The Capital of Festivals - by linxiaoqin


									Dear citizens and guests of Lviv!

Lviv’s proud status of the cultural capital of Ukraine is both an
achievement and a commitment to keep its high reputation
up. For the last years Lviv has created a number of new cultural
projects, not forgetting to support traditional artistic events.

Lviv citizens as well as annually growing number of tourists expe-
rienced Lviv not only as a city famous for its ancient architecture,
but also as a city of creative, active and positive people. A good
festival is a meeting of good performers with good spectators.
I am very proud of our artists and a wonderful atmosphere they
create together with the festival visitors. With kind intentions,
optimism and emotional rising we will together glorify Lviv – the
best city in the world.

Welcome to Lviv!

Mayor of Lviv
Mr. Andriy Sadovyy
                                                                   21   The 29th International Musical Festival «Virtuosi»

                                                                   22   The 3rd «Wiz-Art» International festival

                                                                   23   «Ancient Lviv» Medieval Culture Festival

                                                                   24    «Young Talents in Ward of King Danylo»
                                                                        – Festival of young painters

                                                                   25   «Fairy-Tale in the Groove» – The 7th theatre festival for children

                                                                   26   «Summer on the Rynok Square» Art Festival

                                                                   27   The 2nd Lviv Beer Festival

                                                                   28   The 4th Organ Music Festival «Diapason»

                                                                   29   «The Land of Dreams» International Ethnic festival
1    Christmas Holidays in Lviv                                    30   The 2nd «LvivKlezFest»
2    «Christmas Star Shine» Festival                               31   Cheese & Wine Holiday
3    The 11 th Christmas Festival «Velyka Koliada»                 32   Festyny Diany (Diana’s Feast)
     («The Great Christmas Carol»)
                                                                   33   The 3rd International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr» («Ethnowhirl»)
4    The 3rd Pampukh’s Holiday
                                                                   34   Independence Day
5    Ethno Disco Festival
                                                                   35   The 5th International Independent Film Festival «KinoLev – 2010»
6    The 3rd Chocolate Day
                                                                   36   Bread Day
7    Great Ukrainian Poet T. Shevchenko Commemorative Days
                                                                   37   The 3rd Week of Contemporary Art
8    Easter in Lviv
                                                                   38   MediaDepo
9    «The Great Hayivka» Feast
                                                                   39   Brass Band Festival
10   «Lviv Fashion Week»
                                                                   40   The 17th Lviv International Book Fair
11   Street Dance Festival
                                                                   41   The 4th City Holiday «Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv»
12   Children Readings Festival «Publishers’ Forum for Children»
                                                                   42   The 16th International Avant-Garde Music Festival «Contrasts»
13   The 3rd City Holiday «The Batyar’s Day»
                                                                   43   «Vereteno» («Spindel») Authentic Art festival
14    «Flugery L’vova» («Weather-Vanes of Lviv»)
     – the 8th International Jazz Festival                         44   «Golden Lion» International Theatre Festival
15   «Friends’ World» International Children’s Art Festival        45   The 8th Festival of the Ancient Music
16   «Lviv – the Capital of Handicrafts» Festival                  46   The 4th Blacksmith Art Festival «Zaliznyy Lev» («The Iron Lion»)
17   Lviv City Day, Parade-Carnival                                47   The 2nd Tourist Conference «Win with Lion!»
18   The Mother’s Day                                              48   The 6th Festival «Drabyna» («The Ladder»)
19   Museums Night                                                 49   The 10 th International festival «Jazz Bez»
20   «Field of Songs» Festival                                     50   St. Nicolas’s Day
Lviv is an extremely attractive tourist centre of Ukraine. It is a city of mag-
nificent architectural landmarks: impressive temples and ancient squares,
cosy narrow streets, museums and galleries housing artistic masterpieces
of different historical epochs…

Carefully preserving the historical heritage, Lviv citizens always try to
demonstrate their up-to-dateness. It was in Lviv where traditional cel-
ebration of the holidays has got a new format of various theme festivals.

Creative spirit of the carved in stones centuries’ mystery is as if invisibly
breathing everywhere in Lviv. This city produces the majority of new art
and modern culture trends in the country, as well as the ideas of vari-
ous interesting entertainments. No wonder that 50 different festivals are
listed in Lviv Calendar of Events 2010.

According to the old beliefs every uttered, written or otherwise manifest-
ed number has its magic power. Number «5» symbolizes strong energy,
enthusiasm, discovery of new phenomena, progress, risk and passion for
the unusual. Number «0» symbolizes trust, stability, confidence and abil-
ity to open heart undertakings.

Symbolic digits of 50 Lviv festivals presuppose combination of traditional
artistic events and the initiation of new ones, thus creating a magic orna-
ment of the Festival Lviv where you’re sure to find a vast array of different
events to suit all tastes.

There’s so much happening in Lviv all year round. Whether you visit Lviv
in spring, summer, autumn or winter you’re to feel the atmosphere of a

Enjoy visit to the Festival Capital of Ukraine!

Here are our top highlights to help you plan your Lviv diary.

