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									THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                    HEALTH INFORMATICS AND
ARTS & SCIENCES ADVISING SERVICES                                            INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
313 Ayres Hall ● WWW.ARTSCI.UTK.EDU/ADVISING/                                   UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER
                                                                                                  Memphis, Tennessee

WHAT IS HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT?                      $68,683 on average. More than 50% of new HIIM
                                                            graduates start with salaries in the $30,000 to $50,000
Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM)        range. Five years out, many earn $50,000 to $75,000
is an excellent career choice offering a variety of paths   depending on location, position, and job responsibilities.
depending on one’s personal interests and goals. It is a    The earning potential is excellent.
perfect solution for a person who wants a “non-patient
contact” health care career. It combines knowledge and      PRE-HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
skills in management, science, computer technology and
information systems, legal concepts, and finance, as well   The College of Arts and Sciences offers course work
as other areas into one career. It is one of the fastest    that prepares students to enter the Health Informatics
growing professions in the nation, and the need for         and Information Management program at UT Health
sharp, new people in the field is critical.                 Science Center in Memphis. Admission to UT Health
                                                            Science Center requires completion of 78 hours of
HIIM professionals have vital roles in maintaining,         prescribed courses for the Entry-Level Masters program.
collecting, and analyzing the data that physicians,
nurses, and all healthcare providers rely on to deliver     The program in Memphis leads to a Masters in Health
healthcare. HIIM professionals are experts at managing      Informatics and Information Management. This program
patient health information and records, administering       has been in existence since 1954 and over 600
computerized information systems, and coding and            graduates have completed the program. The Entry-Level
classifying the diagnoses and procedures for healthcare     Masters program at UT Memphis is accredited by the
services provided.                                          Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and
                                                            Information Management Education (CAHIIM). The
The successful HIIM professional needs interpersonal        entry-level program has excellent outcomes, and results
skills to deal with the multitude of healthcare providers   on the national certification examination are above the
and other users of healthcare information. The need for     national average.
information must be balanced with the patient’s right to
privacy and right to know how personal healthcare           The Entry-Level Masters program is offered in a hybrid
information is used. The HIIM professional serves as an     format. One week per semester students are required to
advocate for privacy protection while assuring that         be either on campus or to attend classes virtually using
information is available for reimbursement, legal needs,    video technology. For the rest of the semester, students
statistics, research, and quality outcomes. The HIIM        utilize the course management system via the Internet to
professional works with finance personnel, attorneys,       attend classes, complete assignment, and interact with
government       agencies,     and    numerous      other   classmates and faculty members. Student may continue
                                                            to work full time and choose to complete the program in
professionals who need healthcare information and
                                                            either a full-time or part-time option.
assures that federal and state laws and regulations and
accreditation and licensure standards are followed.
                                                            The program has outstanding faculty members who
                                                            have served or are currently serving in numerous
The HIIM professional must be flexible to deal with         leadership positions in national, regional, state and local
change and enjoy the challenge of a regularly changing      levels of the professional organization. Adjunct faculty
environment. The HIIM professional is in the middle of      and guest speakers for classes include hospital
the action in a healthcare facility because the HIIM        administrators, attorneys, physicians, and other health
department is the institution’s healthcare information      care professionals who provide valuable, real-world
hub. It is an exciting, interesting place to be. Because    insights.
the HIIM professional works with so many different
people in the facility and has such a broad educational     The pre-health information management program
background, he or she will be able to assume more and       described below is based on the requirements for
more responsibility.                                        admission to the program at the UT Health Science
                                                            Center. Students wishing to prepare for professional
According to AHIMA, the average annual full-time HIIM       training at other institutions should consult the catalogs
salary across all work settings in 2008 was $57,370;        of those institutions to determine the specific preparation
however, those working at consulting companies report       required for admission.
earning the most ($81,561 on average), those working in
integrated healthcare delivery systems average a bit less
($73,615), and those at non-provider settings reported
                                                                  Accounting 200                                  3
English 101-102                                       6           English literature (Communication Studies 210
                                                                           may substitute for 3 hours)            6
Social Sciences                                       6           Management 201                                  3
         Recommended social sciences include psychology,          Statistics 201                                  3
         history,   philosophy,   anthropology, economics,        Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 240            4
         sociology,    etc.   Economics    201  is  highly        Computer Science 100                            3
         recommended (see note under Management 300).
                                                                  Elective (see suggested electives above)        6
English Literature                                    6                                                           30
         Three hours of speech may be substituted for three       JUNIOR
         hours of English literature.                             Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology 230 5
                                                                  Medical Terminology                            3
Math 115 or Statistics 201                            3           Electives (see suggested electives above)      9
         Statistics 201 has a prerequisite of Math 125.                                                          17
         Statistics 201 is highly recommended (see note under
         Management 300). Statistics courses in psychology,                               TOTAL HOURS: 78 minimum
         education, management, and sociology are also
         accepted.                                                PROGRAM PLANNING
Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology 230 5                  The importance of program planning for pre-health
         Chemistry 110 or 130 is a prerequisite for BCMB 230
         (Human Physiology).
                                                                  information    management      students    cannot     be
                                                                  overstressed. It is essential for these students to
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 240                  4           develop their programs carefully and creatively in order
         EEB 240 (Human Anatomy) has a prerequisite of            to present a well-rounded pre-professional program.
         Biology 101 or 102 or 130 or 140.                        Furthermore, because there is competition for
                                                                  admission, students are strongly encouraged to select
Management 300                                        3           electives which will enable them to adapt to alternative
         Management 300 has a prerequisite of Management          programs in the event admission into a Health
         201 and junior standing. Management 201 has              Informatics and Information Management program is not
         prerequisites of Economics 201, Accounting 200, and      achieved.
         a co-requisite of Statistics 201.

