; The Board of Directors of the McMinnville School District met in
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The Board of Directors of the McMinnville School District met in


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                                        OF THE

                          McMINNVILLE, OREGON

The Board of Directors of McMinnville School District met in Regular Session on
February 8, 2010, in the School District Office at 1500 NE Baker Street,
McMinnville, Oregon. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Kathy
Cabe. Larry Vollmer led the pledge of allegiance. Roll call indicated the following:

Mrs. Kathy Cabe
Ms. Janis Braich
Dr. Francis Charbonnier
Mrs. Nicole Obrist
Mr. Stan Primozich
Mr. Larry Vollmer

Dr. Tim Roberts

McKenzie Paasch, MACA
Colt Davidson, MHS
Michael Burke, MHS

Dr. Maryalice Russell, Superintendent
Mrs. Pat Dudek, Board Secretary

AUDIENCE: Pattie Waltz, David Horner, Margie Johnson, Kathi Fowler, Lori
Thurman, Stephanie Legard, Beth Ann Pope, Mark Hinthorn, Deb Weiner, Cathy
Carnahan, Alex Leaver, Kyra Donovan, Dave Carlson, Tony Vicknair, Laurie Cooper,
Marty Palacios, Sean Burke, Susan Escure, Kristian Frack, Dan Sheppard, Brian
Crain, Judi Dickey, community members, parents and students from Buel
Elementary and Cook Campus

The Board heard student reports. Principal Stephanie Legard introduced Sue Buel
Elementary teachers Heather Bickel and Cassandra Marshall, and students Lindsey
Vinson, Maria Martinez, Niko Mudong, Haley Schoenthal and Trey Schiesl, who
shared information about the importance of the writing program at Buel Elementary
and read some of their recent writing projects.
Lori Thurman introduced Cook Campus students Marco Herrera-Warrick, Robert
Ptacek and Gary Viles who discussed the presentations they have given to the
PAWS classes at McMinnville High School about the importance of success during
the freshman school year. Ms. Thurman then introduced Cheyenne Lund who
shared an autobiographical account of a recent graduate of Cook Campus.
Students shared their plans to further their education after they complete their
current program.

The Board invited public comment. There was none.

Board Chair Kathy Cabe read a proclamation declaring the Week of March 1-5 to be
Classified Employee Week in the McMinnville School District. Text of the
proclamation follows.

      WHEREAS the education of our youth is imperative to our school district, to Oregon, to
      our nation, our world;

      WHEREAS classified school employees in our school districts, education service districts
      and community colleges are the “backbone” of our public school system;

      WHEREAS classified employees work directly with our children, staff, parents,
      volunteers, business partners and community members and are responsible for the
      transportation, nutrition and general well-being of our children as well as assisting
      certified staff in direct instruction;

      WHEREAS classified employees ensure the smooth operation of our offices, the
      maintenance of buildings and property, and the safety of our staff and students and
      the community trusts them as important messengers about our schools;

      WHEREAS our community depends on classified employees to serve students and
      other staff, often in challenging circumstances and classified employees, with their
      diverse talents and true dedication, nurture our youth throughout their K-12 years;

      Kulongoski in proclaiming March 1 through 5, 2010 to be CLASSIFIED SCHOOL
      EMPLOYEE WEEK in McMinnville, Oregon, and encourage all members of our
      community to join in this observance recognizing the dedication and hard work of
      these individuals.

The Board reviewed the agenda. Superintendent Russell requested agenda item
5.4, student insurance, be tabled until a future meeting, as the vendor was not able
to provide the updated materials prior to tonight’s meeting. The board approved the

agenda with the requested modification. On motion of Stan Primozich, seconded by
Nicole Obrist, the Consent Agenda was approved on a unanimous vote.

The Board accepted, with gratitude, a number of gifts to the district. McMinnville
High School received a donation of 5 tons of steel flat bar with a value of $5,500
from Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc. for use in the welding program. Buel
Elementary School received a cash donation of $150 from McMinnville Cooperative
Ministries, and a donation of $65 from Douglas and Linda Cruikshank for purchase
of school uniforms for students. Newby Elementary School received a cash gift of
$305.78 from the Roths Benefit Education Foundation for materials to support
classroom learning. Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. donated 10 tickets for
the Aviation Museum and 10 tickets for the Space Museum to be used as
auction/raffle items to support Newby’s JA Biztown program transportation costs.
Newby Elementary also received a cash gift of $400 from Todd and Caroline Hamina
to cover expenses of the JA Biztown program. Columbus Elementary School
received a donation of four laptop computers and 3 HP printers from the USDA
Natural Resources Conservation Service, McMinnville Center. Dr. Joan Paddock
donated a snare drum with stand and case valued at $300 to Patton Middle School
for use in the student band. Martin Burns donated a printer, monitor, speaker and
miscellaneous computer items for district use where needed.

Minutes of the January 11, 2010 Business Meeting and the January 25, 2010 work
session were approved.

Personnel actions were approved. Contracts were awarded to Kim McCoy, Heidi
Reinker and Tim Payne.

