; Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous
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Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous


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									Jealousy is one of the most effective means to get under someone else's
skin. Allow me to cover some excellent tips I've learned on how to make
ex boyfriend jealous. Move ahead with a bit of caution though. These
pointers are quite strong and you can just end up driving your ex away
for good if you use them too much.

 How to Make Ex Boyfriend Jealous Tip #1   Don't Fight the Breakup

 Do not fight breaking up. You can even take it a step further and simply
tell him that you were contemplating breaking up with him too. When you
do this he will certainly be a bit confused and start to question
himself. This is simply you rejecting your ex boyfriend. And most guys
will try to prove themselves to you once you reject them. He'll want to
find out what he did incorrectly and why all of a sudden the tables are
turned on him.

 How to Make Ex Boyfriend Jealous Tip #2   Don't Let It Phase You

 Never be like all the other ladies and stay home crying and eating ice
cream. Do the complete opposite and act like the breakup didn't even
bother you whatsoever. It is only natural to be distressed after a
breakup, but don't allow him believe you're hurting at all. Make him
think you could not care less about being dumped. Your ex boyfriend will
be at a loss. He'll be left wondering why you're doing so well with the
break up. He'll really begin to question his choice to dump you. What if
he really ruined everything? He'll be so lost and he will come groveling
for you to take him back right away.

 How to Make Ex Boyfriend Jealous Tip #3   The Telephone Is the Enemy!

 When most girls get dumped, they are likely to pick up the telephone and
begin calling their ex boyfriend non-stop, which just drives him away
from them. What I am going to tell you to do alternatively is to entirely
disappear completely as far as he's involved. He will most likely be so
eager to learn what you've been up to and how you are taking everything
that he'll quite likely call you after a week or even a handful of days.
Don't answer when he does. Make him leave a message. Get him to wait and
call him back in the morning.

 How to Make Ex Boyfriend Jealous Tip #4   Come On to Some Desirable Men

 Now to really start getting him riled up, try to put yourself out there
and flirt with some men. This is certainly great when you can find a way
to make sure he knows about it without telling him yourself (you don't
want to seem like you're bragging or anything). Make sure you're
attentive with this though. Don't go beyond basic flirting if you're
wanting to win back your ex boyfriend. If you actually begin seeing a new
man, your ex could take this as a hint that you have moved on (and he
should too). An ounce of flirting is worth a pound of envy, so do not go
too far.

 So these are my 4 how to make ex boyfriend jealous recommendations.
Begin using these, and before long, your exs eyes will turn green with
jealousy and he will not be able to keep himself from begging for you to
forgive him. Whether you decide to take your ex back now, is up to you...

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