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					                               The St. James Scroll
                    Fr. Daniel A. Looney, Pastor                                               Msgr. Andrew Coffey, Pastor Emeritus
                    Fr. Richard Blinn, S.J., Parochial Vicar
                                                    Deacons Sam Colenzo, Clark Goecker, Paul Taloff

July 2007                                                                                                        Volume 13, Number 7

                    Highlights                                               PASTORAL MESSAGE
 Jul 8           Farewell Bar-B-Que for Fr. Dan       p. 1                                  The desk in my study is littered with many
                                                                                            objects, mostly pictures of my family. There
 Jul 8           Blood Drive                          p. 3
                                                                                            is also a ceramic plaque featuring a Mexican
 Jul 13-15       Married Couples Retreat              p. 1                                  design. It was a gift from Francisco, a young
 Jul 14          Singles Dinner Dance Cruise          p. 3                                  man I met while he was a patient in one of
 Jul 21          Noche de Gala                        p. 1                                  our local convalescent hospitals.
                                                                                                 It was his attitude about the reality of his
 Jul 28          Singles Potluck & Festival           p. 3                                  situation that caught my attention. He had
 Sep 21          Priests Jubilee Celebration          p. 1           been in an automobile accident which left him permanently
 Oct 6           5th Annual Wine Tasting Festival     p. 3           wheelchair bound. He had a young wife in Mexico and was
                                                                     unable to send for her. He had come to accept the reality of his
                                                                     condition, but viewed the word reality as something he could
                                                                     change. His ultimate goal was to achieve independent living while
                                                                     getting a college education. He has achieved both goals and
                                                                     remains an inspiration to those who knew and watched him. He
                                                                     looked for and found the helpers he needed. It was his no-
             Farewell Bar-B-Que                                      nonsense definition of reality that has stayed with me.
                                                                          St. James has long had a ministry program for both
                 For Fr. Dan                                         convalescent hospitals led by Julie Utz, assisted by a number of
                                                                     volunteers. It consists of masses and communion services which
      Hopefully you have all heard that Fr. Dan will be              are offered alternately. The visits have provided us with an
 leaving us and will be going to St. Joseph’s in Vacaville.          endless number of realities in dealing with the patients.
 His last day of preaching is July 8th.                                   Some of them are aware of who they are, where they are and
      The Pastoral Council along with the parish is                  why and have adjusted accordingly. There are those who are there
 planning a Bar-B-Que in his honor after the 11:30 am                while undergoing therapy for a surgical or medical procedure in a
 mass on July 8th. It will be a special time to thank him,           hospital. We see some whose awareness of who they are or why
 say goodbye, and wish him well.                                     they’re there has slipped away.
      Please come and help make this a GREAT party for                    Attendance at the services depends on many things. Have
 Fr. Dan.                                 • Pattie Kelleher          they been awakened or have they developed a condition which
                                                                     requires that they be kept in bed? Were they scheduled for therapy
                                                                     or hair styling? Special visits are made to those whose medical
                                                                     condition requires individual prayer and/or communion. And
                                                                     there are those who don’t want to miss a favorite television
                        BRIEFLY                                      program.
                                                                          When possible we try to establish a personal relationship with
     Married Couples Retreat July 13-15. For more                    a patient, particularly one who is able and wants to help other
information, contact Christ the King Retreat Center at               patients. Mary was such a person. She is remembered because of
(916) 725-4720, email or                her ability and desire to do just that. She was a pretty sharp lady
visit                          with a winning smile who could relate to their concerns and
                                                                     respond accordingly. She has returned to her family, fortunately.
     Noche de Gala on July 21 is a gathering for good                Hopefully, there is another Mary waiting to be discovered.
food, music and dancing.                                                  Finally, of all the realities in those institutions, two remain
                                                                     most vivid. They are the courage and strength of many of the
    Jubilee Celebration September 21 for Monsignor
                                                                     patients as they take the initiative in offering assistance to others.
Andrew Coffey, who will be celebrating 60 years of
ordination, and Father Richard Blinn, who will be
celebrating 50 years as a Jesuit.