      Christmas                                                                       «Christmas Star Shine»
      Holidays in Lviv                                                                Festival
      Dates: 06-21 January 2010                                                       Dates: 07-08 January 2010
      Location: Lviv Medieval Centre                                                  Location: 07 January – Museum of Folk Architecture
      Web:                                              and Rural Life in the Open Air (1, Chernecha Hora)
      Tel.: +38 +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                   08 January – City centre (Rynok Square,
                                                                                      Svoboda (Freedom) Avenue, St. Yura Place)
      The city of Lviv has always been preserving authentic Ukrainian traditions.     Web:
      That is why Christmas celebration is full of a special charm here. Lviv citi-   Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81
      zens carefully cherish old customs and create new modern versions of
      different stylish amusements.                                                   The Festival revives the tradition of creating large Christmas stars
      During the whole month of Christmas Holidays you’ll have a pleasure to          (1,5-2 m), the main symbols of Christmas. On the 7th of January you’ll
      admire beautiful melodies of kolyada (traditional Ukrainian Christmas           have a chance to participate in the Nativity plays amateur perform-
      carol), to smile watching Nativity plays amateur performances, to listen        ances, wearing traditional costumes, join Christmas singers, taste pam-
      to the street and church concerts or visit various festivals, fairs and mar-    pukhs and uzvar (fragrant dried fruits compote). On the 8th of January
      kets throughout Lviv centre. You may buy unique handicraft presents here,       you’ll be fascinated by the festive walk of star keepers, carol singers,
      cheer hot vine or indulge in eating tasty Christmas sweets! Pampukhs or         Vertep - Nativity plays performers in the city downtown. We invite you
  1   Christmas Dougnuts, Puffs (sort of fritter) are season’s favourites!            to enjoy unforgettable fairy scenes!                                     2

    The 11th Christmas Festival                                                  The 3rd Pampukh’s
    «Velyka Koliada»                                                             Holiday
    («The Great Christmas Carol»)
                                                                                 Dates: 08-10 January 2010
                                                                                 Location: Rynok Square, 1 (City Hall Courtyard)
    Dates: 07-31 January 2010 (Gala-Concert on January, 31)                      Web:
    Location: St. Eucharist Church                                               Tel.: +38 (032) 294 96 44
    (The Holy Communion Church) 3, Museum Place
    Web:                                               Small fried balls powdered with sugar are the sweet symbols of Christ-
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 86 77                                                    mas. Ukrainian «pampukhy» and «pampushky», Polish «ponczki», Rus-
                                                                                 sian «ponchiki», Jewish «sufganiyots», American «doughnuts»…they
    Festival «Velyka Koliada» («The Great Christmas Carol») is undoubt-          are so similar and yet so different from each other. Every family cooks
    edly a special, full of Holy Spirit event. More than 70 different groups,    their own ones – sweet and not that sweet, filled with poppy and mar-
    2000 amateur and professional singers and musicians are taking part in       malade, or just empty, but all really delicious. Welcome to the Third
    20 concerts. Choirs, authentic folklore groups, orchestras and brass bands   City Pampukh’s Holiday! You’ll watch the process of baking, learn reci-
    perform traditional carols, their modern adaptations and arrangements        pes and history of the Christmas dish, and taste different kinds of pam-
    as well as classical Christmas musical compositions. The culmination of      pukhs. You’ll spend fantastic time in the atmosphere of holiday and win
    the festival is a gala-concert on the 31st of January. You’ll feel all the   traditional prizes! It is so nice to share delight of tasting the ‘‘Christmas
    greatness of God and Christmas listening to the carols performed by the      Sweet Hero» with your family, friends, neighbours and joyful crowd of
3   best festival choirs in the baroque church building.                         the Holiday participants. So, let’s enjoy ourselves!                          4

                                                                              The 3rd Chocolate Day
                                                                              Dates: 06-08 March 2010
                                                                              Location: Rynok Square
                                                                              Tel.: +38 (032) 294 96 44
                                                                              For many centuries Lviv has been rejoicing citizens and guests with the
                                                                              unique aura made up by coffee and chocolate aromas felt everywhere
                                                                              in Lviv. Delicious Lviv sweets have their long history. In the Middle Ages

