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									                 How to Send Premium Postcards with USPS

Objective: to use the website of the United States Postal Service to create and send
custom postcards. Single postcards can be created and sent or a bulk mailing can be

      STEP 1: Go to the United States Postal Service

      STEP 2: Find the Tool for Creating Postcards

           o Click on Create Your Own Cards

           o Below Premium Postcard, click Get Started

           o Click NOW
o Select a custom format to use or select a design from one of the
       Example: Let’s create a 5.5” x 8.5” postcard. Click Make It Now
          below the postcard.

o Choose where you want the address printed: on the side, at the
  bottom, or in the lower right-hand corner. Note: If you choose the
  corner address, a return address is not automatically printed.
      Continuing with our example, click the arrow to the right of Side
   STEP 3: Create a Postcard

       o USPS provides step-by-step instructions for creating a postcard.
            The only steps that are required are those marked *: Select
               Recipients, Select Return Address, Select Mail Date, and Choose
               Your Delivery Method.
            When you click on a box for each step, the red shading in the
               layout guide at the top will change to show your location on the
                    Side Address and Bottom Address layouts both allow you
                       to write text over images. If you click on Enter Front Text
                       or Enter Back Text, you will notice the solid red shading
                       changes to red horizontal lines. The patterned shading
                       represents text and the solid shading represents an image.
   STEP 4: Upload Your Own Photos

       o Click on Choose Front Image or Choose Back Image.
              An image is not required. If you want an image, you do not have to
                 include both a front and back. You can choose one or the other.
       o Click Browse to Upload an Image of Your Own
       o Select a JPEG file of 10 Mb or less.
       o Click Open
       o Click Go
              USPS alerts you to potential problems that may occur printing the
                 photo you selected with the image size of the postcard.
   STEP 5: Choose Image from Gallery

       o Click on Choose Front Image or Choose Back Image.
       o Click Go next to Search the Gallery or enter the type of image you
         want to find.
              For example, let’s say you want something sports related. Enter
                sports in the search text box and click Go.
       o Click on an image category. Subcategories are listed below the main
       o Click on an image you want to use.
              USPS alerts you to potential problems that may occur printing the
                image you selected with the image size of the postcard.

        STEP 6: Enter Text

            o Click on Enter Front Text or Enter Back Text.
            o Enter text in the text box. You can preview how your message will
              look on the postcard in the preview window.
                  Text is entered in text blocks; therefore, when you format text, all
                     text within the text block will be formatted.
                  To apply formatting to specific text, you must add text blocks.
                          Click the down arrow next to Choose a Text Block.
                          Click Add New Text Block and begin typing.
                          Click the down arrow next to Choose a Text Block and
                             select the block of text you want to format. Only text that is
                             within the text block you selected is formatted.
                                 o Each block of text must be aligned differently.
                                 o Click the down arrow next to Choose a Text Block
                                     to select the block of text.
                                 o Click the down arrow next to Alignment and select
                                     an alignment to use for the block of text.
   STEP 7: Addressing Postcard

       o Click Select Recipients.
             If you do not have an account with the USPS, follow the
                instructions for creating an account.
o Click Go under Add a New Address.
      You could click Go under Import Addresses and import addresses
         from an Excel spreadsheet or an address book.
             Click Browse to find the XLS or CSV (comma separated
                values) file you want to import.

o Enter the name and address of the person you want to add as a
       * Denotes a required field.
       o Click Select Return Address.
             When you created your USPS account, your mailing address was
                automatically chosen as the default return address.
             You can add additional addresses to use as a return address.
                     When you select an address to use as a return address, the
                        address you select then becomes the new default return
                        address for future mailings.
             Whatever you do to the current mailing (i.e., delete, modify, or add
                a return address) will not be affect mailings that you already sent.

   STEP 8: Select Mail Date

       o Click Select Mail Date
             By default, the USPS sends cards on the next business day.
       o Click Change Date
       o Click the date you want the postcard sent.
   STEP 9: Choose Delivery Method

       o First Class is the default method of delivery.
             Standard mail is only for bulk mailing--at least 200 domestic
       o Click Continue.

   STEP 10: Send Postcard

       o Click Download Your PDF Proof.
             Review the proof of your postcard. If you need change something,
                click on the box for the feature you want to change.
                     Example: If you want to change the text on the back of the
                        postcard, click Enter Back Text box on the left column of
                        the web page.
             After proofing the postcard, select the box next to I have reviewed
                the PDF file and would like to send my mailing.
       o Click Continue
o Select the quantity of postcards you want to purchase.
o Click Continue
o Enter your credit card information.
o Click Continue
o Click Send.

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