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					                              THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
                              FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES

                                  RESEARCH COMMITTEE
                   Minutes of the Meeting held on Friday 5 November 2004

Members:        Professor M Sawyer (Convenor), Dr P Cowled, Dr C Hughes,
                Professor I Kotlarski, Professor H Morris, Professor I Olver, Dr J Pitcher,
                A/Prof S Robertson, Dr D Saint, Professor A Somogyi, Professor J White

Apologies:      Professor J Beilby, Dr D Burrow, Dr D Game, Professor T Nettelbeck,
                Professor J Spencer

In attendance: Simon Brennan and Stella Richards, Research Secretariat

     The Committee APPROVED the minutes of the meeting held on 1 October 2004.

     2.1 B Med Sc. Marketing Plan
     Simon Brennan confirmed that he met with Professor Beilby to discuss a marketing plan to
     promote the B Med Sc (Honours) opportunity to MBBS students in the first three years of the
     course. A flyer detailing the pathways to enrol in a B Med Sc degree is currently in
     preparation for distribution electronically to medical students.

     2.2 Vacation Scholarship Review
     Professor Sawyer reported that the vacation scholarship scheme is currently under review.
     Discussion at Research Committee Executive has centered on the optimum use of the
     scholarship process to attract undergraduate students to enter research careers. The notion of
     allocating a specific number of scholarships to different discipline areas together with
     increased flexibility of how and when the scholarships are used will form the basis of a paper
     that will be discussed further by Research Executive before being returned for consideration
     by Research Committee members.

     2.3 Faculty SSOCP Policy variations
     The Executive Dean has approved the changes to the Faculty’s Special Studies policy in line
     with the recommendations approved at the previous Research Committee meeting, which
     includes the possibility of an application that provides a strong case why it may not conform
     to the time periods in the SSP guidelines being considered by the SSOCP Committee.

     3.1 Florey/Faculty Flyer
     The November edition of the Florey Medical Research Fund/Faculty newsletter was tabled
     for members’ consideration. The flyer will be inserted in the December issue of MedicSA to
     reach GPs state-wide. The Florey Fund will target those on its own distribution list. It was
     suggested that the flyer could also be circulated to medical students, especially as several
     B Med Sc students are featured in this issue.

     Professor Sawyer extended his sincere appreciation to Dr Yvonne Miels for compiling the
     content in the production of this quality flyer.

     3.2 Florey Lecture 2004
     Dr Hughes reported that the Florey Lecture, delivered on 13 October 2004 by A/Professor
     Gary Wittert, had been well attended and achieved the aim of providing a public face to the
     Florey Adelaide Male Ageing Study of which A/Professor Wittert is lead investigator.
     3.3 Florey Chapter of Alumni
     Dr Hughes flagged that he may be able to report on developments with the Florey Chapter of
     Alumni at the December meeting.

     4.1 Minutes from the Higher Degrees Committee Meeting
     The minutes of the Higher Degrees Committee meeting held on 21 October 2004 were pre-
     circulated for members’ information. The report from Dr Helen McCutcheon, Faculty
     Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator was highlighted, specifically in terms of the
     development of a Code of Practice for postgraduate coursework and a number of recent
     postgraduate coursework initiatives being supported by the University (refer: item 3 of the
     HDC minutes).

     4.2 Divisional Scholarship Announcement from the Dean of Graduate Studies
     Simon Brennan reported that an official call for written requests from postgraduate
     supervisors interested in securing support for a Faculty Divisional Scholarship was circulated
     to Heads of Department (Medical School), the Dean (Dental School) and Faculty
     Postgraduate Coordinators on 27 October 2004. Although further requests may be accepted
     at a later stage, the initial allocation of divisional scholarships will be made on the basis of
     the requests received by 19 November 2004.

