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					From Student eMails
   I ordered my textbook yesterday, but it’s not here yet. (End of Week 1)
   The bookstore sent the wrong book.
   The bookstore told me I didn’t need a book because the class is online.
   My advisor didn’t tell me the class was online, so for three weeks I’ve been wondering what to do.
   Nobody told me I needed a computer
   Nobody told me I needed software
   My computer is in the shop—don’t know when I’ll get it back. Hope that’s not a problem.
   My Internet is down and Comcast can’t get here until next week. I’ll let you know when I can start my
   My car broke down.
   Didn’t realize we had due dates
   My other online classes don’t have deadlines.
   My other online instructors don’t require discussions
   Thought I could do all of my work on Saturday
   I failed this class twice and took it online because I thought it would be easier.
   Had to go out of town to a part of the country with no Internet.
   I work 60 hours a week and carry a full load, so please forgive me for not turning in my work.
   My grandmother’s niece on my mother’s brother’s side was having a baby and I had to take my sister’s
    uncle’s brother’s wife to the hospital.
   Never heard of plagiarism before—what is it?
   We didn’t cheat, we just worked together.
   Yes, he typed them and gave me a copy. I didn’t know that was cheating.
   I didn’t cheat on that paper—I paid good money for it.
   I accidentally hit submit before all assignments were attached, so I couldn’t send the rest—hope that’s ok.
   I haven’t turned in any homework for the first three weeks because I don’t know what to do.
   I can’t get on the discussion board because my Internet is down so I’m emailing my post to you.
   I thought we’d just read the book and take tests.
   I don’t have time to complete all of the assignments, so can I do some extra credit work? I really need an
    A in this class.
   I don’t like to work in groups so I didn’t do that assignment.
   I just found this class. What do I need to do? I really need an A in this class. (Week 4 of an 8-week class)
Diary of an Online Adjunct
Dr. Vesta R. Whisler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Adult & Career Education
Valdosta State University -- Valdosta, GA
Online Faculty
Ivy Tech Community College -- Muncie, IN

      Who are online adjuncts?
      What is it like to be one? (Dear Diary)
      When is it time to hire online adjuncts?
      Where does one find them?
      Why is training important?
      How can an institution help online adjuncts?
      How can an online adjunct help him/herself?

   Who are Online Adjuncts?
   •   The Philosopher
           o   Not employed in degree field
           o   Teaches to stay in touch with the area and earn extra money
   •   The Moonlighter
           o   Teaches full-time in the area
           o   Uses adjunct teaching to expand experience and earn extra money
   •   The Full-Time Part-Timer
           o   Works as a freelancer for several institutions
           o   Building a vitae and making a living
   •   The Seeker
           o   Looking for full-time work
           o   Using adjunct teaching as a stepping stone
   •   The Graduate
           o   Grad student or recent graduate
           o   Using adjunct teaching as a stepping stone
   •   The Retiree
           o   Wants part-time work
               Wants to stay busy and earn extra money(1)
Ivy Tech Adjunct Faculty
   Statewide survey of 1,505 adjunct faculty (f2f and online) teaching for-credit courses
    Spring 2007

        ◦   65.3% (two-thirds) have 10 or more terms of total teaching experience

        ◦   Nearly 45% hold full-time job outside the Ivy Tech adjunct faculty position
            Overall, 91.0% were very or somewhat satisfied with their employment at Ivy Tech(2)

Adjunct Use of Online Resources
    Usage of Ivy Tech eMail and Campus Connect (2)

Dear Diary
   The Moonlighter (that’s me!)
        o   Teaches full-time in the area
        o   Uses adjunct teaching to expand experience and earn extra money
   My experience as an adjunct
        o   Ball State University (f2f only)
        o   Phoenix University (online only)
        o   Ivy Tech Community College (now online only)

What is it like to be one?
   Similar to and different from teaching full-time
        o   Prep
        o   Delivery
        o   Communication & Feedback
        o   Policies & Procedures
   Full-time
        o   Text-book reps visit and share info about textbooks
        o   Access to campus resources
        o   Paid for hours in addition to teaching time for prep
        o   Get release time or overload pay

