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                                  Youtube Virtuoso

                  VirtuosoCesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.

                "The Easiest And Fastest Way To
                Make Money Exploiting Youtube!"

                          MAIN GUIDE PDF                              Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso


 Welcome to "Youtube Virtuoso". What you have in your hard disk now is one of
the easiest guides to making consistent money by exploiting what Youtube and
CPA have to offer. There are tons of guides, mp3's and videos about Youtube so
you may be asking yourself, why is this guide any different?

First off, this guide is one of the most straight-forward ever. I'm not going to B.S
you with theories and useless data from Youtube because you already know that
the world's favourite video site receives insane amounts of traffic.

You already know how to upload videos to Youtube and add a description and
tags. So why lose our valuable time with that basic stuff?

I've seen 34 paged guides explaining just that. Of course, I'll show you how to
elaborate a sizzling hot title to grab as many views as you can, but you can be
rest assured that there's no filler in here.

I explain everything, step by step.

I don't know why people complicate their lives so much when it comes to
Youtube. They try to create the perfect video with a lot of "bells and whistels"
and they forget the real objective: making money.

That's all. You don't have to be a Steven Spielberg to create videos. Just be a
little creative, use your brain cells and think always out of the box. Frankly, I
don't use complicated video editing software. I just use the simplest one, and
when it comes to simplicity, windows movie maker is KING. I'm really talking

The number one rule is always keep things simple. Time is a scarce and valuable
resource. We cannot spend too much time creating videos because we only have
24hr a day...

O.K, fair enough... Shall we start?

All the best
Cesar Galano.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                 Youtube Virtuoso

Tools We Need
The tools we need are, obviously, a Youtube account and A CPA account. We
don't need clickbank because selling on youtube is something like digging the
ground with pillows. You're basically wasting your time trying to sell stuff on
Bear in mind that regular users use the Youtube platform in the same way they
use Facebook or Twitter. They are bored and they're looking for ways to kill their
boredom with some games, some music videos or god knows what else. When
I'm not doing IM and I'm bored I find my self following the same pattern. I
always end up on Youtube watching some of my favourite music videos. I bet
that it happens to you as well.

There're always exceptions and we can't generalize too much, but you only have
to go and look for yourself to see the lack of success clickbank products have.
You can't make a living by promoting clickbank products on Youtube.

So, I'm assuming that you have already a Youtube account. In case you don’t, I
always recommend that you create as many youtube accounts as you can (at
least 4 or 5). Although I never got a single Youtube account deleted, is really a
smart idea to have supplementary accounts just in case. You never know.

In case you don't have a Youtube account, just go here.

I always suggest to my students that they create accounts with a girl's profile or
something like "trends channel", "ultimate channel", "hot channel"..etc. You get
the idea, and I'm sure you'll come up with better names. :)

The simple reason behind these names, is that they look fresh and trendy. People
react better to these kind of names, rather than "xzy88" or "dsi99a". Simple
logic I guess, but it surprise that many Youtube channels that are used by
marketers use these kind of names.

Avoid them and you'll be on the right track to profits. It is really important to
take good care of your channel. This may sound very basic and redundant, but I
must insist always. Look at the difference between these two channels, and
guess which one it's better...                        Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                          Youtube Virtuoso


#2                 Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

Hopefully you got the point. I mean the first channel is a professional channel
but you can see why is so successful. Bring colors and images to your channel.
Add tags, descriptions and make it a "complete channel".

More often than we think, people do visit Youtube channels.

Good, it's time now for a basic component of the Youtube Virtuoso System; a
CPA account. I won't bore you with things that you already know about CPA. In
the same way I saw countless 34 paged guides explaining how to upload a video
to Youtube, I don't have enough fingers in my hand to count all those rehashed
guides about CPA. In case you're a complete newbie, I have here a valuable list
of the most popular CPA Networks:                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                          Youtube Virtuoso                 Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

I think that this list is more than enough to get started. If you want to get
approved by these networks and start to work immediately with them, I
recommend to do visit this helpful thread in WF . I don't want to spend time
talking about things that actually you can get for free just by browsing the WF or
doing a Google search.

The main idea of this guide is make you money as fastest as possible.

The last resource we're going to use is "Windows Movie Maker". I don't bother
using other video editing software, because my motto is always keep things
simple. But, you are free to use your favourite video editing software!

Well, those are the only tools we need. It's as simple as that.

The reason I don't use Amazon or Clickbank when working with Youtube is, as I
said before, the titanic task that selling things on Youtube is. Trust me, the way
to go is always CPA for video sites. It all comes down to common sense!

