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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Tele... What? ................................................................................ 3
Chapter 2 – Why You Should Use Tele-Seminars ........................................... 4
Chapter 3 – Telephone, Telegraph, Tele-conference........................................ 5
Chapter 4 – Generating Money Through Teleseminars.................................... 7
Chapter 5 – Tele-seminar Do's and Don'ts...................................................... 10
Chapter 6 – Gain Success in Your Comfort Zone .......................................... 14
Chapter 7 – Simple Ways to Generate an Audience....................................... 15
Chapter 8 – Tele-Seminar Sources ................................................................. 17
Chapter 9 – Selling Other People's Products .................................................. 18
Chapter 10 – Why Charge a Fee for Tele-Seminars ....................................... 21
Chapter 11 – Hosting Your First Tele-Seminar.............................................. 22
Chapter 12 – Record the Tele-Seminar........................................................... 27
Chapter 13 – Some Final Tips ........................................................................ 28
Chapter 1 – Tele... What?
                     The Internet is full of people who have made millions
                     marketing new products or training seminars. These
                     products range from how to make money with an
                     Adsense campaign to becoming a million-dollar seller
                     on e-Bay. Sometimes the products are computer
                     programs. Other times it could be an e-book the
                     person has written. There are many ways to market a
                     new product. One of the most successful marketing
                     campaigns has become the tele-seminar.

There are very few people who do not know what a seminar is. There are
very few people who know what a tele-seminar is. This method of
marketing has become one of the most profitable ways to introduce new
products. The Internet gurus are finding that they can establish their
credibility. This allows them to gain the customer's confidence. When the
customer believes in the seller they are willing to buy the product.

tele-seminars are actually conference calls. The way it works is one
person will determine a time and date for the conference call to take place.
They will then advertise this conference call through e-mails, newsletters,
web site postings. It is an actual advertising campaign issued to generate
a large response. Once there are enough people who have registered for
the tele-seminar, an access number and code is issued. The people who
have registered for the seminar must use this number and code to access
the conference call.

The conference call can be any length. The person who arranged for the
conference is called the host. The guests are the registered users who
have dialed the number and entered the access code. Without the code
the guest cannot log in to the seminar.

There are times when the information is offered for free. Other times the
host may require a small fee when the guest registers for the seminar. It
depends on the type of information being

Many Internet gurus have learned that by holding
a tele-seminar they could generate interest in a
new product. The guests become excited about
the product. They will then log into a particular
web site to buy the product. In this instance
many times the conference call is free.
This is an exciting new way to generate more income on the Internet. More
and more people are taking advantage of this type of advertising. There
are many companies who offer this type of service now. Some are very
inexpensive. Others can cost quite a bit.

In this book we will explain how you can use a tele-seminar to expand your
business. You will learn how to market products. You will find information
on where to access tele-seminar services. We will show you how to
conduct a tele-seminar. We will even explain the reasons why you would
want to give the service away for free. We will also help you understand
when you should charge for the conference calls. By the time you are done
reading you will know how to set up your own tele-seminar so you too can
start making money.

Chapter 2 – Why You Should Use Tele-Seminars
One of the easiest and most profitable ways you can introduce a product to
the market is through the use of a tele-seminar. You can spend thousands
of dollars setting up web sites to offer a product and not have one person
buy it. There could be many reasons for this. The web site visitors may
not know you. The web site may not have generated the kind of interest

Not only can you generate interest in a product but you can get people
motivated enough to buy it when you host a tele-seminar. The enthusiasm
that you show about the product will reflect in your dialog. You can explain
how great the product is. You can describe the benefits of having this
product. You can even present information as to how to use the product to
benefit the customer.

                       People will be more apt to buy something whenever
                       they realize there is an actual person behind the
                       web site. Hearing your voice and being able to
                       speak to you or ask questions can build your
                       credibility. People have more confidence in
                       somebody that they know that they've spoken to
                       directly. They are more willing to place an order.

There are many reasons why someone would want to use a tele-seminar in
order to be able to present a new product to the public. You could actually
do two or three tele-seminars with one product.
The first tele-seminar could be used to introduce the public to the product.
A second tele-seminar could be used to explain the use of the product.
You may even want a third tele-seminar to offer updates to the product.

As an example, let us use and e-book as the product. The first tele-
seminar could explain what the e-book is and how people can benefit from
owning it. A second tele-seminar could be held in a day or two to review
the information in the book. This would allow for a question and answer
session. The customers who purchased the book would be able to
understand more clearly the information contained in the book. A third tele-
seminar could be held at a later date to offer any updates to the e-book.

By using this type of format, customers are going to be more willing to
purchase future products that you may offer. They will know that you stand
behind your product. You will gain their confidence and their trust. Many
times you will find that when someone buys one product off of you they will
be more willing to buy more.

You could also use a tele-seminar as a
training session. For instance, if the product
is a new software program you would be able
to walk your customers through the program.
This will enable them to find and use all the
neat features that you have put into the
program. With a question and answer
session at the end of the tele-seminar the
guests could ask that you explain any
information which is unclear to them.

When you stop and think about it there are hundreds of uses for a tele-
seminar in any business. Being able to interact with the customer will also
allow you to get the feedback. My listening to what the customer has to
say you will know what they want. You will also know how to improve the
next product.

