2012 Five Star Grant Presentation by OrangeBeachFsbo1


									2012 Five Star Applicant Webinar
           January 9, 2012
         2:00 – 3:30 PM EST


 Program Overview
 2012 Program Details
   •   Key Elements
   •   Geographic Focus and Funding Availability
   •   Fine Print (e.g., eligibility, size, match, restrictions)
   •   Guidelines

 Submitting a Competitive Proposal
   •   General Application Information
   •   The Proposal Narrative
   •   Common Mistakes to Avoid

 Using Easygrants
 Tips for Applicants

                        Program Overview
 Nationwide grant program to support on-the-ground, community-
  based conservation
   •   Wetland, riparian and coastal restoration
   •   Robust community-based partnerships
   •   Build stewardship through education

 Modest financial assistance:
   • Average grant is $25,000, with award amounts ranging from $10,000 to $40,000

 Program partners include:
  Managers                                         Funders
   • National Association of Counties (NACo)        • EPA
   • Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC)                 • Southern Company
   • NFWF                                           • FedEx

        Program Overview: Partner Roles
 Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Encourages corporate members to voluntarily participate in conservation and
    restoration projects and activities
  • Assists interested organizations in building successful applications
  • Partners with local conservation organizations, private corporations, and government
    institutions to develop exceptional restoration projects

 National Association of Counties
  • Encourages county and other local government participation in Five Star projects
  • Assists interested local governments in developing successful projects and proposals
  • Awards and manages grants to counties and other local governments

 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Coordinates outreach and overall management of Five Star
  • Provides assistance to applicants and grantees
  • Awards and manages grants

Program Overview: Last Year’s (2011) Program

   190 proposals received nationwide
   29 grants awarded totaling over $743,000
   Removing invasives, planting native specie and restoring
    riparian buffers on 227 acres
   Stabilizing 10,050 linear feet of stream bank
   Engaging 77,051 volunteers in on-the-ground restoration

                         Program Details: 2012
 Main FIVE STAR Elements
     •   On-the-Ground Restoration
     •   Environmental Education
     •   Measurable Results

 Geographic Focus and Funding Availability
     •   $200,000 from EPA
     •   $200,000 from Southern Company
     •   $375,000 from FedEx
*Up to an additional $500,000 may be available to support urban conservation and restoration
 in the following metropolitan areas:
             Austin              Houston            Philadelphia         San Francisco
           Charlotte            Los Angeles           Portland              Seattle
             Dallas                Miami            Sacramento             St. Louis
          Des Moines            Minneapolis

Program Details: EPA Funding Available

           Approximately $200,000 available from EPA to
            support projects throughout the United States.

           Awards distributed among EPA’s ten
            geographic regions.

           Visit http://www.epa.gov/epahome/regions.htm
            to view a map of the regions.

Program Details: Southern Co. Funding Available

  $200,000 in grant funding from Southern Company
  Southern Company operating companies include: Georgia Power,
   Alabama Power, Gulf Power, and Mississippi Power
  Service Area:
    •   Georgia (excluding Union, Fannin and
        Towns Counties)
    •   Alabama (excluding Lauderdale, Colbert,
        Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall,
        Morgan, Jackson, and DeKalb Counties)
    •   the Florida Panhandle (west of the
        Apalachicola River)
    •   Southeast Mississippi (23 counties, from
        Meridian to the coast, with the west
        boundary running from Pearl River County
        to Union County)

    Program Details: FedEx Funding Available

 $375,000 available annually
 Focus on urban conservation and restoration in the following cities:
         Boston         Indianapolis     Newark
        Chicago         Los Angeles    Philadelphia             Seattle

    Colorado Springs*    Memphis       Pittsburgh          Washington D.C.

