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                  CB Paycheck Secrets

                       Video 03: Related Keywords

Important Learning Advisory:

To experience better learning, it is recommended that you print and follow this
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CB Paycheck Secrets                                                             Transcript

Alright guys, this is just going to be a short video to show you how to find Related
Keywords to use for your site. The reason why we want to find related keywords is
because this will help optimize our website and make the entire site extremely
keyword rich so that Google will credit us as a relevant site to the primary keyword
we are trying to rank for.

So how we find related keywords is by using the Google Keyword Tool. All you
need to do is type in your primary keyword, in our example, Chicken Coops and
Runs into the Word or Phrase text field and Search column. Next, just make sure
your Advanced Options is targeted to United States and English is selected for

Next just click Search, and you will see a whole list of keywords that Google is hinting
to you what they are looking for. So without any guesswork to do at all, we only need
to use what Google gives us. Just make sure your results are sorted by Relevance
at the right over here.

In the later videos, we are basically going to write about 3 posts on our website. So
what you’d want to do with this list of related keywords over here is basically to pluck
them out into your notepad and save them for use later in your content posts.

Normally, I would prefer to pick out keywords with less than a 1000 searches per
month because these are normally the keywords with very low SEO competition and
they will give a chance to rank for additional keywords as well. If you want to be even
more precise, you may go through the whole keyword research and SEO competition
analysis process, which I have showed in the earlier videos, but that wouldn’t be
necessary for now since these are just related keywords that we’ll be putting into our
site and should we get ranked for them, that’d be great. If not, our primary focus is
still to rank for our primary keyword Chicken Coops and Runs.

Again, just make sure Phrase Match Type is selected and by scrolling through the
keyword list here, we’ll probably choose Chicken Coop House, Small Chicken Coops,
Chicken Coops Building, Chicken Hutches and a couple more into our website.

This is the end of this video. As I said, it’ll be a short one and it’s just to show you
how to find related keywords to use for your content in your website to make your site
extremely keyword rich. So that’s all for now, I’ll see you in the next video where we’ll
be building our website from scratch.


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