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The decision to date a co-worker is one that many unattached working
adults make at some point in their lives. With long hours, commutes, and
other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to meet people
outside of work, making office dating an attractive option. If you decide
to date a co-worker, there are ways to help minimize repercussions at
work and in your relationship.

Company Policy

Different companies have different policies on office relationships. In
some companies, it may be against the rules for a worker to date his or
her boss that they report to directly. Even if it is technically allowed
for a boss to date an employee, this can create tension in the
relationship. Before engaging in any office relationships, brush up on
your company's dating policies to make sure that you play by the rules.
If you have any questions, your company's human resources representatives
may be able to provide useful information and guidance.


One potential problem of an office relationship is its potential impact
on productivity. The saying "Don't mix work with play" exists for a
reason: Having your significant other nearby at all times may make it
more difficult to stay focused on work-related tasks. Even if you resolve
to stay focused, chances are you will spend a few extra minutes a day
chatting with your significant other --- time which could be spent doing
something useful. This may mean that you will have to compensate by
staying at work a little bit longer. If you or your partner find that
your relationship is having a significant negative affect on your work
performance, it may be best to end the relationship.

Public Affection

Aside from your own productivity, an office relationship can affect the
attitudes and productivity of co-workers. Office relationships are likely
to be a topic of gossip and it may change the attitude that your
coworkers and your boss have of you. To limit the impact of office
relationships, it is a good idea to keep romantic interactions to a
minimum while at the office. Co-workers may also be distracted if they
see hugging, kissing, or other public displays of affection.

Plan Ahead

Dating a co-worker can have far-reaching affects, so it is important to
plan ahead in case the relationship causes problems at work. Talk to the
person your plan to date and agree upon the terms of your relationship
ahead of time. Your intentions should be made clear from the beginning,
and you should agree on how you will be able to carry on at work in the
event that you break up. Working with an ex can have a deleterious effect
on productivity, but if you agree to remain friends and harbor no hard
feelings in advance, it may help you continue working productively if
things don't work out with your partner.

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