Hungarian Lesson #3 Reading Signs

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                              Hungarian Lesson #3
                                 Reading Signs

Bejárat                    Entrance

Kijárat                    Exit

Nyitva                     Open

Zárva                      Closed

Információ                 Information
Rendőség                   Police Station
Tilos                      Prohibited

Mosdó                      Toilets

Férfiak                    Men

Nők                        Women

Meleg                      Hot

Hideg                      Cold

Van Üres Szoba             Rooms Available

Minden Szoba Fogalt        No Vacancies                 Kijárat
Copy the Hungarian words and phrases.

          Bejárat           Entrance            Mosdó             toilets

                                  Exit                             Men

                              Open                                Women

                             Closed                                Hot

                           Information                            Cold

                          Police Station                    Rooms Available

                            Prohibited                       No Vacancies
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                              Hungarian Lesson #3
                                 Reading Signs

Choose the correct English tranlation.

  1. Nők                                 8. Rendőség
     a. Rooms Available                     a. Police Station
     b. Women                               b. Cold
     c. Open                                c. Toilets
     d. Exit                                d. Closed

  2. Tilos                               9. Férfiak
     A. Prohibited                          a. Closed
     B. No vacancies                        b. Open
     C. Open                                c. Information
     D. Entrance                            d. Men

  3. Kijárat                             10. Bejárat
        a. Rooms Available                   a. Women
        b. Cold                              b. Entrance
        c. Exit                              c. Men
        d. Information                       d. Open

  4. Meleg                               11. Van Üres Szoba
       a. Prohibited                         a. Information
       b. Women                              b. Prohibited
       c. Toilets                            c. Entrance
       d. Hot                                d. Rooms Available

  5. Információ                          12. Minden Szoba Fogalt
        a. Cold                              a. Cold
        b. Prohibited                        b. Women
        c. Entrance                          c. No vacancies
        d. Information                       d. Exit

  6. Závra                               13. Nyitva
        a. Rooms Available                   a. Open
        b. Exit                              b. Women
        c. Toilets                           c. Hot
        d. Closed                            d. Information

  7. Hideg                               14. Információ
        a. Prohibited                      a. Entrance
        b. Cold                            b. Information
        c. Rooms Availble                  c. Exit
        d. Entrance                        d. Open
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                           Hungarian Lesson #3
                             Reading Signs

Word Search
Find the 4 Hungarian words below in the
       H   M   T   M   Z   Á   R   V   A   H   P   I   H   M   E
       H   P   B   I   N   Y   C   G   V   Z   M   W   W   S   Y
       Q   I   F   E   B   G   I   K   U   T   U   H   Q   X   N
       U   I   U   I   J   U   N   Y   O   U   N   B   I   N   M
       T   S   C   V   V   L   D   Y   F   P   S   X   G   M   F
       F   G   A   L   H   A   X   J   I   C   G   L   D   V   Y
       C   J   F   É   R   F   I   A   K   T   S   X   O   E   A
       G   Z   Q   B   G   D   Y   K   U   V   V   E   X   O   V
       L   E   R   C   D   Z   U   T   F   U   I   A   H   J   H
       G   P   L   N   B   V   S   B   A   D   B   F   A   A   C
       J   E   B   E   W   U   Y   W   F   P   G   W   W   A   V
       V   F   T   X   M   E   S   S   H   F   X   H   Y   D   W
       R   G   W   V   S   U   Q   O   I   T   Q   I   B   R   Z
       D   H   F   O   Z   E   G   O   W   G   F   O   M   R   O
       Y   M   R   T   C   B   C   G   L   N   J   X   L   F   P

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                                   Hungarian Lesson #3
                                      Reading Signs

Write the Hungarian words in the crossword puzzle.

            Across                           Down
            5. information                   1. prohibited
                                             2. entrance
                                             3. cold
                                             4. exit

Unscramble These 2 words.

kőN ____________________           edésgőRn ____________________

Put these phrases in the correct word order.

Szoba Fogalt Minden

Üres Van Szoba ___________________________________________________________________
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                                    Hungarian Lesson #3
                                       Reading Signs

Answer Key

Word Search

                         Z      Á     R       V   A

             F   É       R      F     I       A   K   T
G                                                            V
       E                                                         A


                             1. T                     2. B
                                I                       E
3. H                            L                       J             4. K
5. I         N       F          O         R       M     Á        C       I       Ó
   D                            S                       R                J
   E                                                    A                Á
   G                                                    T                R

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