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          Article Starters
Remember back in grade school when your teacher would give you “Story
Starters” to help you get your short stories going? Well, now you have
“Article Starters” to help you get your articles going!

You will use these Article Starters time after time to get your articles
going! You may want to print these out and put them in a binder to refer to
them often.

Using Article Starters is EASY!!! Simply pick an article starter and fill in
the blank with words that are relevant to the topic of your article.

Here are some examples to get you on your way:

Are you_________________________?


Are you worried about the rising cost of gas these days?

Here’s another one…..

One should agree _______________________________.


One should agree that hard work and discipline are key factors in
becoming a successful bodybuilder.

One more….

Want to make your _______________something to talk about?


Want to make your next party something to talk about?

And another……

One thing _________ find most challenging about

_________ is ___________________.


One thing that new moms find most challenging about

motherhood is getting enough sleep.

Are you getting the idea? There are countless combinations that you can
come up with…just brainstorm a little and watch your articles take off!

                 ARTICLE STARTERS

Are you _______________?

Have you ever __________________?

Did you ever _______________________________?

One should agree that ____________________.

Do you still _____________________________?

One of the benefits of having _________ is


Thanks to ________________,


Accomplish two things at once, ____________ and


One of the most fun ways of ______________ is


One of the most fun ways to _______________ is


Want to make your _______________something to talk about?

If you are considering _______________, you will definitely
want to take a close look at __________________.

According to ____________________,


_____________________ is a BIG decision!

Before going out to buy a new ___________, you should take
some time to familiarize yourself with _________________.

A dramatic shift in the way people __________ has hit the country
these days.

One thing _________ find most challenging about

_________ is ___________________.

________________________________ is not always easy.

Are you planning to ___________________________?

People love to ________________________________.

When I decided to ___________, ___________________.

What if ________________________________________?

Does this sound familiar? __________________________.

Imagine _________________________________________.

If you thought _____________________________, then you need
to think again.

Often when ___________________, it is easy to overlook

When thinking of _______________________,


If you are looking for a __________________________,
then you should ____________________________.

Sometimes we _________________________________.

Imagine the fun when ____________________________.

Here’s your chance to find out about ________________


Many people are astonished at the cost of _____________.

________________ is one of life’s most stressful experiences.

If you think that __________________, then think again.

We have all heard ________________________________.

It is a common belief among ________________________.

Many folks believe that ____________________________.

One of the hardest things___________________________.

It’s nearing the big day and _________________________.

If you have experience in ___________________________.

If you have ever experienced ________________,


When I was ____________________________________.

Perhaps you have wondered why ___________________.

What is the secret to ____________?

So what is the secret to ________________?

Sooner or later ___________________________________.

Do you find yourself _______________________________?

Ever wondered if __________________________________?

Is your ___________ right for you?

When it comes to ________________, _________________.

It can be difficult to find the right _____________________.

There’s no doubt that _______________________________.

Some of the best things about __________ are __________ and

If you have an interest in ______________, then


______________ is one of the best methods of


The success or failure of your ______________depends on


Gone are the days when ____________________________.

After going through the grueling task of_________________, you
should _______________________________________.

_____________________________continues to explode!

The first thing you need to do when __________ is


Imagine that you have just _________________________.

There are many ways to ____________________________.

Are you among those individuals who _________________?

______________ is easier than it has ever been with


One of the many ways to ____________ is ______________.

How many times have you __________________________?

It’s a challenging task to ____________________________.

Did you know that _________________________________?

Have you ever dreamed of __________________________?

Sure, we all want _______________________, but


Most people who _________________ are under the impression
that ________________________________.

When most people think of __________________, they probably
think of _________________________.

One of the best ways to _________________ is

Several key factors you should consider before you
_____________ are__________ , ____________, and

These days, more and more people are looking for ways to

It truly amazes me _________________________________.

In my experience, _________________________________.

There are a lot of myths about________________________.

Some people call it _______________, but I


Most of you ______________________________________.

The vast majority thinks that _________________________.

Years ago when________________, _________________

One of the cornerstones of _____________is____________.

Stop and consider for a moment what would happen if


How many times have you heard, “___________________”?

One essential aspect of ________________ is


It is easy to take for granted _________________________.

Let yourself drift back to ____________________________.

Countless _______________ want to __________________.

The _________thing about _________ is _______________.

In response to ___________ ,________________________.

There are many ___________________________________.

Everyone knows that_______________________________.

Learning how to _________ is a great way to ____________.

In your quest to ______________, ____________________.

Some people say that ______________________________.

The secret to _______is ______________.

Sometimes __________ can _________________________.

For many years I struggled with ______________________.

What would happen if ______________________________?

If you’re not _________, then you’re__________________.

Let’s say ________________________________________.

One of the great things about _____________________is


What’s the ___________way to ______________________?

Some of you may be thinking ________________________.

Every now and then, _______________________________.

You can't escape the hype surrounding _____________ these days.

Ever asked yourself this - ___________________________?

Have you ever noticed that if ______________,


According to _______________, ______________________.

One of the greatest problems facing _________ is ________.

No one likes to ___________________________________.

Too many people _________________________________.

Most people never realize ___________________________.

A friend once told me ______________________________.

The best way to make sure you are ___________________is

One of the most powerful ____________is _____________.

It has been said that ________________________________.

In reading about _________________, I have found that


Often in life,____________________________________.

One of my favorite ______________is ________________.

Here’s a secret that may surprise you: __________________.


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