Chapter 3 – Telephone, Telegraph, Tele-conference
It seems that each year communication systems advanced further and
further. There was a time when we relied on the good old pony express to
get our information from destination to destination. That we got the
telegraph. The information system sped up drastically. The telephone
became the communication system of choice. Yet even the telephone has
its limitations.
Most basic service is designed for speaking to one or two people. Not
everybody has a bridge line installed in their home or business.
Teleconferencing services offer a bridge line that can connect as few or as
many people as you like. Communication is a key factor in any business.
By taking advantage of the services offered through many companies,
businesses can now stay in contact with everyone.

A project development team in California can teleconference with another
team in New York. Using this technology allows projects to get done in a
timely manner. The benefits do not stop there. The project team in New
York can have a tele-seminar with the Board of Trustees in Chicago to
explain the benefits of the project. Taking it a step further, a tele-seminar
can be advertised to the consumers to generate feedback. In this way the
business can save money might not developing a project which the
consumer may not want.

                      You can use this same technology in your business
                      for your product. Suppose you have designed a
                      product that you would like to introduce to the public.
                      You have the ability to advertise the tele-seminar to
                      spread the word that people can voice their opinion
                      on a new product. You could set up a web site for
                      consumers to register for the tele-seminar. Once
                      you have reached a comfortable number of
                      registered users you can send an e-mail advising
them of the time and date of the tele-seminar. This e-mail can include the
telephone number and pass code the user must use to log into the

At the scheduled time you can begin hosting the tele-seminar. The format
would be simple. You would introduce yourself and if you chose to, you
could introduce any guests you may have. You would be able to introduce
the product to the guests. You could talk about price, the benefits of
owning the product, and how the consumer could obtain the product.
When you are done begins in where would be given an opportunity to
express their opinion on the product. They could tell you what they liked
and what they didn't like. They could express how they feel about the
price. They could also let you know about features they want that you may
not have included.

This is all very beneficial to a business or an individual who is trying to sell
a new product. The tele-seminar will allow you to advertise directly to
someone who actually wants your product. After all, if they were not
interested they would not have called in to hear what you had to say. This
can save you money in the long run. Instead of wasting money on a large
advertising campaign you can determine what type of interest your product
could generate.

Tele-seminars have become a vital communications tool in today's market.
By taking advantage of the services offered you no longer have to rely on
phone call after phone call. You can get your message out to the masses
with just one teleconference.

Chapter 4 – Generating Money Through Teleseminars
Many people think that the Internet gurus are the only ones who can use a
tele-seminar to make money. This is far from the truth. Anybody that has
something to sell can use a tele-seminar to generate an income.

We are going to take a look at some of the ways you could make money by
using a tele-seminar. As long as you have a good idea and people want
your information then you can make money.

Suppose you have made good money investing in real estate and you
would like to share your information. You can have a tele-seminar for
customers who want to learn your secrets. You can earn money by
charging an entrance fee to the tele-seminar. This tele-seminar could be a
training session to share your secrets for dealing with the real estate
market. You could actually have a series of training sessions. Each one of
these sessions could focus on different types of real estate investment.

You can have one session to train your
customers on recognizing the market or
getting to know the market area. Another
session could be about how to recognize a
good investment. You could have a
session on finance. The list goes on and
on. You could sell the training package
which would consist of several tele-

You might even want to offer a free tele-seminar just to get people
interested. You could advertise the tele-seminar on the Internet. People
would be able to login to register for the free session. If they wanted to
continue with the training you could direct them to another web site where
they could pay for the training tele-seminars.
This is an excellent way to offer your services and expertise without the
worries of publishing an e-book or making tape recordings. There are
services which will allow you to tape the tele-seminars. You could then
offer the taped sessions for sale. You could allow your customers to pick
and choose which sessions they want.

Another way to make money with the tele-seminar is to offer an e-book or
program at the end of the tele-seminar. You can devote the entire
conversation to what benefits the customer would have if they read the e-
book. Think of the tele-seminar as a sales pitch. You could explain why
the book is needed, the information included in the book, and what the
customer can do with the information.

When you get someone excited about a new product they are more willing
to buy. Using a tele-seminar as a sales generator is something that is
being done all of the world. People call in to hear what the host has to say.
The host explains how the product can generate money for the customer.
The host is usually very excited about the product.

                                     There may even be a guest speaker
                                     who also can generate interest in the
                                     product. You too, could have a guest
                                     speaker. If you know someone who
                                     has put the product to the test and is
                                     happy with the results use them to
                                     your advantage. Ask them to host the
                                     tele-seminar with you as a guest
                                     speaker. The two of you can have a
                                     conversation about the product
                                     explaining all of the features. The
                                     guests can listen to the conversation
                                     and get excited about the product.

You may also want to include a question and answer session at the end of
the tele-seminar. This will allow the guests to ask any unanswered
questions. This will also give you another chance to sell the product to
someone who is still sitting on the fence.

Using a tele-seminar as a way to generate income is a fantastic idea. One
of the nice things about it is the product does not even have to be computer
or Internet related. For instance, you could have training sessions on
gardening. You could offer classes on how to grow herbs. You could offer
a course in how to open up a greenhouse or nursery.
The only thing that is limiting you in making money is you. Determine what
you know. If you have to make a list then do so. You may know about
dogs and how to train them. You may be an avid bird breeder. Maybe you
know something about ponds and how to take care of them. If there is
information that you know and you are willing to share it then you could
make money with a tele-seminar.

You could even generate more income once you are done with the tele-
seminar training courses. If you have recorded the sessions then you
could write an e-book and offer the entire package for sale. Many times
you'll find that the customers who signed up for the tele-seminar are also
the ones who are buying the training package.