Have you ever wondered why stupid videos go viral while "Selling" videos stay
there collecting dust? I insist, Youtube is an entertainment platform for people
who are looking for ways to kill boredom.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

There are exceptions, but the low amount of views of these "Selling" videos talks
by itself. Youtube and CPA are practically the best and easiest way to make
money online. Period.

Checking Competitors

First off, forget about google's youtube search tool. I know that lots of marketers
are using it on daily basis, but to me it is a waste of time. Youtube search tools
can give you an slight idea of the number of searches but it doesn't work as well
as many marketers claim. We're going to check several factors later.

One of the most important aspects when working with Youtube is the number of
competitors. Practically there are no differences between standard SEO and
"Youtube SEO". Things are simple; we have to look for those terms with low
competitors. Let's see a practical example:

It all comes down to common sense. Trying to rank in Youtube for such a
competitive term like this, it's like try to rank first in the make money online
niche in google (which technically is possible, but it would take ages).

I don't want to discourage you, but sometimes we need a little dose of harsh                          Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                   Youtube Virtuoso


Of course it would be really cool have a video over there, but is better to move
on a try to find profitable spots elsewhere (more on this later).

When checking competitors we need to bear in mind these three things:

1. What kind of user uploaded a video.
2. Number of views.
3. How old a video is.

#1- What kind of user uploaded a video:

We need to know if a certain video on the number one, two, three and fourth
position are uploaded by normal users - just like you or me - or if it's uploaded
by professionals like, VEVO, ENEWS, CLEVVER TV and the like.

This is REALLY important because we're not interested in competing with the
established giants. We want if possible the first spots with regular users.

Besides that, these professional channels are very territorial, just like wild
animals. If you get in their way, and your videos spread like wildfire, it's likely
that they will delete your videos in the blink of an eye.

However, I do not want to be that pessimistic, and indeed I've seen many videos
from regular users in the first rankings competing directly with giants like VEVO

For some odd reason, these professional channels didn't report those videos and
let them on the first privileged spots.

#2- Number of views:

This will tell us if a certain keyword we're targeting is worth our time. Numbers
speak by themselves, and that's all you need you know.

So let's do some math and calculate if a certain keyword is receiving many                           Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

searches or not.

Let's see an example.

1 year has 365 days so...

4,021,506 : 365=11,017 Views per day approximately.

Apparently, the person who uploaded this particular video has a blogspot blog,
but can you imagine having a video like this linked directly to an iPhone 4G CPA
related offer?

You know now the deadly simple "mathematical equation" that will tell you asap
which keywords are worth your efforts.

#3- How old a video is:

You need to know how old the videos of your competitors are.

Why is that?

Simple. The older a video it is, the more established and the harder it is to
outrank it. You should also pay attention to those recent videos, let's say, the
ones that are 3 or 4 days old. This tells us that if a new video breaks up in the
top positions, there are real chances that we can do it as well.

Always use the math operation to inform yourself about the overall situation and
the possibilities.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

When checking the level of competition, all these tips and guidelines are not just
a bunch of theories. They do work, because I use them on a daily basis and
they help tremendously.

But again, you have to make an educated guess when selecting keywords, or
otherwise you won't achieve the results you want. Some times I see in forums
that work with Youtube is like hitting the jackpot; you never know if your video
will hit the first spots, or will be buried in 24th page.

In some way they are right, mainly because no one can control Youtube.

Their algorithm is extremely complicated, and it could take you a whole lifetime
to understand it. But if you use this tips you'll increase the chance to be ranked
on the first spots by 85%.

"The Hollywood Method"

Welcome to the first method. This is one of my favorite methods and I use it on
a daily basis. We're going to use the immense power of the monster niche of
movie trailers. Think about this for a moment, unless the whole movie industry
collapsed suddenly, we will never be out of business. There is always a never
ending supply of new upcoming movies, most of them big money makers. The
beauty of this method is that even if we have competitors, we'll still manage to
get thousands of views. Or shall I say, thousands of possible leads. ;)

The trick here is to move as quickly as we can.

#1- Go to

#2- Click on the current month we are now. You will see a list of upcoming
movies.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

In this example I chose "Tornado Alley".

#3- Now it’s time to see how this trailer is performing on Youtube. Do a simple
Youtube Search adding the word "trailer" at the end of the keyword. So in this
would be, "Tornado Alley trailer".

#4- Check the level of competition.

