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                  Video 08: Getting Your Site Indexed

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CB Paycheck Secrets                                                            Transcript

Once you have your entire website set up, what we want to do is let the search
engine know that our website now exists and we have actually added content to it.
This way our website will get indexed on the search engine fast and therefore help us
climb up the search engine rankings faster. In order to do that, we need to do
something called Ping.

Each time we ping our website, what this does is it informs the search engine robots
and invites them to come over to crawl into our website. There are a couple of Ping
tools out there and they are freely available. I’m going to introduce to you the first tool
and this one is called Pingoat. How we do this is rather simple. We just need to put
in your blog’s name or title and also insert your blog’s URL. Next, insert your Feed
URL, which is your main URL with /feed at the back of it. This is your XML feed URL
and these are the only fields you need to put into this ping tool.

Once you’ve inserted your blog information, select all the category titles and then
click on Go Pingoat. What Pingoat now does is call the different search engine
robots to crawl into the site we just pinged.

While this is running, let’s move on to Ping-O-Matic. Do the same thing; insert your
blog name or title, your home page URL and your RSS XML Feed URL. Again, check
all of the categories and then click Send Pings.

The final Ping tool that I’d like to introduce to you is called Feed Ping. Once again,
the process is the same. Insert your blog’s name, URL and XML Feed URL. Next
click on Check All and then Submit.

So these are the Ping Tools that helps bring the robots over to crawl into your
website so that it gets indexed on the search engines quickly.

The other thing we need to do is called Social Bookmarks. Basically social
bookmarks are social networking websites where a community of readers hangs out.
These sites are great because Google likes them and they crawl these sites very
often. There are hundreds of different Social Bookmarking networks to submit your
websites to but I’d like to introduce to you a tool called Onlywire. Onlywire helps you
to automate the process a little where you only need to register your accounts with
these Social Bookmarks sites once and it helps you to submit to them within a click of
a button in the future.

Currently at the Onlywire website, they have the Free and Paid versions of Onlywire.
The Free option is good enough so let’s just use the free one. Onlywire helps us to


CB Paycheck Secrets                                                            Transcript

submit up to 42 social bookmarking networks. These sites where we submit to can
act as a backlink and also helps our websites get indexed fast because as I’ve
mentioned earlier, Google crawls into these places very often.

So now let’s walk through how to do the submissions. Firstly, you need to register
your account in every single one of these listed social bookmarking sites on Onlywire.
This is the only manual part but once you’ve registered them, you can submit multiple
websites to Onlywire in the future. Once your accounts are registered and verified,
you’ll need to insert your blog information just like how I’ve showed you in the
Pinging Tools earlier. Insert your website’s title, URL and click on Submit.

That’s really all for this video on how to get your website indexed fast. All you need to
do is Ping your website and submit it to the Social bookmarking networks. This way
your new website will get indexed really quickly, in as little as a week’s time. On top
of that, the social bookmarks also acts as a backlink to your website.

Coming to the end of this video, I hope you’ve learned a great deal in this course. We
have walked through step by step on how to get your website ranked on Page 1. If
you’re thinking and wondering if there are more things you need to do, my
suggestion is, don’t think too much about it and just do it. It’s actually really simple
and I believe anyone can get started with this method that’s been introduced to you
to start making a decent income online.

I’ll be wrapping this entire course in the next video where we’ll talk about mindset,
frequently asked questions and also how to scale up your business into a 5-figure
per month business easily.

I hope you get started with your website and start getting your keyword research
done, purchase your domain, set up your content and just follow this entire course
step by step. Until then, I’ll see you in the next video on how to scale up this business


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