It is amazing to realize how many businesses actually use tele-seminars
and teleconferencing in order to conduct business. Because these calls
are internal many times there are no fees. The business is not trying to
make money. They just want to train more people. You can use these
same concepts to help expand your business. For instance, maybe you
have a home party plan business. You have representatives who have
bought a sales package. You can offer a great service to these people.

The tele-seminar could be included in the
price of the sales package or you may want to
give it away for free. In this instance free is
probably better. You would be able to have
the new representative register for a tele-
seminar. You would probably want to limit the
callers to about 25. You would be able to
take the representatives through the entire
sales package and explain each product.

This type of training session will allow your representatives to go exactly
what to say about the products and what not to say about the products.
You can train the representatives on how to generate parties or find people
who want to host a party. You can train them on how to conduct
themselves at the party. You could actually walk them through a party
scenario from the greeting to the order taking.

Your business would have a very well-trained set of representatives. Each
one of the representatives would have received the same training. This
means that each of the home parties would be consistent with any of the
other home parties. This would lend more credibility to your business.
Even though they may be considered independent contractors, the
representative still presents the image of your company. You need to let
them know the type of image your company projects.

You can be reassured that if a representative in Oregon is hosting a home
party they are doing it exactly the same way in Florida. The reputation of
your company can grow because people will recognize the consistency and
quality of your representatives and company.

Chapter 5 – Tele-seminar Do's and Don'ts
Do not think that just because you could talk on the telephone means that
you could hold a successful tele-seminar. There are many mistakes that
even a veteran host can make. Even though you may think that you have
set up a good plan for your tele-seminar, a word of caution is in order.

One of the first things that you want to do is determine what your audience
wants to learn. You can do this through a questionnaire, an online survey,
or setting up a feedback option on your web site. Once you have
determined what the customer wants then you can focus your tele-seminar
                            around that particular information.

                         You are trying to build a reputation as being
                         someone who has knowledge that other people
                         want access to. If you can speak about
                         information that is useful and keeps the audience
                         interested then you are doing a good job.
                         However if you are just filling the tele-seminar
                         with a lot of fluff and stuff you will probably lose
                         more than half your callers within the first 20

Another mistake that many people make when hosting a tele-seminar is
forgetting who the audience is. You want to be able to speak to them at a
level that they understand. If you are hosting a tele-seminar about finances
and your audience is new to the investment world it would not be a good
idea to discuss the FOREX. You would want to address a more simple
form of investment like mutual funds or the New York Stock Exchange.

Many times you may assume that your audience knows something when
they really do not understand at all. This is why the content of your tele-
seminar should be simple, concise, and easy to understand. This does not
mean you talk down to them like a school child. It's simply means that you
bring your level of speaking to their level of understanding.
The best way to have a successful tele-seminar is to create an outline. The
outline will determine the key points that you want to make. It will allow you
to stay on track instead of wandering down a path and possibly losing your
audience. The outline will allow you to remain focused.

You do not want to make the mistake of offering
too much information in the first tele-seminar.
When you try to teach the audience everything at
once it can become confusing. Once you've
made your fifth or sixth .the audience could be
completely lost. When your listeners become
frustrated you will find that they hang up the
phone. This can cost you sales. It can also cost
more than that.

Every time a customer hangs up and takes no
action you have lost money and credibility. The
whole point to the tele-seminar is to generate an income. When your
audience starts hanging up before they have the opportunity to purchase
your product it does you no good. When someone asks them how the tele-
seminar was, you can pretty much guarantee that they will not have a
favorable review. Word-of-mouth reputation travels fast. It travels even
faster now that the Internet is available worldwide.

One very important thing you must to when you are hosting a tele-seminar
is be able to substantiate your facts. This again goes back to your
credibility. You can quote facts and figures all day long but unless you can
prove the numbers they do not matter. Being able to backup your data with
case studies or special reports will make a very strong impact on your

Another strong impact on your audience is your dialogue and speech
patterns. You need to be able to show excitement, passion, and the drive.
Speaking in a monotone voice will just put your audience to sleep. No
matter how good the information is there is only so much a person can
listen to in one tone.

                          As the host you must also speak clearly and
                          slowly. You do not want to rush through the tele-
                          seminar. You may be nervous because it is your
                          first time hosting a tele-seminar. You need to
                          calm down and take a deep breath. It will do you
no good if the customer cannot understand you or hear you. Speaking in a
slow firm voice will allow the audience to understand everything you are
saying. Rushing through it like you're at a race can only make the situation
bad. Just remember to slow down.

You want your audience to walk away from the tele-seminar realizing that
they have learned something. You want it to be a positive experience for
them. You want them to feel as though they did get their money's worth.
Many tele-seminars leave the audience wanting more. Worse yet there are
some then have the audience hanging up and shaking their head in total

When you host the tele-seminar show the audience how to use the
information you presented to them. You will have satisfied customers who
will call back for more. This means additional sales in the future. It also
means that your audience can grow. If you have 10 customers who
learned something at the tele-seminar and they each tell two people you
have 20 more customers. This is one way your business can grow.

There are a couple of things you need to do in order to have a successful
tele-seminar. One of the first things is to introduce yourself. You want the
customer to be able to remember your name. You want them to know that
you are the one that is giving the information. The goal is to keep the call
informal and yet still maintain a business like atmosphere.

The next thing you want to do is take a roll
call. This may not be practical for a large
group. But a group of 25 or less could
introduce themselves and state where they
are from. This makes the tele-seminar a
little more personal. Many people prefer a
personal touch.