    Ethno Disco Festival                                                      Lviv citizens tasted French and Oriental chocolate for the first time. Lat-
                                                                              er local confectioners and bakery masters began to produce their own
                                                                              diverse sweet goodies. At the beginning of the XXth century there used
                                                                              to be a confectionery practically in every house of the modern Svoboda
    Dates: 13 January 2010                                                    and Shevchenko Avenues. Lviv became the second European capital of
    Location: Palace «Ukraine« (18, Melnyka Street)                           chocolate, after Swiss Berne.
    Web:                                              His Majesty Chocolate has won Lviv citizens’ hearts forever. People eat
    Tel.: +38 (032) 237 73 33                                                 and drink, give it as gifts and enjoy themselves, they dream about choc-
                                                                              olate. It is a necessary present while visiting friends, making proposals,
    «Let’s jump up and down dancing in Ethno-Disco style!»- the initiator     having guests. Only in the sweetest city of Ukraine chocolate has its
    of «Land of Dreams Festival» Oleh Skrypka sings. In the evening, on the   special name «chokolyada». Lviv citizens have even invented their own
    13th of January, on Melanka’s folk holiday you are invited to partici-    currency - when they want to express gratitude to somebody, they usu-
    pate in the popular «Vechornytsi Ethno Disco» or «Ethno Disco Evening     ally say: «I owe you a chocolate».
    Party». Joining old and modern national traditions, the action combines   Lviv Chocolate Day invites you to enjoy baking and tasting of the long-
    old dances, songs, and Ukrainian poetry with the ultra modern wild        est chocolate cake, to take chocolate making classes, observe chocolate
    dance rhythms and funny surprises. The highlight of the holiday is the    fountains and sweets cascades, join competitions or games for children
    Old Folk Dances School where everyone gets the opportunity to follow      and adults, visit concerts and theatre performances. Nowhere else you
    basic movements of the popular flaming dances «Hrechanyky», «Oyra»,       can watch the whole process of chocolates producing at the impromptu
    and «Hopak». Obligatory dress code is a Ukrainian national costume or     chocolate factory, but in Lviv. Make a sweet present to your family, join
5   at least its elements on you favourite dress.                             Lviv Chocolate Day!                                                         6
    Great Ukrainian                                                                                                 
    Poet T. Shevchenko
    Commemorative Days
    Dates: 09-10 March 2010
    Location: City centre, museums and concert halls
                                                                                Easter in Lviv
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                   Dates: 03-06 April 2010
                                                                                Location: Central part of the city, Open Air Museum
    The tradition of commemorating Taras Shevchenko during the month of         of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Strreet)
    March has a long history in Lviv. Taras Shevchenko is not only a genius     Web:
    poet, but a personification of Ukrainian independent soul! The square in    Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81
    front of the monument to Shevchenko becomes the celebrations centre
    for several spring days. People are gathering there to read and to listen   Easter is a family holiday in Ukraine and Lviv is the best place to feel
    to the immortal poems and songs to words by Shevchenko. They speak          this atmosphere. It is only here that the family spirit is present in each
    about the importance of following Taras Shevchenko’s example of a hu-       temple, on every square and in each street where traditional Easter
    manist and patriot. That is a time for everyone to realize Shevchenko’s     folklore celebrations, fairs, concerts and theatre performances take
    place in his own life.                                                      place. World known Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, deco-
    «The Shevchenko Fest» contest may be considered a continuation of the       rations, woodcarvings are attracting all the guests of the Easter Markets.
    Commemorative Days. Every May young authors are competing for the           Traditional joyful «Hayivka» – Ukrainian Easter picnic combined with
    awards in the nominations «Songs to Shevchenko words», «Poetry» and         songs, games and dances will bring spring not only to the nature but to
7   «Shevchenko’s Subjects in Visual Art».                                      your heart as well.                                                        8
    «The Great Hayivka»
    Dates: : 04-06 April 2010
    Location: Central part of the city, Open Air Museum
    of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Strreet)
                                                                                «Lviv Fashion Week»
    Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81
                                                                                Dates: 09-11 April 2010, 21-24 October 2010
    Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life annually hosts the      Location: Central part of the city
    ethnographic festival «The Great Hayivka». Hayivkas are spring songs,       Web:
    sung during the Easter holiday. Easter Eggs Decorating Classes usually      Tel.: +38 (032) 243 39 27
    start a few weeks before the festival.
    The «Easter Egg for the Sweetheart» contest in the Shevchenko Grove,        Lviv Fashion Weeks are traditionally held in spring and autumn. For three
    games and dances for children on the Willow Kitten Lawn, Easter presents    days you will be appraising up to thirty collections of Ukrainian and for-
    market, concerts and refreshments are the integral events of the Feast.     eign designers. Fashion-shows are followed by the exhibitions of contem-
    «The Great Hayivka» is the Easter meeting point for families, old friends   porary art – painting, drawing, photography, thus creating the overall
9   as well as all Lviv citizens and guests.                                    special artistic atmosphere of the events.                                 10
                                                                                    Children Readings Festival
                                                                                    «Publishers’ Forum
                                                                                    for Children»
     Street Dance Festival
                                                                                    Dates: 29 April - 01 May 2010
    Dates: 24 April 2010                                                            Location: Lviv Gallery of Arts, 17, Copernicus Street
    Location: Central part of the city                                              Web:
    Web:                                                             Tel.: +38 (032) 276 41 52
    Tel.: +38 (032) 271 95 17
                                                                                    Children Readings Festival is one of few in the Central and Eastern Europe.
   Project «Street Dance» is an attempt to create a new look of the tradi-          It is entirely dedicated to the literature for children. Especially for young
   tional city street life. This usually beautiful spring day the best dancers of   readers and their parents a book fair, presentations of the children lit-
   Ukraine gather in Lviv to show their art, among them talented and active         erature publishing houses, meetings with writers, master classes, books
   young people from Lviv. Dancing is their style of life. Come and join them,      competitions and lotteries, charity events and discussions of the special-
11 it will be fun and jovial.                                                       ists are arranged. Make a good present to your child!                         12

    The 3rd City Holiday
    «The Batyar’s Day»                                                                 «Flugery L’vova»
                                                                                       («Weather-Vanes of Lviv»)
                                                                                       – the 8th International
    Dates: 01 May 2010
    Location: Rynok (Market) Square

                                                                                       Jazz Festival
    Tel.: +38 (032) 294 96 44

   You’ll get a unique opportunity to dive into stylistics and atmosphere of
   the authentic Lviv phenomenon – the Batyars’ World. That is a world with            Dates: 01-04 May 2010
   its own street language and city folklore of the beginning of the XX cen-           Location: Rynok Square (City Hall Courtyard)
   tury. Lviv Batyar is a freedom – loving, witty, gallant and romantic idler.         Web:
   Taking part in the Batyar’s Day programme visitors and citizens eas-                Tel.: +38 (032) 244 47 78
   ily catch special feeling of immortal Lviv spirit and the old city humour.
   Concerts of Batyars’ bands, different funny competitions, and quizzes for           Ethno-Jazz Festival «Flugery L’vova» in the City Hall Courtyard becomes
   children, retro – movie festival, Batyars’ songs and dances master-classes          one of the top popular actions of Lviv City Day programme every year.
   for everybody, as well as tasty refreshments and drinks are everywhere              For three days the Festival welcomes world-class musicians in Lviv, pre-
   to enjoy all the participants of the city holiday.                                  senting international stars and fresh new talents from the Ukraine’s own
   Being Batyar is universal. It does not depend upon ethnic, religious or po-         burgeoning scene. Every year free event is enabling a huge number of
   litical belongings. It is just a special kind of self-identification with the na-   people to enjoy the outstanding selection of jazz music and spend a good
13 tive beloved city. Batyars of the whole world, unite! Join Lviv jolly crowd!        time in a good company.                                                  14
                                                                                «Lviv – the Capital
    «Friends’ World»                                                            of Handicrafts»
    International Children’s                                                    Festival
    Art Festival                                                                Dates: 07-09 May, 21-24 August, 11-20 December 2010
                                                                                Location: Rynok (Market) Square, Arsenalna Square,
    Dates: 06-10 May 2010                                                       Pidvalna Street, «Mystets’ka (Artistic) Fosa»
    Location:                                                                   Web:
    Youth Arts Centre «The Rainbow» (47, Antonovycha Street),                   Tel.: +38 (032) 295 69 68, 254 61 55
    Lviv Philharmonic Society Concert Hall (7, Tchaikovsky Street),
    Rynok (Market) Square, Open Air Museum of Folk                              Lviv has always been famous for its craftsmen in Europe. Traditional
    Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora)                             festival of Lviv handicrafts is not only a fair but a presentation of the
    Tel.: +38 (032) 237 24 22                                                   craft guilds, direct personal contacts with well-known artists, master
                                                                                classes and open-air exhibitions and entertainments everywhere in the
   Annual International Children’s Art Festival «Friends’ World» is a special   city historical centre.
   point of the Mother’s Day programme. Folk music groups, Ukrainian tra-       Many prominent artists together with brewers, cheese makers, cookery
   ditional musical instruments bandura and sopilka (pipe) players, dance       experts, beekeepers, blacksmiths, potters, stonecutters, weavers, fur
   and vocal ensembles are among the festival participants. The festival        dressers, jewellers, stained-glass masters, gun smiths, ceramists and
   provides all children the opportunity to experience arts from around the     engravers are taking active part in «Lviv – the Capital of Handicrafts»
   globe and across the country, to share traditions and meet new friends.      Festival. Absolutely fantastic decorative art goods such as batik, folk
   Enjoy the universal world of art and wonder the friendly spirit and imagi-   toys, embroidery, and leather goods have their special place attracting
15 nation of children!                                                          attention of all the guests.                                              16