   Online Adjunct
        o   May not be aware of ancillaries available
        o   May be geographically removed from campuses
        o   Paid only for teaching hours (by the credit hr)
        o   No release time or overloads

    •   Full-time
            o   Might be able to opt for f2f meeting to explain complex content
            o   Has access to campus resources
                         Computers
                         Internet connection
                         Videoconferencing equipment

            o   Sick pay or access to substitutes

    •   Online Adjunct
            o   Relies on the platform to explain complex content
            o   May be geographically removed from campus, so may have to provide own:
                         Computer
                         Internet connection
                         Videoconferencing equipment
            o   No sick pay and limited (or no) access to subs

Communication & Feedback
•   Full-time
        o   Can get to know students through f2f advising and classes
        o   Has an office phone for long-distance calls to students
        o   Can easily utilize nonverbal communication
        o   Has more channels of communication open to him/her

•   Online Adjunct
        o   Rarely meet students f2f
        o   May only have a personal phone for long-distance calls to students
        o   Relies on technology for nonverbal communication
        o   Relies more on Internet for most communication (eMail, eLearning)

Policies & Procedures
•   Full-time
        o   Access to administrators for clarification (meetings, hallways, one-on-one)
        o   May have a hard copy of PPM
        o   May be the program chair
•   Online Adjunct
        o   Rarely meet f2f with administrators
        o   May not know how to access PPM
        o   Relies on program chair or online faculty coordinator

When is it Time to Hire Online Adjuncts?
   When enrollments outgrow full-time instructional capacity (3)
   When full-time faculty don’t want to teach online or are very bad at teaching online
   When adjunct pool is limited

Distance Ed Enrollment
   College-wide DE unduplicated headcount nearly doubled (up 98.0%) from 2002 to 2005
    Compared to an 8.1% increase in total college-wide unduplicated headcount(4)

Where to Find Online Adjuncts
   Ivy Tech Pool of Certified Faculty
   Placement service of school that offer online degrees in content area
   Online at:

Pencil-Drop & Reach for the Sky1
    •   Drop pencil (or pen)
    •   Exhale down
    •   Inhale up
    •   Stretch arms over head
    •   Look up at the ceiling
    •   Imagine a word or phrase on the ceiling that captures the main concept of this presentation
    •   Take 30 seconds to think about how you might use what you’ve learned so far
    •   Discuss this with your neighbor for 2 minutes and 22 seconds

Why is Training Important?
   Credentials do not equal suitability to teach online
   Digital immigrants are not as familiar with the Internet as digital natives
   Many have never taken an online course
   Many have never taught an online course

How can an Institution Help Online Adjuncts?
   Training before assignment to an online class
   Course modules/templates
   Syllabus templates with school policies/procedures
   Links to textbook publisher resources
   Mentoring
   Networking & collaboration opportunities
   Professional development opportunities (like Tech Day)
How can an Online Adjunct Help Him/Herself?

        Peter Meggison, NBEA President, in the February 2007 Business Education Forum recommends
         that anyone interested in delivering online content should FIRST
                 Take an online course
                 Place yourself in the students’ shoes
                  Get a feel for the “strengths and pitfalls of online instruction.”   (5)

         Test your Online Readiness (6)
        Take an online class on ANY topic that interests you.
        Sign up for Ivy Tech’s Online Faculty Certification Course

     Basic Skills Needed to TAKE an Online Class
     •   Keyboarding/word processing
     •   Email attachments
     •   File management
     •   Web research
     •   Time management

     Basic Skills Needed to TEACH Online Content
     •   Keyboarding/word processing
     •   Email attachments (same process used for uploading content into eLearning)
     •   File management
     •   Web research
     •   Converting files to Web-friendly format
             •    Word (.doc to .rtf or .html)
             •    PowerPoint (Camtasia, Producer, Breeze, .html, etc.)
     •   Time management
     •   Willingness to learn new technologies
     •   Good grasp of pedagogy/andragogy

     Learner-to-Facilitator Feedback
           Shout Out!
         •   Number between 1 and 5
             That many important points covered today (7)

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