There is one big reason why you are doing
these first two steps. It is to make sure that
everybody who registered has called in to
the tele-seminar. This is a key issue especially if you have charged for the
tele-seminar. There are times when someone's schedule may not allow
them to call at precisely the right time. If you wait 10 or 15 minutes after
the scheduled start time the entire audience should be there on the call.
You can explain to the audience that you are waiting to make sure
everyone who registered has been able to call in.
In this way you do not have the audience logging in to the call halfway
through. The last thing you want is for somebody to hear only half of your
tele-seminar. This can be dangerous for some people. You may have just
said do not invest in a company called Textile Images but the latecomer
may hear you talking about the company and think you said it was a good
investment. Imagine how angry somebody could become.

One final mistake that many people make whenever they are hosting a
tele-seminar is waiting to the very end before offering a call to action. The
reason this can be a big mistake is because many times the audience may
not be there for the end of the call. They may assume the call is over and
hang up. If you present a call to action every 15 or 20 minutes during the
tele-seminar this can increase your sales.

For those of you who do not know what a call to action is let me explain. It
is the point where you tell the audience to go to the web site to order a
product that you are marketing. Doing this several times throughout the
call allows the listener to know it is okay to order the product.

You should present a call to action after you have reached a key point in
the tele-seminar. This is a section of the sales pitch which has been
                         formatted to generate excitement in the audience.
                         An example would be if you were selling an e-
                         book about investing in real estate. You have just
                         told the audience that the book contains
                         information on where they can find a list of houses
                         for sale for less than $5,000. This is going to
                         generate some interest. The next step would be
                         to save to the audience, “If you go to our web site
                         you can order your copy of the e-book right now.”

You have generated an interest in the information the e-book has to offer.
You have then followed up with a call to action to generate sales. This
tactic can increase your sales dramatically. If you do not ask for the sale
the audience probably will not give it to you. Always ask for the sale
several times during the tele-seminar by presenting a call to action.

When you are closing your tele-seminar you definitely want to present a
call to action. You also want to thank your audience for listening. Do not
forget to tell them again who you are. It is a good idea to tell them to
register at your web site for further updates or other upcoming tele-
seminars. Getting the audience to register allows you to generate a mailing
A mailing list will allow you to announce new products, offer updates to old
products, and also allow people to register for more tele-seminars. You
can also send out a survey or questionnaire to the people registered on
your mailing list. This allows you to get feedback on what they thought
about your tele-seminar. You will also be able to find out what type of
information they would like to learn about the future.

When you know what the public wants then you can develop a product
which fulfills those needs. Hosting another tele-seminar will allow you to
introduce that product to the customers. More products means more sales.
When you have more sales you have generated more money.

Always listen to what the public says about your tele-seminars. This will
allow you to make each new teleconference an even better experience
than the last one. The better you get, the more your audience will grow.
Larger audiences mean bigger profits.

Chapter 6 – Gain Success in Your Comfort Zone
You may think that you need an office with fancy equipment to conduct the
tele-seminar. All you need is a product to sell, an audience to present it to,
and a telephone. You can have a tele-seminar from your home office. The
first time that you hold a tele-seminar it would be best to be in familiar
surroundings. Your comfort zone, whether it is the office or the kitchen
table, is where you will do best.

People are more relaxed when they are in
an environment that they know. When you
are in your comfort zone you tend to speak
more freely and more openly. You are in a
safe place when you are in your comfort
zone. Being calm will take away some of
the stress went hosting your first tele-

You do not want to become too comfortable during the tele-seminar. You
still want to maintain a level of professionalism. You want people to view
you as a knowledgeable person. You do not want to interject slang terms
into the tele-seminar. You want your speech to be proper. Your words
should be enunciated clearly. Even if you all are in a comfortable
environment you must still maintain a level of professionalism. This can
take some discipline but it is easy to learn to do.
One of the other things that you need to take into consideration went
hosting a tele-seminar is the time frame. Many times a tele-seminar can
last over an hour. You do not want to find your self sitting in a straight back
uncomfortable chair for that long. Choosing someplace to host the tele-
seminar where you feel comfortable and you can be comfortable will make
things easier.

The reason the home office has become a popular place to host the tele-
seminars is because people feel comfortable in their environment. If the
tele-seminar does last over an hour they are already home. The home
office is also generally set up in a comfortable manner.

Some tele-seminars are hosted by more than one person. Choosing an
environment where the two of you are comfortable is best. If another
person is with you during the tele-seminar you need to make them
understand they may be on the telephone for quite some time. It is
advisable to let them know some of the rules for hosting a tele-seminar.

                           It might be common knowledge to you that
                           someone should not eat or drink during the tele-
                           seminar. You may know there should be no
                           background noise. However somebody who is
                           new may not know these things. It is up to you
                           to educate them. Any time you have a guest
                           involved in a tele-seminar you should e-mail
                           them a standard checklist of what is expected.

This way your guests know how to behave at what is expected of them.
You may take some things for granted but it is always best to address any
issues before they arise. When you inform someone of what is expected
there is less chance of a mishap.

Just because you are in your comfort zone does not mean that you can
overlook things. Business is business. No matter what business you are in
you must still always dot your I's and cross your T's.

Chapter 7 – Simple Ways to Generate an Audience
The first thing you need to have a successful tele-seminar is an audience.
Without someone listening to what you have to say there is no one to buy
your products. You need to have a buying audience for the tele-seminar.
This is not always easy. It can be done with a few simple steps you can

The first thing you need to do is start early when advertising for the tele-
seminar. You can do this by setting up a web site for the audience to
register. You want to make sure they can access your tele-seminar when
you host it. The only way they can do this is to have the phone number
and access code. They get this information in an email you send them
when they sign up to participate in the tele-seminar. It is important to have
the website set up for several reasons. We will get into that later. For now,
use it for people to register.

