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									CB Paycheck Secrets                                                        Transcript

                  CB Paycheck Secrets

                    Video 04: Wordpress Installation

Important Learning Advisory:

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CB Paycheck Secrets                                                        Transcript

Hey guys, welcome back to Wordpress Installation video. By now you should have
identified a profitable niche and keyword that you intend to rank for. You should have
purchased your domain as well and right now what we’re going to do is head over to
our Domain Manager at Godaddy to point our DNS to our Web Hosting Provider.

So go ahead, click on Domains and under My Account, click on Domain
Management. The interface for GoDaddy may change from time to time, but it
shouldn’t differ very much. Just make sure you find your way to the Domain Manager

Once you are at your Domain Manager, the domain you have purchased is selected
over here. Next, click on the Name Servers icon and then click on Set Nameservers.
Next, select the radio button, which says: I have specific nameservers for my

For these Nameservers fields, you’ll need to get hold of them from your Web
Hosting Provider. If you don’t know what they are, just send your web-hosting
provider an e-mail and they should give you the DNS details. Since I know mine
already, I am just going to put my Nameservers details in here.

When that’s done, it should be pointed to your web hosting provider and take a
couple of minutes to take effect.

The next thing you’d want to do is to head over to your cPanel and select the Add-
on Domains icon. Next, enter the domain you want to add to your web-hosting
provider at the New Domain Name field. In our example here it is
ChickenCoopsandRuns.com. Then, enter your password access for this domain and
click Add Domain.

Once you’ve added your domain to your web-hosting provider, go back to the Home
dashboard of your cPanel and look for the Wordpress icon. Click on it so that we
can install Wordpress as the main platform for our website. Next, click on New

Next, select the domain you would like Wordpress to be installed into. We’ll of course
select ChickenCoopsandRuns.com. Leave blank for Install in directory. For your
Admin access data, enter your admin login and password to access your
Wordpress admin area.


CB Paycheck Secrets                                                       Transcript

You can leave the Base configuration details blank for now because those can be
edited later on at the Wordpress admin area. Lastly, just hit the Install Wordpress
button and then click on Finish Installation to complete the process.

Now Wordpress has been successfully installed. Make sure you bookmark the full
URL to the admin area and I’ll see you in the next video to set up your Wordpress for
Page 1 ranking domination.


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