         Dallas           Miami*              *New cities since 2011

 To be eligible FedEx funding, projects must include a spring
  community service day for local FedEx team members

                Program Details: Funding Overview

                                                                 Chicago                              Boston

                                                                     Indianapolis             Philadelphia
   San                                                                                    Washington DC
   Francisco/                  Springs


                                                    Photo Courtesy of USFWS

Southern Co. funds projects in red shaded areas ($200K)
FedEx funds projects in major cities indicated ($375K)
EPA funds projects (in gray and blue) outside geographies
supported by corporate funding (~$200K)

                   Program Details: Fine Print
     Eligibility
       •   Open to any public or private entity
       •   State and Federal agencies make great partners but should not be applicant

     Grants
       •   $10,000 - $40,000 each, but most grants will be closer to $25,000
       *Typically, proposals greater than $25,000 are awarded only for 2-year projects

     Match
       •   Minimum 1:1 match of cash or in-kind goods and services is expected

     Restrictions
       •   No political advocacy, fundraising, lobbying or litigation
       •   Not to implement legal requirements (mitigation, permit conditions, etc.)
       •   May enhance or improve upon baseline compliance efforts


          Program Details: Guidelines
 Project must address three key elements:
   1 - On-the-ground restoration
   2 - Environmental education
   3 - Measurable results
 Grant requests must be for $10,000 - $40,000
 Must be completed in 1-2 years
 Community-based partnership must exist to implement and
  sustain the project. Partners may include:
   •   Government agencies
   •   Youth groups
   •   Colleges and universities
   •   Resource Conservation and Development Councils and Conservation Districts
   •   Conservation Organizations
   •   Businesses and corporations
   •   Local citizens and community groups
   •   Technical and design experts
   •   Other Funders

        Program Details: Guidelines (cont.)
 Projects seeking larger awards should have
    •   Greater match
    •   More long-standing, broader-based partnerships
    •   More significant ecological and educational objectives
 A word about indirect costs:
    •   Not allowed unless the applicant has a Federally-approved indirect rate
    •   Total amount of indirect allowed is capped at 15% of the total grant amount
 Repeat customers are welcome and encouraged, but all else being equal,
  preference may be given to new applicants


Submitting Competitive Applications
 Implements or complements established conservation or watershed
  management plan

 Meets ecological and conservation needs of priority species and habitats
  in priority watersheds

 Achieves meaningful conservation outcomes

 Includes diverse partners from public and private sector

 Builds new or enhances existing partnerships

 Demonstrates the use of education, training and public outreach in
  shaping and sustaining human behavior towards the conservation goals

            General Application Information
                      The FIVE STAR Application in Easygrants

Contact Information
  •  Organization, name, email, etc.

Project Information
  •   Quantitative Information: Request amount, match proposed, grant period
  •   Qualitative Information: Project title, project description, project abstract

Project Location
  •   General Location: Country, state, congressional district
  •   Location Description: Project location using distinct geographic identifiers

*Activities and Metrics (Quantitative Measurements)
   • Conservation activity being measured?
   • How activity is being measured?
   • What will be the end result?

           General Application Information
                    The FIVE STAR Application in Easygrants
  • Financial documents (IRS form 990, GAAP Audit, Statement of Litigation, etc.)
  • Proposal narrative!*
  • Line-Item Budget: Items to be purchased using FIVE STAR funds
  •   Description: What item is being used for
*Matching Contributions (partner contributions)
  • How much is being contributed?
  • Who is contributing funds or services?
  • What is contribution being used for?
 Permits and Approvals
  • Required permits for construction, etc.
  • Approvals to conduct project activities (e.g., NEPA)

           General Application Information
                                    Activities and Metrics

                                                                            VALUE AT GRANT

Plant native trees and grasses to
                                        Acres of riparian buffer planted         0.4
    enhance riparian buffer
Replace existing structure with       Number of water control structures
 new water control structure                 modified/replaced
      Volunteer workdays                 # of adult volunteers in project         25
 Outreach to area landowners          # of landowners targeted by program         50
                                          Number of interpretive signs
  Construct interpretive signs                                                    3

   Outreach to area students           # of students targeted by program        2,500

              General Application Information
Salaries and Benefits*
  • Salary associated with work on project
  • Individual must be employed by grantee organization
*NFWF funds cannot support salaries of permanent federal employees