Another thing you can do is make sure you are posting the information
about your tele-seminar in your signature every time you send out an email
or memo. You want people to know what the seminar is about and when it
is. This is information you can add to the signature of any forum or
message board.

You can also use these forums and
message boards to offer your tele-seminar if
it is pertinent to the information the board
deals with. You do not want to advertise
your gardening tele-seminar on a board that
discusses fish. Keep the information where
it belongs. Remember that people do not
like it when new people come into a forum to
generate new business. Make sure the
board you are advertising on knows you and
recognizes you as someone who can help.

The Internet is not the only place to find your audience. You can talk to
people on the streets as well. What this means is anyone you know who
may be interested in what you have to say can be invited to participate in
your tele-seminar. This means your friends and family or even a neighbor.
You can solicit from anywhere. Just because it is a tele-seminar you are
advertising on the Web does not mean it has to stay there.

More and more people are looking for a second income. If you have a
good idea and it is a way for people to make money you can generate an
audience. A legitimate program being offered by someone they know may
interest more people than you think. You just have to think outside the box.
Telling the people that you talk to every day about the upcoming tele-
seminar can generate quite a bit of interest.
If the topic of the tele-seminar is one that is currently popular, for example
real estate, you may even consider printing up flyers to pass out. This
advertising mechanism would be used for seminar that is free. You could
list the telephone number, the time and date, and the access code on the
flyer. When you choose to advertise like this you must also make sure the
bridge line you are using can handle the call volume.

When you stop and think about it your audience can come from anywhere.
You just had to choose who your target audience will be. This will give you
a better idea as to where to find your audience.

Chapter 8 – Tele-Seminar Sources
There are hundreds of companies offering to handle your tele-seminar.
Many of these sources are very high-priced. You did not need to spend a
lot of money to host a tele-seminar. There are certain things that you will
be looking for when you decide to host your first tele-seminar.

You should choose a company which will record your tele-seminar for you.
You will also want one that is established. The large fees that some
companies charge does not mean they are the best. It is just fine to find a
company that fits within your budget.

                            One company that offers a free tele-seminar
                            service is called Basement Ventures. The web
                            site is The service
                            is totally free. You can go to this web site and
                            enter your information in just two minutes. All
                            they ask for is your name and e-mail address.
                            A telephone number, bridge number, and
                            access code are generated within seconds.
                            This teleconferencing service can handle up to
                            250 callers. There is no fee for having your
                            tele-seminar recorded either. The recording of
your tele-seminar is an MP3 file which is available 90 minutes after your
tele-seminar ends. You can download this file and put it on your web site.
You can also allow your audience access to the recording once you have it
on your web site. This is the perfect place to start for someone who has
never hosted a tele-seminar. The only drawback to this particular company
is the telephone number. It is not a toll-free number. However many
people now have free long-distance on their telephone services. Anyone
who does not have a free long-distance service would be charged the long-
distance fees. is another company which also offers free
teleconferencing. This company allows you to have up to 50 guests. Again
they do not give you a toll-free telephone number. Each person would be
responsible for their own telephone bill and long-distance charges. And
800-number is available for fee. There is also a monthly fee if you want to
have more than 50 people log into your tele-seminar.

The great thing about both of these companies is that you can set your
tele-seminar up at any time. You do not have to preschedule the tele-
seminar. You can host your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365
days a year. The pin numbers that are generated for your tele-seminar can
be used over and over again. This means if you wanted to have a weekly
seminar or a monthly seminar you can do it at no cost.

There are other services which offer an 800
number for your callers. These usually
include a monthly fee or a minute by minute
fee. The average cost for a tele-seminar
with less than 50 people calling in can range
from $40 up to $70. If you use the minute by
minute plan the fee can be anywhere from
four cents a minute to twelve cents a minute.

For your first tele-seminar I would recommend using a free service where
the callers pay for the long-distance fees. This will allow you to get some
feedback on how well a tele-seminar will work for you. It will also give you
a good indication as to how many people are interested in what you have to

Chapter 9 – Selling Other People's Products
Large companies have learned that by offering affiliate programs their sales
can increase. People around the world have learned that by selling
somebody else's product they can generate an income. Hosting a tele-
seminar gives you the opportunity to become involved in affiliate marketing
and make money.

Web sites like Click Bank offered tons of products for you to sell. This
would be the perfect source for someone who does not have a product of
their own. You could create an account, select a product, and market it.
This will allow you to generate sales without trying to create your own

What you find a product that you like and you know the information is
worthwhile, you can sell it through a tele-seminar. All you would need to do
is set up a web site advertising the tele-seminar. The web site will allow
people to login and sign up for the tele-seminar. Once your guests have
signed up you should have an auto responder send them an e-mail with the
information about the tele-seminar.

The e-mail will give them the time and date, the telephone number, and the
access or pin code. You will also want to make this e-mail have some
impact. In other words this is another chance to get your guests interested
in the product. Keeping your customers interested is what you need to do.

                               The day before the tele-seminar it is
                               advisable to send out another reminder e-
                               mail. Again, the information should generate
                               an interest in the product. It should also
                               include the information about the tele-
                               seminar. This would mean the time, date,
                               phone numbers, and pin number. You would
                               also send out a variation of this e-mail about
                               an hour before the tele-seminar starts.

When you have generated a list of people who are interested in the tele-
seminar you will need to set up a separate web page. On the homepage of
your web site they should be a members login button. When someone
clicks on this button they will be asked to enter a password. If they did not
have this password they cannot access the members area.