     Lviv City Day,
     Dates: 08-10 May 2010
     Location: Central part of the city
     Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                   The Mother’s Day
    «Where else can you feel as fine as here?» Annually this question gets
    the same answer: «Only in Lviv», at the time of the City Day celebra-        Dates: 09 May 2010
    tions. That is a holiday of great entertainment traditions: impressive       Location: Rynok (Market) Square,
    street theatre performances, concerts and festivals. Holiday events in-      Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life
    clude performances of jazz, world music, rock and pop, dance, comedy,        Web:
    film premières and award ceremonies to fit any taste.                        Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82
    In 2010 the guests will have the opportunity to enjoy thousands of
    participants of the Great Street Parade-Carnival. Among them: children       The Mother’s Day in Ukrainian Galicia is being celebrated on the second
    amateur groups, armoured knights, walking on stilts actors, carriages        Sunday of May. Children love to make presents to their mothers with
    with angels, city sightseeing car-train called «A Miracle Train» bringing    their talents and handmade gifts that day. Lviv citizens and guests of the
    disable children to the holiday, members of youth and sport organiza-        city have the opportunity to admire children and their mothers dancing,
    tions, folk dance ensembles, representatives of national minorities and      singing, exhibiting paintings and crafts, taking part in competitions and
    public organizations... All the parade is singing, dancing and performing.   festive actions. All the theatres prepare special performances devoted
 17 This colourful festive action unites Lviv citizens and guests every year.    to the Mother’s Day. Nice day to visit Lviv!                               18
                                                                                  «Field of Songs»
    Museums Night                                                                 Festival
    Dates: 15-16 May 2010                                                         Dates: 16 May 2010
    Location: Museums of Lviv                                                     Location: Air Museum of Folk Architecture
    Web:                                            and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                     Web:
                                                                                  Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81
   Visit Lviv when all the museums are open from the early morning till the
   midnight and special exhibitions and actions are organized for the visitors.   Traditional Lviv Ukrainian Song Festival is an important event in Ukrainian
   The guests are invited to listen to the jazz program observing paintings of    culture and social life. About 5 000 best singers from Lviv and different re-
   the XXth. century beginning, listen to the poetry accompanied by lyrical       gions of Ukraine altogether participate in the event. Although usually folk-
   music in the portrait halls, visit theatre performances and classical music    songs and classical choir songs are sung, recently new modern songs have
   concerts in the museums or watch movies about the museums on the               been incorporated into the repertoire. Basically the largest choir in Ukraine
   outdoor screens… Unique collections of the eighteen Lviv museums are           getting kitted out in national dress and singing their hearts out will impress
19 waiting to thrill you!                                                         everybody! Visit traditional Galician festival «Field of Songs»!               20
   The 29th International
   Musical Festival                                                           The 3rd «Wiz-Art»
   «Virtuosi»                                                                 International festival
    Dates: 16 May - 06 June 2010
    Location: Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society                              Dates: 20-23 May 2010
    Concert Hall (7, Tchaikovsky Street)                                      Location: Location: Lviv Palace of Arts (17, Copernicus Street)
    Web:                                             Web:
    Tel.: +38 (032) 272 10 42 (box office),                                   Tel.: (063) 62 86 773
    272 67 25, 097 700 83 58 (marketing department)
                                                                               That is a festival of short films produced during the last year: fiction
   The «Virtuosi» («Virtuosos») festival is a popular three-week summer        films and animations, video art, experimental movies and video artists’
   season of daily classical music concerts. The event was founded in 1882,    presentations.
   and now each season consists of over 30 concerts of the well known          Festival program consists of the competition and out-of-competition
   musicians and orchestras. That is a period when many musical stars,         blocks. The winners of the competition are determined by the jury in
   winners of the prestigious international contests, are gathering in Lviv    the following nominations: «Fiction Film», «Animation», and «Experi-
   to perform! The «Virtuosi» festival time in Lviv is a paradise for opera    mental Movie». After each film show the spectators vote for the film
21 and classical music lovers!                                                - winner of the audience award.                                           22
    «Ancient Lviv»
    Medieval Culture                                                             «Young Talents
    Festival                                                                     in Ward of King Danylo»
                                                                                 Festival of young painters
    Dates: 22-23 May 2010
    Location: Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora), City Hall Courtyard                      Dates: 01 June – 01 September 2010
    Web:                                                  Location: Lviv Palace of Arts (17, Copernicus Street),
    Tel.: +38 (032) 233 36 28                                                    central part of the city, Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
                                                                                 and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
   Imagine a totally electrifying, full day out in a medieval city. «Ancient     Web:
   Lviv» festival invites you to meet the old - time heroes, beautiful ladies    Tel.: +38 (032) 238 63 37, +38 (067) 843 97 67
   and brave knights, court jesters and a city executioner directly in the me-
   dieval Lviv streets. Come and you’ll take the opportunity to try archery,     On the 1st of June, on the occasion of the International Child Protection
   buy old shape smith and pottery goods, listen to the medieval music…          Day the festival «Young Talents in Ward of King Danylo» is held. Children
   Go deep into the history of one of the oldest cities of Ukraine!              are invited to take part in the open air painting session in Lviv. Next day
   The main event of the festival is the knights’ tournament – a colourful       «Golden Easel» international contest starts and lasts throughout the
   show which gained its second revival. Tournament participants are the         summer. The best works will be exhibited in the National Museum and
   representatives of numerous historical reconstruction clubs from the dif-     Lviv City Hall. The year winner will be awarded with the prize - an easel
23 ferent countries of the world.                                                made of real gold.                                                          24

