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									                                         Robert Sayre Cox
                                           Hop Brook Farm
                                           7 Whitaker Road
                                         New Salem, MA 01355

                                     413-545-6842 (w) 978-413-5600 (h)

     2002     University of Michigan                PhD        History
     1995     University of Michigan                MA         History
     1991     University of Michigan                MFA        Poetry
     1990     University of Michigan                MILS       Archives/Reference
     1983     Pennsylvania State University         MS         Paleontology
     1981     Haverford-Bryn Mawr College           BS         Geology

Professional Experience:
     2004-          University of Massachusetts Amherst
                        Head, Special Collections and University Archives
                        Adjunct Professor of History:
                         History 691/791 (Critical approaches in the history of science and medicine, 2006)
                         History 491/691 (Religion in the Early American Republic, 2010)
                         History 5xx (Introduction to Archives, Fall 2010)
                         Honors 391D (Culinary history, 2009)
    2008-          Simmons College
                        Adjunct Instructor, LIS 440 (Archival access and use, 2008- )
    1998-2004      American Philosophical Society
                    Keeper of Manuscripts & Director of Scholarship & Technology (2003-2004)
                    Curator of Manuscripts (1998-2002)
    1990-1998      William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan
                    Curator of Manuscripts & Photographs
    1986-1998      University of Michigan
                      Teaching Fellow,
                       History 170 (“Animal encounters: the New World of natural history,” 1994)
                       Great Books 191, 192 (1994-1995)
                     Teaching Assistant
                       History 161 (U.S. History, post-1865; 1996)
                     Adjunct Instructor
                       Geology 103 (Dinosaurs, 1986-1998)
                       Geology 273 (Reptilian Paleobiology)
                       Geology 274 (History of Extinctions)
    1982-1983      Department of Geological Sciences, Penn State University
                     Teaching Assistant, Physical and Historical Geology, Paleontology
Honors and Awards:
    1991-97         Honors List of Instructors, University of Michigan
    1993            Excellence in Education Award, Michigan
    1988-1990       University Library Associate, Reference Dept., Michigan
    1989            Avery Hopwood Award (Major) in Poetry
    1988-1989       Rackham Cooperative Research Fellowship, Michigan (declined)
    1987            Member, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
    1983            Marshall of the Graduate School, Penn State University

Committee Work, UMass Amherst (selected):
    2008-           W.E.B. Du Bois Center Steering Committee (Acting Executive Director)
    2007-2009       Metadata Group
    2006-           Preservation Committee (Chair)
    2005-           Digital Strategies Group
    2004-2008       Heads of Users Services Group
    2004-           Senior Management Group

Grants and fellowships (personal):
    2005                   First Union Fellowship, International Center for Jefferson Studies
    1997                   Pew Program in Religion and American History
    1997                   Alicia Monti Fellowship, Boston Public Library
    1996, 1986, 1984       Scott W. Turner Research Grants, Michigan
    1996                   Hardware development grant, Instructional Technology Div., Michigan
    1986                   Rackham Dissertation Grant, Michigan
    1985-1986              Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, Michigan
    1984, 1986             Geological Society of America Research Grant
    1984, 1986             Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research
    1983-1984              University Fellowship, Michigan
    1981, 1982             P. D. Krynine Grants, Penn State University
Additional experience
    2009-                Western Massachusetts Regional Library System. Executive Board
    2009-                Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Member, Technology Advisory Committee
    2005-                Journal of the Early Republic, Reviews editor (with Rachel Onuf)
    2002-                American Philosophical Society Press Committee (2002-2005), UMass Press
                             Committee (2005- ). Board member
    1999-                Phillips Fund for Native American Research (2003- ), Benjamin Franklin
                             Research Grants (2003- ), Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field
                             Research (2006- ), APS Library Fellowships (1999-2004). Grants
                             committee member
    2006-2008            Teaching America History grants: Lecturer on Thomas Jefferson: Personality,
                             Character, and Public life (Jeffersonian Science), American Promises (Lewis
                             and Clark), Transcendentalism
    2004-2005            Alaska Native Language Center, consultant to grant on preservation and access of
                             linguistic materials
    2004                 Chemical Heritage Foundation, member of Collections and Research Task Force
                             (strategic planning)
    2002-2004            OCLC Systems and Services, Editorial board
    2000                 Institute on Legal and Ethical Issues in the New Information Age, University of
                             Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    1999                 EAD short course, Society of American Archivists
    1991                 Photographic preservation short course, George Eastman House
    1988                 Frontiers in Paleontology short course, University of Glasgow
    1986-1987            Friday Harbor Marine Biological Laboratories, Univ. of Washington
                             1986: Course on functional morphology
                             1987: Independent research on echinoderm biology

