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									The vikings

By Emma Tinney.
                Viking Clothes
• Vikings used wool to
  make clothes.
• They brought sheep to
  the island for food and
• The clothes were made
  by women.
• The clothes were dyed
  using vegetable dye.
             Women's Clothes
• The Viking women wore
  long linen dresses.
• Over their dresses they
  wore a long woolen
  tunic and a small apron.
• They wore thick woolen
  socks and soft leather
               Men's Clothes
• Viking men wore
  long woolen shirts
  and long cloth
• On top he wore a
  sleeved jerkin or a
  three quarter coat
  with a belt.
              Viking Children
• Viking children did not
  go to school, they had
  to stay at home and
  help their mothers
  with the house work
  including farming.
• They were not
  allowed to go outside
  because of the
              Viking Children
• Most of Viking
  children’s toys were
• Viking girls played
  with wooden dolls.
• Viking boys played
  with model boats
  and played football.
                 Viking Ships
• Vikings built fast
  ships for war and
• Viking longships
  could sail in shallow
• In a raid a ship could
  be hauled up onto a
                     Viking Facts
• Most Viking shoes were
  painted . They liked to paint
  them red or blue.
• Most Vikings had nicknames
  such as Keik or Vifil.
• Vikings did not use pens
  much instead they carved
  letters with a knife.
• The Viking alphabet only
  had 16 letters not like our
  one which has 26.
                     Quiz Time
•   What did Vikings use to make clothes?
•   True or False Viking women wore long linen dresses?
•   Why were Viking children not allowed to go outside?
•   True or False Viking girls played with plastic dolls?
•   Could Viking longships sail in shallow water?
•   How many letters are in the Viking alphabet?
•   Viking men wore long linen dresses True or False?
       Why I Like The Vikings
I like Vikings because they are very interesting
and there are a lot of fun facts about them. I
enjoyed doing the project on the computer, it
was really fun.
        THE END

By Emma Tinney.

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