     It was noted that the DVC(R) has made available 55 Divisional Scholarships for commencing
     domestic HDR students in 2005 to assist the Faculty in achieving its overall target of 257

     4.3 Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships (Dept of Psychology)
     A background paper in relation the introduction of fees for two Masters programs offered by
     the Department of Psychology and the proposal to award coursework masters scholarships to
     the highest quality applicants was tabled for members’ consideration. The proposal had been
     supported by members of the Higher Degrees Committee. However, the Executive Dean had
     required a recommendation from the Research Committee prior to the establishment of such

     The Research Executive formed the view that as the programs are full fee paying, everyone in
     principle should pay fees. Waiving the cost of fees for some students seemed inappropriate
     since the fee income from each student should cover costs alone and not scholarships for
     some. Professor Nettelbeck, who attended the Research Executive meeting, acknowledged
     that externally funded scholarships would be a different matter and accepted this position.

     Research Committee endorsed the recommendation that the Executive Dean be advised not
     to support the establishment of the postgraduate coursework scholarships in the Department
     of Psychology funded from student fees.

     5.1 Short-listing & Selection for International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
     Members were advised that nine applications for International Postgraduate Research
     Scholarships 2005 were forwarded to the Faculty for ranking. Professor Somogyi, Dr
     Cowled and A/Professor Breed participated in the review and ranking of the Faculty
     applications. There was consensus amongst the reviewers that the top three applications were
     of a very high standard. The final ranked list has been approved by the Executive Dean and
     forwarded for finalisation and approval of the institutional ranking by the Graduate
     Scholarships Committee.

     5.2 Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships 2004-2005
     Following are the decisions, as endorsed by the Committee, for the award of Faculty
     undergraduate vacation scholarships 2004-2005:
Name               Course/           Host             Indicative Funding   Supervisor
                   year              Department       Source
Sean Wei Leow      2nd yr MBBS       Medicine,TQEH    Heart Endowment      Dr John Beltrame
Soon Yee Teoh      2nd yr MBBS       Obstetrics &     Foetal               Dr Claire Roberts
                                     Gynaecology      Endowment Funds
Mittal Patel       2nd yr MBBS       Medicine         FVS                  Dr Chen Au Peh
Hooi Wen Hong      2nd yr MBBS       Medicine         Cancer               Dr Tina Bianco-
                                                      Endowment Funds      Miotto
Sharon             2nd yr            Medicine         Cancer               Dr Grant Buchanan
Devasagayam        BSc (Biomed Sc)                    Endowment Funds
Paul Armenores     2nd yr MBBS       Clinical &       FVS                  A/Prof Anne Tonkin
Jillian Lee        5th yr MBBS       Surgery          Cancer               A/Prof Nick Rieger
                                                      Endowment Funds
Ian Zajac          3rd yr            Psychology       ASRS                 Dr Nick Burns
                   B Soc Sc
Wei How Lim        2nd yr MBBS       Anatomical       ASRS                 Dr Mounir
                                     Sciences                              Ghabriel/Prof B
Aida Sam           3rd yr MBBS       Obstetrics &     Foetal               Dr Jeremy
                                     Gynaecology      Endowment Funds      Thompson
Wee-Ching          2nd yr BSc        Obstetrics &     Foetal               Prof Julie Owens/
Kong               (Biomedical Sc)   Gynaecology      Endowment Funds      Mrs Pat Grant & Dr
                                                                           Kathy Gatford
Edwin Wee Hian     2nd yr MBBS       Pathology        Bone/                Dr David Haynes
Tan                                                   Arthritis
                                                      Endowment Funds
Tan Thien Quach    3rd yr MBBS       Medicine         Heart Endowment      Prof J Horowitz &
                                                      Funds                others
Siok Hui Tan       2nd yr BSc        Clinical &       ASRS                 Prof White/Dr O
                   (Biomedical Sc)   Experimental                          Lopatko
Danielle Carlson   3rd yr MBBS       Orthopaedics &   FVS                  Mr P Cundy & Mr
                                     Trauma                                A Sutherland
Rosanne Freak-     2nd yr BHSc       Public Health    Mental Health        Dr Peng Bi
Poli                                                  Endowment Funds
Betty Raman        3rd yr MBBS       Pathology        Bone/                Dr Ian Parkinson
                                                      Endowment Funds
Tuan Van Vo        4th yr MBBS       Pathology        Bone/                Dr Ian Parkinson
                                                      Endowment Funds
James, Su Ming     2nd yr BSc        Physiology       ASRS                 Dr Jeffrey Schwartz
Chee Chong         4th yr MBBS       Medicine         Cancer               Dr DJ Taylor
                                                      Endowment Funds      (Jamie)
Shane Johnstone    4th yr BDS        Dental School    Cancer               Dr Richard Logan
                                                      Endowment Funds
Choi-Mun Cho       4th yr BDS        Dental School    FVS                  Dr Richard Logan
Nikki Tziavaras    2nd yr BDS        Dental School    FVS                  Prof Grant
                                                                           Townsend/ Dr
                                                                           David Netherway
Timothy            2nd yr MBBS       Surgery          Cancer               Eric Smith
Greenwell                                             Endowment Funds
Natasha            2nd yr BHSc       Public Health    ASRS                 Dr Judy Carman
Sarah Donaldson    2nd yr            Public Health    Mental Health        Dr Peng Bi
                   B Health Sc                        Endowment Funds
Katherine Kloza    4th yr MBBS       Psychiatry       Mental Health        Dr C Galletly
                                                      Endowment Funds
Hon Sing Chan      2nd yr MBBS       Anatomical       FVS                  Dr M Ghabriel
Name               Course/            Host               Indicative Funding   Supervisor
                   year               Department         Source
Simon Prowse       4th yr MBBS        Medicine           FVS                  Dr David Taverner