                                                                                on the Rynok Square»
   «Fairy-Tale in the Groove»                                                   Art Festival
   The 7th theatre festival
   for children
                                                                                Dates: : 06 June - 29 August 2010
                                                                                Location: Rynok Square
    Dates: 05-06 June 2010                                                      Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82
    Location: Air Museum of Folk Architecture
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)                                   Summer in Lviv Medieval Centre is full of life and music and entertain-
    Web:                                                    ment during all three months. In the day time master classes of artists,
    Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81                                        blacksmiths, florists, and choreographers as well as sports presenta-
                                                                                tions are inviting all the guests to the Rynok Square. Numerous cosy
   In front of the old village cottages and on the picturesque lawns the he-    cafes and refined restaurants are attracting by smells of delicious food
   roes of the fairy tales revive. Old Leo, Kind Fairy and Hayovyk (Kind Wood   and coffee. Live music is heard everywhere in the old city. In the evening
   Goblin) invite little kids to participate in the show. The «Entertainment    amateur and professional street tango and salsa groups and theatres,
   Glade» and «Tale-Narrators’ Glade» are offering children funny games         ethnic and popular music orchestras, clowns and out door cinema are
   and meetings with the famous fairy tale narrators and fabulists.             creating the atmosphere of the everyday holiday and entertainment.
25 Join the game and feel yourself a child while visiting the museum!           Summer is a fantastic time to visit Lviv!                                  26
                                                                                 The 4th Organ Music
                                                                                 Festival «Diapason»
                                                                                 Dates: 27 June - 25 July 2010

   The 2 Lviv Beer Festival
                   nd                                                            Location: Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall
                                                                                 (8, St. Bandera Street)
                                                                                 Tel.: +38 (032) 272 39 53
    Dates: 11-13 June 2010
    Location: Central part of the city                                           The «Diapason» festival reminds of Lviv as the organ music centre. Lviv
    Web:,                     has got the richest organ music tradition in Ukraine. In old times the
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                    city competed with such known capitals as Krakow, Warsaw, Prague,
                                                                                 Vienna, and Vilnius.
   Experience the excitement of the Lviv Beer Festival that maintains tradi-     At the beginning of the XX century there were almost 40 organs and
   tions of high beer culture. This Festival is an attempt to combine the old    6 factories producing the instruments in Lviv. It is in Lviv where the
   recipes and traditions with modern technologies. Lviv could be called         revival of organ music in Ukraine started after the WW2. St. Mary
   the beer capital of Ukraine. The amber drink has been brewed here             Magdalene Church’s organ (Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall today)
   from 1715. No wonder that beer and ancient Lviv create the cheerful           is considered to be one of the best in Europe.
   atmosphere of the holiday, performance and entertainment during the           «Diapason» festival is an important step in the six hundred years history
   whole festival time. Joyful Batyar’s Lviv, Medieval Lviv, Lviv of Craftsmen   of the organ music development in Lviv. Famous organists and young
   will be treating guests with the beer. These actions will join the most       performers from all over the world are coming to Lviv annually to fasci-
27 interesting, important and the best especially for you.                       nate audiences with their filigree technique and passionate emotions. 28

    «The Land of Dreams»
    International Ethnic
    festival                                                                    The 2nd «LvivKlezFest»
    Dates: 17 July 2010
    Location: Air Museum of Folk Architecture                                   Dates: 23-25 July 2010
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)                                   Location: Square behind the City Arsenal
    Web:                                                (Former Jewish Quarter), Staroyevreyska Street
   Life without dreams is like an ocean without water, says Oleh Skrypka, the   Tel.: +38 (032) 238 98 61
   initiator and organizer of the Ethno Festival Krayina Mriy and frontman of
   the Ukrainian rock-group Vopli Vodoplyasova. He wanted his dreams of         Klezmer Feast in Lviv («LvivKlezFest») is an international festival of Jewish
   a folk music festival to come true — and they did. The Festival «Krayina     music, song and dance. It is an attempt to revive the lost musical culture
   Mriy» (Land of Dreams) is an annual event, which brings together folk        of Jews living in Galicia. Klez Fest is music of the Jewish bands, where mu-
   and ethno rock musicians, craftsmen and applied art artists. Cossack au-     sicians had no idea about music notation, but could incredibly precisely
   thentic songs and games, kobza and sopilka (national instruments) tender     reflect beauties of Jewish soul. This genre of music originated in small vil-
   sounds, blues and ethno hard rock are fascinating numerous public at         lages and towns.
   the several stages erected at the venue. The very special atmosphere of      Within three days of the festival Lviv citizens and guests have the oppor-
   the festival is always enhanced by craftsmen, who show their skills and      tunity to experience klezmer music, dances, singing and as well as consort
   offer their wares to the eager and festively dressed mostly young crowds     with participants – famous groups, dance bands and family choirs from
   among whom there are many wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes.             many cities and countries.
   Come to Lviv and join us! Ukraine is one of the world leaders when it        Organizers of the Festival promise tons of unforgettable emotions and in-
29 comes to celebrating.                                                        vite everyone to visit «LvivKlezFest».                                        30