During the tele-seminar you will have several calls to action. During the
call to action you will disclose the password to your audience. They can
log into your web site, enter the password, and be taken to the members
area. The members area is where they can order the product you are

You can set up a different web page with a different password for each
product you offer. So let's say you have an e-book about making money
with foreclosures, another one about investing in real estate, and a third e-
book about how to find foreclosures. The front page of your web site would
have basic information about real estate. This page would allow the user to
sign up for which ever tele-seminar they are interested in. The auto
responder would send the e-mail containing the information about the tele-
seminar they signed up for.

You would be offering three different tele-seminars to your customers. The
first tele-seminar would be about foreclosures. The information that you
offer would be a basic summary of the e-book. The idea of the tele-
seminar is to get people interested enough to purchase the book. During
this tele-seminar you would offer four or five opportunities for the audience
to log in to the members area of your web site using the password
“foreclosures”. This would take them to the sales page that allows them to
order the foreclosure e-book. Once they have ordered the book and paid
for it they will have access to instantly download the e-book.

The next tele-seminar would be about investing in real estate. You could
use the password “investing” for this audience. They too would have
instant access to the e-book. The third tele-seminar would be used to
generate interest in the third book. You could set up the password “listings”
for this particular book.

You could continue to offer more products using
this same type of formula for each tele-seminar.
With all the hundreds of e-books available to sell
you would never run out of products.

Many times the authors of these e-books are
willing to be a guest on the tele-seminar with you. This is great for sales.
You can contact the author and explain your marketing strategy. Ask them
if they would be a guest on your tele-seminar. You could then interview
them about the information in the book. One of the benefits of having the
author has a guest is they may offer key points about the e-book that you
might miss. They may also be able to clear up any confusing material that
is in the e-book.

There's the chance that you may want to combine several e-books and sell
them as a package. When you do it this way the tele-seminar can become
exciting. You are offering all this great information and a phenomenally low
price. You can hit on key points that are in each of the e-books. The tele-
seminar will just scratch the surface. The audience is more apt to buy a
complete package. You generate the income from all three e-book sales.

Marketing someone else's products in this manner can give you a good
income. You can choose e-books that you are familiar with. You have the
ability to select the best information and put it together in one package.
You may find one e-book from one author that is fantastic and another one
or two from a different author that is just as good. By offering all of them to
gather you give your audience a chance to gain all the information for one
low price.

                            You just need to remember that during each of
                            the tele-seminars you must have a call to action.
                            You can tell the audience all about the e-books
                            and get them very excited but if you do not ask
                            for the sale you've lost money. Every basic
                            marketing program teaches the same thing.
                            You introduce the product, explain how it can
                            benefit the user, and then ask for the sale.
                            During a tele-seminar you want to do this
several times.

It will take some planning to set up the web site so there are no glitches.
You want your audience to be able to access the web page and order the
product. Do not get in a hurry. Take your time and make sure that all of
your links work properly. You do not want customers trying to buy the
product and not be able to pay for it or download it once it has been paid

Chapter 10 – Why Charge a Fee for Tele-Seminars
It is a fact that you can make money hosting a tele-seminar. Even if you
offer the tele-seminar for free you can still generate an income. So why
would you ever charge a fee to your audience? There are a couple
reasons for doing this.

One reason some people charge a fee is to make
sure they do have an audience for their tele-seminar.
Many times people will register and then not call in at
the scheduled time. When you charge a fee the
people who registered have a vested interest in the
tele-seminar. When somebody pays for something
they usually make sure they get what they have paid
for. You may only have 50 people register but when they do not have to
pay a fee only 25 show up. Asking the registered guests to pay a fee in
advance will generate a better turnout.

Another reason you may want to charge a fee for your tele-seminar is
because it is a class. People are used to paying for education. If you
charge a fee for a four-part tele-seminar series there will be people who
pay. You do not have to make your tele-seminar a four-part series. You
just need to make your tele-seminar as educational as possible.

A perfect example would be if you offered a tele-seminar about working
from home. There are people around the world who are trying to find
legitimate income by working from home. They are willing to spend quite a
bit of money for this information. If you have good, solid information about
companies who hire home workers you would not be unreasonable to
charge a fee. There are tele-seminars that are free and there are some
which cost in excess of $250.

                  When you do charge for your tele-seminar you need to
                  make sure that the information is accurate. The one
                  thing your audience will not stand for is to be scammed.
                  They want to know that the information they are getting is
                  going to be useful. If you charge even one dollar and do
                  not deliver good information you will get the reputation of
                  being a scam artist. On the other hand if you have a
                  good solid reputation you can charge a rather nice fee.

Many entrepreneurs are always looking for a new business venture. You
could charge a fee for your tele-seminar that tells people how to start a
business. You could turn it into a complete package deal. For instance, if
you charged $50 for an information package about starting a business
which included a tele-seminar and an e-book you could generate a nice

The tele-seminar could explain the business and how to get it set up. You
could talk about licensing fees, taxes, and insurance. You could discuss
wholesale outlets, marketing plans, and other business-related ideas. The
e-book could go into more detail about any of the things you talked about in
the tele-seminar. In other words you could offer somebody the opportunity
to start their own business by investing in your tele-seminar package.
There are a lot of people who would jump at the chance to learn this secret.
To them $50 would not be and unreasonable price.

Once again you would need to make sure the information that you present
in the tele-seminar and the e-book are both accurate and useful.

