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									                        LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
LinkedIn is the leading social networking site for business professionals on the internet, and in today’s
world YOU NEED to be Linked-In.

The only problem is that most people aren’t utilizing it properly, and those who are actively involved
and exploring the benefits, are not doing some VERY simple things to optimize their experience and
LEVERAGE It’s powerful uses that impact their business and/or career.

One of the obvious reasons why there are several PRIMARY social media channels (as opposed to
hundreds) is that-ONE, no one has time to waste, if there is no point or benefit to using a new social
media site, why would anyone? Thus-TWO, the sites that have carved a place in our social media
hearts are those that serve a necessary function, provide value and benefit to the people using them, and
then go to work to rise above the rest of the fly-by-night imitators.

Conveniently condensing your professional resume and career credentials in a central standardized
format, LinkedIn is the hottest social café for business networking on the interwebs.

Look at it as the Facebook for Business PEOPLE, and people who are in business.

Casual users may just partially complete their profile, and not put much more thought or effort into it...
In result, they will likely receive very little benefit…While those who are actively using it as a relevant
social media channel, AND understand how to optimize their experience, know that it’s a bunch of
business people who specialize in certain areas who are connecting with their market, making unique
connections, sharing priceless information and creatively leveraging its many valuable uses.

3 Keys to Marketing with LinkedIn

Condensing all the information on using LinkedIn down to the most valuable nuggets, there are 3
golden keys you need to know to understand marketing with LinkedIn:

1) How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up and be found by those looking for you through
LinkedIn’s internal search engine.

2) How to use LinkedIn Groups (a very powerful, one of the most powerful social media channels)

3) How to drive free traffic from pre-qualified, interested leads to your website, music pages, and sales

To learn how to get LinkedIn like a pro click here --> LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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