                                                                         Deacon Paul Taloff
                                                     St. James Scroll
                                      UPDATE ON THE DEATH PENALTY
     In 2006, death sentences were the lowest they had been in thirty years. Executions have sharply declined. Many state legislatures
are considering a moratorium on capital punishment. Over 200 people convicted and incarcerated for capital crimes have been found
innocent as the result of DNA testing. The 2006 Gallup Poll shows that for the first time in two decades Americans by a 1 percent
margin—48 percent to 47 percent—prefer life without parole over capital punishment. It is time for a renewed commitment to this
important social justice issue.
     Several years ago, St James Parish underwent an extensive reflection process. The outcome of that process was the following
“Statement on the Death Penalty.” Parishioners are encouraged to read this statement and to reflect on “A Basis for Action.”
     Each parishioner is urged to share the intent of this statement with our state legislators, the Governor and the Attorney General.
The Statement is available on the St James web site:

                                             THE PARISH REFLECTION PROCESS
     For a year and a half, the Catholic community of Saint James has undertaken a process of reflection on capital punishment and its
relationship to the teachings of the Church. Parishioners were asked to express their views, pro and con, on a draft “Statement on the
Death Penalty” which was being considered for adoption by the parish. Four well attended public meetings were held to which all
parishioners were invited. In publicizing them, respectful listening and serious attention to all points of view were promised.
Informational articles were published in the parish newsletter, as was the draft of the Statement. The draft was also circulated for
comment on the Saint James discussion listserve. The overwhelming response opposes capital punishment. There are undoubtedly
some parishioners who do not share the position expressed in this statement. However we believe this statement represents the general
belief of the parish that affirms the position of the Church in opposing the death penalty. The Statement which follows reflects the
results of this process.

                                                         THE STATEMENT
     We believe that all human life is sacred. We believe that abolishing the death penalty acknowledges that God is the Lord of life
and harmonizes society with the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who taught us to replace the old law of “an eye for an eye, a tooth
for a tooth” with an attitude of mercy, even toward those who commit evil against us. We believe that the sacredness of every person,
no matter how evil his or her actions, is open to conversion, repentance, reform and rehabilitation, even when incarceration is
permanent. Every one of us is loved unconditionally by God and is open to God’s redemption. This possibility can never be taken
     Our call for the abolition of capital punishment should not be construed as lack of compassion for those who have been victimized
by violent crime. They should expect swift and just punishment for those committing crimes. Medical, financial and spiritual help
should be provided them. But concern for their well-being must avoid demands for vengeance and instead reflect the deep compassion
of Jesus who taught and practiced forgiveness and mercy. In January 1999, our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II called us to “end the
death penalty, which is both cruel and unnecessary.” He begs us to stand against capital punishment. For all of the above reasons, we
believe that the death penalty is morally unacceptable and we call for its abolition.

                                                    THE POLITICAL CONTEXT
    This Statement acknowledges the political context in which this debate takes place and we affirm our belief that:
    • The death penalty does not deter serious crime in our nation nor alleviate the fear of violent crime, according to studies.
    • The death penalty is not imposed with fairness, falling disproportionately on racial and ethnic minorities, mentally
        handicapped and the poor. The U.S. General Accounting Office concluded in 1990 that race of the victim was found to
        influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty.
    • The death penalty is not imposed in such a way as to prevent the execution of innocent death row inmates. The American Bar
        Association concluded the death penalty is “a haphazard maze of unfair practices with no internal consistency.” It has called
        for a moratorium on executions. No state, including California, meets the minimum standard developed by the American Bar
        Association for appointment, performance and compensation of counsel for indigent prisoners.
    • Family members of victims of murder go through years of trauma that is prolonged by the death penalty process.
    • “Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole” is an appropriate response to a capital offense. It ends the possibility
        that violent felons will be released.

(Continued on page 5 )
                                                           Ministries                                                                3