Chapter 11 – Hosting Your First Tele-Seminar
One of the very first things you must do is figure out what you want your
tele-seminar to accomplish. You need to ask yourself some questions. Do
you want this tele-seminar to generate interest in a product? Do you want
to generated income by selling the tele-seminar? Do you want to package
the tele-seminar with an e-book or other information? Is this going to be
one seminar or a series of seminars?

You need to know the answer to each and every one of
these questions before you even begin. If you are
generating an interest in a product it is completely
different than if you are hosting a series of tele-seminars.
This is the point where you must do some critical
thinking and make a list.

For now we will use this scenario: Generating Interest in a Product. This
scenario will talk you through everything you must do to have a successful

The first thing you must do is select your product. For now we will be using
an e-book as the product. We are going to make the title of this e-book
“Starting a Home Party Plan”. You want to sell this book for $25. It is a 50
page e-book with every bit of information somebody would need in order to
set up a home party plan. The information includes getting a vendor's
license, tax information, wholesale companies, and even order forms for

The very first thing you want to do is choose a company that you will host
your tele-seminar through. You can access one of the companies that
offers this service for free in this scenario. You will now have the phone
number and access code for your audience to call in to the tele-seminar.

You will now want to set up the web page which allows guests to register
for the tele-seminar. This page should generate interest in the tele-
seminar. Remember, the tele-seminar is going to generate interest for the

Do not forget to add a “Members Login” button to the web page. This is
how people will be accessing your e-book. You want the web page to get
people excited. You want them to sign up for your tele-seminar. You must
make this web page compelling. Your guest must think they absolutely
need this tele-seminar to start a business.

You must pick a time and date for your tele-seminar. You do not want it to
be too late or too early. There is a three hour time difference from coast to
coast in the United States. At time of 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. Eastern standard
Time might be good. A tele-seminar like this one should only last a half
                       hour to an hour. The day of the week can be critical.
                       Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday can be bad days.
                       This is usually when people are the most busy.
                       Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday seem to be better
                       days for tele-seminars.

                       You'll also want an auto responder for the web page.
                       When one of your guests signs up for the tele-
                       seminar, the auto responder will generate an e-mail.
                       This e-mail will thank your guest for registering and
give them the information concerning the tele-seminar. You can also
include information in the e-mail which keeps your guests excited.

The day before your tele-seminar you will want to generate another e-mail
to remind your guests. It is a good idea to send another one about an hour
before the tele-seminar starts. Many times people sign up for things and
become distracted. Before they know it the tele-seminar is already over.
You do not want this to happen. You want them to remember this is
something that can benefit them. You want to remind them to call in and
hear what you have to say.

Seven to 10 days before your tele-seminar check to see how many people
have responded by signing up. If you have a good crowd that has
registered then everything is fine. If you only have two or three people who
have registered then you need to generate a larger audience. You can do
this by posting your tele-seminar information on different forums and chat

Make sure the web sites you are advertising on have something to do with
what you are selling. In this scenario you may want to find message
boards that deal with work at home moms. Always use good forum
etiquette when posting about your tele-seminar. You do not want to make
anyone angry. This takes away from your credibility.

You can also advertise your tele-seminar by word-
of-mouth. You can tell your friends and family.
You can ask them to spread the word about the
tele-seminar. You may even want to put up a
flyer on a local bulletin board at a grocery store or
laundromat. The whole idea is to generate
interest in the tele-seminar. Remember, the tele-
seminar will generate interest in the product.
Where many people make their mistake is thinking they can just speak off
the top of their head. You do not want to do this when you are hosting a
tele-seminar. You need to have a game plan. This is a simple outline on
what you're going to be talking about. The first part of the outline will be
the introduction. This is where you introduce yourself and if you have a
guest speaker, introduce the guest.

You will then offer a brief description of what the tele-seminar is about. In
this case you will tell your audience you are going to teach them how to set
up a home party plan. You will tell them you have a book available with all
the information they will need to start their own business.

                         If you feel more comfortable reading a script then
                         go ahead and write one. During your presentation
                         you need to make sure it does not sound like you
                         are reading from a paper. You want your delivery
                         to sound natural. Many times it is easier to just
                         write down specific key notes or ideas. You can
                         then just expound on the ideas. This gives the
                         conversation a more natural delivery.

                          Let's say your e-book contains 10 chapters. Each
chapter selects a particular topic to discuss. In your outline for the tele-
seminar you have each chapter listed. The first chapter is about obtaining
a business license. You could say “The first chapter is about how to obtain
your business license. In the e-book we tell you exactly where you need to
go, and what you need to do to get a vendor's license in your area.” You
can go on to explain why it is important to have a vendor's license and how
this information can help your audience. You can explain many companies
will not deal with that individual unless they have a resale license. You can
also explain the benefits of having a resale license or vendors license when
it comes time to buy supplies for other items for the business.

The next chapter in your e-book may be all about taxes. You can explain
how the e-book will help them register with the IRS. You can talk about the
steps the book takes them through when it comes to filing taxes. You are
not really giving all the information that is included in the book. You are just
scratching the surface. In essence, you are teasing your audience. This
helps to keep their interest. When the audience loses interest you will lose
sales. You want to give them a taste of what is in the book without
revealing anything. This may not sound proper but it does the job. You
can be very specific without giving away anything.
For example, let's say the third chapter lists wholesale supply companies.
In the tele-seminar you can explain to your audience how they can buy
certain products for only one dollar. You can tell your audience there are
certain companies which offer great deals on some products and other
companies which have fantastic sales. You do not have to reveal the name
of any company. You do not have to reveal how you found this information.
You can say that one of the companies in the e-book offers figurines for
two dollars apiece. You can say that this same figurine has been sold in
the mall for $25. This is an exaggeration but the point is you are getting
your audience excited about the information that is in the e-book. You are
doing this without revealing information.

