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Male Dating Tips For Success


									When you're single and trying to meet women it can be a very intimidating
thing.Approaching women and starting conversations with them is not an
easy task.Some men make it look easy and some men almost pass out at just
the thought of it.If you tend to be more like a guy who passes out then
don't worry.There is hope.In this article I'm going to go over some male
dating tips that will help you succeed with women and allow you to get
over your fear of meeting, talking to, and dating women.

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Tip #1 - Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

A lot of shy men will put all of their hopes and dreams of happiness into
every single girl they approach. They say to themselves that -she's the
one- and then they make themselves believe that if they have her their
lives will be complete. This is approaching lunacy! There are so many
single women available out there that putting everything into one is the
worst thing you can do when you're single. What happens is that when this
much hope is put into one girl and she rejects you then you're world
falls apart. You feel like you'll never be happy ever. Dont do this!
Realize that if you get rejected by one woman that there will be another
woman coming right around the corner.

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Tip #2 - Confidence Is THE Key To Success

What one trait do men that are good with women have?Confidence!Of all the
male dating tips online, offline, or anywhere that you read and learn
make this one the one you put the most effort into.If you don't have
confidence you need to work to get it.Practice having confidence.Practice
at home or go somewhere where no one knows who you are and practice
approaching women with a fake confidence until it builds into a real
confidence.If you go somewhere where no one knows you then you don't have
to worry about ever seeing those women again so it should nullify any
fear of rejection that you have.

Tip #3 - Conversaton Is An Art Form

When you get up the muster to actually approach a woman you need to be
able to conversate with them. Approaching them is only the first step.
You need to be able to communicate after that or there's no reason to
even try it. Talking to women can be broken down into bits of digestible
steps that I'm going to list for you right now:

1. Look her in the eye when you are talking and listening (but don't
2. Tell her your name and then ask her what her name is.
3. Tell her that her shoes really -suit her- and then ask the story
behind them.
4. When she's done talking ask her specific questions about what she said
to show her that you were listening.
5. Don't interrupt her or abruptly change the subject.
6. Talk about current events or something interesting that has happened
7. Do NOT talk about politics or religion.
8. Don't go on and on about yourself and don't brag. Be confident but not
overly confident.
9. End the conversation by asking for her number or better yet, give her
yours. Ask her if she'd like to get some coffee sometime instead of some
formal date.

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These male dating tips will help you greatly if you practice them and
make them your own. Remember that women are just people to and if you
approach it with confidence and a relaxed and positive attitude then
you'll begin to see the results that you want to see.

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