Yes, you can save lives . . . Sunday, July 8                                       5th Annual
      at the St. James Blood Drive                                            Wine Tasting Festival
     “Jamie Trumbull is an energetic teenager who loves
                                                                                      Among the great events taking place in
playing the flute and singing in her church choir. No one
                                                                                      our parish this fall is the 5th Annual
could guess that she was given little chance of survival when
                                                                                      Wine Tasting Festival. It is scheduled
she was born. Jamie weighed just over 1 lb. at birth. Doctors
                                                                                      for Saturday, October 6, 2007 from
told her parents that only 50 percent of extreme preemies
                                                                                      6:30-9 pm. It is an event that opens our
survive. The Trumbulls thought Jamie could beat the odds.
                                                                                      parish to the greater community and
Immediately after she was born, Jamie went to UCD Medical
                                                                                      surrounding communities in a social
Center in Sacramento. She was the smallest baby UCD
                                                                                      setting and, at the same time, is a fund-
neonatal surgeons had ever operated on. After months of
                                                                                      raiser, supporting the Memorial Center.
intensive care, Jamie was healthy enough to go home. Today
                                                                                      The Center is used by all the ministries,
the Trumbulls are thankful each day for their family and for
                                                                                      the school, the families of our parish and
the BloodSource blood donors who helped Jamie survive.”
                                                                    for community events. The Wine Tasting Committee
     This is just one of the countless stories that Bloodsource
                                                                    meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the
can share. And you can be part of a new life-saving tale by
                                                                    St. Clare Room of the Center.
participating in or helping with the St. James Summer Blood
                                                                         As they say, many hands make light work. There is a
Drive on Sunday, July 8, from 9 am - 1 pm. Everyone who
                                                                    great need for one or a group of friends to co-do the Silent
tries to give will receive a coupon for a free pint of ice cream
                                                                    Auction and one or a group of friends to co-do the
from Baskin Robbins. If you would like to sign up for a
                                                                    kitchen.    There are already some helpers, but not
blood donation appointment, or to help with the drive, please
                                                                    “chairpersons.” For this event to succeed, parishioners
contact Julie Utz, 756-3636 ext. 206 or Kate Dreher
                                                                    and community members are asked to volunteer.
(, or stop by the registration tables
                                                                    Committees include:        publicity, set-up, decorations,
after mass on the weekend of June 30 - July 1.
                                                                    kitchen management/food prep, serving, clean-up, ticket
     Please remember that if you have donated after May 13
                                                                    sales, Silent Auction and child care. Be a part of
you will not be eligible to donate at our drive. And please
                                                                    something that is fun and serves a purpose. With over
contact Bloodsource if you have any additional questions (1-
                                                                    2,000 families in the parish, there should be at least 20
866-82-BLOOD).                                   • Kate Dreher
                                                                    volunteers. To volunteer and/or for more information, call
                                                                    Joan Maggenti at 758-3759,, Jo Yeager
                                                                    at 756-2423,, Vernette Marsh at 758-
                                                                    1003,                • Vernette Marsh

                                                                        Spend Some Time With Jesus
      Single Adult Ministry Events                                   ”. . . so that they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me
Two fun summer events have been planned for single adults:          and I in you, that they also may be in us. . .” John 17:21

Saturday July 14:                                                        Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament builds Christian
Dinner and Dance Cruise on Lake Tahoe                               community, as the Eucharist is the greatest unifying force
    MS Dixie, Zephyr Cove, Nevada                                   on earth. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament encourages,
    6 pm gathering for 7 pm departure                               enables, and empowers us to love one another as he has
    Ticket price: $69                                               loved us, with heartfelt mercy, compassion, love, and
Saturday, July 28:                                                       A true Eucharistic spirituality is directed to the glory
Mass, Potluck, and Elk Grove Strauss Festival                       of the Father through the holy sacrifice of the mass, to the
    St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at 4:30 pm                         glory of the Son through the Adoration of the Blessed
    9691 Elk Grove Florin Road, Elk Grove                           Sacrament, and to the glory of the Holy Spirit as we
    Donations to cover costs are requested.                         radiate the love God gives us in the Eucharist to all we
All single adults from St. James are invited to attend. Event       meet, and as we integrate this love into our daily lives.
information is from the Sacramento Diocese Single Adult                  We at St. James are blessed to have the opportunity to
Ministry. Flyers are available in the Pastoral Care Office,         participate regularly in the Adoration of the Blessed
756-3636 ext. 206, or by email ( For         Sacrament. The Blessed Sacrament is present in the chapel
more information contact MaryLee Barcena, (916) 419-                each weekday from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm. Please come and
9845,                     • Julie Utz       spend some time with Jesus.             • Libby Burmester
4                                                      St. James Scroll