To be honest, competition here is not fierce. I believe that we can manage to get
a privileged spot here. Bear in mind that this movie is going to be released on
the 18th of October. Usually the day before a movie is released, there's a massive
activity on the trailer vids of the movie. So we can do two things in here.

(a) We can wait a bit and create a video of the trailer two days before the movie
is released. Usually Youtube gives you for a short period of time a little boost to
your video and puts it next to the top positions.

Then, your site either gets buried or it sticks. It really doesn't matter though, by
that time your video will already have receive a massive amount of views in a
short period of time.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                 Youtube Virtuoso

(b) Create the video and upload it asap. Doing this will improve your "Youtube
SEO". Trailers are always hot and people are looking for them even when the
movie is to be released the next year.

#5- Go to and download their software. I always use
this brilliant piece of software when downloading vids from Youtube. You can use or if you want.

#6- Now download the trailer from other users. Make sure you chose the best
quality (HD) trailers.

#7- Now is time to promote the best matching offer to our potential leads.
Obviously, the way to go is to promote some offers related to movies. How about
"Are you a film junkie"? :)

They are paying $0.48 per lead. The good thing is that they only have to do a
short quiz. Think about this, they don't have to buy anything.

We're not selling. They'll be entertained while we make money!

#8 – Time to shorten your link now. I guess you agree with me that naked
affiliate links are ugly. People don’t trust us and our intentions when we try to
sell/offer them something. The best way to avoid this is to shorten our link with Go there and shorten your affiliate link.

#9- Once your link is shortened, we proceed to upload our desired trailer. I want
to point out that we don't need to edit the video at this pint, basically because                        Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

we just want the trailer, nothing else. We don't watermark it because even the
link is shortened; it's difficult to remember a link.

#10- While video is uploading, we need to make use of our copywriting skills. I
do believe that copywriting has a critical importance in all aspects of internet
marketing. Persuading people to take action eventually leads to money.

      • Title: this is the difference between thousands of views and failure.
        Take your time on this one. Write different titles and then decide which
        is better. For example, "Life as we know it trailer" is a lame title. It's
        boring. "Watch NOW Life as we know it HD trailer HOT MOVIE". That's a
        really cool title and it’s a breath of fresh air.
      • Description: Here's where we should make people click on our link. To
        achieve this we're going to include only two links; one at the beginning
        and one at the end. In the description part, we should add little info
        about the movie and that's more than enough.

      • Tags: The more tags, the better. Use tags like: "movie", "trailer", "HD

      • Category: Select "Film and Animation".

Now, I have to show you a powerful weapon that can literally save you tons of
time and most important, can make your video go viral. I'm talking about

This is a youtube views service that helps tremendously when giving a boost to
your videos. It can improve your video rankings really fast and usually this is the
one of the cheapest and quickest way to speed up the process of making money
with CPA offers. I recommend that you use their $25 package. It's a small
investment that you’ll make back practically overnight!.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

"The Freebie Method"

This is s powerful long term method. Freebies are the most effective marketing
tactic ever. The solely idea of getting stuff for FREE drives people crazy. Well, in
fact, in one way or another, we all are hooked to the concept of getting
something for nothing.

We're going to take advantage of this and we'll make serious money. Like I said,
this a long term method that runs completely on autopilot. From time to time,
some videos will get buried and ultimately die, but that's not a big problem
because we only have to replace it and that's all. Money will keep rolling in.

The idea behind this method is to create a slideshow with some images and then
persuade people with the idea of getting something for free and make them to
click our link.

As you can see it’s deadly easy. The most simple ideas are usually the most
powerful ones.

#1- What we need to do first is to select our target audience. Will they be
gamers who will get their favorite game for free or will they be technology
addicts? In this case I'll choose the second audience. Those folks who love
technology. The iPad and the Iphone 4G are super hot right now and this will be
our bait ;)

#2- Go to Google images and grab some cool images from the iPad or your
desired product. In this case I'm going after iPhone 4G photos. Grab just 6 or 7
(the best ones).                          Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                 Youtube Virtuoso

#3-Now it’s time to create a slideshow. It's something really easy and it can be
done in 20 minutes or less. In the slide show you must add a little bit of content.
I mean, the functions of the phone and the like. Don't over do it, just add a few
lines of info to make your possible lead salivate. Video duration must be
anywhere between 30secs-1min.

