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					A.P. Chemistry

First Semester review
How many grams of sodium chloride are
dissolved in 50.0 mL of 1.50 M solution
    A) 23.4 g
                   Volume x Molarity
    B) 0.00324 g = moles
    C) 4.38 x 10 g

    D) 117 g
    E) 4.38 g
                             1.5 minutes
In the following reaction, the oxidation
numbers on sulfur are:

NaCl + H2SO4 + MnO2 ---> Na2SO4 +
                      MnSO4 + H2O + Cl2

A   +4, +6 and +4 respectively What is
B   +4, +4 and +4 respectively being
C   +6, +6 and +6 respectively
D   +6, +6 and +4 respectively
E   +4, +6 and +6 respectively
                                 1 minute
Using the rules for significant
figures, calculate the
following: (8.790 - 13)/3.90
    A) -1       + or – (to the place)
    B) -1.03
    C) -1.079   X or / (to the
                number of sig figs)
    D) -1.08
    E) -1.1
                          1 minute
Which of the following is named
   A) HClO2 : chlorous acid
    B) H2SO4 : sulfuric acid
    C) H3PO3 : phosphorous acid
    D) H2CO2 : carbonous acid
    E) HClO : hydrochlorous acid
        Hydro- prefix is used when
        there is no oxygen 1 minute
The element hafnium (Hf) has five stable
isotopes. The correct number of nuclear particles
in an atom of hafnium-178 is:
A 72 protons, 72 electrons
B 72 protons, 106 electrons
C 72 protons, 178 neutrons
D 106 protons, 72 neutrons
E 72 protons, 106 neutrons

   Mass # = protons + neutrons
                                   1 minute
When 13.5 grams of methane (CH4)
burns in 40.0 grams of oxygen, how
 many grams of water are formed?
         Oxygen in the L.R.
         A 22.5 grams H2O
         B 24.0 grams H2O
         C 30.3 grams H2O
         D 112 grams H2O
         E 18.0 grams H2O
                         2.5 minutes
How big a volume of dry oxygen gas
at STP would you need to take to get
the same number of oxygen
molecules as there are hydrogen
molecules in 25.0 liters at 0.850 atm
and 35°C
     A 18.8 L
     B 0.656 L         Ideal Gas Law
     C 0.068 L
     D 4.2 L
     E 32.3 L                 1 minute
At a temperature of 250K, the
molecules of an unknown gas, Z,
have an average velocity equal to
that of HI at 500K. What is the
identity of the gas?
        A SO2      urms = (3RT/MM)½
        B N2
        C NO2
        D CO2
        E O2                 2 minutes
Calculate the work done for the
expansion of oxygen gas from 2.5
liters to 3.7 liters against a pressure
of 720 torr.
       A -4.78 liter·atm
       B -1.14 liter·atm w = -PDV
       C 8.79 liter·atm
       D -864 liter·atm
       E 864 liter·atm
                             1 minute
Calculate the change in enthalpy in the formation of
1 mole of PbSO4(s) from its elements, given the

Pb(s) + S(s) --> PbS(s) + 94 kJ/mol

PbS(s) + 2O2(g) --> PbSO4(s) + 824 kJ/mol

    A   730 kJ/mol         Hess’s Law
    B   -730 kJ/mol
    C   -918 kJ/mol
    D   None of these
    E   918 kJ/mol

                                       1.5 minutes
Which of the following statements are true?
 A. It is harder to remove an electron from
     Na than from Na+.
 B. The first ionization energy of fluorine is
     greater than the first ionization energy
     of oxygen. Zeff is greater for F
 C As the atomic number increases within
    a group of the representative elements,
    the tendency is for first ionization energy
    to increase.
 D All particles with the electron
     configuration [Ar]4s2 have the same
     ionization energy.
 E All are false                    1.25 minutes
How many f orbitals have
n = 3?
    A 0     You can’t have
    B 5     “f” orbitals until
    C 3
    D 1
    E 7
                       30 s
Which of the following
molecules must contain at
least one double bond
       A H2O2     What is the
                  name of the
       B CCl4
                  group –COOH?
       C CH3I
       D CH3COOH
       E H2O      carboxyl!!!!
                      45 s
In which of the following compounds
does the bond between the central
atom and chlorine have the greatest
ionic character?
     A   BCl3
     B   HCl
     C   FeCl2     Ca is the least
     D   CCl4      electronegative
     E   CaCl2     metal
                          45 s
Which of the following ionic
compounds has the smallest lattice
  A CaCl2       Smallest ion
  B MgS         charges
  C Na2O
  D LiF
  E CaO

                          45 s
Nitrogen triiodide, NI3, is an
unstable molecule that is used as a
contact explosive. Its molecular
structure is:
 A none of these
 B octahedral
 C square planar
 D tetrahedral
 E trigonal pyramidal
                          45 s
Hybridization of carbon in the
molecule CH2O is of the form
       A d2sp3
       B sp2
       C sp
       D dsp3
       E sp3

                           45 s
The geometry associated with d2sp3
hybridization is:
    A trigonal planar
    B octahedral
    C trigonal biplanar
    D tetrahedral
    E linear

                            30 s
Name this:

                      30 s
Name this:

             ethene   30 s
Name this:

       ethanoic acid
                  30 s

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