    Cheese & Wine Holiday
    Dates: 01 August 2010
    Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
    Web:,                                                Festyny Diany
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82

   Why wine and cheese in Lviv? There exists a documental evidence
                                                                                 (Diana’s Feast)
   of vine-growing in Lviv Region already in the 17th century AD. Lviv cli-
   mate was much warmer at that time so Southern hills of the High Castle,       Dates: 07 August 2010
   Lychakiv district, Keizerwald hills and Vynnyky suburbs have been covered     Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
   with vineyards producing more than one hundred barrels of wine annu-          and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
   ally. Monks and monasteries of the Roman Catholic Church have also had        Web:
   an important influence on the history of the regional wine. Living in a big
   trade centre, Lviv citizens very well knew and appreciated refined Greek,     The hunting goddess Diana, the patroness of wild animals and wood-
   Italian, Spanish, Hungarian wines as well.                                    lands invites all, who love nature, dogs and hunting to celebrate the
   What’s the best to be served with good wine? Cheese, of course. Being         International Hunters Day in Lviv.
   real gourmands Lviv citizens borrowed traditions of cheese making from        The participants will enjoy the presentation of hunting traditions, hunt-
   the neighbouring countries. So, the words «cheese» and «wine» started         ing trophies and guns display, tasting favourite hunters’ dishes and
   to be used together in Lviv in the Middle Ages!                               drinks, and a rare demonstration of the most romantic kind of hunt-
   Cheese & Wine Holiday is a fantastic opportunity to learn Ukrainian tradi-    ing - falconry.
   tions, to taste good wines and cheese in the open air, to visit fairs and     Everyone can learn secrets of hunting at the master classes. Dogs – the
   folklore concerts, to enjoy animations and different competitions.            faithful friends of the Goddess will compete for the «Diana’s Cup».
31 Lviv awaits real gourmands!                                                   The forge sound invites everybody to move in the open air!                32


   The 3rd International
   Folklore Festival
    Dates: 20-24 August 2010
    Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street),
                                                                                 Independence Day
    Rynok (Market) Square, square in front of the Opera House
    Web:                                                      Dates: 21-24 August 2010
    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82                                                    Location: Centre of the city, city squares, concert halls
   International Folklore festival «Etnovyr», initiated by UNESCO’s Interna-     Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82
   tional Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF)
   gathers together groups from Slavonic countries such as Czech Republic,       Independence Day is a special event in Lviv. On the eve of the holiday
   Poland as well as from Macedonia, France (Martinique), Israel (Palestine      the city’s pace changes. Everyone awaits the street performances, artis-
   Autonomy), India, Mexico, Cyprus, etc. in Lviv. Their impressive dancing      tic events and the festive concert.
   miniatures combine traditional folklore, old ritual and modern brisk danc-    Wearing embroidered national shirts on the Independence Day became
   es. Musical traditions are also represented by the unique musical instru-     a tradition among Lviv citizens. Already in the morning the city starts
   ments. The number and variety of cultures and colours in Lviv streets is      flourishing with the colours of national costumes. The celebrations last
   unforgettably impressive.                                                     for several days during which you can visit Folklore Festival «Ethnow-
   Bright recollection about the colourful costumes and artistic performances    hirl», International Independent Film Festival «LeoFilm», concerts and
33 won’t leave you till the next festival!                                       the Parade of Embroidery.                                                34
   The 5th International
   Independent Film
   Festival «KinoLev-2010»
    Dates: 21-24 August 2010
    Location: 18, Valova Street, Bernanden Garden
                                                                               Bread Day
    (Museum of Ideas’ yard), Les’ Kurbas theatre, Opera House
    Web:                                                       Dates: 22 August 2010
    Tel.: +38 (032) 295 69 68                                                  Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture
                                                                               and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
   The main criterion of the film selection for the festival is the young      Web:
   film makers’ independent view upon the world problems. Competi-             Tel.: +38 (032) 245 84 06, 245 84 24
   tion programs, presentations and professional meetings, premiers and
   retrospective shows, exhibitions and cinema school «FilmKio» are in         Lviv citizens and guests love to visit the Open Air Museum of Folk
   the «KinoLev - 2010» festival programme. Traditional festival themes        Architecture and Rural Life at the time of the Bread Day. The celebra-
   are « Young Cinema», «World’s idea of Ukraine and Ukrainians», «The         tion starts with blessings of round loaves of bread in the old church
   Festival of Festivals», «Silent Movie Classics», and «The Best Ukrainian    and festive walk around the museum park. The participants have the
   Movie Translation».                                                         opportunity to taste and to buy bread baked according to old recipes,
   «LeoFilm – 2010» is dedicated to the 80th jubilee of Federiko Fellini.      to learn old traditions of respect to bread or to join competitions and
   Fellini’s best films will be for the first time translated into Ukrainian   entertainments.
35 especially for the «KinoLev - 2010» festival.                               Everybody is cordially invited to participate!                          36

   The 3rd Week
   of Contemporary Art
    Dates: 22-29 August 2010
    Location: ГArt Gallery «Dzyga», «The Jam Factory»
    (124, B.Khmelnytskyi Street), central part of the city                   Dates: 22-29 August 2010
    Web:                                                    Location: Public Space of Lviv, Central and Eastern Europe
    Tel.: +38 (032) 244 47 78                                                City History Centre (6, Bohomoltsya Street)
   «Week of Contemporary Art» lights up the problems of the modern art,      Tel.: +38 (067) 4161962, +38 (032) 275 17 34
   demonstrating its ways of development and new artistic language of
   communication with the society. Different kinds of artistic performanc-   MediaDepo is a project that covers contemporary art and digital tech-
   es and installations, new media art and experimental electronic music,    nologies. Every year it demonstrates the best works of international
   film shows and discussions, lectures and master classes are on the list   media festivals – video art and artistic animation, short movies, hybrid
37 of the rich program for specialists and art lovers.                       interactive media, and experimental electronic music.                    38

