Undertaking in Favor of Sui Nothern gas pipeline

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					     Undertaking in favor of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline LTD.

1. _______________ W/o ________________ confirm that gas supply to my premise
House       _______________________________________________________                 was
disconnected on 13-05-2010 as a result of violation of the gas supply contract committed
by me.

I now request that my gas supply be restored for which I hereby undertaking.:

     1.     That I shall not indulge in any illegal activities such as tempering with the meter
            or securing gas supply for other purposes then given on the contract or any
            action tending to secure more gas than meter register or to secure gas at a higher
            pressure or interfering with meters or regulators landing to prevent the same
            from proper operation and registering of the gas supply correctly or any other
            illegal method for using the gas.
     2.     That I shall comply with in letter and spirit the terms and conditions laid down in
            the correct for the supply of gas.
     3.     In case, I violate any condition laid down in the contract for supply of gas or any
            or the condition laid down above, the company is within jurisdiction to
            disconnect on the accordance with law.


1.        ____________________                         Signature: _____________________
          ____________________                         Name:    _________________
          ____________________                         Address: ______________________
          ____________________                         ______________________________

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