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Overclocking Guide


Learn how to tweak your computer and unlock secret power they didn't tell you.

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									                                       Overclocking Guide 

    Some Things to Know about the Ultimate
      Overclocking Guide and Computer
If you are an avid gamer, then you may already know that computer overclocking can wreak
havoc if you don’t do it properly. For example, if you do not change cooling settings and
various elements of the operating system, you may find that your computer will burn out in a
matter of weeks. At the same time, even if the system is brand new, you will not be able to get
a refund if the manufacturer discovers that you made use of computer overclocking.
Fortunately, the Ultimate Overclocking Handbook will show you how to speed up your
system without destroying it at the same time.

Product Features

    •   Fully field tested– Unlike other computer overclocking manuals, this one was written
        by an expert that has worked with thousands of systems. You will never have to worry
        about following steps that were not fully tested on a system just like yours.
    •   Complete computer overclocking solution– Today, many computer overclocking
        manuals simply give you instructions for adjusting the bios and video accelerator. If
        you are lucky, they may also include a few sentences about the cooling system. Aside
        from ensuring that your computer will burn out, following these instructions will not
        deliver all the optimizations that will help you get the most from your system. By
        contrast, this book will tell you how to speed up the operating system as well as
        several other key areas safely and efficiently.
                                           Overclocking Guide 
    What Buyers Like

      •   No spyware to contend with while making system changes– If you have been
          looking at software that will automatically make computer overclocking changes on
          your behalf, you will usually find them filled with spyware. Many people that
          purchased this eBook were quite happy to simply do the job themselves rather than try
          to deal with endless spyware and malware later on.
      •   Most changes can be done in less than (x) hours– Even complete novices were
          happy to find that they could speed up their system in less time than it would take to
          shop for a brand new computer.

What Buyers Don’t Like About Computer Overclocking

      •   Warranty does not cover damage to the system– While you should not have any
          problems following the instructions in this book, you can only get a refund for the
          book itself if something goes wrong. Needless to say, if you depend on your computer
          and cannot afford a new one, you really won’t know for sure if computer overclocking
          was a bad idea until it is too late.


For the most part, we feel this eBook is ideal for gamers and others that need more processing
speed from their computer. That said, you should follow the eBook closely to avoid making
any sort of mistakes that can lead to system burn-out. Other than that, this manual makes
computer overclocking a tad easy job and comes highly recommended.

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