Medical Terminology                                   3           Pre-health advisors are available in Arts and Sciences
        *Classics 273 at UTK will NOT fulfill this requirement.   Advising Services, 313 Ayres Hall, to help students plan
        TN RODP HIT 1010 course will work or a course at          programs with maximum flexibility. However, in the final
        another institution. See the UTHSC site for details.      analysis, it is the responsibility of each student to
                                                                  determine the program which will best satisfy his or her
Computer Science 100                                  3           particular needs.
Electives                                             38
         Suggested electives include organization and             ALPHA EPSILON DELTA (AED)
         management, personnel/human resources manage-
         ment, management information systems, finance,
         accounting, or other appropriate electives.              Alpha Epsilon Delta is a pre-health honor society that
                                                                  seeks to provide information and opportunities for
Applicants should note that grades of D are not                   students with an interest in the health professions. The
acceptable in required courses. Physical education,               Tennessee Beta Chapter of AED is active at The
applied art and music classes, and ROTC are not                   University of Tennessee.          AED activities include
counted toward the total hours or for calculating the             information sessions on preparing to apply to
GPA.                                                              professional schools, local speakers from the medical
                                                                  community, trips to Tennessee medical schools and
The following is a sample curriculum for UT students.             health centers, and service activities. The schedule of
                                                                  meetings is available at http://web.utk.edu/~aed/.
FRESHMAN                        CREDIT HOURS
English 101-102                            6                      Requirements for membership include three terms of
Biology 101 or 130                         4                      college (at least one at UTK), a cumulative GPA of 3.2, a
Psychology 110 or other social science     3                      science GPA of 3.2, and participation in AED sponsored
Math 125                                   3                      events and meetings. Students interested in joining AED
Economics 201                              4                      should apply for membership at the beginning of fall
Chemistry 100-110 or 120-130               8                      term. Applications are available in Arts and Sciences
Elective                                   3                      Advising Services, 313 Ayres Hall, and on the
                                                                  organization’s website.
Any pre-health student, regardless of membership, may         present time, interested students may contact Vicky
participate in the programs sponsored by AED. Pre-            Ferguson (Mercy Health Systems) at (865) 545-7824 or
health students wishing to receive notification of pre-       Sarah Bowman at (865) 454-0622 to discuss the career
health activities and AED events should send an e-mail        in Health Information Management.
to mhoskins@utk.edu to request to be added to the pre-
health distribution list.
                                                              APPLICATION DEADLINES AND SELECTION DATES

