Sale Receip by howpakistan


									                                        SALE RECEIPT

Received with thanks the sum op Rs. (in figure) _________________________________________
Rupees (in words) ________________________________________________________________

I,   ___________________________________________________________________                      son   of
_________________________________________________________________                     residence     of
____________________________________________________________ forward herewith the
certificate of the registration and the certificate of fitness of Motor Vehicle No.
____________________________ the ownership for which has been transfer to me by
________________________________________________________ and hereby request that the
said vehicle may be registered in my name and that the certificate of registration be amended

Date: __________________                                       Signature or thumb
                                                            impression of the transferee

endorsement in the case of a vehicle which is the subject of an agreement of this purchase.

      I/We being a party to an agreement of hire purchase in respect of the vehicle specified above
contact to transfer of owner ship of hire purchase in respect of this vehicle.

Date: __________________                                         Signature of the party
                                                                  other than owner.

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