When you reach a point in the tele-seminar that you feel has generated a
substantial amount of interest you need to offer a call to action. This
means inviting your guests to log onto your web site to order the e-book.
You should do this three or four times during the tele-seminar. If you wait
until the end there may be no one left to hear what you have to say.
Always make sure you give the complete information for the audience to
access the e-book. It can be frustrating trying to buy a product when you
don't know how to do it. If you are not clear on how the audience can
access the information you may lose potential sales.

As you go through the tele-seminar you will want
to hit on the key factors of each chapter of your
book. This will keep the level of interest high.
You want to make sure the audience
understands how this book can benefit them.
You want them to see how it can make a
difference in their lives. You want your audience
to know that by reading your e-book they can
start their own business.

It is also important to make your self credible. If you can say that you used
the information in this e-book to start your own business that you can
generate even more interest. You can give first-hand accounts as to what
you accomplished with the information in the e-book. When your audience
understands that this is the information you used to get started then they
are more apt to want to buy.

Once you have gone through the outline that you have set for your tele-
seminar it is time to close. You want to thank your audience for logging on
and listening to you. You want to offer them a chance to go to the web site
and purchase the e-book. You also want to let them know that they can e-
mail you with any questions they may have. It is important that they feel
confident in you and your product. This will help you build a level of trust
between you and your audience. When your audience trusts you it is
easier to sell them a good product. You may find another product in future
that they could be interested in purchasing. If the first product does
everything you said they will be interested in other products you offer.

Chapter 12 – Record the Tele-Seminar
                         Some of the tele-seminar companies offer a
                         service which allows you to record your tele-
                         seminar. This is a fantastic way to generate even
                         more profits. If your company offers this service,
                         you would do well to take advantage of the service.

                        You can learn from the recording of your tele-
                        seminar. By listening to how you conducted the
call, you can gain knowledge on what you did wrong and how to correct the
issue. You can also see where your strong points are when discussing the

You may even find that the call went very well and was really informative.
This is when you want to make the recording available to the people who
did not call in for the tele-seminar. You can do this by offering to replay it
again in another tele-seminar or you can have it available to download from
your website.

You can also offer the tele-seminar recording to any affiliates who want to
sell your product. They can use it to generate their own sales. This can be
helpful because they do not have to worry about writing a detailed
marketing page for the product. Your recording can sell the product for

You may even want to have a transcript of the tele-seminar. There are
some people who would prefer to read the transcript instead of listening to
the phone call. They can gather more knowledge by reading than by
listening. Being able to offer both the transcript and the recorded call
allows you to cater to everyone.

When you put the transcript or recording on the web site it can generate
more sales. This happens because people can listen to the call and see
how the product can benefit them. Or they can download the transcript and
read what the product is all about. Either way the sales volume goes up.
Always record your tele-seminars. Did not let the profits this could
generate get away.

Chapter 13 – Some Final Tips
There are just a few other things that
need to be addressed when it comes to
tele-seminars. Some of these things
might seem like common sense but
they should still be clarified.

Always remember to use a corded
telephone when you are holding a tele-
seminar. Cellular phones and cordless
phones can generate interference or
static. In the case of a cellular-phone,
the call could accidentally be dropped.
Both of these battery operated phones
could go dead if the batteries were not fully charged. When you are using
a corded telephone the reception will be clear and there is no battery to go

Never worry about how many people called in to listen to your tele-seminar.
Many companies offer the host the option of muting the telephone line
before the tele-seminar starts. This way there is no distracting noise from
the callers. You'll never hear who is on the line or who is not on the line. In
this way you can continue with the tele-seminar as though the conference
was full. Many of the experts who use tele-seminars to generate an
income will mute their line and continue with the call right on schedule.
This helps them to stay focused and not get caught up in a worry session.
In other words, they carry on as if everything is just fine. When you start
wondering how many people have called in then you will start worrying
about whether or not you should be hosting a tele-seminar. This should be
the last thing on your mind. You should be concerned with how you're
going to present your information not how many people are going to hear it.

Always make sure when you send out the e-mails with a tele-seminar
information you also tell the guest how long the tele-seminar will last. This
is just proper etiquette. You do not want someone calling and thinking the
tele-seminar is only half an hour long when is in fact two hours long. This
can make some people very frustrated. They can hang up in the middle of
the call. When the audience starts hanging up before the call is done you
could lose sales. Always make sure they know how long the call is going to

Some telephones have a call waiting feature. When you are hosting your
tele-seminar make sure that you turn this feature off. There are some
bridge lines which will disconnect you if a call is coming in. You do not
want this to happen. If you need to contact your local phone service to
figure out how to disable call waiting then do so. This can save you many

Do not worry if your first tele-seminar did not generate a large profit. You
are still new and people are just getting to know you. The more tele-
seminars you host the more people will recognize your name. Once people
start recognizing your name they will have more confidence and trust in you
and your product. Your sales will reflect this.

Remember that a tele-seminar can be used to generate interest in one of
your products, someone else's product, or as a teaching tool. The first two
types would be offered for free. The teaching call or the tele-seminar class
is something that you could charge for. Any of these teleconferences will
generate a profit for you.

Tele-seminars are being used today to sell everything from e-books and
computer programs to self-help and motivational classes. In order to make
money with a tele-seminar all you need to do is come up with your own
personal marketing niche. This can generate more profits than you ever

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