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									                              Disabled American Veterans
                                             Chapter 125
                                            P.O Box 8564
                                         Chico, CA 95927-8564

                               Thursday November 12, 2009
                                Refreshments at 6:30 P.M
                                  Meeting at 7:00 P.M
Meetings are held in the Veterans Memorial Hall, 554 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico CA, every
2nd Thursday of the month. Our meeting time is 7:00 P.M. with a social time for Pizza
and refreshments at 6:30 P.M. Our meetings are open to the public.
Chapter Officers
       Commander: Gabe Martinez                        530-933-4371
       Adjutant: James Wolske                          530-680-9418
       Assistant Adjutant: Carlos Castle               530-961-3359
       Treasurer: Richard Sengo                        530-228-7546
       Sr. Vice Commander: Hank Snow                   530-321-3614
       Jr. Vice Commander: Don Smith                   530-879-1879
       Chaplain: Mel Acevedo                           530-891-0964
       Sergeant at Arms: Jack Brewer                   530-589-0801
       O.O.D & Legislative: Chairman: Jim Strickland   530-361-5292
       Service Officer: Scott Will                     530-876-1533
       Membership Chairman: David Heise                530-865-2317
       Event Director: Frank Bedene                    530-343-2662

We will have a raffle drawing for Members and Guest that are present at the meeting.
If you know of a member of DAV that has lost a loved one recently. Please send a letter informing the
Disabled American Veterans at the P O BOX at the top of the newsletter. Please check your address label
carefully. If anything is incorrect please give notice to us or e mail: runningfun2006-home@yahoo.com or
call 530-680-9418. If you are willing to receive this newsletter by e-mail contact the above e-mail.

There will be no meeting for December 10, 2009. We hope all members
have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2010.
“The chief condition on which, life, health and vigor depends on, is action. It is by action that an
organism develops its faculties, increases its energy, and attains the fulfillment of its destiny. “
                                                                        -- Gen Colin Powell
        A new partner between DAV and Country Kitchen International will benefit DAV.
Starting this month, the “Help a Hero” campaign will generate donations at participating Country
Kitchen restaurants nationwide. Donated funds will support DAV service initiatives.
Country Kitchen International is a leader in full –service family restaurants, with locations in 26
Chico Chapter 125                                                              NONPROFIT ORG
Disabled American Veterans                                                     US POSTAGE PAID
Department of California                                                       CHICO, CA
PO Box 8564                                                                    PERMIT NO 1687
Chico CA 95927-8564

                                                   Current Occupant

VA Launches 10-Year Health Study of New Veterans
        The Department of Veterans Affairs has began a large long term study to look carefully at
a broad array of health issues that may affect veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and
their counterparts who served during the same time period. VA’s “National Health Study for a
New Generation of U.S. Veterans “ will begin with 30,000 veterans deployed to combat theaters
and 30,000 comparison veterans who were not deployed.
        The study will include veterans who served in each branch of service, representing Active
Duty, Reserved, and National Guard members. Women will be over-sampled to make sure they
are represented and will comprise 20 percent of the study, or 12,000 women. A combination of
mail surveys, online surveys, telephone interviews, and in-person physical evaluations will be used
to collect data from the veterans.

VA Reopens Health Care Enrollment to Thousands of Veterans
        The Department of Veterans Affairs, which now has nearly 8 million veterans enrolled in
its health care system, is poised to welcome nearly 266, 000 more veterans into its medical centers
and clinics who had been excluded due to their income.
       Under new regulations effective June 15, 2009 VA will open enrollment to veterans whose
income exceeds current means- tested thresholds by up to 10 percent. These veterans were
excluded from enrollment when income limits were imposed in 2003 on veterans with no service-
connected disabilities or other special eligibility for care. There is no income limit for veterans
with compensable service-connected disabilities or for veterans being seen for their service-
connected disabilities.
       Veterans who have applied for VA health care but were rejected due to income at any point
in 2009 will have their applications reconsidered under the new income threshold formula. Those
who applied before 2009, but were rejected due to income, must reapply. VA will contact these
veterans through a direct-mail campaign, veteran’s service organizations, and regional marketing

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