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					    A Trip of East USA
    Date: December 23, 2005--January 5, 2006
    Number of group members: 5 people
    Theme: Culture Trip
Vistas/Events    Time         What to see                           Remarks
Check in         Day1                                               By Airplane
12/23                         Taiwan—Boston
Check in         Day2
12/24            9:00-12:00   Boston downtown

Boston           Day2
12/24            1:00-3:00    MIT(麻省理工學院)                 
                 3:00-6:00    Harvard University (哈佛大學)   

Boston           Day2
12/24            7:00~        Christmas eve                         Let’s go to have high
                              (in Boston Bar)                       jinks all night

Boston           Day3
12/25            9:00-12:00   Boston old downtown (Charles River)
                              Boston down (昆西市場)
Boston~     Day3
 New York   1:00-3:00   Trinity Church and Hancook Tower
12/25       3:00-5:00   Beacon Hill
            5:00~       Go to New York                             by Bus
New York    Day4
12/26       0900~1100   Central station and Midtown
New York    Day4                                                   Shopping(NIKE , NBA
12/26       1100~1300   Sony Wonder and Madison Av.--5th.Av        STORE……)
            1300~1500   United nations                             (

New York    Day4
12/26       1500~1700   Broadway
            1800~2000   South street seaport

New York    DAY5
12/27       0900~1200   Miss liberty ,Ellis island, battery park

New York    DAY5
12/28       1200~1500   wall street, NYSE, trinity church
            1500~1800   Empire state building、Woolworth
                        building, city hall
            1800~       Greenwich village, NYC, Washington
                             arch, Washington square
New York         Day6
12/29            0900~1400   Metropolitan or Guggenheim museum
New York         Day6                                         
12/29            1400~1700   Colombia University (哥倫比亞大學)
                 1700~       Macy’s, 21 Century, Madison Ave

New York         Day7
12/30            0900~1300   SOHO, Tribeca, china town, little Italy,
                             Sat. the cage
                             (nyc 有名鬥牛聖地,soho 區)

New York         Day7
12/30            1300~1745   Woodbury outlet
                 1800~2200   free time
New York         Day8
12/31            0900~1600   Free time all day                          (1)You can do anything
                 1600~       New York Time Square(New year’s eve)       all Day

                                                                        (2)Let’s go to have
                                                                        high jinks all night

New York         Day9
2006/1/1         0900~1400   Central park, Lincoln center

New York         Day9
~ Philadelphia   1400~1800   Rockfeller center (洛克斐勒中心)
1/1              1800~ .     Go to Philadelphia                         By Bus
Philadelphia      Day10
1/2               0900~1300   Independence National Historical park
                              (Liberty Bell)自由鐘、Independence

Philadelphia      Day10
1/2               1300~1500   University of Pennsylvania (賓州大學)
                  1500~1800   South street (時尚流行街)

Philadelphia      Day11
1/3               0900~1300   Old City (舊城區)
Philadelphia~     Day11
Washington,D.C    1300~1500   Fairmount Park
1/3               1500~       go to Washington, D.C

Washington, D.C   Day12
1/4               0900~1200   whitehouse(白宮)、獨立紀念碑、

Washington, D.C   Day12
1/4               1300~1800   Washington downtown                     http://www.georgetown
                  1800~       free time                               .edu/
Washington, D.C   Day13
1/5               0900~1200   Georgetown University (喬治城大學)
Washington, D.C   Day13
1/5               1300 ~1600   Washington Zoo (for Panda)
                  1600          Go to Airport

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