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3 Helpful Suggestions for New Users of Smartphone or Tablet


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   3 Helpful Suggestions for New Users of Smartphone or Tablet

Every year there are thousands of people who choose smartphones. However, news
users of smartphones often occur all kinds of problems, such as program installation,
app selection, etc. How to avoid some common errors and start the journey of
smartphones successfully? Here are 3 suggestions for new users of smartphone or

1. When buying the protective screen, look before you leap

The screens of smartphone or tablet devices seem to look fragile, easy to be damaged or
scratched. In fact, most of the screens use tempered glass with high strength, such as iPhone 4
and iPhone 4S, which use the corning company's Gorilla Glass - aggrandizement Glass, which
is ultra-thin, and wear resistance. It is reported that 20% of 200 million smartphones in 2011
use Gorilla Glass material. After pasting a screen protector, it will prevent users directly
contact with devices, so influence the user experience in some degree. Furthermore, to avoid
leaving bubbles between screen and the protector, you need to be very careful when pasting
the protector. So, paster is not an easy thing. Of course, if you worry your screen may be
damaged, pasting a screen protector is allowed. However, the better thing than screen
protector is, decrease the opportunity and times of making the device be damaged or be
scratched as possible.

2. Use common sense, not too dependent on virus check

According to the statistics, there are millions of Windows users who bring the virus to
computer because opening the email's attachment which bring virus. For new users who want
to install apps to smartphones or tablets, you'd better install from the official store, not from
the 3rd party site. It is not clear what the effects of virus check on smartphones are. If you
check virus on the slowing device, it will employ important resources on devices. At the same
time, the progress will disturb Android system. To avoid being affected by viruses, don't be
too dependent on virus check. Furthermore, you can search the answer on Google before
checking virus.

3. Don't rush to Jailbreak or Root equipment

Jailbreaking the iOS devices or Root Android devices can upgrade user permissions, or do
some things that are not allowed by iOS and Android official. Therefore, jailbreaking and
rooting are welcomed by most developers. As new users, this has huge risks, such as,
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decrease the opportunities for asking help for manufacturers, and increase the risks of device


As news users of smartphone or tablet, you'd better throw your device casually, don't foist
CD-ROM into your device. Download app via the secure approach.

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