                                    Families Group: Fatima Fashions
                           We are in the midst of the            clothes. Not that long ago, Christians had clothes that set them
                           “Fatima months,” May to               and their Sunday activities apart from the rest of the week.
                           October, when we remember the              How we dress for church is a family issue, and not always a
                           apparitions of Our Blessed            pleasant one! We have had Sunday morning struggles about
                           Mother to three children in           appropriate clothes for Mass. So we set guidelines for what is
                           Portugal in 1917. One of Our          appropriate church wear. You may have done the same. My
                           Lady’s messages at Fatima comes       boys must wear a collared shirt to Mass. While shorts are OK,
to my mind during these warm summer months: “Fashions            not all shorts fall into the “Sunday-go-to-meetin’” clothes
that will greatly offend Our Lord will appear. People who        category. Our children are learning that we dress in a different
serve God should not follow fashions. The Church has no          way for church. I once visited a shrine to Our Lady of Fatima
fashions—Our Lord is always the same.”                           which had a dress code prohibiting any brief clothes, including
      I do not know what has happened to modesty. It seems       shorts. The nuns kept watch, and also kept a box of clothes for
that everywhere I go, girls are wearing less, and boys are       anyone who happened to come to the shrine inappropriately
wearing more! I know things like television and movies, not      attired.
to mention the fashions available for girls in stores do not          Modesty in dress is not just a Sunday issue. Some clothes
help the situation. Our children are affected by what they       are right for church, some are right for the beach, and some may
see around them, and unfortunately, the view is not always a     not be right at all. The Fatima message asks us to consider the
good one. And, perhaps worst of all, many of these same          modesty of all the clothes we wear. Long before Fatima, St.
skimpy or sloppy clothes are also worn to church. You may        Paul (1 Timothy 2:9) wrote that women should dress with
have seen a notice in the bulletin about this. Our church is a   modesty and dignity. It can be hard to do that with some of the
holy place, the house of God. We should show respect for         fashions worn today which conceal little and reveal much.
God when we visit His house. How we dress is a part of           Necklines for girls seem to be so low cut these days. I may be
that.                                                            old fashioned, but when I was a kid, that was considered
      In an article about dressing up for mass, John Haas        immodest.
(Catholic Parent, Jan/Feb 1997) wrote that one way we can             Haas concludes his article by noting that what is inside is
witness to the great importance of what we do every Sunday       more important than how one looks, but our outward
morning is through our clothes. Pope John Paul II often          appearances often reflect our inner devotion. God sees your
spoke about how our society is becoming more secularized         heart, but those sitting around us at Mass see what we wear. I
all the time, and that we are losing the sense of the sacred.    do not have daughters, but I have sons who have to look at the
Haas suggests that by dressing well and respectfully for         girls around them. Take a look at your family as you gather for
Sunday Mass we can help reverse this trend. He suggests          Mass. Do they look like they are ready to approach the house of
we return to the practice of having “Sunday-go-to-meetin’”       God? Have a blessed and modest summer!           • Susan Holmes

                               What Fifth Graders Know About God
 A fifth grade teacher in a Christian school asked her           God is like…SEARS
 class to look at TV commercials and see if they could           He has everything.
 use them in some way to communicate ideas about God.
                                                                 God is like…ALKA-SELTZER
 Here are some of the results:
                                                                 Try Him, you’ll like Him.
 God is like…BAYER ASPIRIN
                                                                 God is like…SCOTCH TAPE
 He works miracles.
                                                                 You can’t see Him but you know He’s there.
 God is like…a FORD
                                                                 God is like…DELTA
 He’s got a better idea.
                                                                 He’s ready when you are.
 God is like…COKE
                                                                 God is like…ALLSTATE
 He’s the real thing.
                                                                 You’re in good hands with Him.
                                                                 God is like…DIAL SOAP
 He cares enough to send His very best.
                                                                 Aren’t you glad you have Him? Don’t you wish everybody
 God is like…TIDE                                                did?
 He gets out the stains others leave behind.
                                                                 God is like…the U.S. POST OFFICE
 God is like…GENERAL ELECTRIC                                    Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep Him from
 He brings good things to life.                                  His appointed destination.                          • Editor
                                                    Ministries                                                                         5

