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Ways to Make Your Garden More Inviting: Comfortable Seating, Garden Art and Wind Chimes
To get the most out of your garden, you should try to find the spot that brings you the highest
level of calm, and then arrange comfortable seating in that area and add garden decor such as
unique garden art or tuned wind chimes to make the space more inviting and complement the
overall mood of your home and garden decor. The visual and sound accents we bring into our
horticultural landscape create the total mood for our backyard oasis.

Top Three Common Blunders Men and Women Make When Dealing With Outdoor Fire Pits
If you are planning to incorporate an outdoor fire pit in your backyard, check out this article.
You will find three common mistakes most people make when dealing with these outdoor
heating devices which you should avoid and learn from.

When to Lay Turf - Choosing the Right Time for Your New Lawn
So, when exactly is the best time of year to lay turf? Well, actually it all depends on the
conditions. If the conditions are right, then you can feasibly lay turf at any time of the year. It's
the extreme cold and the extreme heat that need to be avoided and this is why many experts will
recommend the months during spring or during the autumn...

How to Avoid the Dangers of Installing a TV for Outdoor Use
Installing a television for permanent outdoor use involves certain safety issues. Experts suggest
installing "weatherized TVs" in your outdoor living space to avoid TV malfunction, or even
worse, electrocution.

Basics of a Tree Service
Tree service is a lesser known landscape service, which is focused on trees. If you have a
landscape, this is one of the most important services that you need to have, because this will
ensure that your landscape will be in perfect condition. In this article, we will be discussing the
basics of a tree service and the things that you need to know about their services. By reading this
article, you will also be able to understand whether you really need their service or not.

Adding the Element of Fire to Your Backyard
Adding the element of fire to your backyard will enhance your outdoor living area. There's
nothing better than relaxing with friends and family next to a warm, crackling fire.

How To Prune Garden Shrubs in Spring
Discover expert gardening advice about pruning your shrubs and plants in spring. Includes tips
on hydrangea pruning, which shrubs to prune hard, helpful guidelines for rose pruning, and
hedge trimming suggestions. Embrace your garden this spring, and reap the rewards come

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