4 Obstacles Blocking Your Mobile Marketing Success

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There are probably more obstacles than the four I'm about to mention. These uncalled for barriers
deny hard working Americans access to what they deserve. They make people not to realize their
true potential in mobile marketing. Could you be facing the same barriers?

Obstacles no 1: Ignorance. Marketing requires basic understanding of time tested marketing
concepts. For instance you need to know that human beings are full of inertia. And for them to
take action they need to see the urgency. People only think about themselves and their problems.
Nobody wakes up thinking about your products unless it solves his or her problems.

You can overcome this barrier of ignorance by taking a little interest in mobile marketing. The
payoff can be massive. Spend just fifteen minutes a day reading articles like this on mobile
marketing. Buy a good book and whenever you are relaxed on Sunday afternoon take one hour to
read it.

Obstacle no 2: Experience. The average entrepreneur is too busy running his or her business to
have any meaningful experience in marketing. Yet this experience is what helps one grasp basic
concepts quickly and develop intuition. With experience you can tell how to test and what
campaigns are destined to fail.

This barrier is best removed by engaging a consultant or coach. Choose one who can accept very
little upfront payment and a share of profits that come from his or her efforts.

Obstacles no 3: Capital. You need money to put even a basic marketing campaign into top gear.
You will need money to have site, mobile ad designed and circulated. You need capital to
put up a customer date base and mange it well. Even sending out SMS costs money.

The thing is, this does have to hold from attaining the success you deserve. Resolve to start small
and build upwards. Plough back all the profits that come in as a result of your mobile marketing
efforts. You will be surprised how fast you can grow

Obstacle no 4: Relaying on rumors and advice from your barber. Some entrepreneurs take advice
from radio talks shows, they take opinions of their sister in-law seriously and even the
recommendations of the grocer. No problem with that. After all everyone is entailed to an opinion.
We are in a democratic America!

What I would do if I were in your situation is to first see tangible success before I can listen to
anyone. Does this person practice what he she preaches? Is there enough prove to this effect? If
the answer is yes then sit back and listen. Take investment advice from Warren Buffet; golfing
lessons from Tiger Woods; receive humility coaching from Mahatma Gandhi; and endurance
training from Nelson Mandela.


You need to realize that mobile marketing fast changing industry and you nee to keep pace.
Handsets are coming to the marketing with capabilities that were unimaginable just a few months
ago. For you marketing to relevant make sure you are aware of the major trends.

Mary Wilhite is a Mobile Marketing Specialist, also known as the Mobile Marketing Queen.
Teaching small businesses, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers how to attract better customers
with mobile marketing devices.

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Check This Link For MOBILE MARKETING News, Tips, And Resources

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