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Your blog is your voice on the web, it is what you offer to others, what you share with others, or
what you sell others. The power of blogging has manifested itself greatly in the past few years and
has fueled many revolutionary changes in our world for the past few years. In this article I shall
discuss how one can use article marketing to increase the popularity of one's blog and gain the
spotlight that is shared by many entrepreneurs and celebrities. I shall outline 7 potent methods
that should be used by bloggers seeking quality traffic.

In article marketing one writes articles on his field of work, or the locus of interest that he runs on
the web. For instance, a gardener would write an article on how to maximize tomato production
yield and a photographer would write an article on how to utilize different lighting to optimize photo
shades. That being said, let us dive into the necessary fundamentals of article marketing.

1. Writing the title

The title is the attention grabbing trump card that you have, hence it must be created with care and
careful word selection. When writing an article an important thing to do is to keep yourself in the
reader's shoes and see what will be most appealing to you motivating you to read further.
Therefore it is vital to carefully select the words that will clarify the subject of your writing and also
interest the reader in reading further.

2. Introduction and conclusion

The basics of essay writing learnt in elementary school come into practice here, the introduction
gives the reader the essence of the article hence it is important for it to be kept concise with only
the important points mentioned, similarly the conclusion sums up the article refreshing the reader's
memory of the subject leaving the reader satisfied.

3. Systematic arrangement

Systematic organization is essential as it facilitates the reader's understanding by simplifying the
reading and eliminating the possibility of confusion. It is an excellent technique that guarantees the
reader's attention.

4. Simplicity

The key is simplicity, in order to keep your reader interested one must practice keeping the writing
to the point and not deviate from the subject lest one may lose interested readers.

5. Vocabulary
It is true that one should use professional vocabulary when writing however one must abstain from
using vocabulary that the reader may not understand. Sophisticated terms that only scientist or a
professional in the field may understand must not be used. The writing should be for the average
person and his average sense of knowledge on the subject.

6. Links

Links are one of the greatest tools that you have to your disposal. It is important that you provide
links to your blog in order to attract interested reader's to your blog and increase the quality traffic
to your blog. This will increase your popularity and increase your social network of communication.

7. Biography

The biography is one if the important eye catchers. It will draw the reader's attention, hence be
sure to keep a short biography at the end to give assurance to the reader's of your work and
interests, and how you came to be.

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