The Board heard monthly reports. MACA student envoy McKenzie Paasch and
MHS student envoys Michael Burke and Colt Davidson reported on recent activities
including sports highlights, upcoming drama and music performances, awards, and
other activities at their respective schools.

Superintendent Russell provided board members with an update on recent district
topics, including the news that new ESD legislation is being presented this session
that would allow districts, beginning in 2012, to receive transit or pass-through
funds. We expect to hear at the February 18 WESD meeting about how the
reimbursement will be made to districts for funds originally intended for
distribution to schools that were utilized by the ESD. Superintendent Russell and
Human Resources Director Pattie Waltz demonstrated the recently implemented
online training program. This program delivers the trainings employees are
required to complete each year. Administrators and supervisors are directed to
allow employees to complete the training during their normal work hours. The
program has been generally well received, however, MEA has filed a formal
grievance and demand to bargain the new online format, citing lack of notification
of change in status quo regarding mandatory terms and conditions of employment.
Superintendent Russell wanted board members to be apprised in the event they
receive questions from community members. The district and MEA will begin
bargaining a successor agreement in the spring, and hope to exchange proposals by
March 15. Board members are invited to attend some training certification sessions
on the topics of data driven decision making and power strategies for effective

teaching, scheduled to take place in mid-February and mid-March. She thanked all
who supported the Mayor’s Ball and those who helped prepare for the event.
Preliminary reports indicate more than $125,000 was raised for Kids on the Block
at this annual fundraiser.

Susan Escure reviewed the fiscal report. As of February 1, total enrollment was
6,517, which is an increase from the previous month. The projected ADM is lower
than what is budgeted by about 15, and she will continue to monitor those
numbers. She shared the most recent state economic revenue forecast, which
projects total state revenues down about $183 million and lottery revenue down
$10 million, totaling $193 million down from the previous forecast. The local
government investment pool interest rate is currently 0.55%.

David Horner presented the facilities report. The total cost to rebuild the MACA
classroom that suffered water damage over winter break came in nearly $10,000
under the contractor’s estimate. Very few maintenance issues have arisen in the
district over the past month. A smoke test recently conducted at Buel Elementary
to discover the source of the occasional disagreeable odors revealed an open pipe
between two sheetrock walls. He intends to require a smoke test on all new
building construction in the future to verify that everything has been completed
correctly prior to the district signing off on the projects.

Mark Hinthorn provided a principal’s report. Newby students raised $1,332 in their
coin drive for Red Cross support for Haiti earthquake victims. The dental sealant
program for 1st and 2nd graders was conducted again this year; 77 students were
screened and 54 students received sealants. He estimated this program saved
parents at least $8,000. Battle of the Books, JA Biztown planning, and Native
American Studies are currently underway at the school.

Under Unfinished Business, the Board held second reading of the following policies:
   GBNA and GBNA-AR, Harassment of Staff
   JFCF and JFCF-AR, Harassment of Students

Motion – Janis Braich Second – Larry Vollmer        Motion Passed Unanimously
To adopt the above-listed policies as presented.

The board reviewed the out of state travel requests from the Twilighters and
FFA/Horticulture group which were presented for final approval, and took the
following action:

Motion – Stan Primozich Second – Janis Braich Motion Passed Unanimously
To grant final approval for the Twilighters trip to New York City, planned for April
23-27, 2010, to participate in a national music festival, see Broadway plays and
attend a concert by the Harlem Gospel Choir; and the FFA Horticulture students
and FFA advisor travel to Stanwood and Arlington, Washington to compete in the
Nursery/Landscaping and Floral Practice Contests taking place February 19-20,

Under New Business, the Board held first reading of the following policies and
administrative regulations:

     IKF-AR, Graduation Requirements
     GCDA/GDDA, GCDA/GDDA-AR, Fingerprinting
     IGBB-AR, Program for Talented and Gifted Students
Policy changes were reviewed by Pattie Waltz, Tony Vicknair and Dan Sheppard.
These policies will be returned for 2nd reading and approval at the March Board

Two calendar options for 2010-2011 were presented for first reading. These options
will be available for public viewing on the district’s website. The calendar options
and staff recommendation for the 2010-2011 district calendar will be presented for
2nd reading and adoption at the March board meeting.

Human Resources Director Pattie Waltz provided the annual Standards of
Assurance Report to the Board, noting that the District is in compliance with all of
the identified state standards under Division 22 with the exception of 581-022-
0606 District Improvement Plan, which received an extension on the submission
date from ODE, the plan being submitted in January 2010. The Board thanked her
for providing this update.

Superintendent Russell reviewed a draft of the 2010-2011 Local Service Plan
Resolution noting that several services WESD had planned to drop have been added
back into the plan. This topic will be returned to the March agenda.

Under Directors Comments, Chair Kathy Cabe again thanked everyone who helped
decorate and provide other assistance for the Mayor’s Ball last weekend.

The Board took note of future dates.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.


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Board Chair                             Superintendent


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