Flirting with Women For Successful Dating by nasif123


									Finding out how to flirt with women can be a talent that lots of men
never figure out or have got drastically wrong. Think about it, the
magnitude of many men's flirting is composed of "Where are you from?"
"May I buy you a drink?" as well as "Do you come here often?" It is
hardly any wonder so many men tend to be completely exasperated as to how
to attract beautiful women in their life.

 Well, if you're interested in learning how to flirt with women and you
are exhausted by the usual dating tips for men like: be happy, eye
contact is key, compliment her... blah, blah, blah... these 3 little
known tips on just how to attract amazing women with flirting ought to be
a breath of fresh air...

 "Mr Nice" Has never been "Mr Right"

 Women are keen on men that make her truly feel safer, secure and excited
all in unison. This awareness is the key to how to flirt with women,
because it's the creator of attraction. Giving her everything she wants
and playing the nice guy is the death of attraction to her. Men who use
this type of manipulation aren't any competition for a man who
understands flirting and the effect it has on women.

 There are two ways to look at the "nice guy" approach, and neither are
good: it's either manipulation by creating a "nice guy" person to get
sex; or it means you genuinely rollover to what everyone else wants. So
if one of the woman's criteria is security, how safe will she feel around
someone who always gives in? Add to this the fact that a woman needs a
man who will protect her, and it's easy to see why being the nice guy is
horrible positioning for attracting women.

 If you get nothing else from this article on how to flirt with women,
then make sure you understand that the nice guy approach is off limits
from now on.

 Being Unpredictable Will enhance Attraction

 So security, safety AND exhilaration, just how do you balance these
things out? Well, knowing how to flirt with women is all about being a
bit unpredictable and leaving her guessing about something. There is a
fine line between unpredictability and insanity, so ensure that you
convey the correct levels of confidence and maturity to balance that out.

 You know when you've got this balance right, because you will find
yourself maintaining your standards and values even when she doesn't
approve of them. Yes, you'll lose some because of this. Typically
however, you will find yourself astonished at how much more intriguing
you then become as soon as it dawns on a woman that they aren't able to
keep control of you just because you're attracted to her.

 The hotter women who get approached all the time by "nice guys" are used
to men who do exactly what they want in order to win her approval. What
this does is create a backdrop for any man who is unpredictable and
thrilling to be around to shine out from the crowd and rescue her from
her boredom.
 The last tip on how to flirt with women

 Her "tests" are an opportunity to deepen attraction.

 Hang on, if women aren't attracted to men who do everything they ask,
why on earth would they try to put men in a position where this appears
to be the way to winning them over. The answer is simple... men who place
less importance on standing their ground on any subject than they do
making her like them, are seen as manipulative schemers or wimps. There's
a place for men who fail these tests, and that's the "let's just be
friends" list.

 It's very easy to spot these tests because most of the time they're
unreasonable or downright silly. Passing these tests is easy if you
maintain the flirting behavior we've already outlined, being evasive and
gently poking fun at how silly she is being. As soon as you do this,
you'll automatically put yourself head and shoulders above 90% of the
male population.

 So use these three tips starting today and prepare to be amazed at the
difference it makes in your dating life. Then you can become the talk of
your social circle as every one of your male friends wonders where you
learned how to flirt with women.

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