You are about to be buried alive. You will be sealed in a coffin by liuhongmei


									You are about to be buried alive.
You will be sealed in a coffin which will be covered with approximately two feet of dirt. There is
no external ventilation. There is no easy means of escape. You will be buried alive, for real.

If you have any history of anxiety, claustrophobia, heart disease or breathing difficulties; if you
are currently taking any medication for any of these conditions; if you dislike total darkness,
confined spaces, forced immobilization, restricted air supply or a sense of forced helplessness
in the face of your own mortality; then you are contraindicated for being buried alive.

If you understand this and yet you still wish to be buried alive, please read and sign your
agreement to the following:

I am aware that my participation in being buried alive is a hazardous activity. I am voluntarily
participating in this activity with knowledge of the danger involved and I hereby agree to accept
any and all risks of property damage, personal injury, post-traumatic stress, or death.

In consideration of my participation, I hereby release the art and theory group monochrom
(based in Vienna, Austria), curator Seamus Kealy and Contemporary Art Gallery (located at 555
Nelson Street, Vancouver BC) and any of its directors, officers, event organizers, grave diggers,
volunteers and/or agents, from any present and future claims, including negligence, for property
damage, personal injury, or wrongful death, arising from my participation in any activities related
to being buried alive.

Furthermore, I hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims, both present and future, arising from
my participation in being buried alive, including but not limited to negligence, property damage,
psychological damage, bodily injury, and wrongful death. I further understand that the burial I
participate in may be conducted at a site that is remote from available medical assistance; and
nonetheless agree to proceed with such activities in spite of the possible absence of medical
assistance. I also understand that any equipment provided for my burial may be totally
inadequate in preventing serious injury.

I have read this form and fully understand that by signing this form, I am giving up legal rights
and/or remedies, which may be available to me.


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