Kai-Yan (Gary)     2nd yr BSc         Paediatrics        ASRS                 Dr Sharon Byers
Mak                (Biomed Sc)
Skye-Bianca        3rd yr             Pathology          Bone/                Dr D Haynes
Hughes             B Health Sc                           Arthritis
                                                         Endowment Funds
Stuart McKee       3rd yr BSc         Clinical &         ASRS                 Dr Rod Irvine
                                      Experimental                            Dr Abdallah Salem
Paul Campbell      2nd yr             Psychology         Mental Health        Dr Lisa Kettler
                   BA/BSc                                Endowment Funds
                   B Comp Sc
Lisa Allsopp       3rd yr BHealthSc   Obstetrics &       Foetal               Dr Michelle Lane
                                      Gynaecology        Endowment Funds
Bradley Wong       4th yr MBBS        Pathology          Bone/                A/Professor Nick
                                                         Arthritis            Fazzalari/ Dr Peter
                                                         Endowment Funds      Sutton Smith
Louise Fischer     3rd yr MBBS        Surgery            Cancer               Prof Guy Maddern
                                                         Endowment Funds
Holly Noack        3rd yr             Public Health      ASRS                 Ms Anne Taylor
                   B Health Sc
Felicity Baker     4th yr MBBS        General Practice   ASRS                 A/Prof Jonathan
Chathuri           2nd yr MBBS        Surgery            FVS                  Dr Prue Cowled
Andrea Trinca      3rd yr B Soc Sc    Public Health      Cancer               Dr Peng Bi
                                                         Endowment Funds
Melanie Tran       3rd yr B Sc        Obstetrics &       Foetal               Prof J Owens
                                      Gynaecology        Endowment Funds
Kimberly Lewis     2nd yr B Arts      Psychology         ASRS                 Dr Neil Kirby
Karolina           3rd yr B Arts      Psychology/        ASRS                 Dr Neil Kirby
Alexandra Costi    3rd yr B Arts      Psychology/        Mental Health        Dr Neil Kirby
                                                         Endowment Funds
Susannah Trigg     3rd yr             Psychology         FVS                  Dr Neil Kirby
                   B Soc Sc/
                   B Laws
Stuart Ekberg      3rd yr             Psychology         FVS                  Dr Neil Kirby
                   B Psych (Hons)