Then, at the end of the video you should put something like this: "I know that
for some of us, the iPhone 4G is expensive. But if you want to find out how to
get one for FREE just click the link below". I am terrible copywriter and I'm
completely sure that you'll come up with better ideas than me :)

#4- Let's find some iPhone 4G related offers. It won't be a difficult task because
like I said, the iPhone 4G is a really hot product now.

#5- Now, like in "The Hollywood Method", shorten your link with or your
favourite shortener service.

#6- Upload your video to Youtube. Again, while it's loading, we proceed to add
titles, descriptions and tags.

-Title: Usually what works really well is something like: "Why { product name}
is so expensive? Discover HERE how you can get {product name} for

-Description: One link at the beginning and one at the end. This way we make
sure folks notice our link. When it comes to the description, anything works. But,
the way to go is to write something like this:

"I love {product name}. But I just couldn't afford to get one, I'm a broke
teenager and there was no way I just could get one {product name}. That was
until I found this site where it was so easy to get a {product name}. Seriously, I
just traded my email for a brand new {product name}. I really hope you get
yours FREE!

{link}                        Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                   Youtube Virtuoso

Don't copy-paste it. I mean, that is just the type of description that will make
people click your link. By nature, folks don't trust everyone on the internet. By
pretending to be a broke teenager who got something for free with a website,
you increase your chances by 80% to make someone read what you have to say,
and ultimately, click on your link.

-Tags: Again, add all tags related to the iphone 4g. Add tags like,"freebie",
"free"...etc, as well.

This is by far the simplest money making method you'll find on the internet.
There are no complications here, we give people the chance to win some of their
most wanted products, and in return we get paid. If you want to speed up the
process, you can outsource the task to someone in fiverr, and of course, use
to skyrocket your views.

One of my students made $200 the same day he uploaded a similar video with
this method, and since then, money has kept on rolling in everyday. The trick
here is to upload as many videos as you can, all of them with similar titles and
descriptions to increase the visibility of the videos. It's not that hard, one video
takes only 20 minutes to create.

Spend two hours creating videos and you'll have 6 videos ready to make you
money. Like I said, occasionally some videos will be buried or deleted, but that is
not a problem, by simply adding more videos we solve this little problem. I
outsource most of the tasks because I rather focus on bigger Youtube projects.
My motto is: Earn, invest, rinse and repeat. That should be your motto too.

"The Hijack Method"

This exact method can turn a 1 min video into $2.342,48 practically overnight.
That's what happend when one of my videos went viral thanks to this sneaky
tactic. It's an old method that almost no one put in action. We're going to hijack
all traffic from the top hot videos of the moment.

It doesn't matter if they're music, news or any other kind of video. What matters
here is to try to hijack as many views as we can from them. I'll show you how...                          Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

#1- Go to

You'll find here one of the most important resource you'll ever have. This page if
exploited correctly, can catapult your video to thousands of dollars in a short
period of time. Best of all is that this section of Youtube is updated every 2 hours
with the most viewed videos. You'll never run out of ideas.

#2- Now choose your video and download it. These videos have insane amount
of views and obviously we're not going to hijack all, but a good slice.

#3- Now think about a CPA offer you could promote and that, obviously, has
something to do with the topic of your video. For example, If I choose a music
related video, one of the best ways to monetize that video would be:


Why is that? You can tell people that they can download their favorite song with
Limeware. You don't need any sneaky copywriting tactics just to make people
download the software. I had excellent results with this offers, and besides that,                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                    Youtube Virtuoso

you can target much more countries (so you're not limiting your market just to
the U.S).

Another great idea to monetize any kind of video would be:

Now, "Profile Craze" to me is GENIUS. You can have sick conversions with this
offer. Almost one dollar every time someone from the US downloads "Profile
Craze" is going straight to your account. And think about this, with so many
Facebook users in the world, it would be impossible not to make money with this.

When it comes to monetizing a video, think about your possible viewers. From
time to time, with some videos it may be difficult to find a suitable offer, but,
think about email submit offers. They work in any situation! ;)

#4- Shorten your link with

#5- We proceed now to upload our video:

-Title: Obviously, we're not going to use the same generic title as the original
video uploader has. It would be a poor choice at best. The secret here is to be
original, and create a catchy title.

Let's see an example. Two months ago, the new video of the artist Seal hit
Youtube and got a almost half a million views in 24 hours. Now, it was like a sexy
video. You could upload the same video and add a sexy and hot title to hijack a
good slice of that half a million views.

Something like:

"NEW erotic and SEXY Seal video -Seal and his wife like NEVER

I know that it sounds a bit cheesy, but that's the point. We must grab as many
views we can to maximize our profits.