Technology Initiatives
    2009-                Du Bois Online
                           Principal investigator for $200,000 grant to digitize 168 linear feet of the
                              papers of W.E.B. Du Bois
    1995-                Web designer, author, manager
                           UMass Amherst Library, Special Collections and University Archives
                              (, 2004-present
                           American Philosophical Society (, 1998-2004
                           William L. Clements Library (, 1995-1998
    2000-2004            History of Recent Science and Technology (
                           Member, Molecular Evolutionary Biology working group for a project funded
                              by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Dibner Institute for the History of
                              Science and Technology
    2000-2003            Philadelphia Consortium of Special Collections Libraries
                           Chair, Steering Committee for grant by Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
                              for EAD encoding
Papers Delivered at Conferences:
    2010. "Maximal processing," New England Archivists
    2009. "The catablog concept and Web 2.0 technologies in the archive," New England Archivists
    2008. "Appropriate technology and the maximal processing model," Something New for Something
         Old. Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries Conference, Philadelphia, Pa.
    2008. “EAD and paper based finding aids,” Workshop, New England Archivists, Kingston, R.I.
    2007. “Concepts of Community and the (Truly) Grateful Dead,” Grateful Dead Symposium, Amherst,
    2007. Cox, R. S., “Lewis and Clark as Philadelphia,” Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Annual
         Conference, Charlottesville, Va.
    2007. Cox, R. S., “Change as a Constant,” Massachusetts Library Association
    2007. Cox, R. S., “Religion and the Enlightenment,” Organization of American Historians,
         Minneapolis, Minn.
    2007. Cox, R. S., “Somnambular Life,” New Directions in the Social and Cultural Study of Sleep,
         Vienna, Austria.
    2005. Cox, R. S., “Race, Nation, and the Topography of Spiritualist Emotion,” American Academy of
         Religion, Philadelphia, Pa.
    2004. Cox, R. S., “The pious pursuit of agriculture: Nature, culture, and Quaker-Seneca missions in the
         early Republic.” Curious in Our Way, Philadelphia, Pa.
    2004. Cox, R. S., “At a distance: The anatomy and physiology of sympathy at the turn of the 19 th
         century.” Health and Medicine in the Era of Lewis and Clark, College of Physicians of
    2004. Cox, R. S., “Politics of the seed: Philadelphia seedsmen in the early Republic.” Historic Plant
         Symposium, Charlottesville, Va.
    2003. Cox, R. S., “I never yet parted: The Seeds of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” Quest for
         Knowledge, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Conference.
    2003. Cox, R. S. “William Denton (1823-1883), mental geologist," Exploration, Nation, Empire,
         Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
    2003. Cox, R. S., “Templates and technology in EAD implementation,” Society of American Archivists,
         Los Angeles.
    2003. Cox, R. S., “The journals of Lewis and Clark,” Lewis and Clark Resident Associates Program,
         Smithsonian Institution.
    2003. Cox, R. S., “Collecting the word: American Indian language archival collections,” MARAC,
         Trenton, N.J.
    2002. Cox, R. S., “Digital alchemy,” MARAC, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
    2002. Cox, R. S., Discussion head at Lewis and Clark: The Unheard Voices. State College, Pa.
    2000. Cox, R. S., “In the Cross: Quaker-Seneca Reflexive Missions, 1795-1815,” Omonhundro
         Institute for Early American History and Culture Annual Conference, Toronto, Ont.
    2000. Cox, R. S., “Sleepwalking in the Early Republic: sympathy and unconsciousness,” Society for the
         History of the Early American Republic Annual Conference, Buffalo, N.Y.
    1999. Cox, R. S., “Quakers and Senecas, betwixt and between: Reflexive missions in the 1790s,”
         Speaking in Signs, Conference of the McNeil Center for Early American History, Philadelphia, Pa.
    1999. Cox, R. S., “Vox populi: Spiritualism and the post-mortem speeches of George Washington,”
         George Washington and the American Nation, Conference at David Library of the American
         Revolution, Washington Crossing, Pa.
    1998. Cox, R. S., “Memorializing the war: Civil War photography and historical memory,” 40th Annual
         Local History Conference, Wayne State University.
1998. Cox, R. S., “Supper and celibacy: Quaker-Seneca reflexive missions,” Sixty Years' War for the
     Great Lakes Conference, Bowling Green, Ohio.
1997. Cox, R. S., “Spirit and image: technology and representation in spirit photography,” American
     Studies Association Conference, Washington, D.C.
1996. Cox, R. S., “Capturing the spirit: reality and spiritual reality in the photography of Eadweard
     Muybridge,” Mid-American American Studies Association Conference, St. Louis, Mo.
1995. Cox, R. S., “Sleepwalking through history: Anglo-American somnambulism, 1784-1859,”
     Conference of the Program in British Studies, Ann Arbor, Mich.
1995. Van Iten, H.; Jerre, P. and Cox, R. S., “Phylogenetic relationships of the cnidaria,” International
     Symposium on the Cnidaria, Beijing, China.
1992. Cox, R. S., “A Spontaneous Flow: Mary Griffith, America's First Female Geologist,” History of
     Earth Sciences Society Ann. Mtg., Troy, N.Y.
1991. Cox, R. S., “The gaze of the curious eye: the geological career of Mary Griffith (1772-1846),”
     Geological Society of America.
1991. Cox, R. S. and Van Iten, H., “Phylogenetic relationships of Paleozoic thecate cnidarians,”
     Geological Society of America.
1991. Cox, R. S., “Automation and reference in historical manuscripts repositories,” Midwest Archives
     Conference, Bloomington, Ind.
1987. Fisher, D. C. and R. S. Cox, “The role of skeletal crystallography in determining the phylogeny of
     extinct echinoderms,” 6th International Echinoderms Congress, Victoria, B.C.
1987. Cox, R. S.; A.J. Gharrett and W.M. Brown, “Phylogenetic information derived from echinoderm
     mitochondrial DNA analyses,” 6th International Echinoderms Congress, Victoria, B.C.
1987. Cox, R. S.; D.J. Eernisse; G. Kardon and N.D. Pentcheff, “Respiration in mopaliid chitons,”
     Biology of the Polyplacophora Symposium, American Malacological Union Ann. Mtg., Key West,
1987. Fisher, D.C. and R. S. Cox, “ Flashes of brilliance: Skeletal crystallography and echinoderm
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1987. Cox, R. S. and W.M. Brown, “Seeing the forest for the trees: Mitochondrial gene order and
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1987. Brown, W.M.; R. S. Cox; C. Moritz; A. Gharrett and L. Szura, “Sequence duplications and
     rearrangements in animal mitochondrial DNA: Are tRNA genes mobilizing elements?” Molecular
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1986. Cox, R. S.; H. Van Iten and R. H. Mapes, “The Problematic Sphenothallus: Cnidarian or
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1986. Gharrett, A. J.; R. S. Cox; L. E. Szura; E. Nordby; D A. Harter and W. M. Brown, “Phylogenetic
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1986. Cox, R. S.; Pentcheff, N. D.; G. Kardon and D. J. Eernisse, “Fluid dynamics of respiration in the
     chitons Mopalia muscosa and M. ciliata,” American Society of Zoologists Ann. Mtg., Nashville,
1986. Pentcheff, N. D.; R. S. Cox and G. Kardon, “Physical limits to the distribution of chitons in the
     intertidal,” American Society of Zoologists Ann. Mtg., Nashville, Tenn.
Books, Theses
    2004. Cox, R. S., ed., The Shortest and Most Convenient Route: Lewis and Clark in Context
         (Philadelphia: APS).
    2003. Cox, R. S., Body and Soul: A Sympathetic History of American Spiritualism (Charlottesville:
         University of Virginia Press).
                Reviewed in: Journal of American History, Journal of the Early Republic, Pennyslvania
                Magazine of History and Biography, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Journal
                for Cultural and Religious Theory.
    2002. Cox, R. S., “Without Crucible or Scalpel: Sympathy and American Spiritualism, 1848-1878,”
         Dissertation, Univ. of Michigan. 347pp.
    1991. Cox, R. S., “The various contrivances by which orchids are fertilized by insects,” MFA Thesis,
         Univ. of Michigan.
    1983. Cox, R. S., “Encrusting cheilostome bryozoans of Enewetak Atoll: Identification manual and
         distributional data,” Enewetak Marine Biological Laboratory and Bishop Museum Unpublished
         Report. 388 pp.
    1983. Cox, R. S., “Ecology and distributions of encrusting cheilostome bryozoans on Enewetak Atoll,
         Marshall Islands.” MS Thesis, Penn State University. 290 pp.