          Don’t Forget Us During the Summer!                                                PUEDES SALVAR UNA
     Many parishioners will be on vacation over the summer months. If you                      VIDA. . . AQUI
are leaving on vacation, please don’t forget St. James Parish when you are                     EL 8 DE JULIO
away from Davis. During the summer we are still paying the water bills
and the electric bills—both are at their peak during the summer months.                        Nuestra parroquia puede ayudar a
Many of our ministries continue throughout the summer and the Memorial                     muchas personas desde 9 AM hasta 1
Center continues to be used seven days a week. All of these activities                     PM el Domingo, 8 de julio cuando
require your continued financial support in June, July and August.                         tenemos nuestra campaña de donación
     There are a couple of ways you can continue your stewardship of St.                   de sangre. Si quieres hacer una cita o
James Parish while you are away on vacation. For those who are familiar                    ofrecerse a ayudar de otra manera, por
with the ease of on-line banking, add St. James as a payee and schedule                    favor, llame a Julie Utz (756-3636
automatic or recurring donations during the summer months. Or, participate                 x206) o mande un mensaje a Kate
in our Automated Giving Program (AGP). You can choose to make your                         ( Donantes
contributions once a month or twice a month. AGP provides an easy                          nuevos y personas sin citas son muy
opportunity for you to keep the Parish a priority during the summer and                    bienvenidos y cada persona que trata de
provides the Parish with a more reliable revenues stream. Operational and                  donar recibe un cupón por una pinta de
security procedures are in place. To participate in AGP, contact Pattie                    helado en Baskin Robbins. Muchas
Kelleher at 756-3636, ext. 224 to schedule an appointment to complete the                  gracias!                 • Kate Dreher
necessary paperwork.
     Thank you for your continued support of the Parish. May your summer,
wherever you will be, be a restful and refreshing time.
                                                    • Deacon Clark Goecker

(Continued from page 2)
                                        UPDATE ON THE DEATH PENALTY
                                                    A BASIS FOR ACTION
     Any statement in and of itself carries little weight unless it becomes the inspiration and springboard for actions by people of
good will. Therefore, we will take the following steps that include Saint James Parish, the Diocese, the Davis community and the
political arena in the hope of sustaining the intent and moral belief that capitol punishment be abolished. In everything we will,
through prayer, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

At Saint James:
    • share the finalized document with all parishioners through the SCROLL
    • include in our “Prayers of the Faithful” a prayer for the victims and those facing execution
    • Include in St James School and Religious Education, a section on the Church’s teaching on the death penalty
    • encourage homilies, where appropriate, to address the death penalty issue
In the Diocese of Sacramento:
    • submit the Statement to Bishop William Weigand and the Office of Social Justice
    • encourage parishes to adopt similar statements

In the City of Davis:
Forward the Statement for discussion with other faith communities to foster a joint religious community-wide effort including:
    • joining the national “bells ring” solidarity effort
    • community education/reflection forums-collecting signatures calling for the end of the death penalty Legislative Arena
    • submitting the Statement to legislative leaders-the Governor, our State Assembly and Senate representative, Yolo County
        Board of Supervisors, District Attorney, City Council

Regional and statewide efforts:
   • join the Capitol candlelight vigils
   • participate with other organizations in seeking a legislative remedy to ending the death penalty.

For additional information on the Parish death penalty statement contact Deacon Clark Goecker (530) 756-4148 or Guy Turner,
Chair of the Gospel Justice Committee (530) 297-6449.                                                         • Guy Turner
6                                                 St. James Scroll
                                            Resentment Versus Gratitude
      As we have seen before, stewardship involves an attitude             capable of giving) from the offender. Also, people make
of gratitude. We give of our time, talent and treasure because             mistakes. Sometimes they make very serious mistakes.
we are grateful people. Sometimes, however, it is hard to be               Mistakes are not deliberate actions against us no matter how
grateful. Usually what stands in our way are our resentments.              hurt we are. Perhaps we can just let them off the hook for their
Resentment is the opposite of gratitude.                                   mistakes. What is done is done. No amount of ruminating
      Try this exercise. Imagine you are at the seashore and a             about it will change it.
boat is arriving. On the boat are all the people you feel a                     Since resentment and gratitude are opposites, one way to
resentment toward. Make a list of them. How long is your list?             move beyond resentment is to focus on gratitude. We can
      What can we do with resentments, many of which we                    think about how many people we said thank you to today and
have held for years? The real answer is to forgive, but it is not          increase that number tomorrow. A general attitude of seeing
always easy to get to a place where we can forgive.                        the glass as half-full (instead of half-empty) makes life easier
      It has been said that resentment is like taking poison and           even in the face of extreme difficulties.
expecting the other person to die. The person we hurt most                      As Henri Nouwen put it: “Ministry happens when we
with resentment is ourselves. As Fred Luskin put it: “When                 move from resentment to gratitude. The spiritual life is one of
you are stuck in a grudge, you are isolated in your own                    gratitude.”
suffering.”                                                                     Philosopher Robert C. Roberts contrasts the positive
      Resentment involves holding on to negative emotions                  virtues of gratitude with three important source of
toward those who have hurt us. We often gossip, complain,                  unhappiness: resentment, regret and envy. “Grateful people
look for ways to even the score, or feel bitter. Unfortunately             tend to be satisfied with what they have and so are less
the resentment does not go away with endless ruminations                   susceptible to such emotions as disappointment, regret, and
about the wrong done. Nor does holding on to our resentments               frustration. The justice of gratitude can be plausibly argued to
keep us safe from future injuries. In fact, holding on to                  be metaphysical because we are in fact dependent recipients of
resentments may damage our health. Letting go of them may                  good things both from our fellow human beings and God.”
fortify the heart and the immune system.                                   Roberts concludes.
      Getting rid of resentments can be a challenge. Perhaps the                Being grateful lifts our spirit. From our more positive
first question we should ask ourselves is: “How else could I               attitude we can begin to think in terms of giving back by
look at this situation?” We can see if we can find a different             making donations, volunteering, mentoring, or just listening to
point of view where there is no one to blame for the injury                someone in need. Saying thank you is so much more than just
felt. Were we expecting too much (e.g., more than they were                good manners—it can change your life.
                                                                                                                 • Joanna Kruckenberg