                                                                                 The 17th Lviv International
                                                                                 Book Fair
                                                                                 Dates: 16-19 September 2010
                                                                                 Location: The Palace of Arts (17, Copernicus Street)

    Brass Band Festival                                                          Tel.: +38 (032) 276 41 52

                                                                                 Lviv International Book Fair («Lviv Publisher’s Forum»), the biggest in
                                                                                 Ukraine is included into the Frankfurt Calendar of the World Largest
    Dates: 28-29 August 2010                                                     International Book Fairs. It is a meeting place for the industry’s experts,
    Location: Rynok (Market) Square,                                             be they publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers or authors.
    Museum Square (in front of Pototsky’s Palace)                                Number of public visiting Forum usually strikes the prominent authors -
    Web:                                           guests of the event. The Publishes’ Forum programme includes: a book
    Tel.: +38 (032) 247 14 70, 235 48 82                                         fair, the 5th International Literary Festival (15-19.09.2010) and the
                                                                                 «Night of poetry and music non-stop» action; business forum, charity
   Everyone can enjoy listening to the brass music of different epochs and       and artistic events, new books presentations and meetings with writers.
   participate in the brass bands parade. Among the participants there are       Different art-video shows, artistic exhibitions and rock bands concerts
   brass orchestras from Lviv and foreign countries. Final concert of the fes-   will accompany forum. Forum promotes book and reading. It is the best
   tival annually finishes by the «The Anthem of the United Europe» and the      opportunity for the publishers to present new books and develop their
39 traditional song «Only in Lviv» performed by the joint orchestra.             professionalism.                                                            40

   The 4th City Holiday
   «Have a Cup of Coffee
   in Lviv»
    Dates: 25-26 September 2010
    Location: Rynok (Market) Square                                                The 16th International
    Tel.: +38 (032) 294 96 44                                                      Avant-Garde Music
   Lviv has always been famous for its coffee. In 1683 Yuriy Kulchytskyi,
   Cossack from Lviv Region, founded the first coffee-house in Vienna «Hof
                                                                                   Festival «Contrasts»
   zur Blauen Flasche», which was one of the few at that time in Europe.
   Who knows, maybe owing to Yuriy Kulchytskyi, Lviv became known as               Dates: 25 September - 5 October 2010
   the coffee capital of Galicia.                                                  Location:
   City Coffee Festival promotes Lviv coffee culture since 2007. Everyone          Lviv Philharmonic Society Building (7, Tchaikovsky Street)
   can take a coffee tour of Lviv and taste «festival» coffee in the numer-        Web:
   ous houses that day. All cafes use their exclusive recipes and high qual-       Tel.: +38 (032) 272 10 42 (box office), 272 67 25,
   ity coffee to create a real holiday of delight for the customers. Fragrant      +38 (097) 700 83 58
   coffee and meeting people are two indispensable elements of the Cof-            (marketing department)
   fee Festival in Lviv.
   The top event of the festival is Coffee King’s and Queen’s tour round           International Avant-Garde Music Festival «Contrasts» was founded in 1995.
   Lviv coffee-houses with the aim to choose a winner of the festival – the        Every year the number of the well known participants grows, thus attract-
   best Lviv café of the year. All the guests are invited to the coffee and cof-   ing more and more public and journalists’ attention.
   fee plate’s fair, historical presentations of the coffee drinking traditions,   The idea of the festival is to represent the variety of musical forms, styles,
   retro and jazz music concerts. Welcome to Lviv! We’ll find a special cof-       genres and interpretations emphasizing special, often contrast character
41 fee and a cosy café to delight everyone!                                        of a new music.                                                                42
                                                                               «Golden Lion»
                                                                               International Theatre
    «Vereteno» («Spindel»)
    Authentic Art festival                                                     Dates: 01-10 October 2010
                                                                               Location: Lviv theatres, central part of the city
                                                                               Tel.: +38 (032) 261 63 10, 297 53 96
    Dates: 26 September 2010
    Location: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture                             «Golden Lion» Theatre Festival is very popular not only in Lviv, but in the
    and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)                                  whole Eastern Europe. Founded in 1992, it is not only a famous street
    Web:                                                   theatres show and presentation of the European traditions, but the most
    Tel.: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81                                       prestigious theatre forum in Ukraine. Every year Lviv turns into a huge
                                                                               theatre stage for the popular performances, premiers and experimental
   «Vereteno» festival is gathering authentic groups from all regions of       works of the young directors. More than 25 thousand actors from all over
   the Western Ukraine. They represent traditional folk art: very old songs,   the world had already taken part in the festival. All performances are
   folk trio musicians’ performances, ritual ceremonies which recall the       presented in the original languages.
   ancestors’ lifestyle.                                                       Street parades of the moving on the stilts actors and impressive fire show
   Classes of weaving, stove decorating and reeled doll making are very        traditionally open the festival.
   popular among children. Everyone who loves dancing is invited to the        »Golden Lion» Theatre Festival is a member of such organizations as
   ancient authentic dance lessons.                                            Informal European Theatre Meetings (IETM) and International Festivals
43 Come to discover immortal authentic art and traditions!                     and Event Association (IFEA).                                               44
   The 8th Festival of the
   Ancient Music
    Dates: 01-10 October 2010                                                   The 4th Blacksmith Art
    Location: Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall
    (8, S.Bandera Street), St. Lazarus Church – School of Singing               Festival «Zaliznyy Lev»
    «Dudaryk» (17, Copernicus Street), Italian Courtyard
    of the Kornyakt’s House (6, Rynok Square)
                                                                                («The Iron Lion»)
    Tel.: +38 (032) 221 05 35
                                                                                Dates: 15-17 October 2010
   This festival is the only professional music event in Ukraine of its kind.   Location: Arsenalna Square
   It offers the audience vocal, instrumental, church, secular and op-          Web:
   era music of different European countries. Musicians from Sweden,            Tel.: +38 (067) 735 76 84
   Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands. Chile, Hungary,
   Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine have been taking part in         «Zaliznyy Lev» Blacksmith Art Festival gathers masters from the whole
   these festivals.                                                             Ukraine in Lviv. Using forge, hammer and sledge hammer they demon-
   This year the festival has been named «Lviv and Habsburg’s Musical           strate the basics of blacksmith’s work as it looked hundreds of years ago.
   Heritage». You will listen to the music of different countries and peo-      Blacksmiths produce real masterpieces of the metal sculpture and deco-
   ples which belonged to the Habsburg’s State since the Middle Ages up         rations to the guests’ order. Fire, metal and ringing hammer knocks on
45 to the XXth. century.                                                        the medieval place create a magic atmosphere of the past times.            46                                                                                          