Articles (selected):
    2010. “The pious pursuit of agriculture: Nature, culture, and Quaker-Seneca missions in the early
         Republic,” in Amy Meyers, ed., Curious in Our Way: The Culture of Nature in Philadelphia,
         1740-1840 (New Haven: Yale).
    2009. "Alice in the archives: the evolution of the catablog." Society of American Archivists
         (forthcoming). With Danielle Kovacs.
    2009. "Good intentions: Whither that road?." New England Archivists Newsletter. With Danielle
    2009. “Sarah and Angelina Grimké,” “Lewis and Clark,” and “Spiritualism,” Encyclopedia of the Early
         Republic and Antebellum America (forthcoming)
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         Steger, eds. Worlds of Sleep. (Frank and Timme: Berlin): 53-73.
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         the United States (Praeger: New York)
    2006. “Biology and race,” “Museums and historical societies,” “Natural History,” “American
         Philosophical Society,” “Paleontology,” “Mesmerism,” and “Phrenology” in Paul Finkelman, ed.,
           Encyclopedia of the New American Nation
    2004. “I never yet parted: The Seeds of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” in R.S. Cox, ed., The Shortest
         and Most Convenient Route: Lewis and Clark in Context (Philadelphia: APS)
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         (with Rachel Onuf).
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   1986. “Preliminary report on the age and palynology of the Bear Gulch Limestone, Mississippian, central
        Montana,” Journal of Paleontology 60: 952-956.

Reviews (selected)
   2009. Ken McGoogan, Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures of Elisha Kent Kane.
        Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography .
   2009. Molly McGarry, Ghosts of Future Pas: Spiritualism and Cultural Politics in Nineteenth Century
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   2000. Kimberly Hanger, Bounded Lives, Bounded Places. Journal of the Early Republic.

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