                                     Encountering Christ through Faith Sharing
                                       Whole Community Catechesis at St. James Parish
                                            Questions of the Week for July 2007
                                            Preguntas de la Semana Julio 2007
    July 1 Luke 9: 51-62                                                         July 8 Luke 10:1-12, 17-20
    Julio 1 Lucas 9:51-62                                                        Julio 8 Lucas 10:1-12, 17-20
    Question for Adults/Youth: Sometimes we are like the people in               Question for Adults/Youth: Where would Jesus
    the Gospel and have many excuses for why we cannot follow Jesus.             invite me to find ways to follow and to serve within
    Name a time this past week that you followed Jesus even though               my life?
    you had many excuses.                                                        Pregunta para los adultos/jóvenes: ¿En donde Jesús
    Pregunta para los adultos/jóvenes: Algunas veces somos como                  me invita a encontrar caminos para seguirlo y servirle
    las personas en el evangelio y tenemos muchas excusas por que no             en mi vida?
    seguimos a Jesús. Nombra una vez que en la semana pasada tú                  Question for Children: In what ways might I follow
    seguiste a Jesús aunque ayas tenido muchas excusas.                          and serve Jesus during my summer vacation?
    Question for Children: To follow Jesus means to do what is right.
                                                                                 Pregunta para los niños: ¿De que maneras podré
    Name a time this past week when you followed Jesus by doing the
                                                                                 seguir a Jesús durante las vacaciones de verano?
    right thing you were asked to do, the first time, without an excuse.
    Pregunta para los niños: Seguir a Jesús significa hacer lo que esta               The questions for the rest of July will be listed in
    bien. Nombra una vez que en la semana pasada seguiste a Jesús                the Sunday bulletins and at our parish website,
    hacienda bien las cosas que te pidieron que hicieras, por primera                 • Ronnie Nosek
    vez sin excusas.
                                                    Ministries                                                                       7