Tim Ting-Kang      3rd yr BDS         Dental School      ASRS                 V Marino & Prof M
Chang                                                                         Bartold

       Of the 53 applications received, 6 have subsequently been withdrawn as students have
       accepted scholarships from alternate funding bodies or, in one case, an offer of paid work.
       Following is the proposed allocation of funding to support the remaining 47 applicants:
       35 Faculty Scholarships are to be funded from General Endowment Fund Income ($17,800)
       and the remainder from specific endowment funds (eg Cancer/Heart/Foetal/Mental Health
       $18,950) to a combined total of $36,750.
       A minimum of 12 students are to be awarded Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships
       (ASRS), which are half funded by Faculty and topped up from $150 to $175 per week for 6
       weeks (Central contribution: $5,400; General Endowment Fund Income: $7,200)
       General Medical Endowment Income: $25K (as per the proposed budget for the scheme)
       Specific Endowment Fund Income: $18,950
       Central Contribution: $5,400
     5.3 Proof of Commercial Concept Grant Call
     Members were advised that two (2) applications were submitted from University staff
     members currently working within the Faculty of Health Sciences for funding in the newly
     established Proof of Commercial Concept (POCC) Scheme.

     The POCC Funding Scheme is a joint initiative between ARI Pty Ltd and the Faculty of
     Health Sciences to enhance the commercial viability and successful commercialisation of
     research outcomes by supporting early proof of commercial concept research and
     development work within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

     The applications are currently under review by members of the Grants and Personnel
     Committee. It is envisaged that the outcome of the grant round will be announced soon
     following a meeting with Mr Peter Schembri, Health Sciences Business Development
     Manager, ARI Pty Ltd to finalise the recommendation.

     5.4 Research Development Grant Award Call
     Professor Somogyi reported that the call for applications for Research Development Awards
     2005 has been widely circulated with a closing date of 22 November 2004. It is envisaged
     that the Grants and Personnel Committee will finalise the recommendations for the award of
     Research Development Funding at its meeting on 30 November 2004 for presentation to
     Research Committee at the December meeting.
     The Guidelines and Summary Information Form can be accessed from the Faculty research
     website at:

     5.5 Early Career Research Fellowship—Update
     Members were advised that following approval from the VC for the advertising of the
     Faculty Early Career Fellowship, the call for applications has been made with a closing date
     of 6 December 2004. The application form, criteria for appointment and conditions of
     appointment can be accessed from the Faculty research website at:

     6.1 Major Grant Rounds—Update
     A summary of Health Sciences Competitive Grant Applications for October 2004, as
     extracted from ResearchMaster on 4 November 2004, was tabled for members’ information.
     There was general support for researchers to write individually to the local member of
     Parliament in relation to the unreasonable delay in the release of the NHMRC Project Grant

     6.2 2004 Hanson Symposium
     Professor Morris reported that the Hanson Symposium, 'Stem Cells ~ from Biology to
     Therapy' will be held at the Adelaide Hilton International from 19 – 21 November 2004.
     Assistance was requested from the Research Secretariat in circulating the flyer containing
     information on the program and free registration for HDR students and Postdoctoral Fellows
     within 5 years of graduation Faculty wide.

     Members noted the generosity of the Hanson Institute in offering the funding to provide a
     great opportunity for HDR students and early postdoctoral fellows interested in stem cell
     research to attend the symposium.

     6.3 Next Meeting Date/Christmas drinks diary date
     The final Committee meeting of the year is scheduled for Friday 3 December 2004 from
     8.00 am to 9.00 am in the Medical School Conference Room. A tentative date of Friday
     10 December 2004 (late afternoon) was set aside for Christmas drinks and nibbles for
     Committee members (details of the event to be advised).

                                                         PROFESSOR M SAWYER
5 November, 2004

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