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dental assistant training


train your dental assistant - if you are a dentist- use this form as template DENTAL ASSISTANT TRAINING PROTOCOL.

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Week One:
     Orientation, Sterilization, Infection Control

Day 1 Orientation:

         □   How to get into office
         □   Alarm Code
         □   Getting into Lab
         □   Locker area
         □   Break Room Rules…Fridge, microwave, etc.
         □   Dress Code
         □   Work Hours
         □   Radio use
         □   Parking
         □   Website
         □   Employee Roster
         □   Computer sign-in and time clock

Day 2 Sterilization:

         □   Instrument Cleaning
         □   Set-up and use of Autoclave and Ultrasonic
         □   Water fill-up (Autoclave)
         □   Autoclave and Ultrasonic Maintenance
         □   Sterilizer Spore-testing
         □   Preparing instruments for sterilization
         □   Bagging instruments…which bag to use and why
         □   Cold Sterile use and refill

Day 3 Office Maintenance:

         □   Janitor room orientation
         □   Trash removal
         □   Bathroom Maintenance
         □   Coffee Room use and maintenance
         □   How to use coffee maker
         □   Aroma Machine maintenance and cartridge removal/change
           □ C-Fold station is each room (refill)
           □ Empty Paper Shredder
           □ Clean Floors

Day 4-5 Sterilization Practice:

           □ Bag and sterilize instruments w/supervision
           □ Set up Bur blocks
           □ Set up different procedure kits…preps, composite, amalgams,
             deliver, extraction, adjustments
           □ Set up hygiene kits
           □ Set up exam kits
           □ Set up handpieces
           □ Clean trays
           □ Use and cleaning of denture machine

Week II:

Day 1: Room Set-up/Breakdown

           □   Break down operatory
           □   Infection Control basics
           □   Review of materials used in sterilization
           □   Basic Set up
           □   Room Names and Codes

Day 2: Room Stock/Refill

           □ Refill drawers…cotton rolls, gauze, bibs, alcohol, suction tips,
             q-tips, vaseline…ALL ITEMS
           □ Refill Impression materials,

Day 3-5: Practice on Week II

Week III: Instrument Familarization

           □ Be able to set up trays and name all instruments and materials
        □   Name major instruments and their use
        □   Learn the composite tray and composite materials
        □   Learn the impression materials and names
        □   Learn names of all equipment in operatories

Week IV: Lab Work

        □   Learn to mix plaster
        □   Learn the different types of plaster and their individual uses
        □   Learn to pour casts
        □   Learn to sandblast/refill sandblaster
        □   Learn to operate the air compressor in lab and maintenance
        □   Learn to trim casts
        □   Learn to make bleaching trays

Week V: Practice

        □ Thursday exam with Dr. Penchas, Dr. Scheyer, or Wanda

Week VI: Clinical

        □ Make impressions for bleaching/diagnoctics
        □ Learn to suction/retract chairside
        □ Set-up operatory for procedures:
          □ Crown
          □ Composite/Amalgam
          □ RCT
          □ Zoom
          □ Denture

Week VII: Clinical Practice

        □ Set up, treat, and break down an operatory
             Following Ray-ALL WEEK
        □ Reading assignment
        □ Thursday with Wanda
Week VIII: Radiology

        □   Learn to take PA on skull
        □   Learn to take Panorex
        □   Learn to process and place in respective patient chart
        □   Thursday test-take panorex/pa on Dr. Penchas

WEEK IV: Radiology II

        □ Take x-rays with Loan ALL WEEK

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