   The 2nd Tourist Conference                                                  The 6th Festival «Drabyna»
   «Win with Lion!»                                                            («The Ladder»)
    Dates: 15-17 November 2010
    Location: Pototski’s Palace, 15, Copernicus Street                         Dates: 25-28 November 2010
    Web:                                                  Location: Lviv theatres
    Tel.: +38 (032) 297 57 53                                                  Web:
                                                                               Tel.: +38 (032) 244 58 55, +38 (097) 90 53931
   «Win with Lion» International Tourist conference will be held in Lviv for
   the second time. Ukrainian and foreign travel business experts from         «Drabyna» is an International festival of the experimental, alternative, in-
   Poland, Austria, Germany, and Great Britain took part in the first con-     dependent European theatre. The main task of the festival is a discovery
   ference. Among the participants of the event there were specialists of      of new theatre forms. Contemporary drama is a special theme of discus-
   the travel, restaurant and hotel industries, educational institutions and   sion at the festival. That is why its programme includes: literary theatre
   museums. Potential tourist products have been being discussed at the        readings «The Fire Ladder», drama works contest «Drama on the Lad-
   presentations and round-table meetings. Lviv’s entry into European Cities   der», art projects «The Photo play» and «Video stage», master classes, as
   Marketing Association was one of the main themes of the conference.         well as new plays readings and professional discussions. The motto of the
   Conferences of such level are very important for the development of co-     festival is «New generation. Time. Space. Own vision».
   operation in the tourist business. The second Lviv tourist conference is    Experience the best in international contemporary drama!
47 going to open Lviv to the new tourist markets and foreign partners.         Intellectuals and modern theatre lovers are invited.                         48

   The 10th International
   festival «Jazz Bez»
    Dates: 03-12 December 2010
    Location: Lviv clubs and concert halls
    Tel.: +38 (032) 244 47 78, +38 (095) 260 03 27                             St. Nicolas’s Day
   Lviv «Jazz Bez» Festival is among the biggest in Europe. The festival
   opens new horizons and unites music lovers of many countries every          Dates: 19 December 2010
   year. The program of the festival combines both big stage performances      Location: Square in front of the Opera House,
   and club concerts. Organizers’ vision encompasses a wide spectrum of        Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life
   jazz, blues, world, creative, and improvised music, including evolving      (1, Chernecha Hora), Lviv theatres and clubs
   forms of jazz and the technologies and media that influence jazz as an      Web:
   art form. Festival’s mission is to not only increase the appreciation of    Tel.: +38 (032) 235 48 82
   the music, but to strengthen the arts community by developing special
   projects, artistic exchanges, partnerships, educational initiatives, com-   Вже склалося традиційно, що святом Святого Миколая розпочинається
   munity programs, and collaborations that further the art.                   цикл новорічних та різдвяних святкувань у м. Львові, оскільки в цей
   The10th Jubilee «Jazz Bez» is expected to be really amazing. It will pro-   день відбувається урочисте відкриття Новорічної ялинки. Найбільш
   vide the opportunity for the Ukrainian ‘home-grown’ artists to collabo-     очікуваним та значимим це свято є для дітей, адже вони вірять у
   rate with the best in the world.                                            чудотворну силу Святого Миколая і чекають від нього подарунків і
   Come and enjoy the fantastic festival that transforms Lviv into a centre    здійснення своїх мрій. В цей день проходять різноманітні вистави
   for the creation and exchange of sounds and ideas between the local,        для дітей та молоді, благодійні акції та концерти. Святий Миколай
49 national and international music community every year!                      у Львові готує приємні сюрпризи і для дорослих учасників свята.     50
To Patrons and Sponsors
After a week of hard and routine job everyone dreams about the days off.
You can’t conquer a desire to catch at least a minute of joy and entertain-
ment, songs and dances, and unforgettable impressions… Lviv City Coun-
cil supports traditional festivals and initiates new ones by all means. Lviv
Calendar of Events places 50 different festivals to fit any taste.
Numerous Ukrainian and European performers are invited to par-
ticipate in the festive dances, noisy actions, entertainments, concerts,
competitions, and fire shows presented by the theatre groups.
Strong information support will accompany all the preparation process
as well as the festivals. Local mass media will announce the honorary
list of sponsors who help to create a special festive atmosphere in Lviv.
We remember all those who supported Lviv’s transformation into the
«capital of festivals», who helped the city to join the European culture
traditions of celebration and to become attractive both for Ukrainian
and foreign tourists.
The patronage has always been highly valued in Galicia. So, Lviv City
Council appeals to everybody who could help in organization of the fes-
tivals, thus helping to preserve old and develop new traditions. Contrib-
uting financially, you have the opportunity to become a proud founder
of one or more actions.

If you have any offer of cooperation, please contact
the Office for Culture and Tourism of the Lviv City Council.
1 Rynok Square (office 322)
Tel.: +38 (032) 2354882, 2546079
Welcome to Lviv!
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