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PowerPoint Presentation - Edinburgh Napier University


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									                                  The Edinburgh Napier Staff Hall of Fame 2009
                                          Some respondents to the Student Satisfaction Survey (May 2009) were particularly
                                             appreciative of Edinburgh Napier University staff – this is their hall of fame!
                      The classes are smaller therefore lecturers are more likely to know students by
                      name therefore they become more approachable. Some lecturers like Andy                                                      The diverse classes one can take helps
                      Moffat and Ian Walker make classes enjoyable and easy to learn.                                                          broaden one's skills and experiences. The
                                                                                                                Cruickshank - very
                                                                                                                  enthusiastic and         lecturers are also always at hand to help and
                                                                                                                helped me learn with        the majority go that extra mile to make sure
                                                                         I enjoy the enthusiasm
                                                                                                                     confidence.             you leave with the best knowledge you can.
                                    Nicholas Grier the                    of my lecturers in the
                                   best lecturer and a                   subjects they teach, all
                                   very good guy.                        are very motivated and        When you come across a teacher who is
                                                                             make the whole         approachable, enthusiastic and wants you to do        The staff in the nursing
                                                                          learning experience a      your best. I would like to especially highlight         category (including
                        I have been supported very well on the
                                                                          totally fascinating and      Hayley Ness as an outstanding teacher.               the library staff) are
                        course with personal difficulties and illness
                                                                         enjoyable one. FECCI                                                                 pleasant and helpful.
                        resulting in standstill. I have used the
                        counselling service, speak often to Kev
                        Head and my personal tutor. I may not            Some very approachable staff, who, despite busy schedules              Finally found out i was dyslexic and the
                        have returned to the course without such         are happy to make time to help. Namely                           support and help I've received since has been
                        wonderful support.                               Mark Huxham, Jason Gilchrist, Alison Craig.                         phenomenal. My confidence has received a
                                                                                                                                          real boost due to the help and support I have
                                The nursing staff are                         The core facilities are good and modern, e.g.                     received from Sally Smith and Aileen
                                amazing. They are very                     computers/library/new campuses. Some lecturers                MacLean in FECCI and also Monica Gribben
                                friendly yet professional and               are fantastic with great enthusiasm and belief for           in Student Affairs. I finally believe I can go out
                                most of them seem to really                their courses and the university eg. Andy Moffat,                                       and work in a real 9-5.
                                enjoy teaching.                                    Alina Potter and Carles Ibanez.
                                                                                                                                       The library staff are very helpful.

                        A lot of the staff in FECCI are incredibly           Having access to good quality facilities such as
                        enthusiastic about what they are teaching,            academic support (Daphne Loads) who has                  The lecturers for Mental health nursing
                        which is great to see and actually quite             really helped me improve my academic writing.                are motivational, inspirational and serve as
                        inspiring. The fact that certain staff members                                                                       exceptional role models. They have truly
                        are so engaged in what they are teaching                                                                        made being a student mental health nurse a
                        makes me more motivated to expand my                  The student community and atmosphere is                   joy. They too act as ambassadors for mental
                        knowledge of the subject and learn                     really warm and friendly. The staff in the              health, promoting it, valuing it and teaching it
                        independently, even if what I am learning on               English school are also very good                      with passion. I enjoy each lecture with the
                        my own is of no relevance to the particular            particularly, the head of the school Anne                                         gratitude it deserves.
                        module the staff member teaches.                        Schwan who runs our school to a very
                                                                                      efficient and high standard.

                               The staff are friendly and not intimidating. Having attended Edinburgh University
                                                                                                                                   The retired director of research, Diana Woodward
                               the difference is massive, there the staff are viewed above the students and the
                                                                                                                                   was kind and considerate. Given she was the senior
                               atmosphere was terrible. Edinburgh Napier does a great job at welcoming mixed
                                                                                                                                   management of the research school, she was willing
                               students from all backgrounds. I know this is anonymous, but I have to congratulate
                                                                                                                                   to personally look into the case and exchange views
                               you on Anne Schwan she is born to teach and is fantastic at her job.
                                                                                                                                                         with me, I was very impressed.

Janis Greig Student Satisfaction Survey data May 2009                                                                                                                                 Janis Greig, June 2009

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