  • Tangible, nonexpendable property having a useful life of more than one year
  • Must cost $5,000+ per unit
*Equipment rentals should be put under contractual services; only purchases should be placed under
 the equipment category

Contractual Services
  • Work on project by entity other than grantee organization

Supplies and Materials
  • List all supplies and materials to be used for project; be as specific as possible
*List in this category all equipment that does not fall within the parameters of the equipment category

               General Application Information

  • All travel (air, rental car, hotel, etc.) for project
  • Include number of trips, number of travelers, mode of transportation, per diem
      expenses, mileage and rates
*Mileage and gas costs cannot both be counted for the same trip; current federal mileage rate is 55 cents/mile

  • List each type of item being printed including number printed and per-unit cost
*Depending on source of federal funds (if any) for your grant, NFWF may not be able to cover cost of printing

  • Any costs that do not fall within the six previous categories

           General Application Information
                               Matching Contributions
 In-kind or cash; federal or non-federal (depending on source of project funding)
 Must be used directly for project and expended within the grant period
 All partners and the value of their contributions should be listed as match
Matching Contribution Amount
  • Dollar value of contribution
  • Cash or In-kind
  • Application Submitted; Intend to Apply; Pledged; or Received
  • Name of entity contributing match
Source Type
  • Name of entity contributing match
  • How will matching contribution be used for the project

           General Application Information
                               Matching Contributions

                                The Watershed
                 Application       Society                        Grant fund to support design
$5,000    Cash                                      Non-Federal
                 Submitted                                         and surveys for restoration

                                                                         10 staff develop
           In-                  Nature Center                     environmental curriculum for
$4,000            Pledged                           Non-Federal
          Kind                 Local Government                    6 week student program (10
                                                                  staff x 20 hrs each @ $20/hr)
                               James and Sons                       Copy shop will print 300
           In-                   Copy Shop                        brochures to publicize tours
$650.00           Pledged                           Non-Federal
          Kind                                                         of restoration site
                                Local Business

                               Spring Hill Plant                    20 volunteers at rate of
           In-                     Society                         $20/hr; total of 50 hours to
$1,000            Pledged                           Non-Federal
          Kind                                                    remove invasives and plant
                               Community Group                           native species

                                 National Park                    Federal volunteer will lead 2
           In-                     Service                        hour tours of restoration site
$4,000            Received                            Federal
          Kind                     Federal                          for 6 months, 8 tours per
                                 Government                                  month

                   Avoid Common Mistakes
Cutesy Titles…Not so Cute
  • Although a play on words is catchy, project titles should be clear and to the point
  No: Resurrect Resurrection Bay project Yes: Resurrection Bay Restoration and Clean-up (AK)

Budget Clumping
  • Budgets should look like a Home Depot receipt; don’t clump everything under one
    name (e.g., Restoration supplies) and merely provide a large total for these items
Spread the Wealth
  • Budgets should be diverse; it is recommended that you do not budget ALL or MOST
     of funds for salaries – Spread It Out

Value ≠ $ Value
  • “Value at grant completion” in the activities and metrics does NOT mean dollar value

The Not So Perfect Match
  • Although it is necessary to indicate who is providing match, you also MUST describe
     the specific purpose the match is supporting


                    Proposal Narrative
 Use the template provided, which can be download from EasyGrants
 Save template to your computer and work offline at your leisure
 Proposals should be no more than 6 pages
 Please use reasonable margins; font should be no smaller than 11pt
    • Ask yourself, “Can my mom read it?” If not, neither can our reviewers!
 Do not delete the text provided in the narrative
 Upload into EasyGrants either as a Word doc or PDF
 Answer each question thoroughly and in complete sentences

                               Proposal Narrative
                                  Partnership Capacity

          PARTNER                  QUALIFICATIONS              CONTRIBUTIONS             $ VALUE

Jones County Master Gardeners          Restoration
                                                           Training and coordinating
                                     coordination,                                       $1,000.00
     COMMUNITY GROUP                                       volunteers for restoration
                                  horticultural training