                    Our Value                                                     Rice Bowl Thank You
      A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding                “Your participation in CRS’ Operation Rice Bowl
up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, “Who would like            has made a difference in the lives of our brothers and
this $20 bill?” Hands started going up. He said, “I am going            sisters overseas and in the United States that suffer
to give this $20 to one of you, but first let me do this.” He           from poverty and hunger. Through prayer, fasting,
proceeded to crumple up the $20 bill. He then asked, “Who               learning and giving you have put your faith into action
still wants it?” Still the hands were up in the air. “Well,” he         and joined in solidarity with the poor throughout the
replied, “What if I do this?” And he dropped it on the ground           world.”
and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. “Now, who              (Card received from Catholic Relief Services. To
still wants it?” Still the hands went into the air.                     learn more, log onto
      “My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson.
No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because
it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20.
      “Many times in our lives we are dropped, crumpled, and
                                                                             God is sitting in Heaven when a scientist says to
ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the
                                                                        Him, “Lord, we don’t need you anymore. Science has
circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are
                                                                        finally figured out a way to create life out of nothing.
worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will
                                                                        In other words, we can now do what you did in the
happen, you will never lose your value. Dirty or clean,
crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who
                                                                             “Oh, is that so? Tell me…” replies God.
DO LOVE you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we
                                                                             “Well,” says the scientist, “we can take dirt and
do or who we know but by WHO WE ARE and WHOSE WE
                                                                        form it into the likeness of You and breathe life into it,
ARE. You are special – don’t EVER forget it.”            • Editor
                                                                        thus creating man.”
                                                                             “Well, that’s interesting. Show Me.”
                                                                             So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts
      St. James Community Gift                                          to mold the soil.
                                                                             “Oh, no, no, no…” interrupts God,
A portion of the collections at all weekend masses in July will be
given to the following charities nominated by St. James
                                                                                  “Get your own dirt.”
parishioners to receive the weekly community gift.
June 30/July1: El Porvenir supports self-help community
initiated efforts in Nicaragua to build sanitation projects, wells                         The St. James Scroll
for clean water, reforestation projects, and provides health
education.                                                           Editor-in-Chief                    Webmaster
                                                                     Fr. Daniel Looney                  Erwin Cena
July 7/8: Catherine Center, located in San Mateo, provides
                                                                     Editor/Design                      Contributors
shelter, food, and rehabilitation to recently incarcerated women,
                                                                     Janet Gift                         Libby Burmester
preparing them to re-enter the outside world, their families and
work.                                                                Editorial Advisor                  Kate Dreher
                                                                     Fr. Richard Blinn, S.J.            Clark Goecker
July 14/15: Suicide Prevention Yolo County, a local program          Mailers                            Susan Holmes
that provides counseling and prevention education and referrals      Mary Alesci                        Joanna Kruckenberg
to additional mental health services.                                Jean Botelli                       Vernette Marsh
July 21/22: Global Volunteers assists communities world-             Georgiana Doyle                    Ronnie Nosek
wide in projects collaboratively developed with the                  Alene Howe                         Deacon Paul Taloff
community—from education to health to construction.                  Mary Clare Kitchell                Guy Turner
                                                                     Alice Magill                       Julie Utz
July 28/29: Mother Teresa House, a school and orphanage in
                                                                     Erminia Messina
great need in Nagpur, India. Up to 100 children may be cared
                                                                     Margaret Morris
for at one time. There is also an infirmary from which no one is
                                                                     Imelda Villapondo
turned away.

The Community Gifts are nominated by St. James Parishioners.         Quality Printing by
There are the nomination forms, on the back of which are the                    Graphic Express
guidelines, located in the racks in the foyers of the church.        The next issue of The Scroll will provide information for August
Consider a nomination and the benefits the nomination gives a        1- 31. Deadline for all copy delivery is Wednesday, July 11 by
charitable organization. If you have any questions, please call      noon. FAX to 758-1488, e-mail or hand
Tom Kesinger, 758-6566.                    • Vernette Marsh          deliver to The Secretariat office, 340 G St.
                                                                                             St. James Catholic Church                           Non-Profit
         Parish Office: 756-3636                                                             1275 B Street Davis, CA 95616
                                                     Fax: 756-5342                                                                              Organization
                          Pastoral Offices 1275 B St.                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
            (530) 756-3636                    FAX (530) 756-5342                                                                                    PAID
     Rev: Daniel Looney, Pastor
     Msgr. Andrew Coffey, Pastor Emeritus                                                                                                       Permit No. 47
   Rev. Richard Blinn, S.J., Parochial Vicar                                                                                                      Davis, CA
Rev. Daniel Looney, Pastor                  Rev. Richard Blinn, S.J., Parochial Vicar
   Rev. David Fontaine, 0.Carm.,Newman Center
Msgr. Andrew Coffey, Pastor Emeritus
   Deacon Paul Taloff,             756-3709Pattie Kelleher, Administrative Secretary
   Deacon Sam Colenzo,
Linda O’Hara, Religious Ed Director756-7388Patrick Scribner, Financial Officer
   Deacon Clark Goecker,
Marianne Edwards, Rel. Ed./Facility756-4148Ronnie Nosek, Religious Ed Coordinator
   Betty Pastoral Care Coordinator
Julie Utz,Paro, Administrative Secretary    Peter Bridge, Asst. Facilities Mgr.
   Pattie Kelleher, Bookkeeper
Nathan Reinking, Director of Music          Pat Colenzo, Baptism & Marriage Prep.
   Bertha Hernandez, Housekeeper
Deacon Sam Colenzo              756-7388                  MINISTRIES
Deacon Clark Goecker            756-4148 Annulments: Clark Goecker 756-4148
Deacon Paul Taloff              756-3709 Adult Initiation: Roy Bibbens 753-8194
                                            Families Group: Susan Holmes 757-2946
        PASTORAL COUNCIL                    New Day:        Mark Gidding 753-7972
Veronique Bikoba                406-1154 Welcome:         Carolyn Sugars 753-7298
Rich Collins                    756-5313 Gospel Justice: Guy Turner 297-6449
Paul Donald                     756-6788 Knts of Columbus: Robert Lily 759-9960
Rosalina Guadarrama             661-2582 Women’s Guild: Martha White 756-9541
Susan Holmes                    757-2946 Stewardship: Steve Warnock 756-0731
Tim O’Brien                     758-3830                    Tom Kesinger 758-6566
Maria Saldana-Seibert           757-7372 St. Vincent de Paul: Lawrence Wold 756-3310
Elisabeth Sherwin               758-7559 Lazarus:               Betty Paro 756-8835
Mary Stambusky                  753-5305                 Patrick Scribner 666-5613
                                            20s-30s:       Tom Newcomb 297-0144
                       St. James School 1215 B Street
Tom Yurkovic, Principal                     Beverly Juhnke, Admin. Secretary