-Description: Like with the other method, this could be a possible structure of
your description.                           Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

{ affiliate link}

"Wow! Just saw this video two days ago and I REALLY love it. After a few
searches and a few hours, I found a way to download this fantastic song. If you
want to download this song, I highly recommend you to click the link below ;)

{affiliate link}

This kind of descriptions sounds natural and it seems it was written by a person
who really loves the music video. You'll be under the radar with this kind of
description because no one (except other marketers) that you are promoting
under secret a CPA offer.

-Tags: You already have to know what to do here...if not review the last
methods to find out. :)

-Category: Select your video's category and you're done!

"The Lyrics Method"

You don't have to be a genius to know that the lyrics niche is one of the most
profitable niches. Song's lyrics receive thousands and thousands searches per
day in Youtube.

This method make sure that you'll receive tons of views by simply creating an
slideshow and adding some lyrics to it.

It takes a bit more time than the other methods, but trust me, it's worth it.

If you get this right, you'll be laughing to the bank soon.

See this example...                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

This particular video has a total of 5,304,774 views. If we analyze it, that's over
32,000 views per day! Can you imagine if the person who uploaded the video
would monetize it?

And this video was uploaded by a regular user who loves music. Have a look at
his channel...

Can you see now why "the lyrics method" is so powerful and profitable?

OK, back to work...

#1- We need to know which are the hot videos right now. You can go to
this sites to find out what's hot right now:

-                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso


That list is more than enough. Now, one thing that you must keep in mind is,
Youtube is getting more strict with the copyright stuff. By simple adding credits
to the original uploder and their respective owners, you'll be on the safe side and
your video won't get deleted at the beginning. Although there a lot of folks that
upload copyrighted videos with no disclaimer or protection at all, I do not
recommend you to do the same.

Sometimes, unfortunately, things do not go as planned. By this I mean, if your
video gets tremendously popular, there are some probabilities that the big boys
could get jealous, and then report your video. You shouldn’t worry though, by
that time, you already made good money. It's only a matter of replace those
deleted videos with brand new videos.

But this is not always the case, you only have to have a look again at our
example above. He has videos with millions of views and his videos are intact.

Another thing that I would like to point out is, you don't have to focus only on
pop music (which is usually the most favorite kind of music). You can focus your
efforts on searching for the latest electronic, rock, metal and rap videos.

Now choose a music video and move on.

#2- It's time now to get the lyrics. Just simply go to this sites and you'll find
what you're looking for.

Copy the lyrics you want and paste them in a wordpad file. We'll need them
later.                          Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                   Youtube Virtuoso

#4- Time for searching which offer we're going to promote. This isn't a difficult
task mainly because of the nature of the videos. Some musical related offer
could be just fine. Or, if you don't want to limit your market and target more
countries, a downloading software related offer can match perfectly. Remember
to find a way to stealthily connect the three factors: The video, the CPA offer and
the description.

#5- Now we have two choices.

(a) The first choice is to replicate the same technique as the example provided
earlier. This is a really easy task that may take 20 minutes at best.

Go to and convert your musical video to a mp3 file.
Then, using Windows Movie Maker, just paste the lyrics as the music is playing.
This is a common way (and the recommended one) to execute the "Lyrics

As for the description, this is what you can include (remember to be creative):

{affiliate link}

"I absolutely love {artist name} and the lyrics of this wonderful song. If you want
to download this song just click the link below. It's a cool downloads software!

{affiliate link}

(b) Now for the second choice.

Use this technique if you're lazy or short in time...

Download your selected video using "dvd video soft" program, and then re
upload it again. Obviously, you're going to copy the lyrics and paste them in the
description section. Here's a little template that basically has the same structure
as the other methods.                          Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                    Youtube Virtuoso

                     Note, the "mini disclaimer" section it's just the
                           credit to the respective author/s.n

#6- Remember to mask your affiliate link with, add proper tags, add the
correct category and just upload the video and voilá!

In my opinion, this method it's one of the most underestimated out there. The
number of lyrics videos uploaded by regular users are not monetized at all!. And,
the massive number of views that these kind of videos are receiving can make
you thousands of dollars in a short period of time (4-15 days).

This technique is also a long term strategy. Unless your video gets deleted, it will
remain there as long as you want. And, it doesn't really matter if the musical
video you uploaded becomes outdated, it will still manage to get views over and
over. It's like a circle, new young people who never heard of some groups, will
become interested and will search for them. Think about those artists like AC/DC,
Michael Jackson, Deep Purple...etc.

