence to “The Reaping” has one continuous soundtrack
throughout of which influence the timing of cuts to various extreme close ups
of objects that you can’t easily make out, although the music is quite jazzy and
relaxed the images move quite chaotically at some points, still vaguely in
keeping with the beat of the music, the images seem to all be of living (or
dying) things, and mainly all small animals, such as a insects and one shot of a
frogs leg twitching

The titles of the people involved in the production of the film are displayed
throughout, also in sync with the music and changing images, they float around
in a jagged fashion, adding to the messy atmosphere of the title sequence.

                                                                               The Film Title is
                                                                               displayed in a similar
                                                                               way; however it is not
                                                                               shown in front of an
                                                                               image and lasts much

                                     At the very start of the intro and at
                                     some points throughout blood splatters
                                     can be seen, hinting towards death and
                                     a more sinister idea, similar to the
                                     whole insect theme as insects are often
                                     associated with decomposition and

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