St. James Parish is a Catholic community united by faith.
We are called to evangelize and assist in the faith formation
of all who seek Jesus Christ. We respect and promote the
dignity of all people. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we
serve as stewards of our faith community and live our                                                                  Mass & Services
beliefs by:
 •     placing the Eucharist at the center of our parish life,                                          Sunday Mass                   8, 9:30, 11:30 am & 7 pm
 •     grounding our personal lives in the sacraments and in                                            Newman Center                 Sunday 10:30 am
                                                                                                        Spanish Mass                  Sunday 5 pm
       the gospel of Jesus Christ,                                                                      Mon-Fri Mass                  7 am
 •     fostering each parishioner’s lifelong search to                                                  M-W-F Sept.-May               5:30 pm
       experience and understand Christ and His Church,                                                 Saturday Mass                 8 am & 5:30 pm Vigil
 •     inviting all people from diverse cultures and walks of                                           Sacrament of Reconciliation   Sat 4 to 5 pm
       life to share community with us, and
 •     becoming active disciples in God’s work through our
       service to one another within the parish and in the
       greater community.

                   Weekly Activities                                    Sun 1st         Baptisms                                            after 11:30 am mass
Daily      Pastoral Care Visits & Eucharistic Adoration                     3rd         Knights of Columbus breakfast                                8:45-1 I am
Sun        Children’s Liturgy, Sept-Jun                  9:30 am        Mon 1st         Right to Life Rosary & Prayer                        after 5:30 pm mass
Mon        Jr. / Sr. High Youth in gym                   6:30 pm            2nd         Gospel Justice Committee Meeting 297-6449                           7 pm
Tues       St. James Playgroup; Cheri 758-0799              9 am        Tue lst         Pastoral Council Meeting, Oct-Jun                                7:30 pm
           Centering Prayer (Steve Deverel)              5:00 pm            3rd         Baptism Instruction                                              7:30 pm
           CYM Leadership                                   7 pm            4th         Baptism Instruction                                              7:30 pm
           Charismatic Prayer                            7:30 pm                        Liturgy Committee                                                   7 pm
           Scripture Study Group                            7 pm        Wed 2nd         Women’s Guild Meeting, (Sept - June)                                7 pm
 Wed       Scripture Study Group (Oct. - June)           9:45 am            3rd         Stewardship Committee Meeting                                       6 pm
           Nursing Home Liturgies                       10:30 am        Thu 1st         Knights of Columbus Meeting, 750-2272                            7:30 pm
           Choir Rehearsal for 9:30 am mass                 7 pm            3rd         Spiritual Book & Beverage Group                                     7 pm
 Thu       Choir Rehearsal-Spanish Mass                     7 pm                        St.. Vincent de Paul Society                                        7 pm
 Fri       Men’s Scripture Study Group                      7 am        Fri 4th         Families Pro-Life Rosary Workshop. 757-2946                        10 am
           Bulletin Deadline                               Noon          Sat Last       Rosary for Priests                                              1:45 p.m.
 Sat       Legion of Mary                                8:30 am

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