 US Fish and Wildlife Service                               Providing seedlings for
                                      Horticulture                                       $3,000.00
   FEDERAL GOVERNMENT                                             restoration

   Lincoln Financial Group                                 Restoration project will be
                                       Volunteers          part of Lincoln’s volunteer   $750.00
       CORPORATION                                              workday program

    Calhoun Middle School                                     Students will plant
                                       Volunteers          seedlings during one day      $800.00
 EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION                                         of restoration

Jones County Parks Department                                  Donating supplies,
                                    Property Owner           technical support and       $1,500.00
    LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                                 meals
   CA Wildlife and Fisheries
         Foundation                                          Funding to cover site
                                     Grant funding                                       $5,000.00
                                                             planning and design

                 Avoid Common Mistakes
Are We There Yet?
  • Avoid a lot of background information about project location or conservation issue
  • Get to the point quickly!
Connect the Dots
  • Be sure to describe specifically how project activities are supporting an existing
     management plan; don’t just state that it is
Do the Math!
  • Maintain consistency between sections of the proposal – don’t throw around
     different metrics in different sections without clarification
N/A is N/A
  • Partner contributions should always reflect a dollar equivalent value as match;
      never put N/A (or $0) as a “Value of a Contribution” in the partner table
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Don’t meander - make your project components connect; start with broad goals –
    describe how the activities, indicators and maintenance achieve long-term results
  • Look critically at project results and apply lessons or adapt if necessary


                        Using Easygrants
1 - Go to: www.nfwf.org/easygrants
2 - Login or register
3 - Start a New Application
4 - Choose Five Star Restoration Grant Program 2012
5 - Submit Eligibility Quiz
6 - Under your To Do list, select the Full Proposal task for the Five Star Restoration
    program with a due date of February 15, 2012
7 - Complete all sections (contact info, project info, uploads, matching contributions)
    and click on save and continue in each section when it is complete
   *You may save and return to application

8 - Review and Submit on the left hand side of page and make sure the status of all
   sections is complete
9 - Select View PDF to review the completed proposal in its entirety
   *Recommend saving proposal on your computer from this view

10 - Click SUBMIT
                                Let’s Try It!

                       Tips for Applicants
   If you’ve never used Easygrants before, create your login TODAY and
    familiarize yourself with the system.
   Turn off your pop-up blockers. If you use IE, turn them off again and again…
   Don’t call your project “Five Star Project”. Really.
   Read the RFP carefully. Every word is there for a reason.
   These are competitive grants. Your projects should have a “wow” factor. Tell
    us what makes your project unique and special.
   Spend time building your partnership. Five Star is about investing in
    partnerships, so do not expect funding if your partnership is an afterthought.
   Be creative with your education activities, and who your target group is. It
    does not have to be K – 12.
   Take risks. It’s only a six page proposal!

                             2012 FIVE STAR Timeline
       2011                                                    2012

    November               January             February        March-April         April - May         June

4th: Release RFP         9th: National         15th:          Proposal follow-     Congressional      Announce
                           Applicant       Proposals due       up and finalize      and board          Awards
                           Webinar                            award decisions       notification

    Once awards are announced, a NFWF Grants Administrator will prepare a Grant Agreement and notify
     you via Easygrants that you may access the agreement for review
    Remember to always acknowledge program funders in any project communications (i.e., NFWF, EPA,
     NACo, WHC, Southern Company*)
     *Be sure to include acknowledgement of appropriate Southern Co. Operating Company if applicable (i.e.,
     Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, or Mississippi Power)
    Contact NFWF for appropriate logos; provide NFWF with materials for review and approval prior to


Carrie Clingan                     Claire Thorp (Mid-West and Western states)
cclingan@naco.org                  claire.thorp@nfwf.org
National Association of Counties   National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
 (202) 942-4246                    (415) 243-3104

Douglas Stephens                   Heather Fox (NE, Mid-Atlantic, SE)
dstephens@wildlifehc.org           heather.fox@nfwf.org
Wildlife Habitat Council           National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
(301) 588-8994                     (202) 595-2479


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