SEMINAR FOR PRE-HEALTH STUDENTS                               Class Size                           15
                                                              Entering Date                        August
                                                              Application Deadline                 March 1
During each fall semester, Arts and Sciences Advising         Final Class Selection Date           June 1
Services offers a one credit hour course entitled             Late Application Deadline            July 1 (if space permits)
“Introduction to Health Care Delivery.” This one credit       Late Application Selection Date      Aug 1 (if space permits)
hour seminar course is taught in the Wood Auditorium of       Length of Program                    5 semesters/78 hours
UT Hospital. The course provides weekly seminars on           Average GPA of admits                3.35
topics such as managed care, family practice, ethical
issues in medicine, malpractice, allied health programs,      For further information concerning admissions statistics
and many others. The course is listed in the timetable        and required grade point average, please contact the
under Interdisciplinary Programs 100. The course is           Health Information Management program directly.
open to any interested student.
                                                              ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE FROM:
                                                              University of Tennessee Health Science Center
                                                              Department of Health Information Management
During the sophomore year, students should attend a
                                                              920 Madison Avenue, Suite 518
pre-professional file group meeting to learn about setting
                                                              Memphis, TN 38163
up the pre-professional file. Group meetings are
                                                              (901) 448-6486; fax (901) 448-1629
scheduled weekly in Arts and Sciences Advising
Services, 313 Ayres Hall. In the meeting, students are
given information on pre-professional evaluations and
other aspects of the application process.
                                                              Arts and Sciences Advising Services
                                                              313 Ayres Hall
The most important aspect of the file is the letters of
                                                              The University of Tennessee
evaluation you request from faculty members who have
                                                              Knoxville, TN 37996-1325
known you as a UT student. Three letters are required,
                                                              (865) 974-4481
and two of the evaluations should come from faculty
members. A work supervisor who can speak to how the
student could function in the HIIM program is
                                                              American Health Information Management Association
acceptable. Be sure that you have become well                                       st
                                                              233 North Michigan, 21 floor
acquainted with your professors prior to requesting the
                                                              Chicago, IL 60601-5809
evaluations. Once you have started your file, keep in
                                                              (312) 233-1100
touch with the health professions secretary to
periodically check on your file and to provide address
and phone number updates.
                                                              The information in this bulletin is subject to revision.
                                                              Students are strongly encouraged to consult with a pre-
                                                              health advisor on a regular basis.
The deadline for applications to the entry-level HIIM         ADMISSION TO THE HEALTH INFORMATICS AND INFORMATION
program each year is March 1 and the late deadline is         MANAGEMENT PROGRAM IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE
July 1 for the fall semester start date. Classes begin in     ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
                                                              INFORMATICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. ADMISSION
August. A personal interview with the Health Information      TO THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, KNOXVILLE, AND
Management Admissions Committee will be granted by            COMPLETION OF THE PRE-HEALTH INFORMATICS AND
invitation only. At the time of application, each applicant   INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM IN THE COLLEGE OF
is required to have official transcripts from each school     ARTS AND SCIENCES DOES NOT ASSURE ADMISSION TO UT
                                                              HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER.
attended sent directly to the UT Health Science Center.
UT transcripts may be requested on-line at:                   THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, KNOXVILLE
http://registrar.tennessee.edu/records/transcripts.shtml).    EEO/TITLE IX/SECTION 504 STATEMENT

                                                              The University of Tennessee is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section
Visits to Health Information Management departments           504/ADA/ADEA institution in the provision of its education and
are the best way to see the Health Information Manager        employment programs and services.
in action. Directors in the Knoxville area would be                                                         Revised June 2011
delighted to meet with prospective students. At the

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