Artist of this caliber are sucking views 24/7, and they will never become old
fashioned despite the years. So summarizing, Youtube users love music, and
Youtube is 70% made by music videos. This is certainly a good opportunity to
take advantage of. If you're wondering if this method could get saturated some
day, my answer is a big NO. New artists are hitting the musical scene daily, and
that fact alone lets room for everybody!                              Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                 Youtube Virtuoso

In this chapter we're going to talk about something of a critical importance that
most WSO's or courses fail to mention. Having the right mindset will always
increase your productivity, hence your profits. Sounds like a overused cliche I
know, but that my friend, is an unavoidable truth that can be applied to any field
in Internet Marketing.

The first thing is to take action, then be focused, then productive, and then be

#1 Taking Action: You may heard this statement thousands of times before, in
forums, in courses, even on TV. So, here's a universal truth, this statement is in
fact, the number one pillar of every successful marketer. At some point in their
career, they took action. It doesn't matter if it was a 12:00 PM or 4:00 AM. The
point here is, the jump from the non-action, to the action zone. And, as you may
know, they succeeded.

If you're a lazy person, or a procrastination robot, you should break this bad
habit at all costs. From now on, save your self sometime for today, and take
massive action with no hesitation. Clean and prepare your desk, switch off your
phone, read this guide again, and start as soon as you can.

#2 Being Focused: It happens all the time, every hour, every minute.
Marketers start a project, then suddenly they end up browsing Facebook, or
reading endless threads on forums. This is what I personally call the "distraction
effect". This effect can mercilessly sabotage your productivity.

You can't make money by chatting with friends on Facebook, or by reading
threads on forums. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with these
activities, but they should be parked until you finish your daily tasks.

Next time you're going to start a project, close your Facebook, your messenger
or any other distraction and get to work. When you finish your tasks, you can
relax and do whatever you want.                        Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                  Youtube Virtuoso

#3 Being Productive: Every long journey starts with just one step. That's the
motto of being productive. To achieve your goal, you have to be productive.
Whenever you start to work, keep doing it until you finish your task. This can be
achieved by setting small tasks every day. Let's say for example, that you have 4
hours a day uploading videos to Youtube. So, you can spend two hours uploading
videos, then set a little pause of 15 minutes (you cab grab a cup of coffee), and
then back to work until you finish the "shift".

Once you finish, you can relax and do whatever you want. By doing this, you're
not forcing your mind to be ALL the time focused on one thing. The results is a
more productive attitude, and a more relaxed "day work".

#4 Being Consistent: It doesn’t matter if you work hard; if you're not
consistent, you're not benefiting your business. For me, being consistent is a
mixture of elements we discussed before (taking action, being productive, being
focused, etc.). You have to get things done, and there are no excuses. No
interruptions, no distractions. Just your tasks, and nothing else. Being consistent
means doing ALL your tasks daily. They way I talk sounds a bit strict, but trust
me, I've learned this lesson the hard way.

OK, I want you now to print this little mind map below and then stick to your
desk's, or room's wall. Every time your read this mind map, you will
unconsciously remember the 4 elements that means success.                         Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.
                                 Youtube Virtuoso

Before concluding, I would like to add a few tips that will help you out. At the
beginning, you will find some dupe videos. This means, videos that get little or
scarce views. When it happens, you don't have to worry because it's completely
normal. You can't always churn out winner video, that's impossible. So, as I said,
from time to time you will find that some videos are not converting well. Don't let
your motivation go down.

When I first started, I uploaded 20 videos the first week. Obviously, I wasn't sure
what I was doing...The total views of these 20 videos were only 69. But guess
what? I've made $32 over that week.

Frankly, that's not too much, but it was an indicator that although I was a
complete newbie I was doing something right. After many months of trial errors
I've created this very guide you're reading now. Summarizing, when you have
dupe videos, you have to analyze what went wrong...

Maybe it was your video? Maybe the incorrect tags you added? Or perhaps a bad
title? Think of all the possible negative factors that could be involved and the
next time you'll upload a video, you're not going to make the same mistakes

I really hope you enjoyed the course as much I enjoyed creating it. Remember
that I offer exceptional customer support. If you have any questions, please just
contact me at:

I usually respond emails the very same day, but sometimes if I received loads of
emails, I might delay a bit. I wish you luck and remember, follow the 4 success
principles to take boatloads of money straight to you bank. ;)

To your success,
Cesar Galano.                        Cesar Galano- All rights reserved 2010.

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